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Pantyboy Party

It is a special night for you. I am having a special party and you are invited.

All my girlfriends are here looking so lovely in their beautiful gowns.

You belong on your knees, wearing only the pair of pretty little pink panties that I picked out for you. Your pink panties are sheer and have a beautiful lace trim.

You love your new little panties. I love how the little panties hug your delicious little butt cheeks. You are heavenly.

Float between the ladies and pleasure each of them. Lift up their dress and kiss the front of their tiny little panties. Work your tongue inside those beautiful rosy pink pussy lips. Make each of the ladies cum all over your sweet face.

You are the star of the night. You bring so much pleasure and finally, I let you cum inside of your new little pink panties.

Happy New Year!



Party With Me

Let’s end 2015 with a bang and bring in 2016 like it’s gonna be the best year ever! I know there is going to be so many amazing things to cum this year. It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time to get this party started.

Grab your party favors and join me. I’m ready to drain your balls like no one has before. For those who I’ve already played with this past year, cum and get your last dose of me for the year. I’ll drain your aching balls one last time.

I’ll be your party girl all night long give me a call me and let’s get fucking naughty, kinky, and fucking raunchy. It’s the best way to ring in the New Year! Get ready for a bangin time with Princess Krystal.

Your New 2016 Obsession

Let me guess, you’ve come across my page but you’re too scared to call me. Every time you glance at my pictures, your cock aches at the sight of me nude right before your eyes. You give into your desire and stroke your hard, throbbing dick. You gaze into my gorgeous sable eyes and you already know I own you before you even dial my number.

There’s no straying once you hear my voice. I am forever in your head. I will own your cock and tell you when you are allowed to cum.

I will make you feel like no one else does and because of that, you will do anything I ask. I love having that power over you and making you say and do things you never thought you would do in this lifetime.

2016 is going to be such a good year for you and I.

Your Mistress Ashlee awaits for you…

Ho Ho Ho You Big Fat Fuck

Christmas, whatever. I guess it keeps the annoying brats and mind numbing housewives off the streets. The stores are packed and the big, fat fucks are getting tired and most annoyed with nose running, greedy spawns sitting on their laps. I wonder what goes through their minds when they have a cute tiny ass sitting on them asking for gifts. Too fucking funny. I am waiting for the stores to close and the Santa’s to hit the bars. I can’t say I blame them after the day they had holding back that urge.

I quietly slink into a booth slamming down shots and waiting.  A man still in his stupid red suit approaches me. What comes out of his mouth is just too typical to repeat and I don’t do typical. I let him buy me a few drinks as he gets blasted. I help him out and to my car. I guess even jolly old fat fucks need sex. We get to my house and I help him down the stairs. Yes, I pushed him but help is help so be grateful I say.

When he comes to, he is stripped down and tied spread eagle on an old stained mattress. This is always one of my favorite parts when my prey becomes fully lucid. They are terrified. They might act like it is okay and that I will be sensually having my way but I can smell fear, and I thrive on it.  Then as I tease him with a knife and I tell him a little story about my mother’s dead boyfriend and our first Christmas together. Ah, he is now shaking, begging, crying and telling me he would never do such a thing. Sure, what the fuck ever. I am blood thirsty even more than normal. I guess it is those ugly red suits or maybe just maybe I just like playing with my knife.

Did I castrate him? Of course, I fucking did and then I gave him a choice. He could bleed out or I could take a hot curling iron and close the wound. He is screaming to loud to answer and I see his eyes begin to roll back in his HO HO HO fat ass face. Bu bye Santa!

Evilest of holidays to all. Snuff Queen Malaya

I Have Been Such A Naughty Girl

I have the most sexy UPS driver. He is also very sweet as I am constantly getting gifts from my boyfriends. I wanted to get him something special this year but the tracking seems to be down and only one more day for it to arrive.

I was getting dressed for dinner with friends when I heard a knock at my door. It is such a pain if you miss UPS that I just called for him to just come in. He was a bit quicker than I expected and didn’t have time to get my red silk robe on. He just stood and stared. I smiled and wished him a wonderful holiday and began to explain about his gift but then thought I had a much better gift.

