Monthly Archive for July, 2015

Punished Again

Are you ready to join me for some fun? I’m always up for the most extreme role-plays. Age play phone sex is one of my favorites. I’m in need of a new phone sex daddy. My step-daddy has been getting frustrated because I’ve been missing my curfew along with skipping school and failing some of my classes. They have tried to ground me and take away my privileges along with giving me extra work around the house. Even with all the extra responsibilities, I still find a way and have some fun with my boyfriends. I could tell daddy is at his wits end with me. He came out of his bedroom with his belt in his hand, my new punishment was a spanking? Daddy had no clue that I love having my ass spanked. I wiggled my butt and pulled down my shorts and accepted my spankings, with each spanking I became more and more wet. My tight pussy was craving to be fucked by a hard cock. I could feel the bulge that was a underneath me. His cock was rock hard. I was having some really naughty thoughts since I knew I wasn’t able to go out for the rest of the week. I reached behind me and started to unbutton his pants letting his hard cock spring out.
I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you will take great pride when you discipline me.

Kinky Kristen

A Call With Philip

It’s been a little while since I blogged about my favorite cock sucking faggot, Philip. I hadn’t heard from him in a little while, so I had almost forgotten how fucking pathetic he is. He reminded me very, very quickly though. He was down on his knees servicing before I could even ask how he had been. Philip services ANYTHING. A hard cock, an ass, a pussy… anything. He’ll make sure that you’re all clean. Put any and all fluids that you have in his mouth and he’ll make sure to dispose of them down his cum guzzling throat. He’s not only a good potty slave though… oh no. He’s a good snot rag too and will clean out your sinuses for you. Luckily for him, he’s really good at that. If not for that, he would be completely fucking useless. When you have a tiny 1 inch “dick” hanging between your legs, you have to be good for something, right?

Silky and Wet

You always love the way I look in pantyhose. When you start to strip me down tonight, you leave them on. You run your strong hands up and down my silk-clad legs over and over. Mmmm. It feels so good. You start at my ankle and lick up my thighs. The sensation of your wet tongue and hot breath against me that way leaves me panting. When you make it to my pussy, I know you can see how wet you’re making me. You sit and just look at that damp spot until I’m squirming, wanting you to place your mouth there. Instead of teasing me with your tongue, you practically dive in, your mouth sucking at my aching pussy. I cum almost immediately. You love the damp spot I leave in my pantyhose. You love it so much that you just roll me over to my back, press my thighs together tight and press your cock between my legs, rubbing against that wet spot. You keep thrusting your cock between my thighs.. over and over, harder and harder.. until you leave a spot of your own. Your thick white cum shoots all over my pretty black pantyhose. I start to take them off, but you simply rip the crotch out of them and tell me to leave them on.


I know you are completely fascinated by goth chicks. In school you were afraid of us but once you got home you would google for goth porn. LOSER! I mean really if your friends only knew what would they think. What you didn’t know was all men lust goth girls, you weren’t alone. Sadly for you lusting and having were two different things.

I might tell you that goth girls aren’t drug using, thrill seeking dominants sluts but well I know I fucking am. You only have one life bitch so live it hard, fast and nasty taking anything you desire.

Just what do you desire?  It would be my pleasure to take you on a path of darkness and depravity. Once you let your desires take over there is no place I won’t take you. Are you into pain, drugs, forced bi, taking the little ones and destroying them?  Once you cum with me to the dark side you will never cum back.

Cum with Poison Ivy, let me Poison your soul!

Anyway You Want

I am feeling so horny and so very submissive today. All I can think of is you coming over and taking me any way you want. My warm mouth is ready to please that big, thick hard cock of yours. Imagine pushing me down to my knees and slapping my beautiful face with your cock as the pre-cum ruins my perfect makeup job. I am so hungry for you just thinking about you stretching my mouth, holding my face and making me gag on it.

When I was in high school my friends and I decided that blowjobs didn’t count as sex, neither did anal. You can imagine with all that practice I give the hottest, wettest, sloppiest oral you can imagine. Just think about my spit running down your balls as I take in every inch.

Of course I swallow, it tastes so fucking good I can’t get enough. Don’t give it all to me, I don’t deserve it yet. I want you to empty your balls all over my face after my mouth gets some of the hot, sticky, salty good stuff I crave. Your girlfriend is home?  No worries my hot eager tongue will take care of her hot pussy too. Mmmmm, I hope you left a succulent cream pie for me.

