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Fun In the Sun


Let’s masturbate together outside.

I am housesitting for my family. It is very relaxing out here in the burbs, but I miss the energy and the excitement of downtown. I confess that I am feeling the need to do something naughty.

How about you and I do something fun together? Give me a call while I am outside this afternoon getting some sun. You and I can masturbate together. Tell me how to play with my cock and I will tell you how to play your cock. A little guided and mutual masturbation!

Sound hot?

Kinky Dani

Party Time :)

So I have been out shopping buying lots of sexy slut clothes for this coming weekend!! Well not just for this weekend. I’m sure there is a few of my slut callers that would love to borrow some of my outfit, actually I know their are some. You know what I always say, You dress like a slut and you will be fucked like a slut. Nothing better than waking up feeling like WOW I was just fucked. I’m for sure having one of those days 🙂 I’m so ready for this weekend it’s Party Time so call me xoxo Kisses to the big cocks XOXO

Pain Is Your Ticket To Erotic Pleasure

1 koko 1

Long weekend coming up, and you are in need of a nice long, pain/pleasure session.

I have all the tools, devices, restraints to bind you, torture you. My whip will bite into your flesh. My flogger stimulates and excites you. My ruler is just for my pleasure. I love how it sounds on your skin. That excites me.

I understand how pain arouses you.

If it is hot, possibly introduce ice into our play session. Give you an ice enema. Now that will cool you off and make you hard at the same time. Then fuck you with my strap-on! Complete control over your orgasm.

Give you the COMPLETE Release that you need.

Mistress Koko

Buff and Shine

charity car wash

Great Day for a Car Wash!

Our sorority needed to do a fundraiser to raise money that we can donate to a local animal shelter. I suggested that all us sexy girls put on your tiny little bikinis and have a car wash on a very busy street here in Miami.

I thought it would be a fantastic way to meet some hot new guys with hot cars.

As you would expect, the car wash was a great success. Guys waited in line for me to get all wet and soapy. I buffed and scrubbed every inch. They enjoyed looking at my sexy ass pointed up as I bent down to make the rims extra shiny.  I leaned over and gave the guys a flash of my tits as worked on the hood of the car.

One guy told me that he would give me an extra big tip if I took very good care of him.  Well, you know what happened in that back of his car, don’t you?


Naughty School Girl


First Day of School!

It is the first day of school and I am already in trouble. I have been free to play all summer long. How can the teacher expect me to sit still and be good? I am also in trouble because my skirt is too short!

School is so boring. I learned a lot this summer about boys. The neighborhood boys taught me how to suck cock and give handjobs.

I wish you were my teacher. If you kept me after class for talking and texting on my phone, I know I could make you forget that I need to punished, especially when my skirt is so short.


Wild Wild Love

music sky

Hot night at the club.

Started out as “Girl’s Night Out,” but that is when you meet the hottest guys.  The girls and I were dancing together. I kept pushing our way up front to the edge of the stage. I wanted to fuck the bass player.

I have this thing, some might even call it a fetish, for musicians. They have this intensity and passion for sex and music that cannot be denied.  You and I have that same intensity when you phone fuck me.

You fuck me wild. We have this wild, wild love that can’t be tamed. I am you hot sex kitten, and you know how to pet my little kitty until I cum.

 It is not romantic; it is not rough. How do you describe how we fuck?

Wild, Freaky, Nasty, Wild Sex!

I know you need me all over your body. Don’t wait too long, Baby. I got what you need. No girl makes you cum like me.  I know you want our Wild, Wild Love! You know I always treat you right.

Long live this wild, wild love of ours!




Roleplay Artist

dress up 1

Tell me your most secret, taboo fantasy!

I make all your roleplays come alive. Sometimes you are in the mood for a playmate, who is not your sweet, loving Mommy.

Sometimes you have something else in mind, maybe something dark. Maybe a very forbidden, taboo fantasy, maybe an age play fantasy, or maybe hard core domination. I can do it all!

I consider myself a “roleplay artist.” You tell me what you have in mind, and I can weave a tale for us to quench that thirst for something wicked and taboo. Let your mind go. Don’t be shy. You can tell your Mommy Morgan your dark fantasy.

Sometimes you are in the mood for fun and playful, and you are in need of your Mommy Morgan to help you cum. Perhaps tonight, you are in the mood for something dark and very taboo. Give me a call and let me help you explore your dark fantasy or unusual fetish.

Your Favorite Roleplay Artist,


Sexy One Night Stand


Here is how I seduced him!

I needed some fun, something new and exciting. I wanted to be in a place where there would be a variety of hot sexy, smart men. I wanted to be the hottest lady in the room and have my pick of who I was going to fuck that night.

I dressed very sexy. Low cut black cocktail dress, very low cut. Wanted to show off the girls. I went to the best hotel bar in town that caters to out of town businessmen. I walked in. I was not the only lady in the room but all the men were looking at me.

Confidently, I walked up to the bar and ordered a glass of red wine. I had many offers from guys to buy me drinks. I declined them all.  I saw a guy sitting at a corner table. He had just finished eating dinner. I could tell that he was trying not to look at me. Pretended to be very absorbed by his phone. He caught my eye. I had the bartender send him a drink. He graciously accepted and joined me at the bar. We had a nice conversation. He bought me a second glass of wine.

Wine makes me feel very sexy. My body leaned in and I touched his leg. I could smell his cologne. He put his hand on top of my hand. He squeezed my hand. I had shivers. At this moment, I knew that we were heading for fun. After I finished the second glass of wine, I invited myself up to his room for the night.

I did not ask if he was married or not married. I didn’t matter. He was mine for the night! A hot sexy one night stand with a sexy stranger in a hotel.

Auntie Ava
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Pantyhose Fetish

black pantyhose 1

The site was down for a couple of days. I took full advantage of time away to do some shopping for some sexy things. I bought several Vanity Fair bra and panty sets and many other things.

I caught a great sale on Calvin Klein Seamless Sheer Pantyhose. The sales lady turned me on to these. She was wearing them. She lifted up her dress and invited me to run my hand along her leg. My pussy got a little wet touching her pantyhose covered thighs.

I bought one black pair and three pairs of buff. I know what my pantyhose do to you.  Just wait until I rub my legs and pussy against you and your hard cock. Tease you, make you so hot for me. Seduce you with my sexy kisses and the sensation of my silky pantyhose rubbing against you.

Maybe I tease you so much that I make you cum all over them. Love those sexy white stains contrasted on my black pantyhose.

Or maybe I drive you wild. I make you so hot that you rip open to get to me so you can fuck me!

Either way, you have one fucking hot cum!


College Girl

miley 18

I was such a good girl for Daddy all summer, but now I am a college girl. Time to get Naughty!

Away from home with nothing to do but have fun with boys.  My parents are so strict. You know that Daddy keeps such a close eye on me, and for good reason.

Do you want to hear some kinky REAL stories that happen on a college campus?

Maybe you want to hear what I did with the boys that live next door or maybe you want to hear about how much fun I had with my naughty roommates.

Or do you just want to fuck me?

Classes do not start for another week, so let’s see how much you and I can have!