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Sometimes Romance rules <3<3<3

Yes, of course, I like to fuck fast and furious sometimes…ok, maybe most of the time, 😉 but some occassions call for a bit of a slow down, as I had the other nite.

 Talk about a fantasy role play!! And we are talking my fantasy…which just happened to be his…God I love a pleaser!

This guy laid me down, and worshiped my perfect body from head to toe…with his fingers, his mouth and tongue…seeking out every sensual sweet spot…licking and sucking…sending chills throughout me, making me quiver. It seemed as if every nerve ending was on fire…I wasnt sure I f i could take any more, and thats when he finally gently parted my legs and slide so smoothly up inside of me, and began to fuck me so deeply, it was like riding the waves of an ocean, with each swell, drawing me closer and closer to ecstacy….wow.

when I finally came…it was earthshattering…i may have even chipped a tooth! [jk!] I came for what seemed like forever, pleasure washing over me from head to toe, leaving me light headed and giddy.

Please, my  fantasy lover…call back soon…


Dirty Jim

God I just love it when all of the dirty nasty perves cum to moi for retribution……and abuse!

What a fun new caller dirty Jim was with his dum cunt wife and his pervy panty licking… I do so wonder what his assistant would do if she knew what fun he was having in her gym bag?!?!?

A sick pathetic fuck!!!

Maybe if he worships my perfect ass enuff, he can earn sum panties…..what does everyone think?

How much should dirty Jim spend, before i send him a pair of my super succulent panties?



While a student at school, I had to think of ways to pay my bills.  And so, I saw an add that sought a nanny.  It was for a family with a strong religious background.  I felt intrigued.  I love people who lead their life by some sort of culture of religious code.  It is like watching beautiful birds in a cage.  Some are content to sit in the cage while others flap their wings dramatically trying to get out.  I went to the interview wearing in professional attire.  I had a black pencil skirt on with a gray turtle neckshort sleeve sweater.  I had grey suede high heels on.  And my hair was pulled back in a bun.  I met with the wife first.  She was very conservative and seemed to be in need of a break from her stressful domestic life.  The next day I was to go to the husband’s job and interview with him.  He worked in a high rise building in the heart of the city.  His secretary let me into his office while he was in a meeting.  His desk was adorned with pictures of his family.  Books covered the walls along with framed certificates.  He was well educated and good at his work.

He walked in and sat down.  I almost felt like he didn’t notice I was sitting at the chair in front of his desk.  But then he began to read from this paper in his hand.  “It says here you are working towards your Masters in Psychology.  Hmmm, interesting.”  There was something about him that made me want to clear his desk and rip his pants off.  But I just kept muttering in my head, he’s married and you are here for a job.  I didn’t know whether he was asking me questions or just reading my resume aloud.  Finally he looked up from the paper.  I tried to not look confused.  I sat up straight but I l could feel my nipples were hard.  I crossed my legs and  his eyes dropped to look at them.  My panties were wet and I hoped he hadn’t seen.

“Well you don’t have any experience working with children and you are not from my religion.  I don’t know Annaliese.”  Now, I had to sell myself.  “I am well educated and I am beginning to volunteer at a preschool down the street from my house.  But finances are tight and I am in desperate search of a job with flexible hours.”  He stood up and shut his door.  Then he walked over and from behind me, he whispered in my ear.  “How badly do you want this position Annaliese.”  “Badly,” I replied.  “You know the job had some alternate duties that are not listed in the ad.  Are you willing to perform them,” he inquired.  “Sure, I am very open minded.”  “I need a nanny for my kids and a Shiksa for myself.”  “What is a Shiksa,” I asked.  “Go home and research it.  I will have you come to my office tomorrow and let me know your decision.  Oh and Anna, dress appropriately.”

