Monthly Archive for October, 2015


It is Halloween Night! Time for a Halloween Tale for my favorite boys. Hope you enjoy!

It is close to midnight and someone wicked is lurking in the shadows behind you. You turn your head. There is a voluptuous lady dressed as a vampire behind you. Is she stalking you? Her beautiful piercing blue eyes stare right into yours. Are you her target for the night? You try to say hello to find if she is friend or foe, but this exotic creature cannot hear your words as the dance music is too loud. You stand frozen unsure of your next move.

Wait! She is obviously interested in you. She approaches you. She commands the room and makes her way towards you. You are a marked man! Do you have the guts to ask her to dance? Can you impress a girl like this? Can you thrill her?

Lucky for you, she makes the first move. She is standing right in front of you as the song ends. She puts her warm hand on your shoulder, leans in and speaks, “Hi, I am Sky. Great Party, huh? Did you come here with someone?”

Oh, Skylar is very interested in you. You are speechless, you shake your head no, indicating that she has found you all alone tonight. She flashes a wicked, sexy smile. You are falling for her. She seems happy to have found her possible next victim to put under her spell. Now the game of seduction really begins. Our girl, Sky, is out on the prowl tonight.

She is carefully skilled at the game of seduction. Our huntress is dressed all in black which contrasts very dramatically against her pale white skin. Can any man resist her curves and her devilish, seductive ways?

The dance music starts again. Everyone in masquerade rushes to the dance floor. There is no escaping her grasp as she takes your hand and pulls you onto the dance floor. Her body moves to the music. Her moves are mesmerizing. You are transformed and feel yourself falling for this girl. She has caught you in her seductive web. There is no escaping her enchanting curves. You want her. You want to thrill her.

The night is coming to an end. Do you have the balls to ask her back to your house? You want to thrill her in your bed.  Give this beautiful creature of the night the fuck she craves? Thrill Her!

You hold her close during a slow song and serenade to her.  You sing all the words of an erotic love ballad into her ear. At the end of that song, you lead her off the dance floor and buy her a cocktail at the bar.  The time is now! Make your move before it is too late.

Timing is everything. You hold her hand, look right into her eyes, “Sky, now is the time for me to show you my best moves. Come home with me and let me ravish every inch of your body. I want to make you cum and cum until the sun rises.”

No sexy girl can refuse such prophetic and chilling word. Skylar is so hot and so wet.

You thrill her!

Just a haunting little Halloween tale for you to enjoy. Be happy and safe tonight. If you happen to end up alone on this naughty Halloween Night…give me a call and let me thrill you!


Risque Lingerie For A Nasty Night

It is Halloween and I don’t feel like going to the Neighborhood Halloween Party. Not in the mood for handing out candy to the kiddies. I need some adult entertainment. Need it bad. It is a dreary rainy night and instead of going out, I invite you over for a night of nasty sexy fun. You can bob for my apples. You can fuck me nasty, drive that big hot, young dick into me just has fast and as hard as you can. I don’t need a lot of foreplay. I am ready! I am wearing my Wicked Spider Web Lingerie Set tonight. I simply want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, rough, every position possible. Thrust your cock into my mouth, my pussy, my ass, between my tits. Make it last. I want a very long wild fuck from you tonight!


Naughty Halloween Roleplay

I have more fun now with Halloween then I did as a kid. Nothing scary about Halloween as an adult, but a chance to dress slutty. Halloween is a great opportunity to live out a naughty sexual fantasy. Perfect time to dress up and roleplay.

Last night, I went to a Halloween Party with my sugar daddy. I wanted to rock his world and dress like a slutty storybook character. I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland, but of course, I made it slutty. I dressed to entice and seduce that secret naughty daddy in him. I wore a super little blue short dress with white opaque stockings. I pulled my hair back and wore some very sweet strawberry flavored lip gloss on my lips. Pink little cheeks and tiny little white panties.

