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Storm Leads to One Hot Night

I am such a Beach Girl. School has become stressful and I wanted to relax at the beach. Yesterday late in the day, I had a few hours, so I took my books and bikini to the beach. Needed to feel that sun on my skin and I needed to check out all the hot guys. I knew it was going to rain, but I love the beach before a rain. I took a chance that the worst of the storm would stay north of Miami.

Instead of studying, I fell asleep on the beach. I awoke as someone was tapping my bare shoulder. He was a sexy man that was warning me of an approaching storm. The sky had become grey and there was a distant rumbling of thunder in the distance. He invited me to his condo right off the beach to wait out the storm.

I thanked him. We grabbed my stuff and ran off for his place. We got inside the building just as it started to storm. He had a great conversation and discovered we both love to travel. He showed me photos of his travels. I was sitting there in my little red bikini and a pair of shorts. He asked me to join him for dinner. It was the first time a man cooked for me. It was delicious hot and spicy dinner. I was becoming more and more attracted to this man by the moment. After dinner, I was helping with the dishes and we kissed over a sink of dirty dishes.

That kiss made me so weak. I needed more, so much more. We ended up fucking right there in his kitchen, and then the bedroom. I spent the night with him. It was one hot night!


Taking the Bus

I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. Even when I was younger, I always had to be the center of attention, always had to have all eyes on me. So it made sense that, when I discovered sex, I was all about the idea of the risk of getting caught. I’d go out without panties all the time, I’d masturbate at the movies, I’d flash strangers on the street as they drove by. One day, I was riding the bus home, when a man got on at one of the stops, sitting across from me. Fuck, he was gorgeous. The sort who would make me cream my panties (if I had been wearing any, of course). As the bus started moving again, I crossed and uncrossed my legs, giving him brief glances of my bare pussy. I had fun teasing him the whole ride, until I reached my stop. I got up and flashed him a little smile, before getting off the bus, heading down the street. And then, out of nowhere, a hand wrapped around my arm, pulling me into an alley. It was the stranger from the bus, and it seemed that he had liked my little show… He pulled me deeper into the alley, until we were just barely hidden from view, but where anyone who happened to look in would be able to see us. He pressed me up against the wall, and I could hear him unzipping his pants, fishing out his cock. I didn’t see it, but I certainly felt it as he pressed it against my pussy, and I spread my legs for him, so he could push it inside. Fuck, it felt so good! I made half an effort to stifle my moans as he rode me, but not a full effort; again, the thrill of being seen, of some passerby seeing me getting fucked like a bitch in heat in an alleyway, was too great to ignore. I hoped that it would go on forever, but all good things must come to an end. He pulled out of me, and spun me around, forcing me down, until I was face-to-face with his cock, still wet with my juices. He pushed the head into my mouth as he came painting my tongue with his sticky cum. All but the last shot, though. For that, he pulled out, and angled his cock, so that I got a shot of his jizz right across my cheek. He gave me a smile, tucked his cock back into his pants, and was on his way, like nothing had happened. I somehow pulled myself together, but I didn’t even wipe my face. I exited the alley, wearing his cum on my face like a trophy, proud of my status as a public-use slut.

Your Dirty Sweet Girl

You want me to be your girl. I am that perfect combination of a “naughty and nice” sexy girlfriend for you, so let’s get it on!

I arrive dressed in black. Sexy Stockings on my thighs. Wet and Wild! Hot and Ready to go. Don’t look back. You understand me and I know what you need. Let’s get it on! You know that I am your Dirty Sweet Girl who is untamed, ready to rock your world and blow your mind with fantastic orgasms.

I make you weak, but I make you hard for me.  I make you want me. Our foreplay is like a beautiful piece of classical musical, slowly building in intensity, just like my moans. Then, once I slide on top of you, our fucking becomes one hot power rock ballad. With your powerful cock thrusting into me, you whisper, “You’re dirty and sweet. Skylar, you’re my girl.”

No one makes you cum like me.


“Use The Back Door”

I am a bored housewife, a trophy wife, a cougar. I have an insatiable appetite for sex for hot guys like you. My husband no longer satisfies me sexually.

I have discovered a young man in town and he has become my newest lover, my newest boy toy. I did not find him at the bar or the gym. I found him where all housewives go. I found him at the grocery store. He bagged my groceries and insisted that he help me take my groceries to the car. He is very polite and has one hot body!

As he put my bags into my SUV, I teased him that I wish that I could bring him home with me, so he could carry my bags into the kitchen. He closed the door and said, “Any time for you, Mrs. Robinson.”  He informed me that he delivered groceries to special customers, like me. I took that to mean…horny housewives like me.

I looked into his eyes and realized that he was speaking my language. I gave him my address and told him to stop by my house after work. He showed up and I spent a couple of hours fucking my new young lover.

I just placed a call and ordered a few groceries to be delivered later today. I left a sexy little message for my guy to use the backdoor today.

Mrs. Robinson

Meant To Be

I stood in the shower bearing my naked body knowing that you were going to join me soon. The thought of my lovers hands on my body again touching me just how I need to be touched put me back into a daze thinking about our prior lovemaking session. I was getting lost deep in my thoughts when I felt the soft touch of your body pressing up against mine. With the water cascading down our bodies I was ready for you to start seducing me all over again. You take the pads of your thumbs caressing my cheekbones. Our lips begin to move slowly kissing with passion. Your fingers run through my wet hair. The pleasure rippled through my body. Happiness and bliss was erupting through my body being back in your arms again.



I Control Your Cum! Call Koko for Guided Masturbation!



Be My Sexy Little Hand Fucker!

Call Me for Guided Masturbation!

