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Tickle Fetish Phone Sex

I have odd little fetish that makes my tiny little pussy wet in more than just one way. That is to be tickled! I love it but hate it all at the same time. I was telling my phone sex daddy all about it and he came up with the hottest call for us.

I was in my room getting dressed after a shower and daddy came in my room. I was really mad because he didn’t knock and  I told him he should get the fuck out of my room. Daddy called me a brat and said everything in the house was his because he paid all the bills. I told him to fuck off. I mean it is MY room!

Daddy grabbed me and began to tickle my tiny, teen feet. I started to laugh and couldn’t stop. I begged him and tried to push him away but he kept tickling me everywhere. He tickled my flat little tummy, the back of my knees, right below my tiny little butt till we were both out of breath.

Daddy finally stopped but he was staring at my little white panties. With all the tickling, I had peed a bit in my panties. I had never pissed my panties before and wasn’t sure what to do or say. Daddy pushed me back on the bed and pulled them off. I thought he was going to toss them in the hamper but he began to lick them. I mean he really got into it till his daddy dick was hard and poking out of his shorts. That wasn’t enough for daddy so he tickled me even more. I called him a fucker and told him to stop or I would tell mommy. Then it happened, I squirted juice all over daddy!

Teen Torrie Loves Tickling

Summer Memories

I love the hot summer sun shining down on my skin. Summer time really brings me back to my roots. It’s all about spending time with the entire family outdoors. Almost every weekend the family is having a cookout.

This past Friday my Uncle Tim held it at his house. You can say we have a special bond between us. After everyone left the cookout, Uncle Tim and I cracked open a few beers and hung out. We talked about memories from my childhood to adulthood. Then something sparked in me when we were talking about when I was a little girl. I always had memories of my Uncle but I just couldn’t make them out. I thought if I had some more to drink maybe the memories would come flooding back. I must of drifted off to sleep until I felt a blanket covering me up. I opened my eyes and smiled inviting him under the covers with me. I was starting to remember all the memories from being at Uncle Tim’s house when I was younger. I wanted to relive those moments so bad. My attraction was growing stronger towards him. His head was swelling and throbbing for my attention. I started gently stroking his cock while playing with his balls. The moans started to get intense. We kissed and embraced each other while he pushed back the covers, climbing on top of me. It was a long time coming but the memory is so clear now. He knew exactly how I liked it and was going to make me feel amazing just like he did back in the day.

Brandy Lynn


Housesitting For My Boss

My boss asked me if I could house sit while he and his wife went on a week’s vacation. How could I refuse with the amazing house he has. I have been there for parties and never wanted to leave. I think my favorite room is the master bath with the mini bar, crystal chandeliers, big soaking tub and the rain forest shower.  It is a pity though how the soaking tub never seems to get used as there is dust on the candles along side of tub and the bottle of champagne never opened. I guess the romance has totally gone out of that relationship.

By the time I got to his house it was late and all I could think about was a soak in the huge tub with some of her expensive bath salts. I undressed and began going through her things. I put on a sexy, silky short robe and it smelled so fucking good. His wife really is beautiful and smelling her fragrance of Jasmine got me thinking about her. In my haste I didn’t pack any toys so I looked around till I found hers.  Do I dare? I put it to my mouth and the taste made my nipples hard and my pussy hot and wet.

I filled the tub and slipped off her robe. I closed my eyes and began to fuck my face with her vibe while my hands wandered down my body. I imagine her and I together and my boss watching us while he stroked his dick. I was taking my time as I had all night when I heard my name. “Valentina, is that what you do when you house sit”, my boss said.  I opened my eyes to see him and his sexy wife standing there. I really didn’t know what to say. She came over to me and kissed me deeply while he coaxed her on. They both confessed they have wanted this for so long and the trip being canceled was just a happy surprise. I watched him strip down while she sucked on my nipples, his dick was every bit of 9 inches. Clearly they just needed a little spice to their sex life and I was it!

Sultry Valentina

Admit it, You’re a Fag!

You eat, sleep and dream about cock. Let me guess, the porn you mostly watch is a woman giving a blowjob to a really big cock and then you switch it to 2 men with big cocks sucking and fucking. Probably on more than one occasion you have put a dildo in your mouth/ass and wished it was the real thing.

Admit it, you’re a fag!

I have no problem calling you a fag or a queer when you’re on the phone with me talking about dick. So what if you’re married and have routine sex with your wife. You’re still a fag! She doesn’t know your true desire to have a strong, muscular man have his way with you. The more you suppress your feelings about cock the more you want it.

Once you admit what a total faggot you are, the more we can make your cock fantasies into reality.

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Virgin Phone Sex

Well hee hee, I have to be honest, I am no virgin but I do love virgin phone sex. My young voice drives guys insane and they immediately get hard just thinking about my tight, wet cunnie.

I love underage fantasies where I play the submissive virgin and Daddy takes his little girl for the very first time. Imagine sliding your throbbing cock inside my overly tight pussy. Once you’re finally inside, it takes everything you got not to cum too quickly. Your little girl looks up at you with her big brown eyes and says “daddy, will you please cum in my virgin pussy?”

You definitely need the right girl when it comes to this fantasy. I have no age restrictions and I will do anything to please my Daddy’s.

