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Pleasure Is Everything


Your pleasure is my pleasure always…  I love having hot steamy phone sex with you. Listening to you breath with anticipation. Waiting for my jerk off instructions. I want you to express yourself to the fullest with me. I want to hear all of your hot, steamy moans of pleasure when I tell you how I want you touching yourself. I’ll listen to you, while I spread my legs wide open. Playing with my wet pussy while guiding your cock makes me even wetter. It makes me cum even harder. I’ll get you off like no other as long as you listen to my instructions.

Obey me and you’ll always be pleased. 




Special Request

parkerSo I’m writing this for a special caller he wanted me to post about him in a blog. LOL The little sissy loves to wear my panties and bra’s. Then he loves to lay on my bed and get fucked like a slut with my big black strap-on. LOL I call him all kinds of names and he squirts so fast and I just laugh and make fun of his gay little pussy hole. Come to think of it he isn’t the only guy that loves my panties and bra’s or wears them for me 🙂


So if anyone has any special request I’m down for anything I have zero limits. Like I have said many times I may not be signed in but please feel free to call me sometimes I can sneak away and fit in some quickies if I’m out shopping or doing whatever. I can’t wait to play xoxo Parker  PS.  Happy Halloween 🙂 I hope everyone has an amazing scary fun filled weekend xoxo Love Parker

Your Cock, Balls And Ass Are Mine, Fuckface

            I LOVE inflicting pain on men. The more pain the bettefrankie9r and my preference is their cock, balls and tight asshole. One of my regulars was really in the mood for a session of sweet pain and in a case like that I am the only possibility. I am glad for his sake I was available. 

      He had a new toy. Fucking awesome as I need it new, fresh and painful. A meat tenderizer was his new toy. I became rather fucking partial to that and only used it and a flogger. Sweet, sweet pain for my bitch.  

           Sometime during our session he begging to eat my hot, wet gushing cunt. That just made me give it to him harder. Truthfully, my cunt was ready as pain just takes me into a sexual frenzy. At this point he has a huge dildo in his ass and his balls were about to be mutilated. When he was finally allowed his sweet release even his own jizz stung his red, sore, swollen cock and balls. Fucking delightful! 


Have A Very Kinky Halloween

              Friday is time for my annual Halloween bash. I love debihaving the whole neighborhood over. Costumes are a must and I get so horny when I just aren’t sure who I am flirting with. LOl. He could be 15 or he could be 60! 

  Last year was especially naughty when I found out right before he entered my hot, creamy cougar pussy that it was the young man I tutor. It was our dirty little secret that made future tutoring very interesting. 

       What plans do you have for Halloween. Will you be dressing sexy, girly or dominant. I can’t wait to hear the hot details.



I had just finished a vigorous work out at the gym and decided to sit in the sauna for a little while. I wrapped myself in a towel and took a seat inside. It felt so good. I leaned back a little and relaxed with my eyes closed. I could feel myself relaxing. I must have drifted off for just a second. I woke up to my towel being pulled away from my body. I started to say something, when I felt a tongue touch my clit. The room was all steamy and I could barely see anything. I reached down and my hands came into contact with long curly hair and soft skin. A strange woman was between my legs licking and fingering my pussy… and it felt amazing! All thoughts of pushing her away left when I felt those luscious full lips wrap around my clit. I started lifting my hips to her mouth. Fuck it felt so good. I could hear her laughing as she added another finger and started pumping me harder. Before I could warn her, I squirted all over her face. I heard her laugh again and then the sound of slurping as she licked my juiced off of her fingers. She started to turn and leave… but I stopped her.
It was my turn.


I’ve always loved Halloween. Dressing up in skimpy little costumes and going around to strangers’ houses.. so much fun! Don’t get me wrong, the candy is great… but I always enjoyed different treats better. I don’t know what it is about me, but I must have “slut” written across my forehead. Every man that came to the door just knew that M&Ms wasn’t what I was after. I needed something a little more creamy than that. That would pull me inside and get their cocks down my throat. My hungry mouth was always happy to work the cum out of those hard dicks! If I was lucky, I even left with a pussy full of sticky jizz. All of the other kids on the block must have hated me. After I took a load in one of my holes, I took all the candy too! This trick gets allllll the treats 😉

Halloween Party

It’s that time of the year again! The family Halloween Party! The entire family gets together for a night of fun. There are the usual Halloween festivities… but there are also some “minor” differences. All kinds of delights for all the pervs in my family… but guess who the star of the show is?? Me, of course! I bring in their treats, but I’m still the biggest trick. They have all been enjoying me for years and have no plans to stop any time soon. We all eat and drink… then the orgy starts! Hours upon hours of naughty fun and pleasure! You really should get in on this. Here’s your invitation. Call and I’ll make you feel like you’re right there in the middle of EVERYTHING…

Waking up with Kristen


Maybe you are an early bird who likes mornings. Or maybe you have a difficult time getting out of bed. Either way I know you wake up with a stiff cock every morning. Let me wake you up first thing in the morning and let’s release your tensions. For now on we’ll make sure your morning stiffy never goes unnoticed and I’ll give it my full attention. Making sure you shoot a hot creamy load for me so you can start the day off right. If you have a request for a wake up call, let’s get your details. What better way to have a sexy blond wake you up giving you full release for the day. It’s a perfect way to wake up, listening to me telling you how bad I need your cock. Let’s get you on track and get you a prearranged wake up call. Let’s not waste anytime, I want you to have plenty of time to get ready. It’s all about starting the day off right. 

Kinky Kristen


On my knees ready to please!!

parker6Cum over here and let me wrap my lips around the tip of your cock and suck you in inch by inch until you’re deep in my throat and you can feel my throat muscles tighten down on the tip. Mmmmmmm hmmmmm I’m  waiting to be you’re cock sucking slut. I have just been feeling extra slutty lately, been doing all kinds of kinky nasty things on the phone. I can’t wait to be a whore with you 😉 On the edge of the bed on my hands and knees crawling like a cock sucking slut waiting for you to feed my mouth…….cum give it to me I’m waiting xoxo Parker

Age Play Phone Sex with Krystal


I like to let loose once in awhile and not be in control for a change. One of my favorites is getting lost in a great role play. Especially if it’s a family fun role-play. My favorite is when my phone-sex daddy turns me into an age play phone-sex slut. He sneaks in my room at night and explains to his little princess that this is “our secret.”  He tells me that I’ll always be his special girl. He’s going to teach me everything that he taught my mommy and my sisters.  I am always eager to learn new things from him. He makes me feel so special, like a real princess. That night he told me about a surprise that he had for me. Step-Daddy holds a card game at the house every week, he explained this one is going to be different. The men that are attending are all for me. They belong to his Step-Daddy Club. They all want what my step-daddy has and that’s me! I’ll be passed around the room like a princess getting attention from all these wonderful older men. I love making my phone sex daddy proud.

Princess Krystal /