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“No Other Love”

No other love….darling I’m flying

I can go…I can go anywhere

But no other love can take me there

Our lives can make it so difficult to find time together. You have your life there and I have mine here. I get the call from you that you are free for a few hours and I drop every thing to run to your arms. There is no time for me to change so I put on a pair of black stilettos to go with my black jeans and tight black cashmere sweater. I have been so busy today I barely remember what I have on for a bra and panties but in your message you did tell me you had a little surprise for us. I know you so well love, I know it will be something sexy for our afternoon of pure erotic passion. I quickly jot down the room number and my mind races as I drive to you

You have booked an elegant hotel for our afternoon rendezvous which will go way too quickly as they always do.  Our room is in the sky tower with many office building across the parking lot. You smile at me warmly but I can see your eyes filled with lust. We share a warm and deep kiss and as always I am ready to rip off clothes and feel you. You tell me to slow down we have plenty of time and point to the beautifully wrapped little box on the king size bed. You tell me to change in the restroom because you love seeing me make my entrance. I am so excited like a little girl with a new toy as I unwrap your present in the restroom. It is a tiny pair of black pure silk panties. They are so soft I rub them against my cheek. I get undressed and slip them on. They are so tiny my soft, pale round ass is barely covered. I slip my stilettos back on and enter the bedroom. You have opened the drapes and the room is bathed in sunlight. I slowly undress you leaving soft kisses on your bare chest. I go for your zipper but you slow me down again and playfully move me till my ass is against the balcony door. People are walking in the parking lot and I turn my head slightly to see faces in the office windows.

I ache to feel and kiss your hard cock but you soon are down on your knees kissing my creamy pussy. My hand is on the back of your head as you tease me with your tongue and back me up even more so my ass is pushed and grinding against the glass balcony door. I cup one of my big beautiful mounds and push the nipple up to my mouth. I suck on it gently as you bring me to the edge over and over again. My little black silk panties are pushed in the crack of my round ass as the front is getting wetter and wetter from your tongue and my hot creamy honey. You tug the front of them down and lick the cream that has dripped from my pussy into the black silk. I suck harder on my nipples and you slide a wet finger in my tight little pucker. I grind on your handsome face harder till I cum in your mouth. I want to fuck you so bad, feel you inside me but you yet again tell me to slow down. You take your pants off and your hard cock is dripping liquid desire. I push you to the chair and drop to my knees with my mouth open and ready to take drop after drop of your hot creamy liquid. I look into your sexy eyes as I slowly stroke you cock and pop it against my hungry lips. Your pre-cum is dripping faster now and I don’t want to miss a drop so I begin to rub and massage your hard balls as I tease the notch right under your mushroom head with my tongue. Feeling you twitch makes me feel a passion in me like never before. I want you, I want you so bad, There is saliva, pre-cum and sweet milk in between my luscious tits. I push them together slowly moving your cock back and forth. My tongue is out and your cock slides against it as I rhythmically move you back and forth between my slippery boobs and my mouth. I feel your balls tightening and I know you are ready to give me your hot, pearl colored fluid all over my erect nipples. You finally explode with spurt after spurt till you are completely drained.

You have to leave but have arranged for me to have a spa day and spend the rest of the night being pampered.  Having you in my life is more wonderful than I could have ever hoped for. Till next time.

Dressing You Up

Have you ever wondered what kind of slut you would make? I’ve caught you watching me put my makeup on. It’s more than just lust for me I see in your eyes. You want to the same beauty treatment. I’ve been itching to get you in something lacy. You resist a little at first, but I know just the things to whisper in your ear to make you my little doll. I take out my prettiest lingerie for you. You stand and allow me to transform you. I cinch you in one of my corsets, loving the way your body is taking on a more feminine shape. Next is your face. I take out my “tools” I get to work. So pretty. I turn you to the mirror and let you look at yourself. You eyes open in shock. You don’t even look like yourself. I look down at your panties and see the hard bulge forming. I smile. I knew you would love it. There is one more thing to complete the look for you. As you look in the mirror, you see me behind you, stroking the big strap on that I’m wearing. A cock in your mouth is all you’re missing. Don’t worry. I’m going to teach you.

