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Are you worth my time…. hmmm.. maybe?

The sun finally came out here and I’ve been spending summer exactly as it is meant to be spent. There’s absolutely nothing like waking up on a beautiful, sunny day, wandering down to the bakery for breakfast, then down to the beach for some sun… lunch with girlfriends and some shopping downtown before a night out with a handsome and ahem, wealthy man. A lot of my days have been going just like this lately and I feel like the princess in a fairy tale. Of course the reason that I can afford my life of leisure and luxury is because of my guys that treat me so nice!

One of my suitors took me out around the harbor in his sail boat last week and another gave me a credit card for a little shopping spree! Sometimes I’m a tease, sometimes I come through, but either way, I deserve every dollar spent trying to attract–and hold–my attention.

It’s not easy. It’s not cheap. But believe me, it’s worth it.

Of course, the amount, and type of attention a guy receives correlates not only to the amount of money he spends but also, the kind of man he is. Instead of talking about “everyman,” though, let’s talk about you for a minute. Yeah, cherish this minute, because I won’t dwell on you for long. Unless you are that guy, that strong, handsome, successful, and confident guy… that guy who doesn’t need my attention, and doesn’t need to ask for it… but gets it anyway. That’s the kind of man that can drive me wild. Most guys are not that guy and you probably are not either. You are probably a spineless weak little idiot that will be grateful for ever second of my attention even if you are paying out the ass for it. Even if it is just to be humiliated, used for your cash, then and ignored while I talk to friends on-line, telling them about how I fucked you over big time. Drinks are on Me tonight! Haha, loser.

BIG plans for the 4th!

I’m totally ready for this weekend! I love the 4th of July because of the awesome parties and I love watching the fireworks. Too bad I don’t have someone special to snuggle up to on a blanket and watch them this year but that’s okay. I was invited to a boat party. We will be crusing up and down the coast of FL. This should be so much fun. I was told to wear barely anything and to bring one of my favorite sex toys. When I heard that I know this is going to be one kinky boat party and I can’t wait to be jump on board.

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and think about me. I can’t wait to tell you all the details of this party. I’m sure I will have many stories to share with you. Talk to you soon!


One of those rainy days…

Today was a very dark rainy day where I live. One of those days where I didn’t want to leave my big, comfortable bed. I was thinking of staying in bed all day and have a lazy day all to myself. I went through my night stand filled with sex toys and picked out different vibes and dildo to have some fun with. I even grabbed my anal beads. God, it’s been so long since I played with them. My pussy was getting super hot when I was picking out my toys for the day. I haven’t even started yet and my pussy was getting very anxious. I started out slow and smooth, just the way I like it. Feeling every inch of my dildo sliding deeper and deeper in me. Feeling my pussy stretching as I grab the end with two hands and working it in a circular motion. As I heard the rain coming down harder on my bedroom window it made me fuck myself more intensely. It was feeling so damn good, I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I came so hard and so much, it was truly incredible. I took a 2 minute break and I got out my next toy. This toy was a lot bigger and way more intense.

This is how I spent my day, one orgasm after another. By the end of the day I had about 15 amazing  orgasms and each got intense as the day progressed. I had a wonderful day but now I’m feeling lonely and I’m needing to feel you right beside me. I need to feel the real thing and I know you’re the one who can give me what I need. Hope you respond soon!



Kinky Call

I just ended one of the most kinkiest phone calls I’ve ever had.  I was getting fucked by my boyfriend and he made me suck our pit bull’s balls and cock.  I really enjoyed sucking Matts big cock.  I even let him cumm in my mouth.  That dog’s cum tasted so delicious…  After I caught all of that dog’s cumm, my boyfriend Michael made me bend over and take it from the back with his big black 12 inch cock.

The postman

I awoke around 8.15 a.m. Jumped out of bed, threw back the curtains. The sky was bright blue and the sun was already quite warm. Today is my 50Thbirthday and it marks the beginning of the rest of my life after finally receiving my divorce papers in the post yesterday. I never really wanted much out of life except a loving husband, a couple of kids….. I got both but then the husband decided to spread his love around and the kids spoiled things by growing up, leaving home and having kids of their own. So that left me all alone in my lovely house…a lovely house…but all alone! I spent the last six months doing some serious dieting and heavy workouts in order to achieve, at the risk of sounding boastful, a pretty good looking, and it seems, desirable body. I knew it was going to be a glorious day…….. I jumped in the shower and turned it to cold, I just love the way the cold water makes your body tingle and come alive. I slipped into a pair of white panties, put on my over-sized white shirt grabbed my hawaiian sun tan oil and headed for the garden.