I looked up what he was wanting.  Desperate to stay in school in graduate, I had to get this job.  I returned the next day during his lunch break.  The office was empty except for him.  I wore thigh highs with a garder belt.  Black stiletto heels and a corset.  I covered my sexy outfit with a short trench coat.  My hair was in a bun and I had my big Gucci sunglasses on.  I entered the room and he stood right up.  “It looks like you are exactly what the ad requires.”  He slammed his door shut and ripped my trench coat off.  He spread my legs wide open and unbuckled his pants.  He fucked me like he hadn’t been laid in years.  I wrapped my legs around him and squeezed his dick firmly with my tight pussy.  He came quickly.  But then he began again.  He bent me over and fucked my tight lil asshole.  Then he nutted on my ass.  I think I am going to like this job!!!! 🙂

A Kidnapped Kitten….Cum Help Me

I went to go and visit my family and got lost on the one way highway.  Alone in the car, I was waiting for some assistance.  But the long road was desolate and very dark.  It was near a wooded brush and I could not wait for a good Samaritan to arrive.  Finally a big black truck pulled behind my car.  The man approached.  He was tall with dark hair and emerald eyes.  I was captivated by how he looked like he could take charge of any situation.  He wore a hooded flannel with blue jeans.  I listened closely as his boots sounded closer and closer to my car.

“Wow, how long have you been stranded out here,” he asked.  “I’ve been out here for three hours and I need to get in contact with my family.  I am sure they are worried by now.  But my cell phone does not have any service in this wooded area.”  “I can drive you to my house and you could use my phone while I make you something to eat.”  His eyes looked sincere and he had this perfect smile.  But I ignored my instincts to follow him in my car.  Instead I got out with my things and got into his truck.

His house was down a long, steep, dark driveway.  It sat below the ground level.  He drove up and a dog began to bark.  “Don’t worry about him, he’s very territorial.”  I walked into the house and forgot to make that call.  His house had a warm fire blazing and I sat down onto his comfortable couch.  “Would you like to eat some meatloaf I made, I think you will be impressed.”  “Sure, I am starving.”  He brought over the plate and steam from the meat floated in the air.  I drank milk and began to feel very sleepy.  My face started to feel numb and I looked over at him.  His face became blurry.  I tried to stand up by my legs became weak.  I tried to sit back down but I collapsed in his arms.

I woke up very groggy.  My head felt like a concrete ton rested on it.  I felt like I could not breathe.  My legs and arms felt bound.  I turned to the side and saw myself in a mirror that covered his closet.  I sat on this white bed and a black ball gagged my mouth.  My body was completely naked and my legs/arms were bound.  I began to cry and wimper.  Then he entered the room.

He had a leather mask on and a whip in his hand.  Black leather chaps covered his legs whiel he had no underwear on.  I could see his nipples were pierced since he had no shirt on.  His body was cut from working out.  But he had a tatoo that covered his shoulder and went down his arm.  I couldn’t make out the design because tears filled my eyes.  He stood me up and then put my hands in shackles on the wall.  Then he spread my legs and did the same to them.  I screamed but it was wasted.  I could hear his dog barking outside.  “Welcum to my world,” he said as he laughed.  Then I felt the weight of his whip on my backside.  It stung and I could feel a welt begin.  “I am going to give you the experience of  a lifetime.  You must feel fortunate.  And when I take this gag out of your mouth.  I want you to not scream anymore.  Just do what I say and it will all be over, at least for the moment.”  He took the gag ball out of my mouth.  Then he put nipple clamps on my breasts.  It was soo tight, I bit my lip not to scream.

Then he took his hard cock and shoved it right in me.  It wrenched it’s way in.  My pussy was tight and dry.  But his precum made it wet.  He thrusted his cock deep inside of me and all I could do was close my eyes and count.  It went deeper and he fucked me harder with every thrust.  I tried to resist but he had complete  control of me.  He kept fucking me harder and harder.  My head kept getting knocked against the wall.  My body was limp.  I began to feel the room spin.  My head ached.  I closed my eyes and slipped away.  I woke up the next morning in my car.  I thought it was a dream but bruises covered my ankles and wrists.

