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Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful!


Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.  It is a special night, New Year’s Eve! Saying goodbye to 2016 and welcoming in 2017 is a very wonderful occasion. Traditionally, the night is celebrated with a new glamours dresses, champagne toast, being surrounded by friends and a kiss by the special someone at midnight.

Well my dear,  this year, I worry that the roads will become icy after midnight.  I make you stay home with me. After dinner, we can snuggle by the fire. I always become hot by the fire. I run my fingers through your hair and touch your face. I become wet when I see a bulge growing and straining your pants. I encourage you to touch me. We end up having a beautiful, sexy, magical night in front of the fire.

Happy New Year!

Love You,

Mommy Morgan

Peeping Tom Phone Sex


I love being watched when I play with my pussy. The man who lives in the apartment across the way has the perfect view into my living room. It was a long day and I needed some release. It was around dinner time so I knew he would be home from work. I took off my clothes while I did a little sexy dance in front of the window. Then I laid down, spreading my legs running my finger tip over my wet pussy hole. Mmm, it was juicy wet and ready for some fun. I knew he would be at his window watching me. He never misses a thing.

I was just entering my second finger into my pussy. The warmth and wetness was flowing down my fingers. I pushed even deeper putting more pressure hitting my my g-spot moans left my mouth. I was feeling so good. I lifted up my head and there he was, watching again. My fingers working my pussy even faster for him. I was fantasizing about this strange man being inside me with his bare cock fucking me balls deep. I love putting on a show for him. Do you wanna be my peeper?


Footprints In The Snow

   I love sneaking out and looking in the windows of my hot aj3-5neighbor.  After everyone has gone to sleep I toss on a coat and sneak out my window. Winter and snow make it harder ‘giggles” but I always remember to take a broom and flatten out the footprints by my window. I am so excited by the time I get home I never bother to think about the footprints all over his lawn, especially by his bedroom window.

Mr P saw me heading off to school and asked if I could come over later as he had something important to talk to me about. Oh yes!!! I use any and every excuse to talk to him, look into his eyes, and then look down to his…Oops, I am getting carried away again. I thought about our meeting all day in classes and couldn’t concentrate at all. Time to go I run out forgetting my books and right to his house.

I take off my boots and coat not wanting to mess up his just cleaned carpets. How do I know that, well because I know everything about him! EVERYTHING!  He brings me some hot chocolate and I ask if he can put some Bailey’s in it. I am crossing my eyes and making a silly face because you are wondering how I know he has Bailey’s..again I know EVERYTHING. So, I am sipping my drink and he mentions about the footprints. He says he is flattered not mad but I could get in trouble if my parents put it all together.

I ask him “, how can I spy on you in the Winter then”. He begins to laugh and I laugh and well what happens next could be our secret but I am a brat so. I kiss him or he kisses me first who remembers who went first. Next thing he carries me to his bed, and is licking my sweet teen pussy. Mmmmmm, baby that feels so good. Then I cum all over his handsome face, then we are kissing more, then we are fucking. Oh wait, there is more but if I tell you I might have to fuck you too!  “giggles”

Happy Holidays, Teen AJ xoxo

Holiday Fun with Toni


You’ve been a very bad boy. I see you’ve made the naughty list this year. Let’s get your punishment out of the way so we can get you back on Santa’s nice list. I take out a shiny silver butt plug and set it on the night stand. Directing you to strip down for your step-mommy. You think you’re getting a spanking from me. My warm hands start to rub your ass cheeks before I spread them apart. With lube on my finger I start to circle around your tight ass hole. You start to squirm with a few tears down your face. Holding you down, pressing my fingers into your ass you finally start to accept it and relax while I open your ass. I take the shiny butt plug and show it to you. Your eyes grow wide and you start to cry out again. You want to be a good boy right? Let’s get you to the the next stage of your punishment. The holidays are going to be here before you know it!

Anal Attention

I’ve really been in the mood for some anal attention. When you have a pussy this yummy, people tend to forget about your ass. I think it’s time that that changed. I need a tongue, fingers and a cock in my ass. Don’t worry about my pussy. I’ve taken care of that for you. I primed and ready for a good pounding. Your cock will still be worshipped. You know that’s my favorite part, but all you have to do is get hard for me, stay hard for me, and ram my ass. You can taste it and finger fuck it. I want all the attention you can give. But in the end, I need a stiff rod pounding me HARD. Or two. Or three. Bring your friends. My ass is open for business and no one will be disappointed. I’ll work my ass back on your dick and drain your balls. Don’t bother pulling out. Your cum coating the walls of my ass will be the perfect ending.