I couldn’t wait to feel the sun’s golden rays on my already tanned body. The garden has a six foot fence around so I can usually laze all day and not be bothered by anyone. I took off my shirt and felt the sun hit my medium, but firm 36 B’s, that always makes me feel good. I took my sun lotion and began to rub it into my long legs, starting at my foot and working my way slowly up to my panty line. I had just started to rub the oil into my breasts when I suddenly got to feeling quite horny. It was about then that I also had another feeling, the feeling that I was being watched, I took a quick look around the garden but there was no-one there, when I was sure I carried on but this feeling of being watched, surprisingly, made me feel hornier than ever and I found my hand sliding down into my panties and this ‘not knowing’ seemed to heighten the sensation. I even let out a slight moan as my fingers ran over my clit, they were still covered in oil and this also added to the pleasure I was feeling. By this point I was quite wet between my legs. I lay back closed my eyes and slowly slide my fingers back and forth into my pussy gliding over my clitand now my whole body was tingling with pure delight I began moving my fingers faster and deeper , I was moaning and groaning out loud.

I heard the noise again and it seemed to be coming from the gate so I eased myself up onto my side, my fingers still penetrating my pussy, through the small gap in the gate I could just see the postman. He is a real cutie, 25ish,dark brown hair and with eyes to match.

It was obvious he worked outside by the fantastic rich golden tan that covered his muscular body. Although I have never spoken to him I have pleasured myself many times whilst thinking of him. It was all too much I suddenly exploded between my legs and my juices just ran down my inner thighs. When I re-opened my eyes I noticed him still there he had his hand down the front of his shorts, this was too good a chance to miss I put my wet fingers to my mouth, sucking the warm ,juices as I stood up and walked over to the gate, still covered in oil and wearing only my panties which were soaked by now, I opened the gate and there he stood hand in his shorts quite startled and sporting a kind of embarrassed grin on his face. I immediately took his hand and pulled him through the gate and into the garden, neither of us said a word as I closed the gate behind him. I couldn’t help noticing the shape of his bulging cock through the thin material of his dark blue shorts , now my body really was on fire. I knelt down in front of him and whilst looking into his deep dark eyes I began to slowly peel his shorts down, he never once offered up any resistance nor said a word, until finally, there it stood, the thing I had been fantasizing about for so long, 7 inches of rock hard proud beautiful young cock.

It took my breathaway and I let out a small gasp, I knew I just had to have it in my mouth I slowly leaned my head forward and kissed it, a little bit of warm precum clung to my lips. I started to run my tongue up and down this fine cock he moaned and shuddered as I gently nibbled at his balls I ran my tongue the full lengthof his cock and as it reached the tip I enclosed it in my mouth, now he let out such a gasp, I thought he was going to come there and then. I began to suck, slow and gently at first just on the end then gradually taking more and more deeper into my throat till I reached his balls, then I began to suck faster and harder to and his body responded in such a way that was now fucking my mouth. I slowed right down and went back to working on the tip running my tongue really slow round his bell and then right down his shaft to his balls again by now we were bothon fire , withhis cock still in my mouthI slipped my hand back into my panties hand and mouthworking in perfect harmony when all of a sudden I could feel his warm cum filling up my mouth and dribbling down my chin, it was a beautiful explosion which caused me to explode simultaneously.

I looked up and saw his smiling face as I pulled his shorts up, he spoke…..” I have a package for you,” he managed with a real tremor in his voice.

“Oh good,” I said “It will be my new vibrator.”

He handed me the package, smiled and went without another word I took my parcel inside went and had another cold shower, opened my package, and went back outside into the glorious sunshine to relive my morning with my new toy in hand.

Daddies Lil Girl

I have always been a Daddies girl, but not a Fathers girl.. until yesterday, that is!

I went in for midnight mass, and stayed for confession. I sat way in the back, and waited until the sanctuary was all but deserted. I slipped into the confessional, and began with the lurid story of my saturday night escapades…going into great detail of my sins….


the echo of the dropped bible filled the church, and Father leaned to the window asking if I was finished.

Not by a long shot, I replied.

I stepped out and over to the other side of the booth and slid in next to him. He was new, young and handsome, and I whispered to him that I had been waiting for weeks to cum to confession, as I slipped my hand down the front of his pants and began to stroke him. He moaned softly i the quite dark of the booth and I raised my skirt, showing him my bare ass.

