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Daddy Jerks Off To My Voice

Summer is here and if you’re looking to cool down, I’m not the girl for you. I only heat things up! My callers love talking to me because I am so open and the one thing they absolutely love is my young voice, it drives them crazy. 

When I was in my early teens, my step-daddy use to jerk off to my voice. He would call me from his work all the time. He would make up silly reasons to call and then try to keep me on the phone. He thinks I am such a dumb blonde and didn’t hear his slight moans and lotion on his hard cock. I played along because that’s the kind of girl I am. I use to tell him about going to the mall with my girlfriend, and how we use to try on skimpy bikini’s in the dressing room.

When I was a little bit older and dating boys, I would tell daddy about my dates. I would give him details when my boyfriend dropped me off at the end of the night and described over the phone how I would suck my boyfriends cock in the car. Daddy got so excited that sometimes I could hear his intense orgasms.

I guess you could say daddy and I had phone sex but he still thinks I don’t know about his secret obsession with me and my young voice.



Written By: Summer
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Another glory hole slut

Yep, another male roommate. I tend to get a long with men a lot better than I do with females. This guy is down to earth and fun. He’s just great! This time I thought I had everything figured out. I thought in no time I would be tearing off his clothes fucking the shit out of him. Unfortunately that won’t be happening anytime soon. Last night I was so curious to  see where he has been hanging out. Turns out he’s a cheap, helpless glory hole slut. Yep, I  followed him right to the spot, watched  him greet a few men in the parking lot and then he headed inside. I did some thinking on the way home. I made a few calls and got one of my favorite fucks to come over. Ohhh just wait until his little slut ass walks through the door and realizes his ass still belongs on his knees with a big fat cock in his mouth. It’s time I treat him like the whore he wants to be. 






He was a real fucking loser but I fucked him anyway. I couldn’t help myself, I was bored. He was a fucking disgrace. I was laying on the bed and he didn’t have a clue what to do with my sexy body. I had to guide his every move and tell him exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it.

This loser was getting ready to feast on some sloppy seconds Ha ha ha! He really loved every inch of my creamy cum filled pussy. That’s what he’s worthy of, left overs! He’d never make the cut for me to even to think of him as a possible fuck buddy. It does amuse me seeing his pathetic cock get hard while he’s lapping up another mans spunk.

Are you ready to get a taste of me?

Fuck Slut Phone Sex



You still grovel at my feet trying to plead your case. What don’t you understand?!? You’ll never be good enough for me.  You’ll never fuck me. Do I need to spell it out for you? The only thing that you’re proving is that you’re really fucking pathetic. So, let’s have some fun with your loser ass. Your pain has always been my pleasure. Let’s rip open your man pussy today. I want to be sure it can take those big black dicks with out any problems. When I’m done with you and you’ve been passed around the room. Maybe just maybe, you’ll realize what a fucking loser you are. Look at your man pussy, used and abused. You liked every second of it.

You’ll be back for more if you want to be a part of my life. Be ready to be my personal fuck slut! 

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Bigger Is Better

I’m never faithful to the men in my life and I’ll never be. I have no limit when it comes to who I’ll fuck. Being called a home wrecker wouldn’t be the first. I’ve calmed down a bit since I started dating this guy. I honestly started dating him just because of his wallet. Turned out, he wasn’t all that bad in bed either. Before breaking his heart and going any further into spending any more time with me, I needed to make myself clear on a few things. I am a size queen and I love myself some black cock when I feel like getting fucked hard. He agreed that he could tolerate me fucking other men. At first, he was really curious and asked many questions. I suggested he come over and just watch me get fucked by a black cock, watch how his cock sends me spinning out of control. Then maybe he’ll understand why I need it, I crave it, it’s a must have in my life! It wasn’t long before he was on his knees and licking the cum out of my gaping pussy. He didn’t want to and pleaded with me but he knew this would make me happy. It wasn’t until the next time he was begging to fluff his black cock for my pussy. He knows what he has to do to stay in my life.

A Little Summer Heat

Men love to be used as my play toy. I was made to wreck your world. I was made to take your money and spend it as my own along with fucking up every one of your orgasms. You’re not worthy until I say so. You will keep proving yourself to me over and over. Control makes my pussy wet, you look at me and you start to drool every time. Imagine what it would be like to have your dick inside me. LOL! Maybe I’ll bend over and you’ll get to look down my top like a loser or flash of my sexy legs when I wear a short skirt. Tossing my hair back giggling at what a loser you are. Guys like you don’t deserve girls like me. We both know it. Don’t fight the urge, eventually I will get everything I want from you and more.