I control your cock. Let my hot body and beautiful voice control your hand as you masturbate your cock for me.

I walk into your world and I direct your hand to pleasure yourself. Not too fast, big boy! Start Slow and let the cum gradually build and lead an incredibly intense orgasm.

Place a call. Let’s see how long we can make it last before I finally give you permission to cum for me!

Mistress Koko

Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

Your transformation is now complete. You have become my cute little princess. I always wanted a pretty girl!

Your bedroom is decorated in pink. You now have your own panty drawer filled with every color and style of panties, but of course, you have your favorite panties. You have your little pink silk nightie and a closet full of pretty dresses, skirts and tight little tops.

Mommy loves showing you off to all of my girlfriends. We have “Girls Night” every Friday night at our hose. Mommy’s girlfriends love to spoil you and love to play with you! You are just so adorable! We cannot keep our hands off you!

Tonight, you have an appointment at the salon. We need to get your hair and nails done. You have a big day ahead of your tomorrow. Instead of going to school, Mommy is going to take you to work. You can spend the day with me and I can show you off to my Boss and all of the pretty ladies at work!

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Mommy Morgan

“Black Magic Woman”

Got a black magic woman
Got a black magic woman.

I got a black magic woman
Got me so blind I can’t see
That she’s a black magic woman
She’s tryin’ to make a devil out of me.

How many months has it been now that I have been your assistant?  I know everything about you, your family but most of all your desire for me. I want more so much more than to just be your assistant. I want total control of you and your Law Firm. You notice my clothes are getting sexier every day. Not trashy but just outright elegant, classy and erotic. You think to ask me about it, but why ruin the show.

It is time to send your wife on a little trip to someplace nice where she will not be in my way. I plan it all and you both think she won a trip for a week. After work we talk about what each of us is doing for dinner. You can’t help but stare with me wearing a long tight black skirt, black stockings, a rather see through blouse and shiny patent stilettos. Wondering what is underneath, are you?
Turn your back on me baby
Turn your back on me baby.

Yes, don’t turn your back on me baby
Stop messin’ eround with your tricks
Don’t turn your back on me baby
You just might pick up my magic sticks

I show up at your house and threaten to punish you for the bag on the table from Burger King. I fix us both a glass of white wine and notice your  hands are shaking but when I brush my hand against yours the shaking stops immediately.  I tell you I knew you needed checking up on and that it is time we had a little chat. I sit across from you crossing and uncrossing my long toned legs. You just stare with your mouth almost open. I slowly get up and take off my blouse. Your eyes are glued to me as I make you admit your feeling for me. Once you start you can’t stop with the months of love and lust for me pouring out of your hungry mouth. Next comes off my super tight skirt, I tease you removing it painfully slow. You belong to me now.

Got your spell on me baby
Got your spell on me baby.

Yes you got your spell on me baby
Turning my heart into stone
I need you so bad – magic woman
I can’t leave you alone.

Your mouth goes for my beautiful copper nipples and you suck like it is your last meal. “Now do you belong too”, I ask wickedly. Again you mumble your love for me and lust. I pick up your phone and begin to call your wife. You ask me if she is safe, that is all you want to know. I tell you she is and that your whole world know revolves around me. You can’t hold back and you pull me on your throbbing cock. I allow you to cum knowing you are now mine.

Maybe baby

I finally figured out this thing about my parents not letting me stay home alone. It is daddy’s best friend that convinced him I shouldn’t be home alone. Think he has ulterior motives much? “Giggles” Little does he know I have my own agenda. Kind of funny how older men are clueless on what does or doesn’t make us hot little teens preggers.

He told me to finish my project and go off to bed. I gave him that look and he agreed I could cuddle up and hang with him for a little while. “Remember when I used to sit on your lap and you would love how I couldn’t sit still”, I asked. He kind of looked all shy and horny at the same time. He said I could curl up on his lap for just a little while. He smelled so good and I buried my face in his neck.

Soon he told me it was bedtime and tried to remove me from his lap but I wasn’t going anywhere. I jokingly told him I would tell daddy he was mean if he didn’t let me sit and feel his hard boner under me longer. He looked kind of shocked..oopsies…but then I kind of had my way with him. I pulled off my little pink nighty and pushed my tongue deep in his mouth. I knew by his moans that he was all mine.

Not wanting to take any chances of him cuming too soon I quickly grabbed his cock with my little hand and pushed down fast. He said NO NO NO, we can’t do this but he kept pushing his hips up, grabbing my ass and pumping me. He said he HAD to pull out or I could get pregnant. “Giggles” I said I would get off and not to worry. He started telling me it was time to to get off of him so he could cum all over my little boobs. I told him it was way too late. In the heat of fucking me he said he hadn’t cum and there was still time if he pulled out right then. I kept bouncing up and down and whispered in his ear it was already too late as all the pre-cum in me was enough to knock me up. He exploded so hard I thought he was going to pass out!  HA! Getting knocked up from just pre-cum!

I’ll Teach You

I’ve seen the way you stare at those huge cocks when we watch porn together. Yeah, yeah, yeah.. you can say you’re watching the whore in those movies, but I know different. I’ve seen your mouth practically water looking at those monster dicks. You can keep denying it, OR you can let me cure that craving. I know you don’t know how to suck cock, but I’ll be happy to teach you. I’ll pick out the perfect stud to break your throat in. Someone big and thick. If you’re going to go for it, you really need to go big. You just drop right down on your knees and open wide. I’ll show you just how to take that dick like a good little sissy cock whore. You just leave your head in my hands and I’ll make sure you take it nice and deep. You’ll take it all the way if I have to force your head down on that cock. Look at you licking your licks and touching your stiffy through your pants. I have a feeling you’re going to be a natural.