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Auntie Ava’s Sex Lesson

You were just dumped by your girlfriend. She has been cheating on you and now she already has a new boyfriend. When she was breaking up with you, she informs you that her new guy has a much bigger cock than you. She claims that he can make her cum in ways that you cannot. You are so humiliated.

You are heart-broken and so embarrassed about the reasons for the break-up.  The women in your family rally around you and try to console you. The only one you can really talk to is your Auntie Ava. You ask her if size really matters. She smiles and starts to slip out of her dress. Her big tits are amazing.

Your lovely Auntie Ava understands and knows how to take care of you and teach you how to give a lady incredible orgasms. Auntie teaches you the secrets of pleasuring a lady with your tongue.

Tara Loves Anal Sex

It was Sunday afternoon. He was a friend of a friend. He invited me to stop by his place. We had a very intense sexual adventure. At first, he took charge. He dominated my mind and my body, then I had my way with him! Steamy Sexy Revenge at its finest.

He made me feel very welcome at his place. He seduced me. He seduced me with his charm and wit, and his hot sexy body. His kisses were bold and passionate. He had that rare perfect mixture of classy and kinky. His cock was big, beautiful, thick. He asked about my fantasies while he played with my body. His hands were strong, but his touch was soft. He kissed my butt cheeks and the small of my back. My whole body was on fire for him. My head was spinning with desire. Before I knew it, his cock was in my ass. He fucked me with an intensity that is rare on a first encounter.

He wanted my ass, so he took it. He didn’t ask, but he could read my body. He knew I wanted it. He was not concerned about a mess. He was not concerned about his neighbors hearing my whimpers, moans and screams from the intense anal fucking. He wanted it to last. I invited him to cum in my ass. His body was ready to cum, but he wanted more. He pulled out and brought his cock to my lips. I took his dirty cock into my mouth. Now it was my turn to play, to dominate!

Finally, he was vulnerable. I gave him the perfect blow job.  I had the upper hand, so to speak, as I slipped my finger up inside his little poop hole, then two fingers. He loved it! He gasped and got so hard. More and more pre-cum oozed from his cock into my mouth.  I kissed him with a big glob of his pre-cum on my tongue. I shared it with him. Very sexy, maybe even a little kinky. I teased his ass by rubbing some of my own pussy juices into his ass. He had no idea what I had planned for him. Just before he was ready to cum in my mouth, I pulled my mouth away. He was begging.

I grabbed my strap-on. I forced him to suck it. He looked so hot sucking my toy cock. I made him suck that strap on for a long time.  I teased him into sucking that strap-on very deep. I let him know that he better get my toy girl cock very wet because he knew where it was going. When I was ready, I fucked his ass with same intensity that he fucked mine. Slow and gentle at first, but then I really let him have it. I fucked and fucked that ass of his with a beautiful sweet and sexy revenge. I gave him an ass fucking that he will never forget!

Biggest Ho On The Block

When I was younger, I had quite the reputation. All the guys around knew that if they were in the mood for pussy, I was always available to satisfy. Young and old would be tapping on my window for a lil taste of my sweet black pussy. And I was always more than happy to deliver. They knew they could bring all their kinky fetishes to me and I would take care of them. “No” wasn’t in my vocabulary and there wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t do to take care of them. Whether they wanted to pound out some frustration or be a toilet slave, they knew Jazz would come through. I was the biggest ho on the block. Husbands loved me and wives hated me. I might have been a teen, but I knew how to take care of their men better than they did. I especially loved the old white men. They spoiled me so good! They loved having a little black nymph to ride their cock and call them daddy. They would spend so much money on me. Sometimes they would pay a little extra and invite a friend or 2 to get in on the action. What was a black slut like me to do? I spread my legs and they showered me in money.
Nothing has changed. I’m still one hot whore. I have the perfect pussy and ass to use and throw your money at.

Reverse Cowgirl

I love fucking in any position but my favorite is cowgirl. I love being in control, running my french tip fingernails down my man’s chest and squeezing his hard nipples as he moans. He just goes wild when I lean back and rub his balls fucking him like a mechanical bull.

I am very petite and get called a spinner a lot by boyfriends and random fucks. What to know what really gets me going? That is when I get spun around into a reverse cowgirl. While I love being in control, it makes my teen pussy just squirt when a man spins me around with his rough hands.

Here is a little trick I learned from an older man I was seeing. Once I am in reverse cowgirl, I grab his ankles and slowly lean forward. The feeling on my clit as his shaft rubs against it and his big mushroom tip hits my g-spot, it’s fucking amazing.

Cum play with this hot teen cowgirl, you won’t be disappointed. Did I mention my cute little ass will be right in your face in this position? *Giggles*

Your hot little cowgirl, Delaney

I Have a Boot Fetish

I love stiletto heeled boots more than anything else I wear. I have them in leather, latex and pvc in all different colors. The one thing that is a constant is the heels. Those 8 inch heels make my legs and ass look even more amazing than they already are. I see how men and boys alike stare.

As pretty and hot as they look, they have so many more uses. Ha, you dumb ass fucking loser, I see you are already holding your balls. You guessed these heels were made from grinding into your worthless balls. Do you think covering them and cowering away like a sniffling worm will help you? Not a fucking chance! I get what I want and right now, I want to destroy your worthless balls.

