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My Pregnant Pussy Needs To Be Fucked!

It’s been a couple of days since I was really fucked, and I’m going crazy! I have a pussy that always needs to be pounded and I’m having dick withdrawals. I tried to take matters into my own hands and use a toy or my fingers, but that just wasn’t cutting it. Nothing beats the real thing. I started making phone calls, hoping someone was in the mood for my puffy little pussy. I called every client in the book, letting them know that I needed cock. After my calls, I realized that a line was starting to form outside my trailer. I opened the door and told them the line formed here. I went into my bed and spread my legs wide, letting each one take their turn using my little cunt and filling me full of hot, creamy cum. It turned the others waiting in line on so much, watching me get fucked. They were throwing handfuls of cash on my nightstand. It was a perfect night. I got all the sex I needed, until tomorrow.

At Your Expense

You enjoy all the perks of having me in your life. It makes your cock rock hard when I tease you with my words. You tell me all of your thoughts and secrets. I always let you have your pleasure I never deny your orgasms. I do make you beg like my little dirty slut. I love hearing how excited and turned on you get when you promise me the world. We both know you need to step up to the plate before offering a Princess like me the world. I own your pleasure, I command you on how and when to stroke your cock for me. I own you!

*Make yourself a mental note ~ The perks don’t last forever when your not taking care of your Princess*

It’s so easy for me to please you and control you and it’s really easy for me to wreck your world if you fuck up. Don’t mistake my kindness, I’m still that bratty princess who will destroy you. Humiliating you, laughing my ass off while I tell everyone your dirty little secrets.

Princess Paris <3


I let you have your way with me a few nights ago. I played the perfect submissive slut. I let you use and abuse my body, just the way you like. I must admit, I loved it. When I begged you to let me cum, I wasn’t stroking your ego. I wanted that orgasm you had denied me for so long. I obeyed your every command, listened to your voice remind me what I am.. a filthy little cum slut. I played by your rules, and now the time has come for you to play by mine. I’m planning the perfect night for us. I’ll show you who is the true master of tease and denial. I’ll make you beg me the way I pleaded with you, wanting to cum so bad. I’ll smile down at you and shake my head. You’ll have to earn it first, baby. You’ll be lucky if I even let you touch your cock, let alone stroke it. Don’t think I have forgotten the way you made me grovel. I’m ready for my revenge… are you?

Daddy’s Girl Fantasy Phone Sex


Move over mommy, little Ariel has daddy’s cock wrapped right around her tight, pussy lips. I’m going to be sleeping next to daddy from now on, he says he prefers my pussy over yours. Once he had his tight lil girl, there was no way he would ever sleep with mommy again.

My fertile pussy is ready for you anytime, daddy! I love pleasing you and I really would like to have your baby. By that time, we can kick mommy outta the house and we can have our own playful family.

Tonight, let’s have mommy watch as I suck and fuck your cock. I know you told me she doesn’t like anal so we can show her how her daughter is an anal slut when it comes to daddy’s big cock.

Ahhh.. daddy the possibles are endless to what we can do with one another.

Your Little Ariel

Filling In

My brother-in-law called and asked if I would fill in for his secretary for the week. My pussy clenched at just the thought. After our last fuck session, I was ready for more. I showed up on Monday, dressed in my best sexcretary attire. I wanted to dress to impress. As I settled in, my brother-in-law came out to tell me he would be gone for most of the day, but that his partner would be around to take care of things. After he left, his partner came out to give me the orders for the day. He was a bit old for my taste, so I was a bit bummed until I saw the massive hard on that was growing in his pants while looking at my tits! I found it very hard to work the rest of the day. My fingers kept sneaking under my panties, rubbing my little clit. As I brought my fingers to lips, I saw his head peek out of his office. “Alexis, can I see you in my office…NOW!” I stood up, straightening my skirt and walked in. As I walked in, he grabbed my arm and bent me over the desk. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, ” Your brother-in-law told me what a hot little slut you were, but I had no idea how right he was!” His cock was inside my pussy in seconds, pumping me full of rock hard cock. His hands held me down, making me take my well deserved pounding. I screamed against the paperwork on his desk. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my brother-in-law rubbing his cock through his pants. His smirk told me he was next.

A Little Fisting Never Hurt

I know you love my adventurous side, baby. You get to do whatever you want to me and my body. You use and fuck my holes for your pleasure and I never say no. Tonight I’m in the mood for something new but it’s not my holes that will be used. I put my hands on your shoulders, pushing you to your knees. I look down at you and tell you to get on all fours. I know it’s a foreign concept to you. You’re so used to being in control. It’s time for you to give a little of that away. You let my soothing voice guide you, hypnotized by my words. I spread your ass open, rimming that tight little hole with my tongue. I know you’ve always been curious about ass play. I tell you to relax as I lube my fingers up. I slowly ease my fingers in, pressing deep. I hear your moans and see your cock getting harder and harder. With 4 fingers inside, I tuck that thumb in and push. I hear you inhale as the whole hand goes inside. I pull my fingers together and make a fist. I start slow… but soon you’re begging me to fuck your ass. I pound it inside you, your screams and moans making my pussy flood the floor. I keep pumping inside you until your cock explodes. It’s amazing how you go from being my master, to being my bitch.