I teased my date all night long. I kept bending over so he could see my little white panties and rubbing up against him. I was really driving him crazy. In the middle of the party, I rubbed the front of his pants and found him very hard. I kissed him hard and wanted to show him what a naughty little girl can do to make her special daddy feel good tonight. We walked through the big house until I found their little girl’s bedroom. I knew her room would be empty because their kids were spending the weekend with their grandparents.

I talked to my sugar daddy in a very young, playful little girl voice. I sat on his lap and asked him if he had a big present for me in his pants. That was it. I had pushed him over the edge. He lifted up my dress and said I was a very naughty girl to tease daddy like this. He took me over his knee, lifted up my skirt, pulled down my little white panties and gave me a hard little spanking. When the spanking was over, my pussy was soaked, and there was a huge wet spot on the front of his pants. He pushed me into the little girl bed with pretty little pink sheets and fucked me hard and nasty.

Happy Halloween


Desperate Horny Housewife

Feeling very playful today.

I have a very long “to do” list of household chores that I should be doing. Kind of hard to think about my housework because I am feeling so horny. My husband left the house very early this morning. He went to the gym for an early morning work out when I wanted an early morning fuck from him. He should know better. When I am horny, I am going to get fucked.

After my shower, I walk around my bedroom naked. The curtains and blinds are open. I like the feel of the warm sun on my naked skin. Secretly, I hope you, my sexy neighbor next door, is watching me.

Hoping you like what you see and send me a text asking if you can stop by for one of our late morning rendezvous.


Easy A

I registered for an Art History class because I thought it would be an easy “A.”

My Professor makes it so hard. I know nothing about art. Quite frankly, I don’t have the necessary time to devout to this class, but I don’t want to drop it either. I need this class to count towards my Gen Ed Credits.

Lucky for me that my Professor is a man, an older man. Frequently, I drop by his office during his office hours looking super cute and sexy. Today, I have on a short skirt and very sexy black lingerie, wearing nice pair of heels and some sexy pink lipstick.

I explain to my Professor about my schedule and ask him to help me with his class. I know my Professor wants to help a cute girl but he wants something in return. I hike up my skirt and show him my sexy lacy black panties. His brain wants to say “no,” but his hard cock needs to say, “Oh, yes!”

I trade sex for a good grade. I agree to fuck him in exchange for that Easy “A.”


Hot Tease

Yes, everyone loves having a co-worker like me. Most of you think I’m a cock tease including you. I’m always dressing in something sexy and short. I even kick it up a notch and wear something on the slutty side. My flirtatious ways drive you crazy. I don’t care if you think I’m all talk and no action. I love the fact that you drool over me every single day. We were both working late to meet a project deadline. I finished my work and gathered up my things and headed out before you. Quietly you followed me out to the parking garage. When I heard foot steps I turned around, grabbing my wrists  you  back me up against my car. Pushing your rock hard cock against me while your hands slid up my thighs pulling off my tiny thong. Plunging a finger in my pussy, you confess all the taboo things you have planned for me to do. My wrists are above my head and I watch you unzip your pants pulling out your dick. I leaned my body back against my car spreading my legs wide. I couldn’t help but to beg to be fucked nice and hard like I deserved.

Carnal Cruise

I have never been on a cruise. Have you? What if you and I met on met on a cruise ship? Two strangers ready for a sexy adventure!

You notice me the first day as the ship is pulling out of the harbor. I notice you too. I like your friendly smile and your sexy eyes. We exchange a little flirtatious small talk and you invite me to meet you for a late dinner tonight.

I meet you for dinner and I dress to tease in a sexy long red cocktail dress. We enjoy a delicious dinner and you select a beautiful white wine for us. We walk the ship in the moonlight. It has been the perfect date. It is starting to get chilly. You offer me your jacket. Before I can answer, you take off your jacket. You gaze deeply into my eyes, while you caress my smooth shoulders before you place your jacket around me. I am so touched and so drawn to you. I lean in closer to kiss you and you wrap your arms around me. I become so hot, dizzy from that first kiss. I am yours. You are mine. The night is ours.