Naughty School Girl Lindsay

I’ve always been a Daddy’s Girl from the start. I couldn’t of asked for a better teacher growing up. Now that I’m older, he understands that I go out with friends and boyfriends. He’s totally cool with that. He turns to my Mother when he gets really horny. I’ll always be a Daddy’s Girl at heart. He never lets me down when I need to get off. The house was empty except my Step-daddy, he was downstairs watching the morning news. I was getting ready for school and I was so horny. I needed his warm mouth wrapped around my hard nipples pleasuring me before I went off to school. I came downstairs topless to make it very clear that I was on the horny side and something needed to be done about it before school. I went back up to my room and laid on my bed lifting my skirt up and playing with my nipples. He came upstairs right away and nuzzled his face between my sweet tasty pussy. I wrapped my legs around his neck pulling him closer letting him devour my pussy. It’s been such a long time since we played. He made sure he took his time and licking and kissing me, with my juices running down his face. I pulled down my skirt so I wouldn’t be late for school. I’ll catch up with him after school. We need to finish what we started.

Ass Whore

No, this blog isn’t about YOU being an ass whore. It’s all about ME! I am a total anal slut. My ass can’t get enough stuffing. Whether it’s being roughly pounded or sensually taken, I’m always happiest when my ass is full of cock. Do you think you can satisfy my craving? You better have a huge dick. I need to have my little puckered hole turned into a gorgeous gape. If you’re less than 9 inches, don’t even bother. The only thing I need you for is making sure my ass is nice and clean after a good fucking. I’m on my knees, backed arched, ass in the air. Cum fulfill my anal fantasy!

Study Buddy

School has been back in now for a little while. As usual, too much partying has already taken it’s toll on my studies. However, your gal Ashton came up with the greatest idea. I decided to find a study buddy. I knew I had to be very selective. I needed to find one of the biggest nerds I could find that would be dedicated to me and do the work for me! I took a little time, but I found the perfect one. He was tall and lanky and I had caught him staring on more than one occasion. I went to visit him in his dorm one afternoon, wearing my shortest little jean shorts and a skimpy tank top with no bra. When he opened the door and saw me there, he nearly swallowed his tongue. I gave him a bright smile and asked if I could come him. He nodded, moving out of the way so I could walk inside. Once the door closed, I wasted no time asking if we would by my special study partner. I expected him to agree at once, but he crossed his arms and said he knew that I only wanted to use him. I figured it was time to move on and find someone a little more gullible, but he grabbed my arm and said he would make a deal with me. He said I could use him to do all my work IF I agreed to let him use my body. I was disgusted at first, until he took out his throbbing hard cock. Keeping my eyes locked on it, I slowly sank to my knees. It all seemed like a win-win to me 😉

My Sexy Step-Daddy

I had the hottest call last week! One of my callers decided to try a little something different with me. We had a super sexy step-daddy/step-daughter role play. I was a naughty girl and really teased my step-daddy. I walked around wearing practically nothing, how was he supposed to resist? He came up to my bedroom and teased my young pussy while Mom was out for the day. He really took his time with me and made me moan and beg. Step-daddy is really good at pushing me to my limits. He had me stretched out on the twin bed with his mouth between my legs and kept me that way until I came in his mouth twice! When he slipped his cock inside my tight little pussy, I nearly came again but he held back and made me stretch this orgasm out. The next time I came, I came around my step-daddy’s hard cock as he shot his load into my little honey hole. It really was such a hot call. I can’t wait for another round!

Sweet Tempting Me!

I love being the tempting one. It’s all about the art of seduction with me. The sway of my hips and the toss of my hair. The giggle you hear when you tell me a joke. Me touching your arm and looking you right in the eye. These kind of things I love to do and watch the blood drain from your face. I know where all of that is going too!  It’s quite obvious. My favorite type of phone call? Well, the one that I can play and tease you! Maybe even end it with a long hard, sucking!!!  The feeling of cock on my lips as I get super super wet! Well, now I have gotten you all excited already haven’t I? Good! Then all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me!


Yahoo & Aol; Temptingtalon

Bringing Home a Big Surprise

My man friend loves it when I go out for the evening by myself because he knows I don’t ever come home alone. I always tell him that the surprise will just depend on my mood.  It might be another hot woman, a man or perhaps a chick with a big dick.  Our moods always tend to be in sync although our last threesome he did complain a bit that I kept all the dick for myself.

