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Panty Sniffing Phone Sex


I caught this pervert again going through my dirty panties. This time I backed him up against the wall, he closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of my panties for one last time. I have to admit, it kind of turned me on when I grabbed my dirty panties out of his hands watching his pathetic face. The wetness was starting to build up. It was time to have some fun with him. Why not!!!! I was going to give him everything he’s ever fantasized about.

Pushing him down onto his knees. I made him slide off my wet panties. Let’s see how this panty sniffer takes care of me. Lol! The wetness, the dampness, the scent of my hot wet pussy. I bet you wish you were on your knees right in front of me pulling these panties off with your teeth.

In the mood for some hot panty sniffing phone sex? Then get between my legs and let’s get started. 




I don’t know what came over me last week, but I was so horny and craving cock! I went out to a local bar and found a couple of guys that really fit the bill. I was out on the floor dancing and they joined me, one behind me and one grinding against my pussy. The one behind me whispered in my ear, asking if I wanted to come back to his place. I nodded my head and let them lead me out. Luckily he lived close because I needed to be fucked and fucked hard! They had my clothes stripped off and quickly and started on their own. Once we were all naked, the fun began. I was on my knees sucking cock, then flipped onto my back taking it. Those guys must have needed as much as I did, because they were all over the place. One minute my pussy was getting pounded, the next minute my ass was being rammed hard. I came so many times that I didn’t think I could cum again… until I felt a hard cock slide into my ass while his friend was filling up my pussy. Oh my GOD. The way their cocks slid in and out of me had me wet and creamy again. When I came this time, I felt their cocks exploding inside of me too.
I’ve seen them many times since… this cock hungry slut can’t get enough!


A few weeks ago, I ran into a little car trouble. I was on my way home and my car died, leaving me stranded on the side of the road. I called for a tow truck, but after a few hours, I had given up hope. It was 2 in the morning and I just wanted to get home. I decided to try for a ride home the best way I knew how. I got out of the car and hiked my skirt up a little. I knew that would get the attention I needed. After a few minutes, a truck pulled over on the side of the road. The driver rolled down his window and asked if I needed some help. I smiled and told him yes. I hopped in and we took off. I could feel his eyes all over me as he tried to keep it between the lines. He was a little younger than I was and looked nervous. I couldn’t resist. I got on my knees and started working on his pants. He looked surprised, but his cock was rock hard in my hands. It was delicious! So hard and thick. That thick mushroom head felt so good at the back of my throat. I could feel his hand on the back of my head and hear his moans. When my hand squeezed his balls, he blew his load down my throat. By the time I got myself together, I was home. Before he could get his pants zipped, I thanked him for the ride and blew him a kiss.

Bikini Shopping with Daddy

Howdy, I guess it has been awhile since I had time to blog. I am emily5such a bad girl! Between school and my awesome phone sex job the Winter just flew by. Now it is finally warming up and I get to show off my cute little teen body. 

Step-daddy took me shopping and we had a so much fun in the dressing rooms. He insisted on going in with me while I tried on shorts and bikini’s. He noticed my little pussy had gotten so hairy so I asked him if he thought I should shave it. 

He showed me just how much he loved my hairy little pussy by plunging his tongue inside my gushing twat. I guess I got rather loud as clerk asked if everything was alright in there.  Lol, fuck yes it was more than alright. I squirted all over daddy’s face and I promised him a blowjob on the drive home.

Tight Teen Emily

My Soft And Sexy Teen Legs

  I have heard I have the most sexy teen legs ever! I always showaj10

off my tight teen body in sundresses, mini skirts, super short shorts and skinny jeans. *Giggles* Can you blame me? Daddy once told me my legs were going to be the death of him with everyone including his friends staring at them and trying to get a glimpse of my tight juicy pussy.

Want to hear about the first time my sweet firm legs were used for fucking? *Giggles* Of course you do! I hadn’t sucked a dick or fucked yet but this older boy, way older and I were messing around and he took out his dick and told me to wrap my legs around it tight. I knew my legs looked and felt super good because earlier that day my Uncle shaved them and put on lotion for me. I think he was looking at my sweet pussy under the towel the whole time. 

