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Naked Morning Yoga

You are my sexy next-door neighbor. Recently, you started working at home a couple of days a week. It is so tempting to look out the window and hope that you see me. I hope that you feel the same way and are looking out your window hoping to see me.

It is warm enough to do my Morning Yoga naked in front of the window. Hope that you get hard when you see me doing my yoga.

Like what you see? You work too hard. You need a little break. Come over for a visit with this horny housewife. I am hot and ready to play.

I entice and seduce you to stop by my house. You knock on my backdoor and I open the door wearing red heels and thong. You look at my hot body and wonder how my husband can leave me alone so much. You bend me over a chair and fuck this hot housewife until I am filled with your cum.

Your favorite Sexy Neighbor,


I like it thick & creamy

I started the day off in the perfect way. It’s been a long time since my phone sex daddy had woken me up like this. It was early morning and the sun was just starting to fill my room up. I opened my eyes and he was standing above me just like he did when I was a little girl. Naked with his thick cock in his hand stroking it up and down. While his other hand began to pull my tiny white cotton panties off. It was so hard to hold back my excitement. I wrapped my hands around his thick cock and started stroking him even faster. I opened my mouth so I could get a taste of that creamy load. I could feel the first squirt of warm juice, it landed right on my tongue. The warm rush of his salty liquid tasted amazing. I smiled up at daddy and casually pressed my little tongue against the roof of my mouth and squished all that yummy cum around slowly. Daddy always know’s how to make his baby girl smile. 😉

Baby Girl Emma

Sugar Daddy

My sugar daddy is not like most. Not only does he spoil me rotten, but he loves when I fuck other guys. He gets so hot when I bring them home and fuck them right in front of him. I usually make him sit in the chair by the bed. He is only allowed to touch himself if I say so. He likes it when I am in control. There was this one time I made him fuck himself with his wife’s dildo while he watched. I mean it’s obvious he could never please me the way these other guys do so he might as well just stick to what he is good at. Pampering me. If he is lucky, I will let him taste this yummy cream pie at the end of the night. Do you think he will beg for it?

Give it a try

Some of my favorite calls are from the timid white boys that have always wanted to fuck a black girl. They call and tell me they’re in the mood for something different and my pictures make their cocks so hard. Of course they do. You can just look at me and tell that I’m not your prim, proper white wife. She doesn’t have this big juicy ass and a pretty black pussy that is so pink on the inside. They have to have it. They are a little nervous at first, worrying about “offending” me. You can say and do anything you want to me. I love to be degraded and reminded that I’m a dirty whore. Let you inner animal loose and come give this ebony slut the pounding she deserves.

Office Domme Worshipped

I have been re-assigned to your office to help with a special research project. Quickly, I take over the project. I am focused, tenacious and demanding. Although everyone in the group has many projects on their plate, I have a way to manipulate the team to focus on this project. Finally, the project is completed, so it is my last day in your office. You notice that I am wearing incredibly sexy stockings today. You become curious to know what else is under that tight pencil skirt. I catch you looking at me.

I send an email directing the team to meet in the conference room. By now, everyone in the office have learned not to disappoint me. I summon the group. You and your fellow teammates drop to your knees on my command and start worshiping my high heels and my legs. It is if you can read my mind. I force you to strip for me. Once you are naked, I instruct you to get up on the conference room table. I straddle your face and place my panties on your face. I dominate you in front of all your co-workers. Lick me! You are my bitch! You are degraded and humiliated. I dominate your ass. I give you so much more than you ever dreamed possible when the strap on is used on you.

Make you beg, make you submit, make you obey and then make you beg for more.

My Lover+1=Heaven

I told him. He couldn’t handle it at first-the thought of me being with another man, much less him there participating. Yes, I desperately wanted a threesome with him and some random guy I meet or we find together.

It took a lot of convincing and a lot of talking about how it would be for me. For him, another man there, fucking me, him watching and knowing that it’s just him who has me all to himself, but that this guy is fucking me, having what’s really my man’s.

Finally, he agreed. It took a couple of months, but he began to really want it too. I could tell because he would bring it up more and more. It was time to find someone.

Then, a couple of months later and lots of keeping our eyes pealed for the perfect guy…

I call him.

He answers, “Hey You”

“Hey Baby”

“I’m getting ready to head over there.”

“Good. I need you here now.”

“Ohhh really? Are you hot for me Baby?”