I am laughing so fucking hard now because you assume your balls is the only part of you I will destroy. Why don’t I just leave you with this thought LOSER. My boots work just as good as a strap on and you will be expected to clean those heels and a little ass to mouth when we are done.

Your hot and mean ball buster,

Freaky Frankie

Boys Will Be Boys

After a super long day at work, I took off my heels and went to check on my step-son. I knocked but he answered in a rather strange voice. I asked if he was feeling bad and I was going to come in. As soon as I opened the door, he turned over his tablet. I asked him what he was up to that his mother couldn’t see and he asked me to please give him his privacy.

I turned the tablet over and there was many pictures of the girl pop singers he loves. I tried to seem angry but well he is at that age. I wondered if I should explain to him that those underage girls were photoshopped. Then I looked more and saw some were of age and possibly not photoshopped.

I could tell by the pillow over his pants he more than likely has a wet spot or a hard-on. Well, I am a very nurturing mommy and did not want him to think masturbation is wrong. Yet, I am not thrilled that he might be looking at porn. He asked me to please leave the room so he could finish. What a thing to say to your mother! I told him I would go but not before we had a few words.

I sweetly explained again how this was natural but when your mommy enters the room it is time to stop. I couldn’t believe my eyes but the sterner I got with him the more excited he got. He asked me to show him my tits and cunt and he would finish. I was so shocked, I couldn’t speak. He took out his cock and when I bend down to give him a little slap for saying such a thing to me he came all over my face.

Mommy Suzanne

Secret Rendezvous Phone Sex

If you’re involved with me already you know that I love cheating on my husband. I wouldn’t trade him in for the world he’s a great provider. I just need more cock and more younger cock to satisfy my pussy. I love to fuck these guys in our home. The excitement of getting caught is an extreme turn on for me. Especially when I’m fucking one of my husband’s younger executives that he just hired. Knowing that there might be a chance that he comes home form lunch finding me with his brand new employee. Someone has to break him in and show him the ropes around here. Being a naughty wife gives me so much enjoyment, I’ve always had a mind of my own. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. After all he does provide a luxurious lifestyle for me. I have the best of both world I get to have my cake and eat it too. I know it makes your cock throb thinking about what it would be like between my legs. Are you ready for a secret rendezvous with me? Let’s start pleasuring each other now, don’t waste another moment thinking about it.


Let Mommy Georgia Kiss It Better

You seem to be uncomfortable. Mommy notices that swelling in your pants. Is that what’s bothering you? No need to be embarrassed. Mommy Georgia can help you. Let’s get you out of those pants. There you go. Let Mommy see. Ooooh.. look how hard and stiff you are down there. I can feel you throbbing in my hand as I give your cock a little stroke. Mommy’s going to put her mouth on it and make it feel all better. I start out with soft little baby kisses. I press them all up the shaft. I can feel you twitch. Just stay still for Mommy Georgia. Soon you’ll feel better. I’m going to take you deep in my mouth now. You’ll be able to feel the back of Mommy’s throat, but I want you to press even deeper than that. Thaaaat’s it. Ram it into my Mommy’s mouth until your cock gets the relief it needs. Don’t worry about making a mess, Mommy will catch all that sticky cum for you.
There. Doesn’t that feel better, baby boy?

Face-Sitting with Alex

I’m not sure what’s been going on with me lately, but I’ve stayed so horny. Yesterday was the absolute worst! I had to do a little shopping and all I could smell was men. All those manly scents nearly drove me crazy. I finished my shopping and left as soon as I could. I had to get home and do something about this ache I was feeling. On the way, I called one of my favorite fuck buddies and hoped that he would be available to help. As I was talking to him, I know he could hear the desperation in my voice for relief. As soon as I pulled into my house, he was right there behind me. I led me into the house and told me that he knew just what I needed. He stripped me and himself naked and pulled me onto the bed. He laid back and instructed me to sit on his face. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I was straddling his sexy mouth and his tongue was driving me to an orgasm. I tried to get off, but his arms wrapped around my thighs and trapped me there. I had no choice but to take it. By the time he was finished with me, I was screaming and my entire body was shaking. He was ready to fuck me. After another round of orgasms for us both, I finally started to feel sated but he was not. It was my turn to do the draining.

My Submissive Side

I had the most exciting call last week. I am very rarely a sub and most of the time I make Jerk off’s swallow their own cum but this man was really hot with a nice deep voice. He said he had read my blogs and that I was a little brat that needed some taming. LOL, good luck with that.

He demanded I go out and bring home 3 men with huge cocks, preferably black. He kept me on the clock so it was a win win for me. I came home with the men in tow, they were anxious to ravage the fuck out of my tiny, hot teen body.

The caller made me put the phone on speaker and told the men to be rough and show me no mercy. Soon my fuck holes were all being filled and pounded by huge black cock. I could hear my caller telling them how to use my hot, little body. I was craving that hot creamy jizz in all my holes but my caller didn’t allow it. He told the men to pull out of me and shoot their loads all over me. When they were done, I got some golden showers and they were on the way out the door leaving me horny and needing a good fuck.

My caller came to the rescue and told me just what to do. While listening to his hot, deep and stern voice, I came over and over asking his permission each time. I can’t wait till he calls for me again.

Nasty Little Teen Torrie