Monthly Archive for January, 2015

My Pleasures

It was first thing in the morning and I had a big test that I needed to get to school early for. I had a feeling I would be running late when he tumbled me back into the bed. It was worth it, I didn’t care if I failed the stupid test. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me. Slowly he took off my clothes again we shared a deep kiss while his fingers played with my smooth pussy. His fingers worked deep inside me hitting my g-spot. I removed his briefs and his cock bounced up looking for attention. I broke away from the kiss giving him a playful laugh, he knew I wanted to fuck before class. Slowly, he pulled his fingers out of my wetness and slid them right in my mouth, I sucked and lapped up my juices. I straddled over him making myself comfortable lowering my sweet, smooth pussy right on top of his cock. I began to ride him vigorously. He placed his hands on my tits, ripping off my bra and his mouth sucking and tugging on my hard nipples. We fucked all morning and I missed class, I needed to ride that cock bad. Now, I’m ready to fuck all day. I might stop by school later and see if I can work some of my charm on my teacher. I have an offer he won’t be able to refuse.

Snow Angel

*Giggles* Looks like I spoke too soon about the nice weather. We have about a foot of snow now. Everyone else in the house is sleeping in taking advantage of a day off. Not me, I love how the sun shines on the fresh snow. It kind of looks like a special fairyland. I want to make snow angels and have a snowball fight but no one is around. The plow hasn’t come through and it is so quiet out.

I am still in my sleep shorts but I put on boots and run outside. It really isn’t that cold with the sun so bright. You know that expression “Dance Like No One Is Watching” Well that is just what I did. I started singing very loudly and was spinning around dancing in the snow. It was so funny because it was fresh and I was sinking a bit in it. I could see the blinds opening at Mr W’s house as he watched me. Me sinking, spinning and singing was so funny I fell on my back and began to make snow angels.

I was having a fucking blast but I guess Mr W was worried so he came outside in his Pj’s and boots with a coat tossed over. He had a huge smile on his face when he saw how much fun I was having or maybe how hard my cute teen nipples were. When he reached out his hand to pull me up, I pulled harder and he fell in the snow with me. We were laughing and rolling around and it happened. He kissed me, I mean a real kiss deep with tongue. When he finally caught his snap he helped me up and with his arm around me took me to his house since no one was home.  “Get out of those wet clothes, A.J.”, he said. He was trying to be fatherly and all but he had a huge hard on. I dried off with a towel and he tossed my clothes and his pj’s in the dryer.

“What should we do now while we wait”, I asked teasingly. He just shook his head and said, “oh A.J.”.  Next thing I know I jumped in his arms wrapping my legs around his waist as he carried me to his bedroom. I could feel his big swollen cock head against my dripping wet little teen pussy.  Mr W laid me on the bed and pulled me to the edge. It felt so good when he started licking and kissing down my flat tummy till he got to my creamy pussy. I couldn’t wait so I put my hand on the back of his head and covered his face in my juices. He started to mumble something about protection as he rolled on his back in his bed. I told him not to worry because I had the protection thing all under control. I slid down his big, thick cock as he sat up to suck my erect nipples.  I bounced faster and harder using his cock like I owned it. Just when he moaned he was cuming, I told him I was so totaly fertile today!  Opps!

Just Like Mommy

Look at you going through all my pretty lingerie. You were so busy looking, and making cute little happy sounds that you didn’t even hear me come home. You are always so happy to see me after work that you run to greet my when you hear the clicking of my heels. Your boy clothes are on the floor in a pile and you look nervous when you see me. Your nerves quickly go to excitement and smiles when you see I have a few pretty colored bags from the “naughty store” as you call it.

“Show me please”, you whisper. I can see your little clitty is hard from your exploring in my room. You know when mommy goes to the” naughty store” she has much more than just lingerie. “Are you having company over”, you ask with a happy look on your face?

Join Mommy Debi and her friend for playtime!

In your arms

While I was waiting for my special man to answer his phone I was listening to the song he picked. It was slow, sexy and Stevie Ray Vaughn. For those few seconds my mind wandered about dancing naked with him to the song. As soon as I heard his voice I was ready. I told him how the song made me want to put my arms around his neck and dance slowly with my lips on his.

With my hard nipples against his strong chest and his hands cupping my cute teen ass we danced. Our kissing got more intense with our bodies pressed together. It wasn’t long before I teasingly pushed him on the bed and began to tease my hot, tingling clit with his swollen, pre-cum dripping dick head. He pulled my face to his as we kissed with our tongues moving in rhythm. He looked into my eyes and he pushed his cock into my tight, wet, creamy bald pussy. It was such an erotic experience! I can’t wait for our next time!

Cum dance with me?

Teen Delaney

Fetish Night

I know I have the reputation as the sexy yet sweet girl next door. We all have dark secrets we keep for special occasions. My secret is that once a month I go to a Fetish Ball. That is when my devious side comes out complete in latex and leather. Usually I am more on the submissive side but not on Fetish Night.

This is the place and the night the ladies have control. It is by invitation only to avoid any confusion by gentlemen who are normally in control. I know you work hard all week telling people what to do. It can be very tiresome, can’t it? Why not let your imagination run wild and do things you have always thought about?

I did say it was invitation only so I am sending you one by way of my blog. Call me and mention this blog for a 30 minute call for $50.00. Tell me slut what is your wildest fantasy. Would you enjoy a bit of pain with your pleasure? Maybe you have always wanted to put on some sexy lingerie and be taken like a bitch? Tell me your secrets, since I told you mine!