“Yes…And I have a surprise for you.”

“Oh yeah? Get something hot and luscious to wear for me?”

“Noooooo…I found him.”

“You found him? Him wh-Oh shit. You found him.”

“Yes Baby. And he’s here.”

“Holy shit.”

“Yes. I know. I hope you’re not mad.”

“No. I’m not mad. I’m excited. What’s he look like? Where did you meet him? “

“Good, I’m so glad. He looks like, fuck Baby he looks like he could be Brad Pitt’s brother. He’s so hot.”

“Seriously? Brad Pitt?”

“Yeah, he says he hears it all of the time.”

“Damn. And where did you meet him?”

“Well, I just met him when I went to get coffee and we started talking and sat down and, well…The conversation got–interesting.”

“Have you guys done anything?”

“We kissed, made out a little bit. I stopped to call you. I needed to know how it would be. And it’s good Baby. Fucking good, he’s a great kisser.”

“Fuck…I’m on my way. Stay on the phone with me.”

“Good…OK Baby.”

“Tell him to touch you. I want you guys to get started.”

“Oh my God…Fuck yes.”

“Tell me what he’s doing.”

“He’s next to me on the couch. He pulled himself up close, sorta behind me. Pulled me to him so my back is mostly up against his chest, my ass is up against his crotch and I can feel his hard cock in his jeans up against my ass.”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Oh, he’s got his arms around me, rubbing my inner thighs-I’m wearing that red skirt…Oh, his hands are going up my legs, my hips, my sides…My tits. Ohhh, his hands are in under to tank top, pulling my bra cups to the side, he’s playing with my nipples…”

“Tell him to take your top off of you.”

“He wants you to take my top off…OK, he pulled it off.”

“Tell him to put you on his lap and suck your beautiful titties.”

“Put me on your lap, suck my tits.”

“He lifted me up and got me on his lap, I’m straddling him and he’s licking and sucking my left nipple, he’s pulling on it with his teeth. He’s on my right nipple now. Oh fuck that feels so good, this is making me so wet.”

“God damn it Baby, I’m so hard-I can’t wait to see this.”

“I know, I can’t wait until you’re here…He says he wants to taste my pussy.”

“Yes, I want him to taste it. Tell him to lay you down on the couch and take your panties off.”

“OK, yes lay me down there…Pull my panties off”

“Now tell him to play with your clit and get your really wet and I want his fingers in your pussy.”

“Play with my clit…Ohhhhh fuck yes…Put your fingers in my pussy, all the way…Finger fuck me.”

“Oh Baby, he knows how to play with pussy…He’s got me so fucking wet.”

“Now tell him to taste you off his fingers.”

“Lick your fingers and taste me…Mmmmmm, he says he loves it. He wants his tongue and mouth on my pussy.”

“Good. I knew he’d love that sweet pussy of yours. Tell him to eat you.”

“Eat my pussy. Tongue fuck me.  Yes, fuck yes…Oh Baby, he’s licking and sucking, his tongue is in my pussy…”

“Is he doing a good job?”

“Mmmmmm, yes. So good. He’s so fucking good.”

“His cock is still in his pants, right?”

“Yes. I’m dying to see it, but I can wait for you.”

“No, I want him to get naked now.”

“Really Baby?”

“Yes. I want to see him naked, his cock head right on your pussy, teasing your clit, I want you begging me to let him fuck you when I walk in. And I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

“Oh my fucking God, Baby. OK.  He says he wants you to get naked now and…”

“Tell him to tease your pussy.”

“He wants you to tease my pussy with your cock. Rub my clit with it. Rub it up and down my pussy lips—–he’s taking his clothes off, Baby.”

“What’s his cock like?”

“Oh Baby, it’s nice. Really nice. It’s big, oh this is going to be amazing. I can’t wait for him to fuck me, I need to feel it.”

“Tell him he can’t fuck you yet. He’s only to tease your pussy. You need to beg me for it.”

“OK, OK…You’re only allowed to tease me, but not fuck me. He wants me to beg him for it and he’s almost here.”

Then he lifts me up and takes me in his arms, making sure his cock is right against my pussy. He’s strong and lifts me up and down so my pussy lips open up and his cock head is right up against my clit. It feels so fucking good, I can’t stand it.

He takes me over to the floor, and lays me down. He squats down between my legs and takes his cock in his hand and starts rubbing my clit, slapping it against my pussy and taking it all the way down my pussy lips to the point where it’s right at my sweet, wet pussy hole and I can’t help myself. I buck my hips up and he laughs and pulls himself away.

