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Married Men Make My Pussy Purr!

I’ve always had a thing for married men. They’re always so deprived at home that they’ll give me anything I want! I just wiggle my cute little ass in front of them and they’re making excuses to their wives and meeting me out in the barn for a roll in the hay. I let them use my young body to satisfy all that pent up aggression they have. They tell me how good my tight teen pussy feels wrapped around their cocks. So much better than their wives! After they dump their huge loads in my tiny cunt, they take me on a shopping spree. I love trying on all those sexy outfits for my sugar daddy’s and they love to spoil me. They know if they buy me enough, I’ll let them stick their throbbing cocks in my juicy ass.
My teen holes need to be pounded. Leave your wife at home and give me that married cock!

Age Play Phone Sex

Looking for a little age-play phone sex? When you think of age-play you would naturally think of sharing your fantasies with a younger girl but what you really need is a mature woman who has experience in this department. I could tell you countess, real-life stores of what went on in my household over the years. My kids have had many sleep-overs with their friends and when mommy likes to drink, things get naughty. Let’s just say, I love exploring the young and submissive.

I specialize in all types of kink but my pussy gets the creamiest when we discuss extreme age-play fantasies.

Big Booty Phone Sex

I have the perfect big, booty you’ve been craving. I would love to shake my bubble butt in your face and watch your cock throb. My biggest turn on is a big, white dick against my brown ass. Shove that white piece of meat into my big ole booty and fuck the shit outta my ass while calling me filthy names. I love to be rammed from behind while you have a fist full of my long hair. Watch my ghetto booty shake as you’re fucking me harder. Nobody loves a good, hard ass pounding more than me. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about your cock sliding in my tight, honey hole.

I am open to anything and everything. Don’t believe me, call me and find out for yourself. This voluptuous beauty never says no.


I Make Daddy’s Boss Get Naughty

My parent’s had a big party here last night at our house. I wore a short little dress. My Dad invited a lot of people from his work. I have not seen his boss since last year’s party. Daddy’s Boss looked very handsome in his dark suit and red tie. He smiled when he saw me in my little dress.

I asked him if I could have a taste of his holiday cocktail while no one was looking. He said I was too young. I stepped on my tiptoes and assured him that I was not young for other adult activities. I grabbed his tie and ran my other hand on the inside of his thigh. I gave him a little pout and that look of “fuck me.”

He couldn’t fend off my advances with my all dirty talk and my flirting. He said that I was a wicked little whore just like my mother. Not sure what that is all about, but didn’t care at that moment. He was the hottest guy at the party and I needed to be fucked.

We slipped away from the party. I pulled him by his tie, like it was a leash, like he was my prey. I took him downstairs into my parent’s basement. I got him naked.  He knew he should good and not follow me, but I am just a little wicked girl who makes sexy men get naughty and naked with me.


Stuffed for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year where my step-daddy and his brothers come to our house for Thanksgiving. While my mom and aunts are busy cooking in the kitchen, my daddy and uncles are molesting my tight pussy in my bedroom. They take turns shoving their fingers deep inside me while playing with my tits and pulling on my hard nipples. Then they take turns shoving their horny cocks in my mouth while daddy lays me on my back and fucks me. He loves to be the first one putting his hot load deep inside his little girl. After he gives me a sloppy cream-pie, my uncles begin to have their way with me one by one.

After our big Thanksgiving dinner, we clear the table and my daddy tells me to get naked and spread eagle on the dining room table. He loves to see the loads of cum dripping from my cunt and running down my thighs. He demands my mom and aunts to lick my creamy pussy while my daddy and uncles jerk off. My family tradition is a little different, rather than having pumpkin pie for dessert, everyone gathers around and has my cum-filled cream pie!

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Your #1 Family Fun Phone Sex Girl, Mandee

Desperate Housewife

My husband took this week off from work, so he has been hanging around the house.  His presence has hindered my opportunities to sneak in sexy fun with my hot young lover. My stud must be wanting me as much as I want him. He sent me a pic of his hard cock this morning to my phone.

He texted me an address and asked me to meet him there. His family owns an old farm on a quiet country gravel road. My pussy was aching for his cock and I craved his big strong hands touching me. The address wasn’t far from me. I told him I would be there.

