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Anal Delights

It only takes a quick glance to see that I have an ass made for fucking. Inside and out, my ass is a work of art. Come have a closer look. I’ll bend over and spread it wide for you. Looking at that little puckered hole makes your mouth water and you can’t keep your tongue out of it. Your wiggly tongue feels so good stabbing in and out. You’re getting it all wet and slippery, your fingers will just slide right in. Can you guess how many fingers my ass can take? 1? 2? 3? Try ALL 5! I love having my ass fisted and stretched. I’ll even pushed back against you until you’re buried above your wrist. Don’t you love the way my ass spreads for you? Of course, the fisting you give me will only prepare my ass for the pounding from your cock! Fuck it as hard as you can. You can’t get deep enough inside. Once you’re finished, the only thing left to do is to cream pie my slutty ass. I love having an ass full of your jizz. Fill me up!

Online Lover

Have you ever met your sexual match? Someone that gives as good as he gets and leaves you begging for more? I met him once. We met online on a fetish site and began exchanging naughty messages but they soon turned to filth. The chemistry was obviously there. We decided to go for it and meet up. I traveled to his city and met him in a hotel. It wasn’t hard to tell that the raw sexual energy was still there, the room was on fire with it. I tossed my bags down and jumped into his arms. He pinned me against the wall and rammed his cock inside. It didn’t take long that first time. We both came after a few pumps. Once we got the urgency out of the way, we took our times exploring. He fucked all of my holes, ramming in deep with his hand squeezing my neck and holding me down. He completely dominated my mind and body but then it was my turn. I put on my strap on and looked down at him while he sucked it. I pulled his mouth away and spit into his mouth. I pushed him on the bed and took advantage of his tight ass. I stroked his cock as I took his ass. Then it was his turn again, this went on for days. We were so in tune with each other. The smell of sex was everywhere in the room as we packed to leave. We said our goodbyes and left. I haven’t heard from him in a long time but it was amazing while it lasted.

Feeling Thankful

I woke up today feeling very grateful and I wanted you to know exactly how I felt.

They’re countless phone sex companies out there and I feel so thankful we have such wonderful gentlemen who have been calling us for years. Your loyalty has put us on top and we wouldn’t be where we are without you.

I know for a fact my girls are the best and we love providing you the ultimate satisfaction every time we pick up the phone.

So today, this blog isn’t an erotic tale that will leave your cock throbbing for more, it’s about me appreciating my wonderful girls and callers like you!

Yours and Always,

Madame Joanne

Making You Weak

I’ve been called a lot of things. My favorites are when I get called assured, confident, and edgy and let’s not forget fucking hot. Well boys, I know I’m all of those things and more. I have a voice that will make you want to cream all over yourself.

Get ready to start confessing all of your sins and your dark deep secrets. I’ll take you further than anyone has before. I’ll push your limits with my evil and wicked ways along with my hot body that you’ve been drooling over.

When I’m done with you, you’ll be dazed and confused. You’ll be giving me your full devotion along with begging for permission to have self release while you open your wallet for me. I dare you, cum play with me.

Princess Krystal

Soccer Team Auction

My soccer team is trying to raise money for a trip to San Francisco next Spring. We tried the car washes, selling tee shirts, a bake sale and on and on. We still don’t have near the money we need and none of our parents will help. I talked it over with my team after we raided the liquor cabinet and we had an idea. *Giggles* I know it isn’t original and we saw this on a show, but I think the auction should be all me men. I guess I can see why, as it might not be too bright to auction ourselves off but we were determined it was best way to make enough money.

It really is meant to be innocent. We will have it at the restaurant my friends dad owns on the day it is closed. We will send out invitations to family and friends and that should work for us. So, we had it all planned and the next day sent out the invitations. What dumb ass sent one to my older brother? FUCK! He comes to my room and is mad. He goes on and on about how dangerous that could be but I didn’t listen.

A few weeks passed and we had a lot of RSVPs. My friends and I get dressed up in cute, tight dresses and heels. We are all perfectly made up and ready for the auction.  They are nervous but not me. I know I will make lots of money and it will probably be a family friend that buys me. *Giggles* I am for sale!!  It is my turn and I strut on stage. Some men I have never seen before begin a bidding war to get me.  I wonder if they get the rules, like no fucking!  They are still bidding and I am wondering how much extra I could make if I gave the winning bid a blowie on our date.

Next thing I know, I am about to be sold to this man who looks to be like about a zillion years old and I hear my brother’s voice. He outbids them and drags me off of the stage. He is mad, I mean really mad but it is something else too. Oh fuck, I can see he has a huge hard on. Seeing his little sister being sold like a sex slave kind of excited him.  He pulls the car over and next thing I know he is pulling my head to his lap. What the fuck is he doing? He looks at me and tells me that his dick isn’t going to suck itself and he paid a lot of money for me. Ah man, good thing my phone sex brother is hot!