Submissive Valentina

The Girlfriend Experience

GFE Phone sex is the ultimate experience with me. You have the complete package. A horny blonde that loves to cum. I love when we cum together. Sharing our dirty secrets with each other always makes me extremely horny. We have the most intense orgasms with each other. When we’re not sharing intimate moments together, I know you’re thinking about them, just like I do. 😉 I love to laugh at your jokes and listen and hear all about your day. Though, I do like a dominant man in my life. I also do enjoy a laid back kind of guy. I like to take it slow and give you control over this beautiful body. When a powerful man takes charge, I never refuse it. I’m here to please you anytime you need a dose of me. All I can think about is how lucky I am to be able to please you in every way possible. You deserve the best and I’ll be the girl who gives it to you.

“Love is your Name”

Send your kisses my way
Bring your sweet heart to me
I’ve been waiting for so long

Tell me all your stories
Leave some open for me
Write your name into this song

All who know me love my many different sides from wild child, mistress, to the best fucking date you will ever have. The question is how do you know which is me tonight? The privileged, and I think you know who you are, just know by the sound of my sweet, sexy and sultry voice.  Think you can figure it out by what I am wearing? *Giggles* Maybe you can or maybe the wild child is dressed just like the Mistress who owns you body, heart and soul.

I’ll walk through the fire

I’ll run through the rain
I’ll wait for forever
If Love is your name
Your name

Catch a wind from heaven
Sail down while I’m sleeping
Wake me with the morning sun
Oh, oh- oh
I’ll dream of you until you come

Are you thinking of me yet? Our days and nights at the beach and the special necklace you gave me after the hot, wet, sticky one exploding over my beautiful full mounds. Your lips were meant to be sucking my erect nipples till your pre-cum flows like a fast running stream. Now it is my lips that need to taste and feel you. I get on my knees looking up at your handsome face sticking out my tongue as I taste the salty sensation I have caused. Not to fast lover, I grab your hard, huge balls and slow you down. The liquid desire is flowing faster than my mouth can swallow as it overflows and drips down the corners of my mouth. I need you to quench my desires now!

Valentines keep knocking
My heart keeps on walking
Darling I’ll hold on for you
For You, for you

I’ll walk through the fire
I’ll run through the rain
I’ll wait for forever
If Love is your name

If love is your name
If love is your name

Summer Vacation

Mommy Morgan takes you on a summer vacation.

Instead of flying, this year we are going by car. It is a very long way and we stop to see the sights along the way.

It is always an adventure with your Mommy Morgan.

On the first night, we stop at a little road side motel. They have only one room, with one bed. We check in and decide to explore the area a little before dinner.

We eat burgers in a local diner, and get gas before we head back to the motel. You notice all the men at the gas station checking out your Mommy Morgan. You start to feel that twitch in your pants just from watching your Mommy Morgan fill the tank.

Once we get back to the motel, you take a quick shower and climb under the covers. Mommy takes a long bath and comes out of the tub wearing nothing, except for one tiny little white towel. You can see her butt because that towel is so tiny. You can also see most of her big boobies.

Mommy puts on a dirty pay per view movie, drops her towel to the floor, and climbs into bed with you. Oh My! It is going to be one fucking exciting trip!

You Can’t Resist Us

You love it when I bring my hot friends around and we make you worship every inch of our bodies. Making you get on your hands and knees, kneeling before us. You slowly start to peel my panties off while you look around the room. You’re surrounded by my sexy friends that are already laughing at you. I can see the desire in your eyes as you watch as my pussy gets wet before we even give your instructions. I watch, as you nervously squirm before me. I grab the back of your head pulling you towards me. I watch you lick your lips before you plant them on my smooth princess pussy. I love the command I have over you. Pleasing my pussy will always come first and everything else will remain second. Your cock gets rock hard for me and my friends. It’s such a turn on watching you take out your throbbing cock and start to jerk off to us.

We’ll be instructing you into the hottest guided masturbation session you’ve ever experienced. Your’re already aware how to please my girls and I. We’re ready to make your cock ache.

~ Paris ~

Just a Normal Beauty

I seem to surprise men all the time. At first glance, they assume I am way too hot for them. Guess what fucker? I am way to hot for any typical man. Are you a typical man, boring and set in his ways or are you a wild bad boy with a huge cock to fill my hot cougar cunt? Then again there is another man I will allow in my bedroom.

Know what, calling him a man is quite a stretch especially when he has on lip gloss and pink lingerie.  Does this sound familiar?  Of course, it does you stupid ass. Then we end with him  screaming my clitty is squirting. HA!  So there is tall men, short men, men with huge pricks for me, and then we have my favorite play toys…sissy boys!

So what will it be? Are you man enough to satisfy me or will you be taking it like the little twat you are? Let’s give it a go. Do make sure your credit card is full!