Monthly Archive for May, 2016

Spa Day

After working several 7 day weeks, I decided that I owed it to myself to have a relaxing day. I booked a full body massage for myself at a local spa. The receptionist showed me to my room and told me to strip down and cover my body with a sheet. I had removed my clothes and wrapped the sheet around my body getting ready to climb onto the table when my masseuse walked in. I wasn’t expecting a male, but I wasn’t disappointed. I could tell that his muscular hands would work magic on my aching body. He immediately put me at ease and began to work the tension from my muscles. I finally started to relax. Then I started noticing his hand brushing between my legs. I shrugged it off to the massage. But it happened again. And again. Soon his fingers were pushing into my pussy from behind. I started to protest, but he whispered in my ear to just relax. He rolled me over and I realized that he was already completely naked and his hard cock was right there in front of me. He urged my mouth to it and I quickly took it in. Once he was throbbing hard, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the edge of the table. He held his cock by the shaft and rubbed the head all over my wet slit. He slowly started to push it in and out. Once I started to lift to him, his pace changed. He grabbed the sides of the table and started to ram it in hard. It felt so fucking good. I didn’t realize just how much I needed it. With one last growl, he pulled out of me and shot his load all over my chest and belly. His strong hands massaged it into my skin. He pulled his clothes back on quickly and told me to have a nice day and to please come back again. I dressed and went out to the front. I made another appointment for next week and made a special request for a certain masseuse.

Curves Ahead

I’ve never thought of myself as fat, but I’m definitely a curvy, voluptuous woman. Never tried one? You’re missing out and then some. Allow your hands to move up and down my soft, silky skin. The curve in my tiny waist. My full, squeezable ass. My heavy natural tits. Those things alone could be enough, but there are even sweeter parts to explore. I spread those luscious thick thighs for you. In between you find the sweetest pussy that you’ve ever tasted. Not just a little slit, but a real woman’s pussy. My thighs will grip you as you slide into that dripping cunt over and over. When your cock is ready to explode, let’s not let that go to waste. My juicy lips will drain your balls and I promise to swallow every single drop.
Treat your cock to something new and leave the twigs at home. This curvy girl will leave a smile on your face.

Let’s Get Naked

The one thing step-daddy loves is when I walk around the house in just a t-shirt and panties. Over the long weekend we had the whole house to ourselves. We had a blast fucking whenever we wanted. But that changed when the family came over for a huge cookout yesterday. That morning, I heard step-daddy walking around so I laid in my bed with my t-shirt pulled up and my legs open for him. I waited and waited until he passed my room. When he walked in my room, he had his cock in his hand and he was eager for me to shove his hardness in my mouth. I like when he makes me deep throat, I gagged with tears rolling down my face until he exploded his creamy jizz right in my mouth.

We played a little game that night to see if we can sneak around without getting caught. No way was I waiting until everyone left for the night. Why would I want to torture myself like that? I put on one of daddy’s favorite bikini’s and lounged by the pool, he wasn’t able to control himself at all.

Family Wedding Reception

We are at your cousin’s wedding. Her bridesmaids are all so pretty, but you are so shy. You want to ask one of them to dance, but you do not have the courage. Plus, they all seem to be paired up with boyfriends or new guys. Weddings are a great place to meet someone for a hook-up.

You watch everyone else having fun. You sit back down next to your Mommy Morgan. I put my hand on your thigh. Ask you if you are having a good time. You are rude and complain about being bored. You whine about wanting to go home soon. Just then, a very tall, handsome man comes up and asks me to dance. You watch me accept, and take his hand. He whisks me onto the dance floor. You see his eyes looking down at Mommy’s ample breasts and his hand holds me firmly on the small of my back. I smile and laugh. You are mad and jealous!

I can see you sitting alone at the table with a frown.  At the end of the song, I politely depart the dance floor and return to our table. I ask if you would like to get some cake and something to drink. I giggle that since it is a special night that you can have a sip of champagne.

