Monthly Archive for September, 2015

Caught in Mommy’s Lingerie Drawer

Opps!!! My phone sex daddy caught me playing in mommy’s dresser again. I had very strict rules that I was forbidden not to go into her lingerie drawer. I really can’t help it, I’m such a girly girl and I love trying on all of her sexy bras, panties and nylons. Once I put on the lingerie, I sit down at her vanity and try on some of her makeup. After that, I walk over to her full length mirror to admire my body.

That’s when daddy walked in. I turned around and he gasped, he couldn’t believe how mature I looked. He said I looked quite stunning and in fact, he thought I looked better than mommy in the lingerie. I could tell he was getting very excited and that’s when he told me to take everything off and get into my clothes and to go wash my face. He was trying so hard to be strict with me. I walked over to him and grazed my hand against his cock and I told him I would take off mommy’s lingerie but only if he would help. I whispered in his ear that since I look so mature for my age that I want to do grown up things to him. It didn’t take long before I was on my knees sucking my phone sex daddy’s cock. He almost came in my mouth, he said I take it deeper than mommy ever does.

I realized the power I have over him when I dressed this way. I had total control and he was putty in my hands. He enjoyed every minute of it as well.

The next day my dad brought home a present for my mom. It was a beautiful white and purple corset with a matching thong, stockings and even sexy high heels. We both smiled when she hugged him for the unexpected gifts. We know who the present is really for but it’s our little secret.

Panty Hose & Heels

I refuse to accept that summer is over. Let’s go back to the special moments we shared on the beach. We spent so many hours in each others arms, it was so magical. The first night we spent with each other consumes my mind with such memories. My pussy tingles when I think back at the first time. I was sprawled out on your bed with the summer breeze flowing through the curtains. I was wearing absolutely nothing but pantyhose and heels. It was so erotic and inviting. I watched as you undressed slowly, we laid in each others arms massaging and caressing each others back. Slowly you moved your way on top of my body. I could tell my pantyhose rubbing against your body was a huge turn on. Our bodies pressed against each other with just a thin layer of fabric separating you from slipping into my wet box. We kissed deeply as I felt you make a tear in my hose, slipping your throbbing man hood inside of me. Join me again for another rendezvous. Let’s make some new memories.

“Sweet About Me”

Ooh, watching me
Hanging by
A string this time
Don’t, easily
The climax
Of the perfect lie
Ooh, watching me
Hanging by
A string this time
Don’t, easily
Smile worth
A hundred lies

Sitting in the car next to you smiling sweetly but nothing on my mind is sweet right now. We have a long drive ahead of us and all I can think of is how your hand looks wrapped around your big, thick dick. Getting an urgent need for you as I think about our many hot, lusty, erotic, passionate and down right dirty times together. My hand is under my skirt and I make it completely clear waiting till we get somewhere to stay is not an option. At least not for me. You look over at me as I smile wickedly at you. I pull my skirt up so you can see just what I am doing. Come one boy, eyes to the road.
If there’s lessons
To be learned
I’d rather get
My jamming words
In first, so
Tell you something
That I’ve found
That the world’s
A better place
When it’s
Upside down, boy

I put my delicate finger to your mouth and it is wet and creamy from my pussy. Do you think I am being a tease? Well lover, you haven’t seen anything yet. You pop out the CD because you want to hear me. You can hear the wetness of my fingers expertly moving in and out of my dripping womanhood. You ask for another taste. Maybe in a bit after it is covered in my hot honey. You hear me moan and make that sound that lets you know I came. Now I put my finger to your mouth for another taste. Darling, I am far from finished.
If there’s lessons
To be learned
I’d rather get
My jamming words
In first, so
When you’re playing
With desire
Don’t come running
To my place
When it burns
Like fire, boy

I pull my panties off and toss them out the window giggling. Oops! My nipples are so erect and they need to be sucked but well you still need to keep your eyes on the road.  I remove my school girl sweater and unbutton my white blouse. I push my hard nipple to my mouth and begin to suck. You glance over, I mean how can you help yourself? I move my hand back down to my dripping honey hole as I continue to suck my nipple. You look and see me tilting up my hips as I explode again all over my hand.  Want a taste my love?

Sweet about me
Nothing sweet
About me, yeah

Blue, blue, blue
Waves, they crash
As time goes by
So hard to catch
Too, too smooth
Ain’t all that
Why don’t you ride
On my side
Of the tracks

Pretty Panties

Phone sex daddy took me panty shopping because he understands a girl wants to look sexy in high school. At least, that is what I assumed and that he knew I would then do him a favor to thank him. Funny thing was, he was picking up all the pretty panties in lace and silk and cooing like acting like a girl would. I was kind of confused.

We bought so many pretty panties, bras and baby dolls. I am a small and I noticed he snuck in a lot or bigger sizes. I guess maybe for mom? He had a little tiny bulge in his pants the whole entire time. What was that all about?

When we got home, I offered to give him his “thank you” but he passed on it and took the second pretty bag into his room. Okay, they are definitely for mom then. I was texting some friends and they had a suspicion I never even thought off. Those pretty things were for daddy.

