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Mean Girl Phone Sex

Mean girl phone sex isn’t for just anyone, it’s for losers only. That would be YOU! I am mean by nature, it’s something I don’t fake.

Let’s get real, do you think a girl like me would ever be caught with a loser like you? If we were out in public together, strangers would know right away you would be paying me to be near you. You can’t fool anyone.

Losers like you need to be put in your place and totally humiliated. You’re so pathetic and have no one in your life so you will take anything. That’s why you call my Loser Phone Sex Line because you have nothing else to look forward too. Sometimes the sound of your loser voice annoys me so bad and I just put the phone down and ignore your pathetic ass. You’re so desperate that you press the phone against your ear to hear if I am near the phone. Little do you know, I have the phone on my nightstand and my boyfriend between my legs eating my pussy while I laugh and tell him what a pathetic loser you are. You so badly wish that was you eating my pussy, you and I both know that will never happen! I might put the phone down there so you can listen. God, you’re such a loser!

A Poem For My Loser Faggots

You are a loser and a cum dumpster

When in panties you are a little ole sissy

Why is it that you made me laugh so hard

I guess it is because you prance around so prissy

Assume the position you queer ass toilet slut

All of  my hot little fuck holes got filled by Rick

Gulp down my hot piss mixed with cum

That is the only way you get near me with your little prick

So I am writing this silly poem to let you know

That hot little teens like me love big cocks

So put on your panties and get your toys

Because a call with me so fucking rocks

Little teen mistress Torrie

Dirty Minds

Cum quench your thirst with me. Are you in the mood for some no limit opened minded phone sex? I’m so horny and I’m ready to explore every taboo secret you have. Get ready for some hot role plays. I’m a very sexual girl with a very sinful imagination. I’ve been known to be the slut who loves to seduce men. I can’t seem to get enough cock. I get off when you tell me how your cock is rock hard for me. It makes me want to pull down my panties and start fucking myself for you. I can’t wait for us to cum together. The thought of your rock hard package shoved in my pussy makes me want to cum all over your cock. Give me a call, you wont forget my sweet voice and our amazing orgasms we will share.

I can’t wait for us to cum together and talk about all of our fantasies.

Quick Blowie?

*Giggles* I can see the lights are all turned off in the house across from me so that is my signal to come over. My parents don’t think twice because it is too hot to run during the day so I run at night. They always just tell me to be careful and to lock up and turn the lights off when I return. Wearing little running shorts and a tank I quietly let myself in where he is waiting for me.

“A.J. we have to be quick because my wife is restless tonight and wouldn’t take a sleeping pill”, he whispered. I love that he risks getting caught for just 20 minutes with his little teen fuck slut.  I quickly pull off my clothes and get down on my knees.  I smile at him at look up with my big blue eyes. He never could resist me. His cock is already hard and oozing precum.  YUMMY!!  I lick it off the tip and use my tongue and lips to spread it all over his throbbing cock.   He wraps his hands around my silky brown hair while my hands rub, and squeeze his hard cum filled balls. I can feel his is about to cum and he pulls my hungry teen mouth off his cock.

I guess with his baby fuck slut a blowie is never enough. He sits me on the couch and puts my long legs on his shoulders. I am already aching for his cock but he has to have the taste of my hot teen pussy on his lips. It feels so good as his tongue licks every bit of my hot honey slit.  He tells me to cum for him and I squirt all over his face. “Fuck me now, I can’t wait any longer”, I beg him.  He grabs my little tight ass and plunges his cock into my hot, wet slit.  He is kissing me now as I taste my pussy juice on his face. He fucks me hard and fast now with his balls slapping against me.  We kiss hard now because we both are so loud when we cum we have to muffle the sound.  He jumps off of me, kisses me goodnight as I dress and go for my run.  “Same time tomorrow”, I say as I run out his door.

Dirty Debi

I got the nickname Dirty Debi when I was about 12. I would do all the things my friends wouldn’t. It didn’t matter much if it was boys, male teachers, female teachers or my friend’s daddies. I just love sucking and fucking and didn’t care with whom. As I got older things started to change. I noticed that I loved a certain type of man and I craved being the one in charge.

I still love sex the dirtier the better and it really just depends on my moods. While I love my men cute, fragile and girly I would never turn down a huge, thick hard black cock. When I can combine the two I am in dirty girl heaven.