Waiting For My Phone Sex Daddy

I get so excited when my phone sex daddy emails me about having a session. My nipples immediately get hard and my teen pussy creamy and wet. Sometimes he is really stern with his baby girl and I love doing what I am told. Daddy told me I was his little slut but I had to keep it a secret. Daddy knows I am good with secrets!

Getting alone time can be difficult but we always find it. Last night he sent mom on a ladies night out just to have time with me. When daddy kisses me and wraps his arms around me, I get so excited I just want to wrap my hungry lips around his big cock. My mouth gets stretched wide and I take his big mushroom head to the back of my throat like a good girl.

One daddy is never enough for my hot, little teen body. I do have three fuck holes you know! Give me a call for the best daddy’s girl call ever. Let me be your baby girl.

Lil Baby Bethany  xoxo

Chocolate Drops

Look at me. I have a banging body, I know. Know what my favorite part is? My juicy tits… all because of my nipples. I have the most sensitive nipples. All I have to do is barely brush against them and my pussy is quivering. Sometimes I’m really naughty and will go without a bra. I go the entire day with the material rubbing against my little chocolate drop nipples. Sometimes I just have to stop and cross my legs because my pussy is so tingly and drippy. It’s even better when someone I know sees me and stops to talk to me. I cross my arms to hide my hard nipples.. but doing that only puts pressure on them. I have to practically bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud. There have been so many times that I’ve had to make a mad dash to the bathroom to cum. I don’t even need to touch my pussy. All I need to is give my nipples a good twist and I flood my panties. I love the way my fingers feel but I need a mouth to suck, lick and nibble my nipples. Who’s in the mood for a little chocolate?

Cuddle up with me

They have been doing some renovations at my apartment complex. I decided to camp out at my step-dad’s house. Since my parents have been divorced, I try to spend my time equally. He’s really been enjoying the special time we spend together, he say’s it reminds him of when I was a little.  Even if it’s just cuddling up on the couch with my head on his shoulder, watching a good scary movie. It’s been crazy the past few days, I decided to take a shower and turn in early. It felt so good to be back in my old room again.

I was so comfy in my bed. My mind started to wonder off. I started to get that certain tingle of wanting to touch myself. My hands slid down body while I toyed with my clit before pushing my fingers into my wet hole.

Just like old times, I left my bedroom door open a crack. I knew daddy would be passing by my bedroom to say good night. It wasn’t but a few minutes later I heard heavy breathing at the door. I did what any good girl would do. I pulled back the sheets and spread my legs open.  I wanted him to catch me and see that nothing has changed. I still touch myself the same way that he likes.


Making up for lost time

It seems no matter how our dates start, they always end the same way. You get a call and have to leave right when the good stuff starts. I was so close to just writing you off, but you called to ask for one more chance. You’re going to make everything up to me. I get dressed in my sexiest dress, making sure that my hair and makeup were perfect. I feel that anticipation, but I’m preparing myself for the disappointment. I hear the doorbell ring and I rush to greet you. I invite you in and begin to gather my things to go. You take them and toss them to the floor. Your hands go to my shoulders as you draw me up for a deep kiss. We’re making up for lost time tonight, you tell me. You don’t need a fancy restaurant, music, dancing. You need my mouth, my tits and my pussy. You lifted me and carried me to the bedroom. Once the door closes, things get a little wild. We’re both starving for one another. You toss me onto the bed and lift the skirt of my dress up and my panties to the side. You shove your throbbing cock inside and begin to fuck me as hard as you can. I don’t mind. I’m meeting each of your thrusts. We’re both driving to cum. I go first, screaming as loud as I can, pushing you right over the edge with me. I can feel your cock explode and feel my wet pussy with your cum. Once we catch our breath, we begin again, going a little slower this time. Your phone rings off the hook, but we ignore it. We spend the night making up for lost time.


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I’ve seen all the lists going around of what everyone is thankful for. Well let me tell you what’s the top of my list. Big. Black. Cock. Don’t even try to tempt me with anything under 9 inches. I’ll laugh in your face. I have no use for your tiny, white wienie. Keep that pathetic thing in your hand. It can’t stretch my holes like a thick black dick. It can’t pump me full of cum. It can’t fuck me to the point of pain. So it’s basically useless! Lucky for me, I have plenty of dark dick to keep all of my holes occupied for a while. I get to worship that cock every single day… and I’m more than thankful for that! I always take my time appreciating it. I make sure that they know how superior their dicks are and all of you tiny cocked fuckers know it’s true! If you don’t, give me a call and I would LOVE to tell you all about the joys off BBC and what a fucking loser YOU are! Who knows… maybe black cock is what you’re most thankful for too!