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Family Vacation

I totally caught my step-brother stroking his cock. We were in a hotel room on a family vacation. We had two rooms and he was listening to our parents fuck through the joining room door. I was pretty turned on seeing him with his dick in his hand. I told him not to stop and crawled in bed right next to him. He was pretending to be sooo shy. I slide my clothes off and started playing with my pussy, so he wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable. I grab his hand and guide it between my legs. He naturally starts finger fucking me, while I jerk him off. He takes his slippery fingers and puts them in his mouth, I kiss him deeply tasting myself of his tongue. I then tell him let’s watch our parents.

I open the door slightly, while griping the door handle. My brother slides behind me with a big surprise. Without any hesitation he starts pounding my pussy. He places his hand over my mouth trying to keep me quiet. He goes deep, hard and fast. I tell him I am going to cum all over his cock. It sends him over the edge as I feel his hot load fill my tight pussy up. That was just the beginning of that vacation. I love family vacations.brooklyn-29

Hot Wet GILF Phone Sex with Mommy Patrice

Hey, sexy fellas! Have you been dreaming of fucking a real GILF? A hot sexy Mommy with kids. Well, you’ve found me the perfect woman you have been fantasizing about for years! I’ll be your mommy if you like…tell you what a good boy you have been and how I’m going to reward you or maybe you have been a very naughty boy and need to be punished! Either way, my mothering nature will make you feel loved and warm. Snuggle up to grandma’s big titties on a Granny/Son phone sex call. I’ll stroke your hair and cock and give you a wet sloppy blowjob so you can shot your hot load all over Granny’s pretty face while you fall fast asleep in my arms and if you want to be a good boy, how about some age play where you are the young one. Come give this sexy big titty GILF the love she needs and deserves. I love being promiscuous when my husband is away, so call me whether you want to just get freaky with a married GILF or if you need some motherly love I would love some attention! I’m here for you sweetheart.

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The Sweetest Peach

I’ve always been told that I have the juiciest pussy around. I’ve never met a man that could resist it. I love to fuck, but I’m selfish enough to admit I enjoy having all the attention on me. Luckily, my sweet peach makes it hard to stop. Try it yourself. I’ll lean back and spread my legs wide. All it takes is one lick to get addicted. I love the feel of a slippery tongue running up and down the slit, and the around my sensitive clit. You’ll feel my legs start to shake and my pussy start to quiver. My pussy juices will already begin running over. It never takes long before curiosity gets the best of you and you’ll have to put your tongue in my sweet honey hole. So hot, so wet, so sweet. You’ll keep coming back for more and more. You won’t hear me complain. I can cum all night. You won’t be complaining either. The taste of my sweet cream will be enough to make you cum too.

Valentine’s Day Douchebag

        It being Valentine’s Day and all I would be horribly amiss if Idelaney3 didn’t give a shoutout to my favorite Douchebag sissy of a cumdump.  I can just imagine what he is up to on this romantic day. You never know since last week his “boyfriend” ditched him for a chick!  Douchebag was okay with it because he took it as a sign of love because he left two men there for him to suckoff.

Can you even fucking imagine that? He also considers it a sign of love if he gets to eat the sweaty asshole of his “boyfriend”.  He is such a stupid cunt, but most amusing to me. 

So, when I come home with my sweet fuckholes stretched and full of jizz you can guess who will be there to clean me up. Not only that he will love every minute of it. Happy Valentine’s Day, Douchebag!

 Teen Delaney For Humiliation

Cuckold Queen Phone Sex

What are you doing up so late? Oh, I know looking for a cuckold queen to take you to your darkest male fantasy and make you my little girl servant. If you’re a man who secretly craves dick, but you have never acted on it because you have an image to keep up then you and I are made for one another. Just think of it there you will be, on your knees, wearing nothing but your diamond collar devouring my boy friend’s nigga massive rock hard cock enjoying the feel of your hot mouth getting fucked looking up into his eyes tasting how fucking sweet his cock is. Now sit and watch how that massive black dick penetrates my white pussy and listen to how loud I moan as it goes deeper, taking in every inch with him pulling my hair, slapping my ass until it’s red, and calling me his white girl whore as he squirts hot cum inside of me just so you can lick it out. Are you in need of a fix to make you squirt? Well, my number is at the top of the page.