Just Try It

I know we play around a lot, and the sex we have is amazing, but I’ve been noticing something when we watch porn together. Your eyes goes straight to cock every single time. Don’t worry baby, I know what kind of man you are, but it’s ok to be a little curious. Let’s find a cock to suck together. I’ll pick one for you. We can bring him in, strip him down and let you indulge. It’s really easy and really does feel good the deeper you take it. Let my voice and hands guide you. Having a hard cock in your mouth feels better than you ever could imagine. And once you’ve sucked his, I’m sure he’ll return the favor. You cock will be throbbing by that point. I might be just a little selfish in all this. I know that this little taboo will have you both hot. And I know who reaps the benefits of that. pussy.. and my ass. Everyone wins. I have a feeling this could be our new favorite indulgence. Just try it.

I’ve Been Bad

No getting around it. I’ve been a bad girl this year, but I’ve been very good at it. I’ve had so much hot sex this year and gotten so many men off- and enjoyed every second of it! I can’t help being a cock whore. I’ve been that way since I was young. I just love dick, the bigger the better. When I see or feel a hard cock, I’m helpless. My mouth waters, and so does my pretty pussy. It doesn’t even always matter where I am. I have that urge to sink down to my knees and worship that stiff pole. Santa is a man too and I hope he understands that I TRIED to control myself, but I definitely have an addiction. I’m sure my name is in the naughty list in big letters. He may not have any presents to leave under my tree, but I bet he has something else for me that I would like a lot more…

Extra Creamy

I’ve always been a cum slut. Just the thought of heavy cum-filled balls makes my pussy drip. I will take it anywhere: my face, my tits, belly, back, mouth, ass- but I love when my pussy is filled with it most! Nothing feels as good as a cream pied pussy feels. Especially if there’s more than one load in there. Feeling that wetness between your legs, feeling it run down your thighs…YUM. I usually can’t wait until everyone is gone and I can play in it. I lay back in bed and let my fingers sink in to that creamy cunt. All that jizz feels so warm on my fingers. I love the sounds I hear when my fingers are moving in and out. It makes my clit throb! I cum over and over with that sticky cum deep in my pussy. When I pull those dripping fingers out of my pussy…mmm mmm mmm. My favorite treat.

Sharing the BBC


I’ve always been a daddy’s girl we try not to keep any secrets from each other but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I know I haven’t been a good girl this year but daddy says I can never do anything wrong. We both know better. Sometimes I like to get in trouble on purpose and make him really mad. When I act like a slutty whore it just makes him want me even more. I came home in the early morning hours over the weekend. My hair was a mess and the aroma of sex lingered everywhere I went. We sat down at the kitchen table and he wanted to know where I was all night long. I didn’t know how to tell him that I had just got done fucking mommy’s new fuck toy. He’s black and he has a huge cock and I can’t get enough of him. I recently caught mommy  in bed with him while daddy was traveling for work. Unfortunately I had to blackmail mommy so I can get in on the action too. If this secret came out I would  be in huge trouble. Daddy kept drilling me about who was I with. I couldn’t take it anymore I had to act fast. I slipped off my panties and handed them over. He brought them up to his nose and inhaled the musky scent. He smiled and I had him right where I wanted him. I could see his cock was getting hard. I got up and sat on his lap wrapping my arms around him. I whispered in his ear it doesn’t matter where I was, all that matters is I’m home now.

As soon as I said that we went to our special spot and daddy forgot all about the possibilities that I might be with somebody else.
If he knew mommy and I are sharing, it would destroy him. I have to keep the secret safe.
xo Lusty Lindsay xo

Hot And Horny High School Days

kii-300x435             I was thinking back to high school and the many teachers I fucked for grades. I mean I couldn’t be expected to earn grades the boring way when there were so many hot teachers both male and female.  I had the one favorite which was my worst class. Of course I blame him because how could I pay attention when staring at his cock through his pants.

My younger brother came into my room while I was showering and saw all my texts back and forth to Mr Duncan. I knew I shouldn’t have left phone in room with that little sneak home.  I came out in a tiny towel not expecting anyone to be waiting for me and he had this dirty smirk on his face.

He began to read the messages and suddenly pulled my towel off revealing my super hot teen body. He got a little pushy and threatened to tell on me. I acted upset but truth was my little brother was hot as fuck! To this day we still hook up when he is in town but that is a long story that I have kept secret. Want to hear details? I am so horny that I am in the mood to tell someone! 

 xoxo Dirty Daphne