Monthly Archive for August, 2015

Just the Three of Us

Need my two bi-boys to join me tonight to make it a threesome!

Interested? Curious? Let’s make it hot and sexy. Yes, I do TWO GUY Calls!  Let’s make it an extra special call. Suck a cock coated in my sweet cum. Taste his pre-cum. Lick his cum out of my pussy. Sharing cum is so much fun! So Sexy!

I have a very special, very sexy new piece of gorgeous purple lingerie. Let’s the three of us make it something that none of us will ever forget.

I want both of your cocks hard and ready to fuck me. I want you to tease you into playing with each other. Sucking each other, hand fucking each other, taking turns pleasuring me. Spoil me, fuck me! Make me cum over and over and over again.

Just the three of us, and nothing off limits! Make it Intense! Make you cum so hard!


Wet Hot American Summer

It has been one wet hot summer here in California. Although, there has been no rain, I have been exceedingly wet all summer. You make me hot and wet.

Let’s do another very sexy call, a very steamy encounter. Get yourself some “Summer Loving” with your Skylar.

How about we go to the lake?

I bring my bikini and you bring the beer. The sun is hot and the lake water feels so good, but not as good as my hand rubbing you between your legs. You get excited and hard for me. We swim out and find a spot where we can have a little privacy for some passionate fun.

We slip my bikini to one side and pop out your hard cock.

Fuck me! Right there! Right Now! Fuck me with my legs wrapped around you, kissing your mouth. Always so hot and wet. Make each other feel so good! I love how you cum in me.

Kisses, Skylar

Office Assignments

Working as an office assistant I have to dress rather on the conservative side. For the past few months, I can tell my boss has taken some interest in me. I can see his weak moments when he looks at me. I’ve picked up some pantyhose and thigh high stockings to add to my wardrobe,knowing that turns him on immensely. Although we have not fucked yet, we’ve had some flirtatious encounters. It always starts by him calling me into his office to prepare him for his daily meetings.

I walked into his office the other day with some travel arrangements for this upcoming week. Shutting his office door, I stood there in my favorite business suite. Underneath, I had on a sexy bra and a new silky thong along with a pair of sheer thigh high stockings. I could feel his eyes scanning over my body. I knew his cock was growing for me just by the sight of my stockings. It made me feel weak in the knees and my new silk panties started to get wet. I took the seat next to him, he smiled as his hand ran up my soft silky legs. Moans left my mouth as he started to caress my inner thigh. All of a sudden, I was bent over his desk with my panties pulled down and my skirt lifted up with his fingers pushing inside my wet pussy.

I was on the the edge of an orgasm when I felt his warm breath whisper in my ear. “That will be all, Angelina.” He dismissed me at that very moment. Leaving my pussy aching for him.

Time to Go Shopping for Panties

Your Mommy Morgan is waiting for you. It is time to go shopping. Hurry your little butt.

Time to take you to the mall. First stop is Victoria Secrets. Your boobies got bigger over the summer and you need new bras. We will have the pretty lady measure you while I watch. Sometimes you must try on several bras until you find the perfect one.

We just have to get you some new panties. You must have the Dream Angels new panties at VS, “The Cutout Cheeky Panty”.  I can’t decide on which color, so I buy you the pink, the blue, the lavender and the dark purple. LOVE how these panties fit your sweet cheeks. LOVE how girly they look on you with the lace and bow. Just LOVE how you blush when you put them on for me.

You ask if you look girly while standing in Victoria Secrets wearing your new little bra and panties. I just laugh and laugh. You are so adorable. I give you a big hug and kiss. I need to keep you in bra and panties. I like you all cute and girly for me, so don’t keep me waiting one second longer. It is time to go shopping and get you in some new bras and panties.

Mommy Morgan

Your Assistant Dominates Your Ass

According to the Organizational Chart, I should be reporting to you. You should be the boss, but with my sexy curves, short skirts and my dominating ways, I control you. That’s right! You obey me! You submit to me. You do absolutely anything to please me. I walk around the office like I own the place. Well, I don’t own the company or the building, but I do own your ass!

You submit to your ass to me. I wear it out with a big black strap on after hours. You always try to talk me out of it, but you are no match for my wit or my power of you. I even make you beg to be fucked like a girl. I fuck you so hard that my tits bounce, but then, you cum so hard for me.

Mistress Koko

Taken By You

I have your blood at a constant boil when you think about me. Every moment we spend with each other you can feel the tingles race across the base of your spine, your cock twitching in your pants. You’re always ready to take me at any given moment. Even when you were just buried inside of me. You can’t stay away for much longer.