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Erotic Phone Sex

My American father taught me how to stroke cock so men really enjoy it. I can give the best handjobs and blowjob around. The very first time I tasted his cock I knew I wanted to bring men to their ultimate pleasure by giving them a sloppy blow-job. The feel of hot cum from a man’s pee hole squirting all over my face and in my mouth is the ultimate pleasure. I especially love erotic bondage, being hard tied and helpless. I may cry and beg for mercy but my hard nipples and dripping slit will give me away. Torture my nipples, spank my shaven cunt until I scream. No matter how rough you get, I’ll only beg for more. Maybe afterward, you’ll have to teach me a lesson, put me over your knee and spank me hard I can be extremely submissive. When it comes to any kind of sex, anything goes for me. Call me and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Forced Bi Phone Sex with Reese

If you were to walk pass me on the street you might take me for an innocent girl but appearances can be deceiving. Trust me, daddy, you’ll never meet a more hardcore little girl than me. I lost my virginity in a forced bi experience involving me, my Daddy and his side chick. My Daddy was trying to get in my pants, and I was a big tease until he and his freaky girlfriend conspired to abduct me, and take me back to a seedy hotel room, and force me to eat her out all night, she wanted to smother me with her pussy. Then he joined in and tore me apart with his big, rock hard Daddy cock. Since then, they’ve introduced me to all their bisexual swinger friends and I adore fucking other women especially older ones. I love pussy and having my slit licked as much as any dick. Think you can take me farther than they did? My first time was a blast and you can use me any way you want no matter how perverted we get, I will always beg for more.


Titty Fucking Phone Sex

Okay, fellas pull out your big white dick and stick it between my juicy black tits. I love titty fucking phone sex I got a nice wet and tasty black pussy that any man can fit his face in that is a man that loves tight ebony pussy. I have always loved white cock and every since the first time I tasted it I fell in love with it. Am I that Curvy big breasted round ass ebony beauty you have been thinking about or are you looking for a Domme Mistress to worship and obey? I will blindfold you, fuck your mouth and ass with my strap on and make you become a submissive sissy boy under my control. I have learned to be very effective and I will make you beg for my Domination time! Your ebony phone sex call with me is gonna be the best black pussy and ass you will ever have baby, so call me and phone fuck me!


Cock Sucking Cuckold Phone Sex

macyHi boys, It’s Macy your QUEEN OF MEAN! State your pleasure. I can give as much as I can take. You may find a THICK strap on underneath my skirt something hard for you to play with. Perhaps you need to be turned into the pathetic cock sucking cuckold you long to be. I know you will be addicted to the scent of my musky ass and my juicy pussy. I’ll make you beg so many times just for the tiniest taste. Tonight you will get your punishment and your reward. Just lay back and I’ll fit my Queening stool over your eager head.

Mommy Patrice Bitch Boy Phone Sex

Hey, silly boys! I’m Mommy Patrice. I have been a demanding person all my life which has molded me into the dominatrix that I am this day and age. I won’t stand for any whining little bitch shit. And if you dare to speak back to me I will whip the fuck out of you. I enjoy whips, chains, and leather. I will tie your sorry ass up to my bed and have my way with you. Don’t think about making a peep either! I will walk you like a dog in my house and you will learn some tricks and obey my every command. Don’t pull that cry baby bullshit or you will remain my sex prisoner for a long time. I know you are the pathetic loser that will do anything to get my attention. I even have a dreamy collection of clothes and heels! My heels are all spiked and as I whip your naughty ass, I will take my heels and slowly dig them into your skin. I’m going to make you feel some pain little fucker. Don’t be such a bitch, pick up the phone already! You know you’re desperate for a taste of what I can give you.