Monthly Archive for January, 2016

Paying Cameron

Every Friday you are handing over your hard earned cash to me. You’ll do anything to serve your Goddess. I can hear the whimper in your voice when you tell me that your bills are pilling up at home and it’s already the end of the month. Your wife asks why you haven’t paid the monthly bills yet. Your cock grows hard as you think of an excuse to tell her. Meanwhile, all you can do is think about me. Figure it out, let her know your ass is broke again. I can’t wait to hear the excuse you will give her this month. I’ll be using your pay check this weekend to buy all sorts of shopping goodies for my girlfriends and I.

Before sending you on your way for the weekend, I make you send me another humiliating photo of your worthless pin dick to add to my collection. Just in case you decided to skip out on your next payment.

Doing It My Fucking Way

Sending emails back and forth is just not working for me! Sure the videos you send are smoking hot, your passionate words get me wet as fuck but ENOUGH!  I want you and I want you now. You know who or what can just wait. Am I clear on that? You know when I am dressed in sexy black lingerie and thigh high latex boots I mean business.

I burst into your office and just wave away the security guard and he knows by my look it is for his own good. You try to look mad, but I know that look in your eyes and it is animal lust. Missed me, have you lover? You stand up trying to make excuses but I just push you against the wall with my soft, slender manicured hand. I can already feel the bulge in your neatly pressed slacks.

My hand reaches in your pants and yanks those smooth hard balls. Just so you remember who is really in charge here. I kiss you deeply, tasting your afternoon stress martini. My hand pushes you to your knees and your tongue begins to lick my creamy pussy through my panties. Maybe I should make you beg for being such an absent bad boy.

Goddess Tiffany

Use Me, Master!

Look at this body, it was meant to please you in anyway it can. Use and abuse me as much as you like. I’m your naughty little secret that no one knows about. I’m your total release and when you’ve had a hard day, I’m here for you to take it out on. Using your submissive whore always makes you feel better. Just knowing I will do anything my master tells me takes all your stresses away. I’m unlike anything you ever had in your life. You never will hear me nag or tell you no.

I’m ready for your commands and I will not do anything without your permission. I am here wanting you to take me to my limits and then go past them to fulfill your desire and needs. Tease and taunt me master, I am ready to obey.

Submissive Tyler

Not Your Average Girl

I know when you look at me you think I am one hot normal American girl. Normal is the key word as I can be just as depraved as anyone you have ever talked to. I do have my secrets, secrets you would never suspect from me.  Look into my eyes and there you will see the wickedness. Ah, now you just might be thinking I am not your average eat me, fuck me bitch.

There is only one way you will find out for sure what twisted perversions I am into. That is to stop looking at my incredible body, read a blog or two and give me a call. I do have secrets and the reason I am called Dirty Daphne is not necessarily in my awesome hot blogs.

Still thinking about it? Don’t think too long or some other incredibly lucky man might beat you to it and be stroking to my sultry voice and wicked imagination right now.

Dirty Daphne

Cum On My Pretty Face

Mom has a much younger new boyfriend. I was confused at first as mom is uber spoiled by dad and he gives her all she wants. He must be a great fuck too because I hear moaning from their bedroom constantly at night. I noticed recently that dad must be coming home to fuck her during the day as well.  See? I told you she is so fucking spoiled. I stayed in my room and kept quiet because I was skipping classes assuming no one would be at home.

Finally, I heard the door slam and cars start up so I could finally get out of my room. Then I saw it wasn’t just dad at home with mom. There was the hot as fuck black guy I never saw before heading for the shower. At first, he seemed as surprised as me but I had nothing on him and mom since it was a threesome with dad.

He must have caught me staring and drooling at his huge black cock and began to laugh. Next thing I knew, I was on my knees looking up at him, begging him to fuck my face. He made me beg and tell him how I would worship his huge black cock. I did, I begged and pleaded and finally got a taste of what I had been craving. It was so huge it puffed my mouth out like a chipmunk. When I could tell he was ready to cum, I began to beg again to have his huge load of jizz all over my face and he yanked me back by my blonde hair and jizzed all over my face.

Hot Teen Delaney xoxo

Hungover Phone Sex with Sunny

I had a blast last night celebrating one of my friends birthdays with little I can remember. I know there was a lot of shots that lead to dancing on the bar. I was flirting with hot guys who kept buying me drinks all night. There was one guy I had my eye on the entire night and we ended up bumping and grinding on the dance floor. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I was very drunk and horny so we left the club and started to fool around in his car. I don’t recall everything that happened but I do remember he couldn’t get hard because he was wasted. Needless to say, the dude had whiskey dick! I got out of his car as soon as I knew I wasn’t getting fucked with his useless limp dick.