So keep dreaming of my sexy body with my legs wrapped around you and my hungry wet pussy devouring your dick. Yes, I love to keep you on the edge playing my mind games with you. I love teasing you with my slutty ways. You might think you have some control but you need to think again. Little do you know, you’re just my loser puppet that amuses me. I have what you want right between my legs and you’re never gonna fucking get it.


Foolish Men

That twerp knows how pissed off I get when I catch him in my room. This time it wasn’t my brother! It was my step-dad. I entered my room slowly to find him stroking himself to pictures of my friends and I. Normally, I would sit back and get a good laugh, use the information to blackmail his perverted ass. Nah, this time I was going to have some fun. I watched him for a few minutes acting like he just discovered how to masturbate. Pretty funny! Stroking away like nobody’s business. I put my hand on his shoulder leaning down whispering into his ear. First I asked him, if he would like to see the real thing? Then I told him we can take care of this two ways. I could tell my mother what a disgusting fucking pervert he is when she is not home or I could teach him a lesson myself. Picking the second option, I walked over to my dresser pulling out my 10 inch strap-on along with a pair of black silk panties. Time to turn him into my bitch! I grabbed my phone and started to video tape his punishment. I think after today he will have either learned his lesson or the fucking pervert will be back for another ass fucking.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

We met at a house party which turned into a long night of me teasing you. I seen the way you looked at me when I had a drink in my hand and a cigarette in the other. You definitely peaked my curiosity with your looks. I motioned for you to follow me to one of the back rooms. I pressed my body up against yours and the only thing between us was a cloud of smoke. I ask you,” How bad do you want me? How bad do you want my pussy?” I purse my lips around my cigarette drawing in the sweet smoke. I nestle between your legs feeling your hard cock while you listen to me take a deep drag of my cigarette. I could feel your need and desire from your cock jumping in your pants.

I lean back against the wall blowing a cloud of smoke your way. Commanding you to drop to your knees while drawing another deep drag…

How far will your smoking fetish take you? I can’t wait to find out.


My Little Fluffer

I love getting all dressed up for the men in my life. I really go all out when the man I’m with is working with a smaller package. I get they have needs too.

I invited this guy over that my friend had set me up with a few months ago. I figured after a long weekend, I was in the mood for some kinky fun. Once he seen me in this outfit, I knew I would have him by the balls. When he walked in I could see his little tent popping up in his pants. That’s one sight that I’ll always find amusing. He was very respectful and very happy to see me and he knew he was here for my pleasure. I made two jack and cokes and took a seat on the couch next to him. I started off by giving him a little thrill and letting him run his hand up my bare thigh. He really started to enjoy himself until there was a knock at the door. I ordered him to greet my guests. My little friend stood there as five black hunks walked through my door. They were looking like they were ready to fuck at any moment. My pussy started getting soaked thinking about all those big black dicks. One by one they started running their hands up and down my body while laughing at my little friend, they ordered him on his knees while they showed him what a real dick looks like. One of them shoved his big black man meat right in his face instructing him to suck him off before he fucks me. His little dick grew hard again as he opened his mouth, slurping and licking away. His mouth was filled with a huge black dick, I laughed and laughed while I opened my legs for some fun.

Party in The Tub

My best friend and I are very very close. We do everything together and we share everything. Recently my younger step- brother has been lurking around my room. I noticed he found my stash of sex toys. He’s even been sniffing through my laundry hamper stealing my dirty cum filled panties. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was showing all his friends and standing around in a circle jerk creaming all over my favorite pair of panties. My best friend Cami was over the other night and we decided to fuck with him. We headed to the bathroom leaving the door open a crack just in case he walked by. I ran a bubble bath for us. We stood in the bathroom undressing each other, caressing each others bodies. It was perfect. We splashed around in the tub for a while that’s when I heard him outside the door. Cami started sucking on my nipples, kissing her way up to my neck. I was so turned on I couldn’t control my moaning. I knew he was getting a show of a lifetime, he probably couldn’t control himself  and creamed in his pants instantly.
She will be over later tonight. I’ll be sure to get my amusement while my sexy friend indulges in my pussy.