“You’re supposed to wait. You’re supposed to beg him…And he’s not here yet.”


He sees and hears my desperation and goes back to rubbing my clit with his cock head. It’s hot and swollen and wet from my pussy and I want it so bad I could die.

Finally, he comes in the door.

I’m so happy he’s finally made it, it seemed to take forever and I can see that his cock is hard in his sweats.

“Oh Baby! Finally!”

“You want him to fuck you? Fuck you nice and good and hard and make you fucking cum over and over?”

“Yes, yes Baby! Please let him fuck me, please. I beg you, I beg you. Please, pleassssssse.”


And then he plunges his cock deep into me as my stands above me, pulls his cock out and then he kneels down at my face and rubs it across my lips.


And just like that, I have two cocks in me. One diving deep into my pussy, the other shoved all the way into my mouth and throat.

Both rock fucking hard.

Both pounding into me.

This is heaven and I never want them to stop fucking me.

Won’t you cum play with me too?

Yours, Creamy Chloe

Spring Break 2015

Spring Break was Crazy!

I fucked a different guy every night except for one.

It rained a few days, but the beach was amazing. One afternoon, I went paddle boarding with some guys from Alabama. I ended up hooking up with one of them. He was so cute and sweet. The way he asked so politely, with his little southern accent, “Can I fuck you, Layla?” How could I say no to that?

When it was cold and rainy, we still partied with guys from all over. Our condo was party central. There were 8 hot girls in our condo. I fucked everywhere, the pool, the balcony, the shower, and the beach (don’t recommend that, got sand in places where sand does not belong).

It was one wild experience. I am not as tan as I thought I would be, but I had the best time with a guy from KY.  I will always think of Kentucky fondly! Great memories! Can’t wait until next year!


The sun shines brightly on this California girl with the seductive curves. Take me for a ride. I do not disappoint. I might break your heart, but before I do, I blow your mind and rock your world. You become hypnotized by my blue eyes and mesmerized by sweet tight ass and (real) large luscious tits.

Call me for your favorite roleplays. I will make it sizzling hot and fun. Make me your naughty daughter, girl next door, your secretary or we can have a very erotic encounter on the beach or my favorite Hollywood Nightclub.

Or do have a taste for something specific?  Love to explore your interesting fantasy or unusual fetish with you. I am one wicked, sex obsessed girl! I always got a pair of pink panties available for a cute Pantyboy.

I will make your call sexy and amazing. Promise to give you what you need…whether you want it nasty or sweet…it is always erotic and sexy.

Love ya’


Oh What A Night!

I want to play. I want a classy man tonight. I want to see that shock but lustful look on a man’s face when he discovers my hard cock on my perfect girl body.  I slip into a sexy little cocktail dress and head to a hotel bar on Michigan Ave. Slowly sipping a glass of champagne, I watch you walk across the room and take a seat across the bar from me.

I realize that I am holding my breath. I try not to stare at you, but you have similar features to an old lover of mine. You caught me looking at you, and you sit down next to me.

You had a very successful business meeting today. You give me the highlights of your day. I hang on every word. Love your voice and just watching your lips move. I am so attracted to you. I want to kiss your mouth and feel you breathe into me.

You are polite. A real sophisticated gentleman. I want that dirty boy that I know is inside of you to come out and play. I invite myself up to your room by asking if I can see the view of lake from your room. You smile and escort me upstairs for a night of passion beyond your wildest dreams. You have never had a girl like me and you are soon going to experience everything a girl like me has to offer a hot guy like you.


Teasing Kristen

Do you like when I tease you? Your hands grab my ass and start to squeeze. I can feel you force yourself between my legs calling me a cock tease. The dampness in my panties excites me knowing your going to have your way with me. My clothing is removed and you pin me up against the wall just wearing my bra and panties. You pull my bra down and your mouth hovers over my full lush breasts before I know it my panties are ripped off of me and your fingers probe around finding my little puckered asshole. You ask if I like it, I nod to you. You then take your cock out to feed my aching pretty pink pussy but you don’t put it in right away. You start to tease me with your fingers again rubbing my swollen clit. My breathing gets heavy and I beg you for release. I need to feel the satisfaction of cumming.

My orgasm is in your hands, will you let me cum or not?
Kinky Kristen