I went to a dance club downtown that always seemed to have the hottest shemale’s wearing the sexiest little dresses that left nothing to the imagination.  I Immediately saw what we were craving on the dance floor. She was blonde, tall with tits I wanted to wrap my lips around. She was dancing alone so I joined her putting my arms around her and grinding into her adorable, firm little ass. Just for a bit my hands wandered down to be sure she had a big, hard cock for us to enjoy together. We danced awhile and I could feel she was rock hard and ready. We said down at a table had a few drinks and kissed. By then we were both horny and ready to take the party to my house.

Ray’s excitement was clear as soon as he saw her. She sauntered over to him making it known who was in charge tonight.  She snapped her long manicured fingers and then pointed to the floor where he was to get on his knees and serve her. Tonight was ladies night and she was in control. He pulled up her tight little dress and he quickly wrapped his lips around her big, thick hard cock. I grabbed the back of his head forcing him to deep throat her. Watching my man suck her cock was making my pussy drip hot cream down my long legs. I got down beside him and started to lick her smooth cum filled balls.  She shoot a huge load of cum in his mouth and we kissed sharing her hot creamy jizz.

By now I was craving cock and wanted both my hot holes filled. Before long I was riding Ray and Shemale Dani was pounding my ass with her cock still slippery with cum and spit. Ray pushed his fingers in my mouth so I could lick off the pre-cum still on his hands. With them both pounding me I came so hard my whole body trembled. After Ray licked her beautiful cock clean we exchanged numbers. Apparently Ray and I both love shemale cock so much that next week she promised to bring a friend along.

Abby gets FUCKED

I’ve had my share of lovers. From relationships to hook ups, I’ve never wanted for dick. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable when it came to sex- until him. I was meeting a photographer to show him a new condo I had listed. After waiting for over half an hour, my patience was running thin. Anyone that knows me knows that I hate waiting. I was gathering my things and getting ready to walk out the door when I heard a knock. I walked over to the door, ready to give him a tongue lashing for making me wait. When I opened the door, my mouth went dry and I couldn’t speak. In front of me stood a young, handsome man. I was a little taken back by the instant lust I felt coursing through my body. After an awkward silence, he smiled and introduced himself. I did the same and began to walk him through the condo. I could feel his eyes all over my ass as I led the way. I could also feel my juices coating my thighs. When we made it into the bedroom, he asked if the bed (which was quite impressive) came with the condo. I told him yes, and that he was welcome to sit and try it out. It wasn’t until I felt my back hit the mattress that I realized he had something else in mind for a trial run. I had no defense against his assault. I felt my skirt move up my hips, his hands move down my panties. My fingers fumbled with his pants. I wanted his cock– no I NEEDED his cock. I was not disappointed with what I found. This young stud had the biggest cock I have ever had inside me. I wanted nothing more than to put it in my mouth, but my cunt couldn’t wait. He gripped my shoulders and held me down as he thrust inside me. It didn’t last long.. we were both so sexually charged. I had never been fucked like that before. I knew I never yeah would be again.
He’s fucked me every day since. I can’t get enough of his huge, thick cock. He more than meets my size requirements, unlike some of these other fuckers that think they have a chance. Your cock will not compare to his, there’s no need to even plead your case. However, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get the chance to hear this Sex God fuck me. He can show you pencil dick losers how a real man fucks a sexy little slut like me.

My Love for Tights!

Went shopping this week.  Treated myself! Bought some fun new sexy tights! Sheer, various colors, patterns.

My new tights are fun and sexy. Some for every day and some tights are only for sexy bedroom fun.

Love how tights feel and look on my legs. I love lingerie. Currently, I am obsessed with bodysuits over tights. My naughty obsession started I saw Beyonce perform at the 2014 Grammy Awards.  She wore this sheer black bodysuit with these amazing black tights with tiny crystals. Sexiest look that I have ever seen!

Waiting for UPS to deliver a new bodysuit that I ordered online. It should arrive today. I have a perfect pair of new tights ready to try on with my new body suit. Sexy lingerie makes me feels so sexy.

I ordered from Journelle. If you love lingerie, you have got to check out this site. I splurge and order something from this site a couple of times of year. Right after Christmas I ordered Woolford tights.  Worth every penny!

Let’s do a very sexy call!  Let’s play dress up. I will dress you up in my new tights and maybe my new bodysuit!