I make an excuse to my husband that I need to run a couple of errands. I can’t dress too sexy because that would raise suspicion with my husband. I put on a white body suit top and my sexy jeans with little brown boots. I put on my coat, grab my purse, hop into my car.

Twenty minutes later, I pull into the farm. No one lives in the house these days. There is a cold chill in the air, but I am hot. My lover is waiting for me. He is standing in the grass, so I park my car next to him. His cock is sticking out of the top of his unzipped jeans. My mouth is watering at the sight of his cock. I am aching to feel him inside of me. I drop to my knees and take him into my mouth. He is afraid he is going to cum too fast and pulls me up to him. We kiss. He grabs me and pulls me to him. He is anxious and horny. So, am I!

I slip out of my boots and jeans.  He smiles at my bodysuit and pushes the fabric to the side to expose my pussy.  He takes me from behind and fucks me outside against an abandoned old truck.  He fucks fast and hard as if to punish me for keeping him waiting all week.  Drives his thick hard cock deep inside of me. Feeling my legs quiver and moaning with erotic, carnal pleasure with each thrust into me.

Almost, collapsing as my legs give out, he grabs me and holds me tight against him. He looks so sexy with his bare chest and his jeans down around his knees. He fucks me with such intensity and passion until we both cum.

We walk over to the porch. He wraps me up in my coat. I tease him about his cock getting hard again. I put my lips around his cock and suck him. He fucks me again on the porch. After he cums again, I become chilled. So hot and now so cold!  I quickly get dressed and head back to town with a big happy smile on my face.


Holiday Gatherings

I’m so excited that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s so important to daddy that the whole family gets together for the holidays. He is always bragging how I’m his favorite little girl. He always makes me feel so special this time of year… between all the extra love and gifts 😉 The holidays always make me extra horny. This year I’ll plan things out a little different. I’m planning on getting stuffed by my step-daddy before all the guests arrive. I’m ready to open up my tight hole and let him feast on my marinaded juices. I’m going to give daddy the best Thanksgiving. I’ll show mommy that she’ll never be able to out do me.


Erotic Worship Phone Sex

It’s written all over your face that you’ve always been drawn to strong women your entire life. I see right through you.  You’re a weak creature. From the moment we exchanged our first hello, I knew it was going to be easy to wind you around my finger. I love finding weak men like you , so strong on the outside and so weak and helpless on the inside. Men like you were made to be dominated and controlled by women like me. You’ll do anything to please me, be a good boy and start by dropping to your knees worshiping my entire body. You’ll obey every command without question.
Soon you won’t be able to deny the truth anymore. Admit it, you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Hot, Hard and Horny!

I am hot, hard and horny!

We meet at my favorite nightclub. I get your out onto the dance floor and I show you my moves.  I grind my hips into your hips. Our cocks touching through our clothing. I want you. I am hot, hard and horny!

I invite you back to my place for an incredible night of hot sex!

Your lips crave a taste of my hard cock. It is full of sweet cum. A delicious sweet treat! You kiss me and share my cum with the sexiest of kisses.


Skipping School Again

My step-brother is coming home from college for Thanksgiving today. I am  so excited to see him I skip school and wait. My parents own a little retail store so they will be home super late. I can’t wait to have my hot older brother to myself. He is going to be so surprised at what I have waiting for him in his room.

Jake gets home around 2 pm assuming that no one will be here. My friend Jen and I are in his bed in just our panties  licking each other’s pussies when he walks in. I know he is there because I can hear him take a deep breath and unzip his pants. I am on top of Jen with my cute little teen apple butt in the air just humping her face.

Jake doesn’t even say “Hello” he is so hard at what he sees in his bed. He kicks off his pants and spread my ass cheeks and spits on my little pucker. Knowing is about to fuck my tight teen ass makes me so hot I start licking Jen’s pussy faster till she cums all over my face. Jake slams his cock in me and shoots his load really quick.

We all catch our breath and I introduce him and Jen. We have hours before our parents come home and we are going to make the most of it. Give me a call and I will tell you all about rest of afternoon. I would tell you now but Jake is ready to fuck us again.

Your little baby slut Bethany