Anyways, the older boy started moving up and down with his dick between my thighs. I kept thinking in my head..JUST FUCK ME!  I felt his dick across my clit and I was getting so wet. He came and squirted hot, sticky baby juice all over my thighs and pussy. I wondered if I could have gotten preggers from that? Of course now I know better and know it is from precum or cum inside me. WINK. WINK!   What would YOU do for a look up my skirt or a touch of my sweet, teen pussy?

      Sassy Teen AJ, xoxo

Little Cocksucking Whore!

Some friends of my parents asked me to come over and help around their house to make some extra money. I have known them for a long time, so I was really happy to help. After finishing my chores around their house they asked if I wanted to make some more money. I said, “of course I do.”

They came closer to me, while telling me to promise not to tell. They started kissing each other, then they strated sliding their hands on me. My hands gravitated to her massive, full breast, as I tasted her tongue. They both reached into my shorts, while undressing each other at the same time. The wife guided me down to my knees with her, so we were face to face with her husbands cock. Her and I sucked her husband for a while. She deep throated like a pro, and challenging me to do the same. We took turns, suck and licking his cock and balls. I was able to get him to blow his hot creamy load in my mouth. I held it in my mouth and shared it with her by kissing her so passionately. I told them that I would be willing to come anytime they wanted me.

Looks like I have a new job!


Short Dick Man

I love playing with my short dick man. You, see his cock is half the size of most men. He doesn’t have much to please too many girls. I love that I can get him to do anything. My favorite thing to do is bring this guy Jay over. OMG…Jay is so hot. He has a huge, thick, 8” cock. I make my short dick man take Jay’s cock right in the ass. I tell him to back right into it like a good little bitch. He does it too! He is so turned on by how much more Jay measures up compared to him. I can’t wait to make him feel even smaller.


Fuck Toy Phone Sex


He’s always ready for my arrival. He craves to play with hot brunettes like me. The first thing I noticed when I walked in the room his dick was already getting hard. I walked over demanding for him to completely undress for me. His dick kept getting harder and harder as I gently caressed my hand up to his throat. My other hand traveling up his back scratching my nails into his skin. I whispered in his ear to calm down, his time will come. Let’s not forget who is in control here. I ordered him back to his bedroom while my eyes feasted on his package.

Laid out on the bed I grabbed a set of silk ropes. Tying him up like my new little fuck toy. I stood there looking at his body with pleasure written all over my face. I started kissing up and down his chest, taunting him with my sweet lips. My hot breath lingered down to his stomach. I watched as his dick hardened while my fingertip teased his swollen head. Then I noticed the first drop of pre-cum leak out. Mmm, I knew it was going to be an amazing night.
Are you ready to be my new fuck toy?

You Can’t Escape me

 Oh Danny, how hivy10ard you tried to stay away from me. You went to church, you read your bible and you decided to wait till marriage and only fuck to procreate. My jaw actually hurts from laughing so fucking much. What the actual fuck did you think was going to happen. Maybe the rapture. ROTFLMFAO!!

I am an evil goth bitch and once I get my blood red claws on you there is no escaping. I went on with the business off fucking men up while you YAWNS, tried to be a good boy. Now you are back craving me and my heathen ways.

          What shall I do with you Danny? Shall I make you use your precious bible as a toilet?  Maybe I should make you fuck one of your sweet girls from your church on the altar or in the confessional. We have wine, we have “the body of Christ” and now I have you!!

 Sin with Goth girl Ivy


Ready To Play

           I need to tell you before we even begin that I like it dirty, naHarley4sty and at times fucked up! I have always been a cock and cunt loving slut and am ready to take on anything you send my way. I think you know where this is going Babes, and vanilla isn’t where. Keep your boring vanilla sex to do with your wife. Save the kink for your girl Harley.

I am that special kind of nasty that makes you wonder where the fuck this all is going. I have the banging body all men want and the personality of a cheap whore.  

My pussy is always hot and wet and ready to be filled with numerous big, thick cocks. You can never tell what my mood will be but one thing you can fucking count on is that I will drain your balls and leave you completely addicted.

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Later babes