Taking me by the waist and pulling me in to shower my body with kisses. Guiding me back to the bedroom you lay me down on my plush bed and I go crazy over you, when you start to seduce me all over again. You take your warm hands and start to massage up my thighs avoiding my smooth ass and my velvet pussy. Teasing me with pleasure but not wanting me climax yet. Our eyes lock with passion while your tongue starts to run up my stomach to my breasts. You slowly massage my breasts with your warm tongue. Playing with my nipples, tugging on them lightly. You start to work your magic making my nipples rise out perky. My wetness dripping for you, wanting and needing you back inside me.

Indulge me in the next series of pleasure, my body is on fire for you.



Dirty Dream

I have a naughty confession to share.

This afternoon I went to relax poolside at our country club. The sun makes me sleepy. My nap was disturbed by two college age boys dunking each other in the water. Their hands were all over each other. They were playing, but they were extremely aggressive with each other. It was erotic and provocative.

I drifted back to sleep but had the most erotic dream. I called the two hotties over to my chair. They stood over me, dripping wet, dripping on me. I scolded them for being loud and told them they could make it up to me. Made them get naked and had a wild hot threesome. Then I was in the pool with them. Sandwiched between them. Feeling them taking turns fucking me. Now their strong hands were all over me.

I woke from my dream with my fingers inside my bikini bottom. I wonder how much people watched me masturbate poolside.


Bree Is Your Babysitter

You and your wife are going out tonight, so you send me a text asking if I can babysit. You take your wife out to a very expensive restaurant for your anniversary.

Your wife is dressed very sexy, but you are pre-occupied.

You are thinking about me, your teenage babysitter. When you picked me up tonight, you were surprised to see that I was wearing such a short skirt.

In the car, on the way to dinner, you mention that short skirt to your wife. She says, “All the girls wear skirts like that. I wore skirts like that when I was Bree’s age.”

You are shameless. Your cock is twitching in your pants already as you picture your wife in my tiny little skirt. You are hoping for an early evening, but the evening drags on and it is very late by the time you are done with dinner. Your wife got a little drunk on wine. On the ride home, she is complaining about being tired which means no sex for you tonight.

Usually, she takes the babysitters home. Tonight she is too tired and a little too drunk to drive. She pays me and says to you, “Honey take the Babysitter home,” and heads up the stairs.

You know that she will be sound asleep when you get home. You open the car door for me. I get wet. Never had a guy open a car door for me. My house is out in the country. You drive me down a long winding road. You have me almost home. Your poor cock is twitching as you look down at my sexy legs. You wonder if I am wearing a thong.

You notice a group of cars parked together. I point out that is where people from school go to make out. You ask, “Have you ever been down there?”

I lie and blush, “No”

You ask, “Want to check it out and see for yourself?”

I put my hand on your cock and kiss your neck, “Yeah” Such a breathy whisper. I drive you crazy.

You do a big U-turn in the road and drive us down to the make out spot. You park the car and put your hand up my skirt. You are thrilled to find me wearing a thong. I unzip your pants and start sucking your cock.

Pantyhose In August

The weather is crazy this week. The nights are very chilly here this week, especially for late August. Heats back up next week, but hoping that you will keep me warm tonight.

I went out tonight with the girls and I wore my pantyhose under a sexy dress. Of course, I did not wear any panties under my pantyhose. I like the feel of my pantyhose rubbing up against my smooth pussy. Feeling so sexy!

I am back home and all alone. The only thing that I am wearing is my sexy sheer pantyhose. Want to rip them off of me?  Want to be the first guy to make me cum in my pantyhose?


Lick It Real Good

We’ll be spending the day with my pussy buried in your face. After a long day, I’m sure you need to get off just as bad as I do. My wet pussy is just waiting for your warm, moist tongue. Get on your knees for me, I know you won’t disappoint me. I hope you’re good at eating pussy because I need a good tongue fucking. I wrap my legs around you, grinding my pussy in your face. Your tongue starts to dart in and out of my wet fuck hole licking up every drop of my wetness. I know you’ll satisfy me, giving me the best orgasm ever.  Your hot tongue starts to flicker faster on my pulsating clit making me squirm uncontrollably. I grab the back of your head and pull you in smothering your face. My juices run down your face dripping down to your chin. Pleasing my every desire. Lose yourself in me, show me what your really made of. Savor every taste, inhale my scent. Lap up every drop of me. Tongue fuck me with everything you got. If you’re that good, I’ll be fucking your face again.