Youre a sinner, are you not? I asked.

God help me, Yes! Yes i am!!


I sat back on his waiting cock and began to bounce up and down on him. What a waste of a big thick meaty dick!!! He was allll man!! He didnt last very long…I imagine it had been sometime, as he practically blew me off of his lap with his enormous load! I had his cum running down the inside of my thighs as I turned and kissed him on the cheek, whispering that I didnt think any amount of hail mary’s or our father’s would forgive this one.

He just winked at me and said “precious child….thats what Salvation is for…”



There’s Something Sparking in my Bottom!

I am out on my balcony and I just can’t wait for the fireworks to start.  Yeah I know the 4th isn’t until Saturday, but I get so wet and excited….thinking about those sticks blasting up in the sky and and just releasing SPARKS.  Everytime I see fireworks I think of a nice hard cock shooting cum. YUMMY!  So why don’t you join me in a little pre July 4th phone fucking.  We can make our own fireworks and really get things started.  I’ve got on my little sext bikini that won’t stay on long once you give me a call.  I am barely dressed for the occassion.  So once you ring my line I can start stripping and the SPARKS will start flying.


Tasty Cream Pies

I remember my first cream pie. It was Mommy’s dirty cum filled cunt that I licked. She was fucking Daddy’s boss and I caught them. That was when my addiction to cum first began.

A cream pie…. getting to eat cum and lick a pussy, oh my fucking god!!!!!!!!! You cannot possibly get any better!

Since I started college, I’ve got to lick as many of my sorority sisters pussies as I wanted. I even got a few of them to be filled up with cum from our frat brothers. 69ing with a girl when both our pussies are cream filled is the absolute best!

I love doing two girl calls or pretending to be your little cum slut while you fuck my best friend and then fuck me in my tight twat or asshole while I lick every last drop of sticky cum out of her drenched pussy. And hey… if you just want me all to yourself… I am not opposed to licking that cock clean after you give me a good hard fucking!
I’ve eaten my dinner like a good girl, can I please have some dessert tonight?

~Lil Angel Miley

(And yes for those sissy boys that wear my panties…. you will eat your own!)

Marriage Counseling

naughty raylin

In your every day life, things are very stressful.  Your marriage is rocky, your job sucks, and your kids are just going for the world record of annoying you.  Sometimes, you just need a little… counseling.  Well Dr. Raylin is ready to help! 


The other day I had a wonderful call.  A man who was extremely distressed by his marriage.  He called while his wife was home, while she was asleep.  She woke up partway during the call and picked up the phone.  He was nervous and hung up, but I stayed on the line.  She and I talked for a while and I described to her how she could please her husband, what he liked and desired.  She said she’d never known these things, but would certainly be up to trying it.  She called him into the bedroom and he expected to be yelled at severely.  Instead, he found his wife waiting for him, naked, phone in hand.  She seduced him while I was on the phone with her, telling her what to say and what to do.  She sucked him off like she never had in her life- I gave her a few pointers :).  It went much much further, but you’ll have to use your imagination.  Just one example of how counseling can just help your life!


Whatever is bothering you… give me a call, I am sure that a little time on my couch can remedy the situation!  Sissies, married men, cucks, dominant but stressed men, stressed out bi or lesbians, hell, anyone who could use a good intense yet relaxing phone fuck is welcome to make an appointment!


~Naughty “Dr.” Raylin

You are not a real man….

Some of you never cease to amaze me.  You are a submissive, admittingly.  Yet you do not even know the proper way to speak to a Mistress?  Well let me school those of you that do not know.  There are only 2 ways you should refer to a Mistress.

  • Call her Mistress
  • Ask her what she would like for you to call her.

Nothing pisses me off more than to have a submissive call me that doesn’t know his/her place.  I am not “Leanne” or “baby” or “babe”.  I am Mistress, or Mistress Leanne.  Period.

Furthermore, don’t tell me what to call you.  If you wear panties, you are a damn Sissy.  If you are a submissive you are a damn bitchboy.  If you are over there stroking in a pair of panties and have lipstick on I will NOT refer to your sexual member as a cock.  REAL MEN have cocks.  You my pet have a clitty, a pussy, and your asshole is a man pussy.

When you call me please be prepared for me to say and do absolutely any thing I want to.  Be prepared to serve me how I want you to serve me.  A true submissive is not going to try to do things his/her own way.