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Dripping Wet

I don’t know what it is, but I have been SO fucking horny lately! I’ve always loved to cum, but now it’s more like an ache. I try to concentrate and think about other things, but before I know it my hand is down the front of my panties again and searching for my clit. It feels so good to rub that sensitive little button… and you know what that leads to! A finger or 2 works their way into my wet honey hole. To be honest, there’s not much work to it. My pussy is always dripping wet and soaking my panties. When my fingers aren’t enough, I have plenty of big toys to fill that tight hole, but nothing is as good as the real thing. I need cock and lots of it! I’m ready, willing and able to take your cock anytime, day or night. Cum satisfy my needs… and I’ll certainly satisfy yours!

Wanted: Men, Boys and Sissies

Playful ParkerWanted: Men, Boys and Sissies apply between my legs!! I must confess I have become a real phone sex Princess. I didn’t realize so many boys in the Little Itty Bitty Dick Committee. So many Sissy’s wanting to wear my panties ūüôā loving my strap on and being fucked like sluts. I TOTALLY guarantee a good time no matter what we do on the phone. Lately I have really been into being watched while I get fucked by some big cock and slut boy sits in the corner masturbating the little penis for me ūüėČ Nothing is off limit to me though so stop reading and call me it’s time to play!! xoxo Kisses to your cocks Parker

Sizzling Seductive Moves Lead To Intense Orgasms


Let me strip for you, slow seductive dance moves, my tight dancer‚Äôs body. The absolute most stimulating foreplay is a dancer’s strip tease. Excitement and sexual tension fill the air. I grind up next to you. The heat is powerful. I untie your tie. I lean over you as I unbutton that white dress shirt. You touch my flushed skin. I run my tongue down your chest. I taste your sweat. You grab me. You want to take me, but I slip away and continue my slow tease. ¬†

You think you need it fast, but I know what you need. You need it extreme and passionate. You need to be tender yet forceful. I slow the tempo down but maintain penetrating look right into your eyes. I kiss you and run my fingers between your legs through your pants as my strip tease continues.

Let me help you unwind with a neck massage and then a luxurious lap dance. Slow and sexy. I am your girl. Your girl for just as long as you need me. I whisper sweet but naughty things in your ear as I feel you cock growing for me. Let me show some of my sexiest moves. My body is perfectly toned and smooth.

That sexy look in your eyes and your rapid breath tell me what I want from you. I want you to crave me, need to devour me, exploring every gorgeous sexual pleasure. I take off your pants, drop to my knees and suck your cock.  Your cock is so hard, on the verge of cumming. My lips just edge you until you fuck me. Long, hot fuck! Fuck me in all three beautiful sexy tight, sweet holes of mine. We are perfectly matched together. We both need each other to feel this extremely high level of sexual pleasure.

Your Favorite Playmate,


866 481 6273



Mommy’s Sweet Panties


You hit the jackpot this morning. You find Mommy Morgan’s dirty panties on the floor. Saturday is laundry day. Mommy must have dropped this pair in the hall on her way to the laundry room.
You scoop up that pair of panties. Immediately, you bring those soft silky panties up to your nose. You sniff, long and hard. The most beautiful, intoxicating scent hits in your nose. You are so happy, but feel something stirring between your legs. You have this uncontrollable¬†urge to put on Mommy’s panties.

Her panties are so soft. As you get naked and step into her panties, your heart is racing. You are so excited as you slip the panties over your stiff shaft. Quietly, you tiptoe into Mommy’s bedroom. You look at yourself in the mirror. Mommy walks in as you rub your cock through her panties. She is surprised but not angry. ¬†Mommy hugs you and suggests that there is a very pretty bra to go with those panties.

Oh No, She Left You Alone Again


I have the hottest neighbor but his wife is always going out with her “friends” Giggles. So, yesterday I got to thinking what a huge waste of hot, sexy older man dick. I see him watching me sometimes but I think he would never try to fuck someone my age.

All that baby batter is going to waste with him shooting his load all over his hand.     Oh, wait how would I know he is jerking his meat right? Well because I am kind of nosey, especially when my neighbor is so fucking hot. I figure  we both are getting off, why not do it together. 

¬†I knocked on his door showing off my hot, tight teen body in my littlest skirt. He seemed confused so I put my tits, I mean my cards on the table and told him how I felt. I did leave out the part about wanting his baby batter. He didn’t need anymore coaxing and soon I was riding his dick and begging for his baby batter. Looks like he won’t need his hand anymore except to squeeze and suck my perfect little tits.

                      Sassy Teen AJ


After School Treat and Girl Next Door


When I get home from school, I feel like doing something naughty instead of doing my math homework.  I see your car in the driveway, so I know that you are home. You are working at home this afternoon. I want to play with you.