Little Lucie @ 888.758.8110

Sexy & Wet

Do you want to cum over and join me? I’ve been enjoying the pool all day long. I’m starting to get a little lonely out here. I can think of many ways for us to cool each other down. Imagine both of us relaxing, rubbing each other down with suntan oil. Your cock is already in my sight. I just want to unzip your shorts and pull your cock out and show you how I’ll be pleasing you with every hole of mine. Of course it’s rock hard by the time I take it out. You can’t resist a girl like me having her pretty lips wrapped around your cock. Crawling between your legs. My mouth feels around your swollen cock head. I tease you for a little bit before wrapping my entire mouth around your cock. My hands slowly move down to your aching balls massaging them while you thrust into my hungry mouth with desire letting me take all of you down my throat. Your hands start seducing my body while slipping off my tiny bikini bottoms. Making sure my tight pussy hole is ready for you.

You Are How Old? Oops!

I am always super horny after going to the beach. You know babes, it must be the combo of the hot guys and chicks. The rays on my body feel so fucking good. I really do need to find a nude beach to go to. Watching firm asses, and boobs bounce really makes my pussy just gush.

Let me tell you what happened today, I can’t believe it myself. The beach was pretty crowded and I hadn’t planned on hooking up till I saw this sexy guy with shaggy blonde hair.  He was reading a book, a book! To me, that is hot and I was curious as to what he was reading.

I walked over to him and told him I was curious as to what he was reading as well honestly, he didn’t look the sensitive “reading at Beach” type. He smiled at me and I said..ah the boy with the broken smile. The fact he got the reference was making me want to jump his fine ass right then. Well loves, it was for classes he was getting a jump on next session. Awesome, he was a college guy, I can go with that. We talked, kissed and I knew I had to get home for my callers soon so I wanted to fuck first. Get myself all primed and ready for my hot calls.

He said he had a hotel room, cool so we went there. It had to be a quickie so I got right down to it and sucked that thick cock of his till I got my full for now. I sat on his face and he fingered my tight sweet ass till I came all over his rather soft face. Soft as in no guy stubble, weird. Now I was past ready to be filled, and fucked hard by the young hottie I just met. So I am riding him , he is pinching my nipples and I came all over his cock.

Okay, I gotta run but he might be worth a second time. We are chatting while I am getting dressed and then it happens, he isn’t in college but in fucking high school. Oops, yeah I kind of wish I knew while I was riding him, might have been even hotter if that is possible.

Cum Ride Harley Phone Sex

We Both Crave BBC

I have always craved big black cock. When I was in school in the “deep” South all my boyfriends were  black. I have no doubt I sucked and fucked every basketball and football player. There was just something about seeing black skin against my pale skin, their big black hands on my perfect firm tits that drove me wild with desire.

The thing is as I have gotten a little older,I want more than just getting pumped by a beautiful thick, 10 inch black  cock. I want another man to join us, as more of a  submissive. I want him to worship me and my black fuck  buddies.

I was out on a date with a new gentleman who was  actually a bit younger than me and I noticed how he looked  at all the attractive tall black men when they walked by our  table. Maybe he thought I didn’t notice, but oh trust me I  did!  During our dinner he said he had to make an  important call, ordered me another cocktail and said he  would be quick. He had two phones and the one he left on  the table, well I decided to see if I could learn more about  Andrew. Fuck did I ever! He had a great deal of porn on his     phone and all of it was interracial. Interesting. Now if i was any other woman I would wonder how to tell him I snooped, but well this is me a hot, busty blonde we are talking about.

While he was gone I texted one of my favorite fuck buddies and told him to let himself in, have a drink, relax and I would be home soon with a surprise.  Andrew, ever the gentleman, walked me to my door and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I invited him in and he happily agreed. We went up to my bedroom and sitting on a chair having a drink in just his tight boxers was a hot ass black man named Jake. Andrew’s eyes just lite up when he saw him. He began to get flustered and asked me what this was all about and how did I know. LOL.  Jake put his arms around me and gave me a slow, hot passionate kiss. I commanded Andrew to come over the pull off Jake’s boxers.

What happened next you wonder. Did Jake pound me like a bitch in heat as Andrew watched in lust? Did I explain to Andrew even if his cock was “sufficient” it could never fill me up like a big black cock? Well, I have my secrets and if you want more of them you know what you have to do.

Kinky Elle Kat Loves BBC


I’m a spoiled brat and I don’t care. I get told all the time that I’m a little teasing nympho. I suppose that is true but I like to have my fun with you men first. If I’m giving up my perfect princess body they better be worth my time and they better have a really nice package with a really nice wallet. I find a lot of enjoyment making men weak to the point they are stumbling over their words just to find some way to please me.

Lucky for you, your wallet is fat and your dick is small but you can please me with your wallet today. I take your money once again letting you watch me while I tease you. I laugh at you, while you whimper away while I drain your wallet again. I make sure you have the perfect view of my pussy. I spread my legs in front of you and let you watch my fingers work their magic, something your little dick can’t do for me! You’re only around because I like your money$! $! You can keep dreaming of other ways that will win me over, LOL. Let me know how that works for you!

~ Princess Paris ~

Meet The New Nanny!

I can’t believe today was amazing and I’m so excited! My Mom’s boss was looking for a nanny and today I finally got an interview. I’m moving out and moving into a guest house of my Mother’s boss! Yes, this is what I wore to the interview so how could he say no, right? I did by accident text my new boss DTF??? (down to fuck) and besides my flirting and batting my eye lashes and licking my lips the whole time I’m sure putting myself out there helped a lot. At the end of the interview, he offered me the job and instead of shaking his hand I gave him a hug and pressed myself against him and felt his hard cock. I think I might have even seen a small wet spot on his pants! The only thing is I’m going to have some sort of negotiation with my pay.There is so much more to come to this story for sure! Well I’m going to go pack everything.

Slutty Kisses to your cock! Such a naughty girl but I love it!