Late Night Merger

I have a personal philosophy of doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Your company needs an extra asset, a secret weapon to complete a very important deal. Your client sent three of their most powerful negotiators to work on a crucial deal between your two companies. The deal has some significant unresolved issues.  Your company and their company cannot have not been able close the deal.

Possibly a more relaxed setting will lighten the mood, so your clients will agree to your deal after a few cocktails and the best steak dinner in town. You invite me to this dinner as your secret weapon. You tell me to look hot and make them drool. You promise me that you will definitely make it worth my while if I charm the pants off of them.

I meet you at the restaurant. I have on a very tight, low cut black dress. You introduce me to your clients. Each of them stutter and stammer over their words. I am placed at the table between the two of the guys from the other company and across the table from you. You notice that they are fascinated with my breasts. Both men keep looking down my sexy dress.

As the plates are being cleared, I suggest that we all go back to your office and talk this out. I point out that both companies want this deal. I suggest that you hammer it out tonight. Everyone agrees and we go back to your office.

As soon as everyone sits down, the arguing starts again. The same sticking points seem to be unresolved. I suggest a break. I take the three men into an empty office and we negotiate our own deal. I will let them fondle my big breasts if they will concede on the first point. How can they say no to such an offer?

I don’t think they are going to budge on anything else. Oh wait. I see three bulges in three pairs of pants. By taking care of those hard cocks, I am sure that this deal will be signed tonight.

You’re Welcome, Baby!  Now take me home and pay up. Fuck me!


Sweet Service

Phone Sex with Gracie

I am lying in bed and waiting for a horny man to get all creamy for! I know you are looking at my pictures, wishing you were here with me. You are staring and admiring my body, your cock twitches at the site of my full Breast and sweet pussy! You are already rubbing that Cock aren’t you? That’s when you decide it’s just not enough for you, You gotta call and hear my sweet voice!

As many of you know, I aim to please in all ways possible. I enjoy rubbing my sweet pussy for you while you stroke that hard throbbing Cock for me. My sweet moans as I describe to you sensually what I want you to do to me. I want to know just what you want and what gets that Cock off! I want to get to know you and all your secrets, all your fantasies. Anything goes with me, I really love to be a naughty slut that you just can’t get enough of!

So, don’t be shy, tell me what you want from me… I am getting all wet just thinking of all the naughty things we can talk about. Would you like the girlfriend experience phone sex without all the strings attached? Of course a hot phone sex session is always fun when you add casual conversation. So anything goes, hold nothing back. Let me know how I can serve you?? 1.866.949.4108


Ultimate Release

Tease And Denial Phone SexYou better believe that I am the best little dominate barely legal teen that just loves to tease and deny you. I have a sweet and innocent voice with a twisted little mind. I learned really young how to control a hard cock. It must be the denying you part that I enjoy most. I am addicted to guided masturbation, where I can be in control of you every stroke. I want to tease and taunt you with a kinky scenario and have your cock pulsing and ready to explode. But not just yet… even if I let you cum at all. *giggles* I love when my clients call and ask for my permission to cum. I am doing a good thing here, see I can train you and that cock how to last longer and longer.

I get so wet and excited at making your cock quiver as it begins to engorge at the sound of my bratty teen voice. Describing to you all my slutty outfits and the sexual encounters I’ve had, Sure to get you hard as a rock, you’ll be begging and pleading with me to let you have that ultimate release! Will I?… Let’s hope your begging is good enough. I might decide to not let you cum at all.

Valentines day is coming soon! So get my sweet little tease and denial phone sex special! 15 hot minutes for 25$ Ask me about it to receive it 😉 Happy Valentines Day!

Missing Panties

I’ve noticed that my panty drawer has been a little empty lately. Every time I turn around, another pair is missing. I started doing some snooping and found them in your gym bag, step-brother. You naughty, naughty boy! When you get home, I’m waiting in your bedroom for you, my arms crossed. I ask you about them and you try to deny it. I grab your bag and pull out all the cum stained panties. There must have been a dozen pairs! It’s time for you to learn a lesson. If you don’t want me to tell mom and dad, you’re going to put on a show for me. I toss a clean pair to you and tell you to stroke for me. Wrap them around your cock and make a mess in those panties. I can tell you don’t want to, but you know the princess always gets what she wants. You undress and wrap those silky panties around your cock. You’re so hard already, big brother. You’re stroking so slow… I want more, and I think I know how to get it. I lay back on your bed and spread my legs wide for you. I pull my panties to the side so you can see my pretty pussy. There we go, your strokes are getting faster. I pull my lips apart and start to work 2 fingers in and out. Oh yeah. Now you’re pounding that cock for me. I shove another finger inside my tiny pussy. The room is filled with the sound of our breathing. I let out a little squeal as I cum all over your bed and you fill those panties full of hot sticky cum. I stand back up and walk over to you. Why don’t you just keep those, big brother.

Fuck You & Your Girlfriend

Your girlfriend has been snotty and bratty lately. She has been acting like a selfish bitch, a spoiled brat.

She thinks she can boss you around. We both know that I am the ONLY lady in your life that can dominate you. You are my bitch. You are my love slave.

During our session, you ask for my advice how to change your girlfriend’s behavior. You don’t want to break up with her, but you want her to stop being such a silly, frivolous, whiny bitch.

I laugh at you. Remember what I do to you when you get like that with me? When you get all whiny and you start to complain. Remember what happened the last time you tried to top me from the bottom?

Don’t I always say…If you are going to act like a bitch, you are going to get fucked like a bitch.

Bring your girlfriend to our next session and I will fuck you both like little bitches.

Mistress Koko