Monthly Archive for February, 2009

I love smelling my young sister’s dirty panties!

I was changing my little sisters clothes after coming home from picking her up from school. I began feeling quite aroused by the feeling of her wet, white cotton panties pressed against her tiny pussy. She quickly took her training bra off to reveal her perky, little tits. Her nipples got so hard, it was making me very horny. I told her to stick her little hand inside of her panties and start to play with her bald pussy. Then once my sis got even more excited, I decided to take my bra off and have her suck on my hard nipples while she plays with herself. She was really getting into it and she began pushing her panties with her fingers inside of her cunt and fingering her clit at the same time, then pulling her panties out very slowly to feel every inch of the fabric on her pussy walls. At that point, she couldn’t help but bring them to her lips to taste the dirty panties by running her tongue all over them and even sucked on the underwear so she wouldn’t miss one drop of her precious sticky juice! I have my younger sisters wet panties now and I use them when I masturbate. I love smelling her sweet little cunt all over them. It makes me cum so hard. She’s so young and pure and I love playing with that young pussy!!!

Daddy always makes me feel better!

I just got dumped by my boyfriend 2 days ago. I am really wanting to go out and get laid. I’m feeling very horny and extremely naughty tonight but here I am babysitting my 2 younger cousins who are total brats. Finally, they go to sleep and I can fantasize about sex. I strip down to my pink lace panties and tee shirt when my daddy comes home he finds me rubbing my bald, tight pussy! Before long, I am boucing on his cock like crazy, perky titties going every where and I am cumming my brains out. After I  got fucked good by Daddy, I could care less that my boyfriend dumped me. Daddy always knows how to make his little girl feel so much better.

Little LuLu

Daddys girl Torrie is ready to make you cum!

Well I was on vacation for a little bit but I am back now and ready to have some fun with all you horny men!As you can see I am a pretty teenie little girl but don’t let my size fool you, I can take it any way you can dish it out! I love being that slutty little girl that teases you in the mall, or maybe that little girl going door to door selling girlscout cookies that is willing to do ANYTHING to get you to buy my cookies.  Or maybe you are my daddy and you do naughty little pedo things to me while I sit on your lap in my panties when mommy isn’t home.  Or maybe I am that bratty teen student that is failing your class and begs you to let her do extra credit to earn that A+. Whatever your fantasies are, I am ready to rock daddys cock!  I have no limitations and my giggly young voice will have your cock squirting like a fire hydrant. Give your little girl a call and lets explore all those nasty fantasies you have about teens, pre-teens, or as young as you want me to be.

Sweet Cream Pies…mmmmmm-mmmmmm-mmmmm

Tasty treats are fun to eat, huh Scotty?? I have a new friend who just love to send me out at night to get my sweet pussy pounded and filled with the hot cream of several hot cocks before cumming home to him and riding his face, draining  my lovers juice into his hungry mouth…

Last time was extremely hot…he had me call him when I got into the car with my flavor of the evening and give him a play-by-play as I sucked and fucked my new young stud and miked his balls into my hot pussy…creating a tasty dessert for my Hubby to slurp up with all of his eagerness!! Enjoy Baby!!


Oh my dear Milky…you have much to learn in the ways of ass pleasure…a plug is never going to reach your prostate…what do you think you are, a fucking Smurf???

Next time, pay fucking attention or I wont answer when you call!!


Is that not what I said?

Okay Milky…I expect a comentary when u are up and running.

Now for the trenchtrampmutherfucker who wasted my precious time the other day with his babbling fabricated IMs…dont you EVER let me catch you online trying to chat up myself of the rest of this circus, or I will fucking rain down a Hellfire so maniacle on you you will curse the day your dumb cunt mother lost her virture, fuckstick.

I am being mean?

fuck you.


Bitch doesnt begin to fucking cover it, shitwad.

My Naughty Little Sissy…..Shame on you!!

Wow, dont younger siblings really know how to piss us off sometimes??? Take my little sister, Heather for example….

Always in my panty drawer, trying on my clothes…why, just the other day I walked in to discover her slutty little ass in my brand new lingerie, watching lesbian porn on my bed!!!

She needed to be taught  a lesson

I dont thiink even to this moment she knew what hit her, honestly…but I sure do!! Big Sissies ass-paddle!!!, A big Brush and a flexible wooden flogger, right across her clothespin pinched nut-sack!!

And then a nice long Enema, to help her clean up her act…dirty bitch!!

I think it will be a while until I catch her anywheres near my room again…[giggle!]

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

I am very particular about who gets to fuck me, sure you can have a session with me. I will demand complete devotion to my body and mind. But will I let you fuck me? I doubt it, it takes a special client who gets to metaphorically stick his big cock in me. Big being the operative word, I deal with a lot of small dick losers, looking for some real humiliation?

I will have you begging to cum, pleading your cause before my ears. HA! as if it will budge my determination. You see I will decide when, where and how you cum. I am a total cock control goddess. Your cock will belong to me long after you have hung up the phone. My voice will be whispering in your ear all those things you longed to hear but are to afraid to ask. You don’t need to ask with me, I know!

Call me for the phone sex experience you will not soon forget!

Pathetic sissy girl deserves to be humiliated

I had a great call with one of my favorite little sissy girls today.  I absolutely love using her and abusing her.

Today I was nice enough to let the little pathetic fuck actually stick her tiny dick in me just so I could humiliate her for having such a small dick.  Then when she came I made her lick her cream pie right back out of me.

Of course I also made her eat other guys cum out of my asshole and made her cum in her own food and eat it too.

And of course I had her pull her panties to the side so my strapon could serve her man-pussy a good hard fucking, but she enjoys when I get rough with her…dirty slut that she is.

It turns me on so much to use her as my personal cum dumpster and have her clean up all of those loads of cum.  She is such a pathetic little slave and deserves to be humiliated and used anyways.

Worship me

I love playing with guys that know they are unworthy of me and want to worship me as their Goddess.  Cater to my every need and whim.  Be my little toy to use any way that I want.

I especially love you guys that know how to give a girl the proper tongue bath.  LIcking and sucking all of my holes as if they were the best thing your taste buds have ever experienced.  Nothing gets me off better then a good assboy that likes to tongue dive in to my brown hole.  🙂

Next time you feel the need to worship a Goddess, get on your knees and dial my number.


MILF that Cuckolds

I love to cuckold my husband! Last night he was unaware that my boyfriend was on his way over. I begin by dressing in some of my most seductive clothes. He was visibly aroused when I made my entrance from the upstairs bedroom. I graciously made my way down each step my hips and breast swaying. He heard the doorbell ring just as I reached the base of the stairs. Guess who? Oh yes the hot 20 year old neighbor boy I fuck on occasion. He came in, I told my husband to take a seat. He did exactly as he was told this wasn’t the first time I made him watch.

I tied my husbands hands to the chair he was in, so he could not  touch his raging cock. I then placed my ass in his face and told him to lick it.  I want him to make sure I am nice and clean for my lover boy.

I bend over right in my husbands face and let my boyfriend pound me from behind. My husband has to watch every last drop and if he wants to jack off he is going to have to lick it up too!

I bet you would like to hear more, do you want to be my cuckold or maybe my hot young stud?

Whatever your fantasy I can make it happen.