DADDY’S lil Girl :-0 0-:

My daddy is and was an active participant in my life.  He even shared my first sexual experience.  Did daddy fuck me….?  No, he did not but he was a voyer in my experience.  My best friend and I were very close.  She was a very hot chick.  Casey was her name and she was popular for many reasons.  She had a very curvy body for her teenager age.  I would secretly masturbate to her late at night, thinking of the ways to lick my tongue all over her body. I never would think she would accept my sexual advances on her tight lil body.

It was a hot summer day.  Casey and I were playing at my pool.  We were being silly and splashing each other in the water.  I loved to watch her large breasts bounce in her string bikini, especially when they were soaking wet.  We were playing water polo in the pool.  I was trying to steal the ball away from her when I took off the string to her top.  Her bare breasts bobbed in the water.  My hands could not resist and I grabbed them.  She leaned her head back and her breasts hardened.  My pussy ached instantly.  From the corner of my eye, I could see my father watching from his study.  I took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck gently.  I got out of the pool and wrapped the towel around her topless tits.  I told her I wanted to fuck her.  I could see my father watching us intently.  I grabbed her hand and her towel feel to her feet.  “Let’s got to my bedroom,”  I whispered as I directed her inside.

I could hear a door shut in my bedroom.  I wondered what it could be, but I was so entranced by Casey-it didn’t matter.  I laid her on the bed and pulled her wet bottoms off.  Her legs were firm, smooth and tan.  I grabbed her breasts while sucking her clit.  Her juices oozed all over my face.  I never knew I would enjoy eating pussy sooo much!  Her body was all over my bed as she moaned and groaned.  Then I hit it.  She came and it was absolutely amazing.  But while she was trying to catch her breath from the orgasm, I heard a noise.  I looked over at my closet and there my father was with a video camera.  His eyes were transfixed on us and I could see him through the shutter doors to my walkin closet.  His mouth was open and the camera stuck to his face.  I looked down and could see his other hand was grabbing his hard cock.  Casey would always tell me how hot my daddy was.  This was my chance to make my daddy finish making his ultimate film fantasy CUM true.

“Daddy, is that you in my closet.”  Casey quickly got up and grabbed my pink sheets.  “I’m sorry girls, I know this is completely inappropriate,” my father begged for forgiveness.  Casey saw his large cock from inside of his pants.  She walked over to him and pulled his pants down quickly.  She took out his cock and then she bent over.  “I bet you didn’t know how long I have been fantasizing about your cock in me,” Casey told my father.  “Ahhhh, no.  I didn’t.”  “How about sticking that cock in me then.  Cum devirginize my pussy with your cock.  Your daughter already licked it and got it ready for you….,” she fucked with his head.  And with that invitation, my daddy fucked Casey.  I watched as rose red blood dripped down her inner thigh.  I went under Casey and kissed her.  I laid on my back while her breasts giggled on my chest.  I kissed her sweet mouth and they were passionate kisses.

My daddy came in her pussy and I had never seen him so happy.  For a long time, he had this look in his eye of victory.  Casey and I remained friends.  And on special occasions, we would let my daddy apart of our sexual escapades.

wet pussy panties

I walked in to the room with my satin panties no shirt on with my thigh highs on and my 10 inch black shoes.  You are laying in bed sleeping not knowing i am there keeping the bed SO warm.  i slip in the bed and from a full night rest you are hard so hard.  MMMMM I start to stroke you and play with your nipples.  You roll over my way and say mm baby you are sexy.  I  get so wet and pussy juice cums on my panties…i stick my panties in my pussy to get them all wet.  you brought you finger in my pussy to pull it out. and took my panties off….then you took them and smelled them and we draped them over your cock so you could cum in the panties.

Watching the kids outside

As I sit watching the kids outside..there is a boy who keeps watching me..rock back and forth. He comes up to me and asked ” Granny T How is it you get your tits to hard?” I said little boy do you always ask that to a sexy women? he said no but i watch you in your window when you masturbate and undress. I see you in your panties and wonder how you are so pretty and milky in your pussy.  I was taken by this young boy and wonder how this could be.  He said you are the only granny that makes my cock cum with out me touching it. When it cums i take my underwear off and lick it up to worship it just for you granny. Just as he said that my pussy got wet and my nipples got hard. I told this child Young boy i will be sure to give you a great window show. tap my window and i will know it is you and i will start the show just for you . He ran off and started to play with a nice little hard on.