I called and got a ride from Uber to take me home. Too bad it was a girl picking me up, I wouldn’t fucked anyone with a hard dick at that point.

I just woke up from my crazy night. I took a couple of Advil and I’m ready to phone fuck the shit out of you! I’m planning on staying in bed most of the day with my toys. Since I didn’t get laid last night, I’m thinking you can help a young, horny girl out.

Play With Your Phone Sex Mommy Before School

Your phone sex mommy wakes up with a very sloppy wet pussy. It must be from dreaming of all the naughty things I want to do with you. I can’t help but to slide my lace panties to the side and rub my wet slit. I see you in the hallway, heading for the shower. I call you into my bedroom so you can watch me finger fuck my wet cunt. My little boy seems shocked that I’m letting you watch me. I tell you that you might be a little late getting to school today. I pull down your boxers and wrap my hand around your dick. I love looking at my little phone sex sons pee-pee. I insert your dick into my mouth while my 2 fingers are buried deep inside my horny twat. You feel mommy’s hand reach around and grab your ass cheek as I take you deeper into my throat. My sweet little boy is making mommy very turned on and my mind starts to wander and think about a possible sleepover with your friends this weekend.

As soon as you feel my finger slip into your asshole, you shoot your little boy load into my mouth. Mommy really wanted to fuck you today but I think it would be perfect if we waited for the sleepover and all your little friends can watch and of course, join in.

Mommy Rosanna

Fill Me Up

Ever since he’s been in my pussy I’ve been craving his cock.  I woke up this morning and I couldn’t stop playing with myself. I love the feeling of being filled up. It’s such a turn on when he takes control of me using my tight pussy for his pleasure. He gets so into it when he wraps his hands around my neck calling me his precious little slut. He grunts so hard when he pushes deep inside my pussy. I’ll make it where he never wants to fuck anyone else.

He loves it when we do a daddy/ daughter role plays. There’s something about being his dirty little girl, it’s such a turn on. I always have to tell him when I’m close to cumming then he makes me beg him. Daddy only has one rule, that I wait for his permission to climax. If I can’t control myself, he stops what he’s doing and throws me over his knee to spank my ass. *giggles* I never really have any complaints about getting a spanking because secretly I like it. I kind of like when he gets mad and punishes me. Do you think you can fuck me the way I need to be fucked? I know my tight, wet pussy will satisfy your cock without a doubt.


Aim / callsexycallie

Naughty School Girl Phone Sex

How about a little teacher/student role play?

I know you’re married, you often talk about how wonderful your wife is. Blah, blah, blah! You act so happily married but I know you’re not completely satisfied with your boring wife by the way you look at me. You can barely concentrate when I wear my skimpy skirts and low cut tops. I find it amusing how you act like you’re not interested in my gorgeous, teen body but I catch you starring at me every chance you can get.

I’m sure you think about me when you are fucking her. You thrust a little harder and she wonders what has gotten into you. Your horny dick is pounding her old, hairy twat as hard as you can. You look down at her floppy, saggy tits and you can’t help but think about me and how hot I would look bent over your desk with my perfect ass in the air and my tight pussy lips spread.

I’m willing to go above and beyond to get an A in your class. If for someone reason you can’t handle me, I’m sure the principle would know how.

Naughty Student Devon

Lucky Little Boy

My phone sex nephew always tells me he is the luckiest little boy in the world. He has an Auntie who understands and even gets excited by his needs. It is cold and dreary where we live and I think a trip at a lovely hotel is in order.

I helped him pack his bags and unlike with his mom he didn’t have to had what he was packing. He looks a lot like me and is such a hot little girl when I dress him all up in lingerie. We got to the hotel with him as a girl, I named him Angela. The clerks even remarked what a lovely little girl I have and we should make sure to take advantage of high tea.

He was squirming so much I think he made his pretty pink panties already wet. Angela noticed I was flirting with several of the young men at the hotel helping us and asked would they be joining us later tonight. I explained that this would definitely be her first time as a full and complete girl. After a lovely dinner we changed into our silky , slutty lingerie. He was so excited he wet his panties yet again. Oh my, this will be quite a night. I wonder just how good a cocksucker my darling Angela is.

Dirty Auntie Debi