I slowly walked over to him putting my arms around his neck and giving him a hot, wet kiss. He seemed shy so I knew it would all be up to me. Not that I mind seducing a sexy, tall, muscular man. Quickly, I saw his demeanor change. He pushed me onto my knees and unzipped his pants. He slapped his huge, hard dick on my face and told me what a little tease I am as he pulled my hair and began to fuck my face. I took every inch with pleasure as I licked, sucked and slide my finger in his tight, firm ass. He moaned with pleasure and demanded I drool all over his cock and balls. With a loud grunt, he drained his balls in my mouth and got up to leave.

This wasn’t going at all like I planned. I expected a long, sexy fuck. He grinned at me and tossed another package at me. He said this should take care of my dripping not satisfied pussy. LOL, what happened to discreet packaging. This will definitely not be the end of his gift, as tomorrow I will suggest we go onto stage two.

Happy Holidays from Naughty Valentina

Holiday Memories

Happy Holidays honey 😉  Have you been a good boy for your phone sex mommy this year? I’ve been so busy shopping and wrapping gifts, I had forgot all about our special gift exchange. Come into mommy’s room and let’s cuddle. I have the perfect gift for you. I’m ready to seduce you slowly with my hot, wet kisses and my beautiful breasts. My hands wrapping around your cock stroking you slowly while we lay down on the bed. I’ve taught you so well to take your time with mommy. Explore every inch of my body. It’s my gift to you, mommy wants you to get lost in your love for me. Relish our special time together. The holidays are all about making special memories.

Mommy Toni

Daddy/Daughter Role-Play For The Holidays

I’m wanting a really nasty daddy/daughter role-play. My pussy really likes it dirty and we can defiantly add in more family members for our orgasm pleasure.

Since it’s almost Christmas, I thought of a really good scenario where I wake up because I think I hear Santa so I walk down stairs but Santa is no where to be found…

What do my wondering eyes appear?  Daddy sitting on the couch with his big daddy cock in his hand, looking at my hot pics on my Facebook. I sneak up behind him wearing my  sexy, black lace corset.

I had one thing on my mind when I went downstairs, Santa lucked out but Daddy is defiantly going to get my underage pussy for sure. Little does Daddy know, I am off the pill so I think it would be a really great Christmas gift to have his baby.

If you’re looking for a young voice with naughty imagination and who enjoys HOT FAMILY FUN ROLE-PLAYS, CALL ME!

Merry Christmas, Ariel

I Saw My Mommy Morgan Kissing Santa Claus

You wake up early Christmas morning with very confusing thoughts.

You saw Mommy in the living room last night with Santa Claus. She kissed him, wet open mouth kisses. She tickled his balls through his pants until she dropped down to her knees. Mommy Morgan pulled his pants down, kissed his balls and tickled them with her tongue. Then she sucked him. She took his big hard cock in her mouth. Mommy Morgan sucked Santa’s cock!

Santa took off Mommy’s tight little red top. He touched and licked her sexy big tits. He got Mommy naked and fucked her, right there on the living room floor next to the Christmas Tree.

You lay in your bed, stroking your hard stiffy with these images in your head. Was it a dream or was it real? You always get the best presents on Christmas. Maybe this is because Mommy takes such good care of Santa Claus!

You know if you lay in bed long enough, your Mommy Morgan is going to come in to your bedroom and she will see that tent in your sheets. Maybe she will take care of your hard cock too. That would be the best present ever!

Just a naughty little Christmas Tale for you!

Merry Christmas!

Ready For Santa

This time of year makes my pussy tingle with joy. Screw leaving Santa cookies and milk. I’ve been so naughty this year, why should I change my ways? It’s the holiday season and I’m gonna make sure I cum hard in Santa’s sleigh this year. I can see him already with his big belly and his big white gloves along with a happy jolly hard on for me. From what I hear, Santa brings the really naughty girls the biggest packages. I’m ready to bring out the little girl in me and bounce up and down on Santa’s hard candy cane.



Sexy When Wet!

You took me out last night. Dinner was romantic, but your kisses made me hot for you. We spent a wonderful, amazing night together. The sex was incredible. We both came so hard together.

In the morning, I wake up next to you in your bed, but I don’t want to wake you. I brush my teeth and slip into a very hot shower.

You wake up and hear the shower running. You want to join me. At first, you just watch me touch myself. My hands are teasing my body as I think of your fingers and lips from last night.

Your cock becomes so hard. You want me as much as you did last night. You join me for very sexy morning sex in the shower!