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Don’t be Shy, Confess it All

          I have the cutest neighbor with the fullest lips I have ever seedani-2n on a man.  It certainly does make a girl’s mind wander. We have never talked much but ah, those lips. I invite him over for an Irish Coffee and to see where that goes. I am super fussy about my shiny hardwood floors so I insist he takes of his shoes. I notice something that looks like the foot part of purple tights. Very interesting.

After a few coffees, with more booze than coffee he starts asking me questions about my life as a phone sex girl. I answer truthfully and soon he is confessing all. It seems those beautiful lips would love to be wrapped around a big cock.  I watch as he undresses and excuse myself for a moment. When I return it is with my “stunt cock” John.  I  see my neighbor drooling and John begins to fuck his face.

I get my “cock” and take him from behind. John and I are batting this sissy slut around like a toy. He begs to taste my hot, gushing pussy.  I am such a tease I put juices on my long slender fingers and let my neighbor suck it off John’s balls.  I do love confessions!

xoxo Dirty Daphne

Our New Hot Coach

    I am not much into after school keep me out of trouble typaj7 (2)e activities. I mean I love getting into trouble, well at least the things that get me there. I don’t like being grounded. *Giggles* Of course, grounding me is a joke because..well anyone who knows me knows why.

This year we got a new coach so I decided what sport I would hate the least. I fucking wish school considered skate boarding a school sport…anyfuckingways…I decided to play baskeball. *Giggles* yeah, small little me!

I wasn’t as bad at it as you would think but the tall girls kept knocking me down ..bitches…so Coach kept me after to discuss this. He said this probably wasn’t for me because my cute little body didn’t need to get bruised. He thought it was a good idea to check me for bruises. Oh yes, daddy let me show you where it hurts. Dang, I was thinking outloud again.

Before long Coach got carried away, and began to kiss all my tender little ouchies on my thighs. “higher, higher” Yes, that I did say outloud and soon his tongue was kissing my tight teen pussy. Anyways, I quit basketball and he let me be his assistant.  No, I didn’t help with team, I just will call it an assistant and you can figure out what that means in AJ language.

 Later, AJ

Loser Boyfriend gets Put In His Place

    My older boyfriend is such a bore. Lucky for me he is owner elle9of a huge firm with so many hot men closer to my age with same appetite for sex. I used to worry about getting caught because I love the lifestyle I have with him but something changed to remove any worries.

     He walked in on me fucking one of his employees but instead of doing anything a real man would do he just watched. The more he watched the hotter it became. My fuck buddy told my loser boyfriend to get his ass over to us and suck his dick. I shouldn’t have been shocked when the obedient bitch did it!    I had it on speaker and soon the whole office was watching, taking the “boss” way down to size..Lol not that he ever had a big size!

            After my fuck buddy shot his load all over the glass window looking into hallway we made him lick it all up like a good cuckold should.  It looks like two of my problems are solved. There is so much more sexy details to this but you will have to call and get off with me to hear them.



We Are Both Size Queens

        I had the funniest call the other day. We began to chat Delaney25and soon I found out my caller, who I will affectionately name Asswipe is a size queen just like me. The bigger and thicker the better. We chatted about cocks for a while and what kind of heads we like the most but then………ROFLMFAO!

He is into things I couldn’t even imagine someone doing. He told me that his boyfriend lets him clean his dirty asshole. He also shares him with other men who fuck his face then when done piss on him. Thing is he fucking LOVES it! I couldn’t help laughing but he was okay with that and loved when I called him Asswipe.

It gets even more nasty, if you thought that even possible. He loves being a human toilet. Well, a girl could get into having her dirty ass cleaned with a wet tongue. I mean my pucker is too cute for toilet paper. I mean there is sissy fags and then there is Philip! LOL

I Always get The Job

  I was bored and looking for a new job, something with lots of val8travel. I soon received a very interesting offer. Everything was quickly arranged and a Limo was to pick me up. he even took the liberty of sending a sexy custom made dress for me to wear for the night. I could totally get used to this!

     The Limo was right on time and the driver was tall and hot!  The bubbly was open and I happily helped myself. I noticed the driver watching my every move. of course I decided to tease him a little. He pulled over and there was no restaurant in site. He joined me in the back seat and without any foreplay fucked my brains out then got back in front and took me to my interview.