As we are walking, all your pent up emotions bubble to the surface. Mommy is flattered that you are so jealous and I hug you to remind that you I love you. You are my whole world. I reassure you that you are my special man. I keep hugging and don’t let go until I feel something through my dress. You are becoming aroused. It is quite evident. You have a very large erection and it is impossible to hide in your trousers.

No worries, Mommy will take you to a special place and milk you with my loving hands and lips.

With All My Love,

Mommy Morgan

New To Phone Sex?

Are you curious about phone sex?  Are you shy and not sure what to say? Tired of porn and in need of something more interactive? Want a sexy lady to coax an awesome cum right out of you?

A guided masturbation call and edge play session might be for you.  During our phone session, my words will stimulate your cock, control your hand and ensure that you have a wonderful cum at my command.

We can keep it simple or get as crazy as you need. If you have a favorite toy, we can include that in the session, but not necessary. All that is required is your hand and your horny cock.

I promise you that you will have a fantastic time with me!

Mistress Koko

Weekend Getaway

When you think of a long weekend, what comes to mind? How about total seclusion with a girl who would fulfill all your desires. Sharing a bottle of wine while soaking in a warm Jacuzzi bath filled with bubbles. I would love to get naked and give one another sensual massages with warm oils. It’s time to unwind and release. You have 3 days with me, the possibilities are endless.

What else I have in mind as well is completely draining your balls all weekend long. I want your cum everywhere on my tan, toned body. Pushing boundaries with each other and have you do things to my body you’ve always wanted to do but never acted on it.

Clothes are optional where we are going so pack lightly. All you need is a open mind and a hard cock.

Tits & Cum

I get wetter and wetter as I anticipate about his big cock fucking me. You watch me as I lay in our bed and arch my back pulling down my panties. Soaking the bed sheets already with my pussy juices. You get impatient but you know better. I know what you need. Your eyes get wider and wider as you watch me spread my legs for another man. You watch him fuck me with his enormous cock. You sit, you watch, and you stroke. His cock throbs in my wet pussy fucking me slow and long. I can feel the head twitching. He pulls out running his cock along my lips letting me taste him. I know how curious you are about all the men who fuck me. Now is your chance, do you want to taste his cum?  I know you want to try. I take all of his cock in my mouth working it in until he’s ready to blow his load. I look over at you and you look so pathetic begging for a taste. I finish him off all over my tits spraying me down with his warm load. You stare with hunger, what are you waiting for? Lick this cum of my tits. 😉

Lick Bree

You are sweet and shy. Nice guy, but little dick.

Most girls laugh at your cock. Some girls might even become angry at the sight of that little thing and call you nasty names.

I am NOT going to let you put that little dickie in me, but I will let you lick my pussy.

Watch me pull down my panties. You go ahead and lick it from behind. That is the only way that you are going to be able to make a hot girl like me cum.

Bratty Bree

Don’t Bother To Knock

As soon as my husband leaves to go play golf,  I send you a text to come and fuck me.

Hurry! I am horny and ready to fuck!

Don’t need to knock. The front door is open and I am up in my bedroom wearing hot pink, sexy lingerie. I am laying on my bed and my fingers tips are tracing over my nipples. My panties are getting wet at the thought of you and your hard dick fucking me.

My mouth is craving your cock.  I am hot. When you walk into the room, you are going to get naked and I am not even to going to say hello. I got sexier things to do with my mouth.

Hurry, Sexy!

Mrs. Robinson

Lactating Tit Goddess

Thirsty little boy? I have exactly what you need to quench your thirst. My big ole NATURAL titties need a release. Open up your mouth, wide…..WIDER! There ya go! I start to squeeze and pinch my big nipples. Look at that huge stream of warm milk hit your mouth. I don’t have perfect aim so some of it landed on your face. Looks like you needed a milk bath anyway. Makes me wet when I see your face drenched in my milk, dripping off your chin.

Once you get a good mouth full of milk, let’s share it with a hot french kiss. It doesn’t get any hotter than swapping milk with your lactating tit Goddess.