We spot a couple having naughty sex on a lounge chair. We both stand there and watch. You are standing behind me. I feel you getting hard and rubbing yourself against me. I lean back and you lean into my face. We kiss so passionately. We moan and the couple notices us. We flee the area like too naughty kids. After watching that couple fucking, I run my hand along your stomach. I confess that I don’t want this perfect night to end.

You invite me back to your cabin. Your cabin seems hot after being in the chilly night sea air. I hand you back your jacket and you touch my face with the back of your hand. I kiss your fingers and then slowly suck on of your fingers. You become even more aroused for me. I ask you to unzip my dress and let it hit the floor. I stand in front of you wearing beautiful sexy black lingerie. I help you undress and get you naked. I whisper in my ear that we have all night and I want to lick and tease every inch of you.

We experience a night exploring every carnal passion and desire. In the morning, you awake and I am sitting next to the window, only wearing your white shirt that you wore to dinner. It is a cloudy day and looks like rain, but you smile. You grab me into your arms and pull me back into your bed. You run your fingers over my hard nipples as I softly stroke your hard shaft.

Double Trouble

You and I have so much sexy fun together. We have that special erotic chemistry. It is difficult to explain, so we should just enjoy it. We make each other cum so hard!

Tonight, I have a surprise for you. I have a girlfriend here and she is super sexy. Sultry, smooth, and dressed to fuck.

She has an incredibly wicked mind and between the two of us, you are in trouble. We are both going to tease and dominate you. Control your cock and drain it dry.

Make you crazy hard and make you feel so weak, but so horny for the two of us. We are going to make your head spin. You won’t know where to put your mouth or your cock first. Don’t worry, the girls are in charge tonight. Your cock is so pretty. You don’t have to think, just be a good boy and do as you are told and make us cum.



It’s Friday and I kow my man has had a hard week. I know how to put a smile on my man’s face. He’s going to get to be the selfish one tonight. As soon as he comes home, I lead him right to the couch. I take off all my clothes slowly. I know how he loves that and then get him undressed as well. I take my time taking care of his cock. Licking it, sucking it, stroking it, tasting it. His moans make me go faster and take him deeper than I ever have before. Knowing that I have him where I want him, I let a finger trail down to his ass. I feel that shiver that he always gets when I touch him that way. I bring my finger to my swollen lips and get it wet. I circle that puckered hole as I keep deep throating his cock. When I push it in knuckle deep, his hips lift from the couch. I take his wet cock in my hand and stoke it as my mouth moves to his big cum filled balls. Another finger eases into his ass, then another. I start pumping in and out nice and hard. He grabs my hair and lift my mouth back to his cock and starts to fuck my face as I finger fuck his ass. I hear his raw scream right before that hot load of cum coats the back of my throat. When I pull away, I can see that he is completely sated and relaxed. He pulls me onto his lap and kisses me deep. I give him a smile as he touches between my legs and feels how wet I am. He brings his dripping fingers to his lips and my turn to be selfish begins.

Crossing Paths

It was late at night when I got the call from him. I knew the drive was going to be a long one, at least 4 hours. He is definitely worthy of a good fuck. I dressed in his favorite outfit with my knee high latex boots. Grabbing my purse, I hopped in the car. I knew I had to put the pedal to the metal. I was cruising down the highway at a solid speed. After a few hours of driving, I heard some fucked up noise, it sounded like something was wrong with my tires. I veered off at the next exit stopping at some dingy motel. Hoping some helpless idiot could help me change a flat tire.

I walked into the motel that had a no vacancy sign in the window. The clerk looked me up and down while I explained to him that I needed a tire change. With a smirk on his face he told me there was nothing I could do until the morning until the auto shop opens. I knew there wasn’t any rooms available but this guy needed to make some kind of exception.

I leaned over the counter giving him a glimpse of my cleavage, his eyes widened with a smile plastered on his face. I asked him one more time if he had any open rooms for me. I reassured him that I would pay him back in a way that he would never forget.

Nervously he said he has a private room for himself that I can get some rest in until the auto shop opens. He showed me to the room. A few minutes later, he returned back with some linens. I slowly started to take my top off, caressing my huge tits for him. I was ready to fuck.