I am ready to see MR. R

How are you today Mr. R. You ready for your check up? He responds “Yes maam.”  Nurse Loretta says “please undress all the way down to your underwear” and Mr. R does as  he is told.  I tell the patient that this is a check up to make sure that all is working how it should be.  He understood.

I look into his ears and start to lick and nibble on the lobes . mm they feel and taste very good.  He responds you are making my cock grow. I said very good.  As it should.  I have Mr. R unbutton my shirt so warm the scope to listen to his lungs with.  He holds it and i push them my breast close together and hold the scope in-between them.  I then ask him to take my breast and rub them and hold them together. Once the scope is warmed i start to listen to his lungs with it.  I bend over and put his head on my shoulder and reach behind him to have him hold me while i listen to his back of the lungs. Now take a DEEEEp breath…IN  and OUT once agan..IN and OUT.. very good. I take notes that all sounds good there.

When Mr. R took my shirt and unbutton it he saw i was not wearing a bra.  Not only that  I have no panties on with my thigh highs that are black and my nine inch high fuck me shoes that are black.  So when i got very close to my patient and his cock very hard it inched his way to my skirt.  I had to yet check his nipples to see that they worked fine.  so i too my forefinger and thumb and rubbed them around the right side of the nipple very soft and did the same to the left.  I feel they work just find as they were ver hard. but the true test was when i took my nipple and took it all over his and then took my nipple and covered it with his pre- cum and then put that on his nipples. He then started to moan.

I then layed the patient down and had to work with this balls and cock a bit. He had some what i call dirt he would call precum so i had to lick it off. I walked around him and had to explain to him…and show him..i will take my long wet hot tongue and put it over the head of you cock and then lick your pre cum off.  So what i did was put it in his mouth my tongue and kissed him to show him just how long my tongue was..and wet ..and i sucked his tongue like i would his cock. that is when he gave me premission to suck him

So i started to prep him I went to his balls, and took a long lick slurp, ahhhh so nice and wet,. Took his balls into my mouth and make room for his cum to build up in his sack.  lick his cock from the base to the tip and slurp all that precum. i brought my pussy to his face to make sure his tongue was in good working order…and he licked my pussy..

Then i laid down and he wanted around and licked my ass. ooo that feld so hot. He got my ass so ready to be fucked by his cock..i ordered him to get it wet and hot then to fuck me hard in the ass and pussy.  He did both but put his hot load in my ass. This patient needs a recheck in a week to make sure his pipe are not clogged.


The other night my Daddy had his weekly poker game at the house while Mommy was at work.  A few of Daddy’s friends were over and you know how I have a thing for older guys.  So I snuck into Mommy’s closet and put on one of her SEXY, SLUTTY outfits.  I looked so good for my Daddy and his friends as I pranced around the house and teased all of them…..until Daddy could not take it anymore.  Next thing I know I was in the middle of the poker table.  Daddy and his friends were taking turns FUCKING all of my TIGHT LITTLE HOLES.  It was so much fun.  Daddy and his friends SHOT their nice CREAMY LOADS in my mouth, my ass and even my TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY.  I was such a good girl that I caught each and everyone of those LOADS wherever they shot them.  Then Daddy looked down at me and told me what a good CUM CATCHER I was and how I had made him proud.

knock me up!

One of my most favorite roleplays is getting knocked up by some random guy. I have a favorite caller that fucks me all the time, sometimes knocking me up, or sometimes pounding me with his hands on my baby bump! No matter what we do, it always makes me super hot…just thinking about it makes my kitty swell and pulse!!! Is it the danger? The raw intimacy? The power of procreation? what is it!!!???

Maybe you can help me out? If you have an obsession with impregnation, or fucking a big round belly, leave a comment and tell me why it rocks your cock!!