I was hanging around in front of my house the other morning. Our neighbor Mr. Frank was outside sitting on his front porch drinking his coffee. I know my step-daddy talks to him sometimes. I glanced over and caught him with a wide smile on his face. He waved me to come over. I didn’t see any harm, everyone was gone at my house. I waved back and starting walking over to him. I sat down and he offered me something to drink. I wasn’t sure what was going on but my panties were soaked. I was getting so turned on by his presence. He sat back down and he gave me “the look.” I could tell he knew I wasn’t the innocent girl next door. I lifted up my skirt and pulled my panties aside and started fingering myself. I knew he was just as turned on as I was. Soon, his fingers replaced mine. He pushed more of his thick fingers into my tight pussy hole. I had such an amazing orgasm in such an intense seductive way. I think I’ll have to say Hi more often.

Baby Girl Emma

I am what is for dinner

He walked up behind me grabbing my hips and pulling me toward him. Kissing the back of my neck whispering, “I want you so bad.” His hand slides around my toned tummy and sucks on my ear lobe, his tongue plays with it, “oh you like that”, he whispers.

He pushes me against the counter top where I am cleaning dishes from dinner. His hands slide up and stops at the bottom of my bra. His hands follow the edge of my bra to the back and undoes my clasp. His fingers lightly trace my beautiful breast then lifting each breast with his hands. I grind my hips, pushing myself harder against his throbbing cock. I gasp at the sensation of having him grind my ass. His hand leaves my breast and lifts my dress up. His hand slides down the front of my pelvis.

He gets on his knees and kisses the cheeks of my ass. He kisses the backs of my thighs, “spread your legs” I hear him say. I am breathing hard and trying to turn around. He grabs my ass with his hands pinning me to the counter, and forcing me over it. He licks my pussy hard. My pussy opens to his tongue my lips are swollen and pink. He stands and unzips his jeans. He takes his swollen cock and rubs it along my ass and pussy. I feel his cock sitting on the edge of my clit. His cock is riding along my pussy lips and ass. Teasing me and smearing my juices all over making me wetter. His wet cock is throbbing from the head being run along my cunt. His hard cock slides back and touches the rim of my pussy and I thrust to only reach the rim of my ass. “You’re torturing me, fuck me please,” I beg. He swings me around and throws me on the counter. He rams his cock in me. I am so wet and tight. His hands grip my ass and his finger enters my asshole. He thrusts harder and my pussy squeezes, tightening around his cock. It sends him over the edge, he explodes cumming. My urges are taking over I start to thrust harder. We can both hear how wet we are, my pussy is already oozing with his cum. I lean back further and find the angle that sends me cascading into orgasm. He can see that I am cumming so he thrusts harder.

Smiling we fall to the cool kitchen floor. He leans over and asks, “ready for another round.”

Teaching The Coach A Lesson

I don’t look like the typical soccer mom but I am one, believe or not. I don’t have a mini- van with the family stick figures on the back window or anything like that. I am just a mom who sits on the sidelines and cheers for her kid.

I’ve been noticing lately that the coach hasn’t been putting my kid in to play. He’s not the best player on the team but he’s certainly not the worst either. It’s really annoying me because I am there to see my kid play, not to watch the other kids play and talk to the boring soccer moms who talk about coupons and other pathetic shit.

So last Tuesday night, I pulled the coach aside to have a little chat with him. After I told him how I felt, he told me he would prefer to have a one on one meeting with me so we could discuss my concerns. I knew exactly where this was going. I could ready his perverted mind like a fucking book.

I agreed to meet him the next night at bar/restaurant. When I arrived there, he had a drink waiting for me. I really just wanted to cut the bullshit and get straight to the point. He explained to me that he purposely wasn’t letting my son play soccer so I would have a talk with him. He just wanted to get in my pants this whole time. I told him if he wanted to fuck me, he should of just told me from the get go. Why do you have to fuck with my kid?

We went to the parking lot and got in his car. I teased and tormented his cock every way imaginable. I slid of my skirt and finger fucked my pussy in front of him. Every time he tried to touch me, I would slap his hand away. He pulled down his pants, thinking we were going to fuck. I quickly pulled up my skirt and got out of his car and slammed the door in his face. Sorry Mr. Blue Balls- you could of had me but you fucked with the wrong Mommy.

Boy Toy

I’ve always had a thing for younger men. They are so young and eager to please me. It takes very little to lure them into my sexual web with a body like this. I just give them a little sneak peek of these gorgeous tits and they are putty in my hands. The more innocent the better. I love to train them to be my personal boy toys. I teach them how to touch, how to taste.. and how to fuck. I got my first taste of fresh meat with all my son’s friends. They always begged their mommies to let them spend the night at my house. They would practically show up, dick in hand to have a go at this sexy MILF. I sent them straight upstairs to my bedroom and their lessons officially began! Do you need a good training? Call this hot mommy. I’ll teach you things these younger girls could never show you.

xoxo- Mommy Georgia