       Marc wasn’t there yet but our table was beautiful with more bubbly waiting for me. Soon my possible new boss joined me. I was surprised and I could immediately feel my just fucked pussy gush. it was my limo driver! This should be an exciting night, and of course I got the new job.

                              Valentina, xoxo

Koko’s Little Bitch!

Y058 kokoYou come to me because you have significant issues. You lack confidence with women because you have a tiny little penis. I have to put my glasses on to see it. You are that tiny. It is only a couple of inches. You need a lot of work.

I don’t wish to have to look at that tiny little thing anymore, so here is a sexy little thong. Your little package is tucked quite nicely inside my thong panties. Turn around and show me your ass with that thong tightly going up between your cheeks.

Now you are ready for your session. You are a submissive pantyboy. You need to accept the fact that the only attention you will ever receive from a Goddess, like me, is that you can be a devoted houseboy. You will learn to find pleasure in serving me. You are obedient and loyal. You are always craving more and more. You feel that you have been hypnotized.

As your reward, I will let you pleasure yourself. Train you and guide you to cum in your panties, with lots of edging. You will learn to crave my voice and a guided masturbation with me.

Mistress Koko

Mommy Tuck-in Phone Sex


It is time for bed. It is way past your bedtime, young man. Crawl into your bed, and soon you will be in dreamland.
Here, let me tend to your every need and desire. I will help you into your pajamas.
Oh my, when did you get so big down there?
You blush when I ask you what got you so aroused?
Maybe it is the view of my cleavage or a hint of my bra. Maybe it is the scent of my perfume or my fingers taking off your pants.
Regardless of the cause, you are quite hard and will never be able to fall asleep unless you have a full release.
There, there! No worries, my beloved. Mommy Morgan is here to take care of you, sweetheart. Let me crawl under those covers with you. Feel my soft, lovely hand caressing you, stroking you. All that pressure is built up inside of there. I give you a sweet kiss and promise to make sure that we release all that pressure so that you can sleep well, my wonderful boy.

Your Loving Mommy,

Mommy Morgan



He was a real fucking loser but I fucked him anyway. I couldn’t help myself, I was bored. He was a fucking disgrace. I was laying on the bed and he didn’t have a clue what to do with my sexy body. I had to guide his every move and tell him exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it.

This loser was getting ready to feast on some sloppy seconds Ha ha ha! He really loved every inch of my creamy cum filled pussy. That’s what he’s worthy of, left overs! He’d never make the cut for me to even to think of him as a possible fuck buddy. It does amuse me seeing his pathetic cock get hard while he’s lapping up another mans spunk.

Are you ready to get a taste of me?

Watching Mommy Get Fucked.

   I love knowing my step-son is in the closet watching his momm1281-300x452y get fucked. He has watched me with men ever since he was a little one. I used to think it was all about me, but one day I found out it was about the big, thick dicks he would see sliding in and out of my fuckholes.  

   I began to tease him one day asking him why he liked looking at my big round ass and tits so much. Lol, he quickly changed the subject and started talking about huge, veiny cocks with big hanging balls. As he talked and grew more excited he stared at my pink panties that were drenched in jizz.

        I quickly got the picture and decided it was time my little boy got to enjoy being a sissy slut.

                       Cum play with Mommy Debi

Great Morning After Hell of A Hot Night

     Some people call coming home the next morning with your pantitiff14es in your purse the walk of shame, but I call it one fucking hell of an awesome night.  Besides that who says there were any panties at all. 

I met some friends at a new club and drank and danced the night away with several new hot fuck buddies to be. We were having such a great time that one of the men suggested we take the party to his house as just the two of us. Two? When I can have 5 men and or chicks to fuck.

We got to his house and cranked up the music, drank, danced and things were getting really wild. I heard a lamp break when the man I was kissing pushed it off the table to bend me over it. Like I said, I know how to party. I heard a sleepy sounding voice in the room and found out it was his teen son. Mmmmm, so yummy! The more the merrier! 

Now that I am finally home, it is time for a hot bubble bath and to make plans for tonight. care to join me?