I look in the mirror. I think I look cute, too cute to do math homework. I send you a text asking if you want to play right now. You send me a text back saying maybe later. Well later does not work for me. My parents will be home later.  You have never said no to me. Actually, no guy has ever said no to me.

I walk over to your door, let myself in, and find you in your office. You are on the phone. Oh, I need to take my revenge and have fun at the same time. I lift up my skirt and show you my panties. You are talking to your best customer.  Ha Ha!  You try to push my hands away but I am too fast. I am on my knees and your pants are unzipped.  I stroke your cock. You try so hard to hide the excitement and pleasure in your voice.  You just agree with anything the customer wants. There goes your big commission, but so worth it. My lips wrapped around your shaft.  I just keep smiling at you. I suck you until you cum in my mouth.


He Called Me From A Bar


This is a true story for the sexy boys who fantasize about sucking a hot cock. 

One of my callers called from his car. He was sad and lonely. This was not a business trip. He was traveling across half the country to attend a funeral. He was sad and lonely. It was too far to drive in one day, so he stopped at a hotel just outside of St. Louis. He was in the mood to play with a guy. I suggested some adult bookstores along Interstate 70, but he was too far from any of them. I wanted him to check them out for me. I have seen the signs, but I have never been in any of them. He needed to unwind and relax. He was craving cock. He was edgy.

He called me again from the bar next to his hotel.  My caller was drinking beer and describing the hot guy behind the bar. I told him what to do and what to say. The bartender told him that he was straight but that he was flattered. I told my guy to write his room number and his phone number on the receipt. 

Sure enough, my caller called me the next morning. He was glowing and happy. I could hear it in his voice. My caller ended up spending the night with his hot bartender in his hotel room. ¬†My caller sucked the bartender’s cock and played around a bit. My caller described every detail of the bartender’s big beautiful cock. My caller deep throated that cock. He was so excited the way he explained every detail.¬†

He was calling to thank me for the help and giving him the courage to invite the bartender to his room. Now he was off to explore all the adult bookstores along the interstate. 


His Ring Covered In Your Cum

                Yes, I finally went for it and got engaged to an older very wealthy man. The perks are amazing including the biggest diamonddaphne4-2 set on white gold specially custom made for me. He knew I was a slut when we met but somehow I guess he thought he could change me. How fucking funny is that considering size and stamina wise he is worthless. 

I always have had men dropping to their knees for me but this is different with the trips, the cars, the bottle service and everywhere I go men  and women desperately trying to please me for more than just my extremely hot looks but because of who I am engaged to.

He has no idea that I still do phone sessions because I love the kinky, dirty steamy sex I have with strangers I will never meet. I love feeling so fucking dirty! Last night after work I needed more sex, much more and luckily he was out of town. I didn’t want to be adored and gently fucked I wanted it rough, dirty and hard. I needed to be treated little a whore.¬†

I went to the end of town he would never take me and found just what I craved. He had the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, I questioned if even I could take it all. I came over and over on his dick but he held out wanting to give me something special. I wanted to see my filthy rich fiance’s ring covered in another mans jizz. I straddled my bad boy with this huge dick close to my face as I stoked his thick, long dick. His pre-cum was dripping and beginning to cover my ring. He reached in between my legs and began fucking my hot fuckhole with his long fingers. As I came all over his hand he covered my uber expensive ring in his jizz.¬†

                    Dirty Daphne xoxo

Your Pain, My Pleasure

   I get asked my times just how far I will take my extreme game of torture.  Rather than privately emailing, too much fucking time bitches I will brianna8tell you here. I will take it as far as it pleases me and once I am bored it ends. 

I do have a major pet peeve and you need to listen and listen with your dick out of your hand you worms. Do not ever waste my time setting up an extreme call and then make an excuse of why you can’t make it. There are no excuses, just whiny little cunts. ¬†You have wasted my time telling you what items to gather and my time is valuable, you are not!

I have mentioned to many scared little twats with many trepidations about our play that I will never be so extreme they will be going to the ER. Disobey me and all bets are off on that one. 

                        Pain Mistress Brianna

Controlling Bitch Phone Sex


I live for being a full blown bitch. You make me sick to my stomach! But like always, I like fucking your wallet. I love making you broke and making you suffer. I make you put up with my bitchy ways. I laugh when your voice crackles when I start to tease you. Drawing you into my deviant ways. You’re such a sucker. That’s one of my favorite things about you.

You can’t say No to me. Not many can. I’ll have you wrapped around my princess finger in no time. I’ll figure out every weakness you have. Making you more helpless than ever. You’ll be on your knees begging me for mercy. You think to yourself how could this possibly happen? It’s very simple. I’m a hot brat who always gets her way. You are no different than any other loser who crosses my path. I will control you and drain every dam penny from you.

Princess Paris