I snuck to his room and slowly opened the door but he was so involved he didn’t notice me. OMG, there was daddy in white frilly panties, a matching bra and a baby doll. I can’t tell you what happened next!  I promised to keep it a secret but if you call me I just might spill it if you ask nicely.

Baby Bethany

It’s all about the pleasure

I grabbed my favorite pink vibrator and made myself cozy on the couch. I was defiantly ready to get off. I decided to turn on some hardcore porn while I fucked myself. I pulled up my skirt, took off my tank top. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute. I was ready for some release that was much needed after a long weekend.  I circled my vibrator around my wet hole pushing it in my tight entrance. With one hand, I worked it in with deep long strokes. The other hand started rubbing the hood of my clit pushing me right to the edge. My eyes were glued to the TV. All I could do was imagine this hot stud on the television climbing on top of me fucking me nice and hard. Do you think you can take good care of my pussy ? Let’s find out.



Cum Filled

You have the perfect face for me to back my ass up against. It’s time for you to lick my  pussy and ass clean. I don’t give this job to just anyone but I know you’ll take good care of me. I can feel your body quivering being so close to my dirty holes. Your nose presses against my cum filled pussy. It was a fun filled night, now you have a lot of work to perform. You look like a pretty cunt with my juices dripping down to your chin. I’m going to treat you like the hungry cum dumpster that you are. Start devouring my holes, digging that cream right out of my pussy with your hungry mouth.

I’m filled up with a lots of treats. Top quality cum just for you!



Fuck Me Friday

There’s something about Fridays that get my pussy horned up. Maybe it’s because it’s the weekend and I will be going out with my friends and who knows what kind of trouble I will get into. Some weekends I run into my ex boyfriends or guys I have hooked up before in the past. That’s always cool because I already know what kind of fucking my pussy will get. I absolutely hate hooking up with a new guy and finding out he has a small dick. It’s such a waste of a night, and especially if I’ve been drinking and feeling pretty damn good, it can be such a buzz killer feeling a small pencil dick poking me.

Maybe you would like to get my pussy primed for tonight? I’ve been horny all day and I can cum a few more times. There’s nothing like going out on a Friday night with a drenched wet pussy and no panties on.

Starr 866*841*2125

Rough Sex

Do you think you can handle fucking me? Sometimes I just need a good fuck. Let’s skip the foreplay and the small talk.You certainly won’t find me cuddling with you. I don’t have time for that bullshit. I’m just looking for a good fuck. Someone who knows how to cater to my needs. Once you fuck a hot filthy dirty girl like me, you will never want to climb back into bed with your boring ass wife. When you feel the need for your balls to be drained, you’ll be running to me for a quick fuck. I’ll whisper dirty, filthy kinky things in your ear just to remind you that I like it nice and fucking rough. I’m all about tearing off each others clothes, our gasping moans, and heavy breathing. Absorbing your dirtiest desires so we can both cum to them. I don’t want or need anything else from you. Just pure raw sex, sit back and enjoy the ride while I use you to get off. You’ll be cumming harder than you ever have. Before you know it, you’ll be craving me and crawling back for more. I’ll laugh and tempt you with my devious charm and make you confess how bad you need my body.

Princess Krystal

Hard Problem

Tonight, you are struggling with your math homework. I am not that great at math, but I do what I can to do to help you.

I sit down across the kitchen table from you and lean over so I can see your homework. You seem to be having quite a bit of difficulty tonight concentrating.

You are usually a great student. I can see that you are struggling. For instance, you have your hand in your lap instead of holding our pencil. You are cranky and keep asking if you can be excused. I keep telling you not until your homework is done.

Finally, I realize the root cause of your problem is not your math assignment. I realize that you have a hard cock between your legs from looking down Mommy’s cleavage.

Well, I am a super cool, very nurturing Mommy who knows how to take care of her sweet and sexy boy. I always help you take care of your hard problems.

Mommy Morgan

My Hot Dream

I had a really intense dream last night. I dreamt I had a gang-bang with 30 guys. The guys were of all ages and they were surrounding me while every hole was getting pounded. I remember in the dream there was so much cum. It was literally dripping everywhere from head to toe. After about 15-20 cum loads in me, my pussy was filled to the max. Every time a cock plunged their cock inside me, cum would squirt out all over them and myself.

If that wasn’t hot enough, in my dream I had a Gyno appointment the following morning. I was up all night getting fucked so I was running late to my apt and there was no time for a shower.

When I got into the room, I undressed and was patiently waiting for my doctor. When she finally came into the room, she put my feet in the stir-ups and lifted back the sheet so my pussy was directly in her face. She couldn’t believe how much cum was dripping from my holes. She seemed very turned on, so tuned on that she asked if she could have a taste. I couldn’t believe my doctor was cleaning up my gang-bang cream-pie. It was so hot to see that thick, gooey cum all over her lips.

I woke up and I was so incredibly horny after that hot dream. I wish that really happened. I had a light bulb moment and I am thinking I am totally going to call some of my guy friends this Sunday for a football sex party and then make a Gyno apt first thing Monday morning. I hope my doctor skips breakfast that morning because I will have plenty to fill her up.