You are dressed up so pretty for me in your lace panties and bra. I adore watching you prance around in your stockings and heels. Seeing your pretty soft hand wrapped around my strap-on makes my mommy’s cunt so wet. I do have a surprise for you today. When mommy is done fucking her baby company will be joining us. After I get a good pounding from my hot as fuck black lover we will just see where it takes us. I know you will be watching while you play with your little clit. Is my baby in the mood for some BBC today?

xoxo Dirty Debi

I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together

Want to know something. I find people extremely deadening. Most of the time when a”norm” is trying to talk to me you can see my eyes glaze over and I go to Ivy Land. Ivy Land is a place where you do what you are told and serve me. It is a place where I am never bored, sex is never vanilla and there is old absinthe of every brand to partake  of.

You are either my friend “fucking doubtful”, my partner in crime and fuck buddy or my subbie. It takes a very deviant man to be my fuck buddy but once you are the sex is way beyond anything a “norm” can imagine. Call me and lets see where it goes because………

I might like you better if we slept together

There is somethin’ in your eyes that says maybe

That’s never, never say never

Young Big Black Cock

I live in a pretty large house and from time to time I am asked to take in a young man so he can go to school in our district.  It always is a football or basketball player. Of course, I will do anything to help the team.  It just seems the last few years the boys get hotter and I get hornier.  My new guest came last night and I almost lost it right then.  He was 6 feet plus, muscled and HOT.

I could tell he was looking me up and down as I showed him his room and told him to have free run of the house. The only rule he had to follow was curfew so he made it to classes on time.  Other than that he was basically going to be very spoiled with football practice his only concern. It was getting late so we said our “goodnight” and I told him breakfast would be at 7 am.

Trying to sleep was next to impossible. All I could think of was the hot young man in the next room. My mind started to wander as my hands slid in between my legs to my hot and aching cunt. He seemed to be having the same problem as he came in my room without knocking. “Coach said you would do anything for the team”, he said. I could see the bulge in his shorts and I know I must have licked my lips. He look at me, ripped off my silk nightie and said “Suck it bitch”.  I was on my knees with about 9 inches of black throbbing meat slapping against my lips.  He was so rough and began to throat fuck me. He came so hard down my throat I gagged. He told me that was it for tonight, with a smirk on his face he left my bedroom.

Good Subbie!

I love molding a nice little subbie. I took control of a cute, innocent, fresh subbie last night. I dressed him so pretty and sexy. I took this opportunity to introduce him to my big, well hung stud, Lee. I told Lee to use my slutty sub.

I could tell he was nervous, but I told him “be a good whore and do as you are told.” Nothing makes my pussy wetter than watching my sweet, fragile sub being fucked with a massive, thick cock until he can barely stand it.

Lee has my subbie on all fours fucking, and stretching his tight ass. I love seeing Lee’s big cock disappear into that narrow ass. Lee stops and wants lips wrapped around his dick. I am so proud of my subbie being such a good little cock sucker. I get creamer, and creamer as I hear him gag and choke. I see Lee is pumping faster, letting me know he is ready to cum. I tell Lee to shoot his cum all over subbie’s sweet face. I grab subbie’s face and forcefully push him between my thighs. “Get to work bitch,” I say. He buries his tongue into my dripping, tight, pink pussy. Bringing me to a screaming orgasm.

I demand the best from my subbie’s


Slutty School Girl

Now that school is back in session it’s time to take advantage of all my male teachers. I’ll be sure to get an A in every single class. This year I have a brand new professor who is new to the school. What an easy target he was. From the very first day of class, I could tell he wanted me. I would take a seat in front of the class wearing my little skirt with no panties. I would play my little games with him opening my legs and closing them while I sucked on my fingers. One day he asked me to stay after class to speak with me. I knew I was getting in trouble which is nothing new for me. I looked at this as an opportunity to fuck him. It was so easy I sat up on his desk and lifted my top up and pulled up my skirt and started to finger my pussy and demanded that he take off his pants or I would tell the whole school he was a perv! The next thing I knew, I had everything I wanted. We were on the floor and I was ridding his cock like a naughty school girl.

Bad Girl Brittany

Making you feel fresh

I know your secret, you’re a business man by day and by night you turn into my sweet little baby. I make you do all the things that you tell me that you don’t want to do. It’s time you take the next step and act like a big boy. I make you go out in your diaper to the grocery store to pick up some clean diapers and a new rattle and a few other toys for our fun. I make you tug your shirt up and your bottoms down so there’s that risk someone will see your diaper. You come home excited that you have new diapers and toys. You smile from ear to ear. You are such a good boy completing all the tasks that I give you. You coo away telling me all about your new rattle. Now, it’s time to be a good boy for me. I’m smelling a stinky in your pants. Lay down so I can change you. I grab a warm wash cloth and start cleaning you up. You start to coo and baby talk when I blow you kisses but you still start to cry. Awe, I think your hungry after your long trip to the store. You start to pull on my shirt, pulling me in so you can suckle my breasts. Your little wee wee is growing. You’re so cute, no worries I’ll take care of that too.