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Fuck Me Like An Animal!

I want to be fucked hard today. I want you to shove me down and take me like you own my hot, wet pussy. Shove your cock in me deep and rough. Fuck me like an animal. Bite and scratch me, pull my hair. Slam that dick in my mouth and make me take it deep down my throat til I gag and choke. Hold me down and shove it deep between my tits until they are aching and you finally squirt hot cum. You then flip me over and shove your cock up my ass until I feel as if my ass is splitting open. You know I want it rough today and you are the fucker to make it happen. My pussy won’t stop cumming. You are like a cave man proving your superior control over me and I love it.

Sneaking Around

I think it’s so hot when you call me and your wife is asleep upstairs and you’re downstairs jerking your cock off for me. I love the thought of knowing she is close by and I get to be the one who gives you that intense, incredible orgasm.

She probably turned you down for sex once again and now you’re left with blue balls. And, we both know she’s not into the same thing we’re into. She would never get your fantasies and what makes your cock cum the hardest. When you call me, we get into our own little world and we don’t have to explain anything to anybody because we just get one another. I just wish I was there so I can show you or better yet, you could feel how wet my pussy was knowing your wife could come down the stairs at any moment. I would love to show her how throbbing hard I can make your cock.

In a fantasy world, I would love to tie her up and have her watch us fuck while we say those nasty things to each other like we do on the phone. I would be looking at her while your cock is balls deep inside of me. I would let her know how much you love my pussy and tell her how amazingly good your cock feels inside of me. Ultimately, there would be no more sneaking around, we could just fuck freely while we force your wife to watch.

Call me and let’s play out this fantasy and take it to a whole other level.


4th of July Fun

I’m trying to plan my big 4th of July bash and have been working on the guest list. I’ve always invited tons of friends…but this year, it’s a man only party. Instead of using my address book, I’m using my little back book and the list is very long! I had to reach between my legs and rub my cunt with every name added. I’m not going to bother inviting any other women, I want them all to myself. My holes haven’t been used and stretched in so long. 1…2… 10 cocks just won’t do. I’m in the mood for a good old fashioned gang-bang/bukkake party. I close my eyes and just imagine it. I will greet them all at the door on my knees and just take their cocks then and there. All those hard dicks just for me and all those hot creamy loads blown in my face. My panties are so wet. Even I didn’t know I was such a cock whore! Want to join the party? I need more cock for my hungry holes. It’s an open invitation… you can even invite a friend ūüėČ

The Great Outdoors

I’ve always loved being outdoors. I decided to go out on a group kayaking trip one weekend. Once I was out in the water, I noticed that there was a man looking at me, watching me. He paddled over and introduced himself. I smiled and did the same. He told me that he went out with this group all the time and that he could give me a much better tour, if I was interested. I’m not sure what came over me, but I decided that I would much rather see what he had to show me. We waited until the group left and then paddled in the other direction. I followed him, taking in the beautiful sights. I was having so much fun, that I totally lost track of time. The sun was starting to set and we were far from home. My tour guide suggested that we move the bank and camp for the night. The water was getting a little rough and my clothes were quite wet. He built a fire for us and I sat close, trying to warm up. He came closer, putting his arm around me. At his touch, I felt a stirring in my panties. I turned my head and looked at him. His face was so close to mine. I could feel his breath against my lips. He slowly lowered his mouth to mine, but stopped just before touching my lips. I could tell he was confused as I was. We were strangers… but I wanted him. I grabbed his head and brought his lips to mine. He growled into my mouth as he lowered me to the ground. Soon our wet clothes were an after thought as he slowly peeled them away. His warm body pressed into mine and my thighs cradled his throbbing cock. He kissed every inch of my body, his lips and tongue exploring me. I caught my breath as he pushed his hard dick inside of my dripping pussy. Holy fuck, he was big. He started slow, but began to pick up speed. We were both moaning, almost screaming. It was so intense! I know I should have told him to pull out, but I wanted..WANTED… his cum. When his cum flooded my pussy, I came too. He fucked me many times that night, but dropped me off in the morning with a quick good bye. He was right when he said he could give me a better tour. I’ve always loved the great outdoors.

Loser Phone Sex

Call me now and start begging you loser bitch. I know you want my perfect ass. Finally you’re ready to bow down to your Princess. You’re ready to devote yourself 100%. It’s about fucking time. What? You want me to smother you with my beautiful fucking ass? You wanna touch me and feel me, If you want me to allow you to do such a thing you better start fucking proving yourself to me. I will leave you with blue balls if you don’t meet my standards. I’ll be making you work to worship my ass. That’s right loser, beg me to sit on your pathetic face so you can inhale my perfect ass.

Princess Fucking Krystal


My Perfect Ass

Let’s face it. I have a gorgeous body. I’ve always known the power I have over men and women alike, but there is one part that is extra special. My perfect ass. It’s so kissable, lickable and fuckable, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, I love having my sweet pussy fucked, but tonight I’m craving a good ass slamming. My little hole is just begging to be filled with big, thick man meat. Please, save the gentle stuff for you wife… I need hard and rough. Let me bend over and spread it for you. Isn’t that fucking beautiful?! I know you can’t wait to get your cock in there. My tight little rosebud will grip your dick like a fist, milking it of all your cum. So what are you waiting for? Bend this little southern slut over and give my ass the pounding I’m begging for!

School’s out forever!

My last semester and fuck if I didn’t have to go to Summer school. ¬†School sucks enough without it being Our Lady of Cunts, Catholic school. I tried to go but it is Summer with¬†camping, beer, hot men, weed and all the stuff I look forward to all year. ¬†I had to find a way for my¬†adviser¬†Brother Tim to tell my parents it was a huge ass mistake and I really passed. Brother Tim really doesn’t care for girls and there was no way I could¬†seduce¬†him but…………

I went to morning confession prepared to get released from school. ¬†When asked to confess my sins I gave the¬†priest quite a¬†shocking ear full. ¬†Then I said ” Is this making your cock get hard under your robes”. He stuttered some and told me I was acting like a¬†child¬†of Satan not a good Catholic girl.¬†I left my side of the confessional and joined him.

“Hello Father John, I hear you like fucking young boys and girls”. I whispered. He was stunned but his rather large cock was peaking out of his robe. I gave him a well sort of lap dance in the small, hot confessional. ” You like putting your dick in cute little bottoms, don’t you”, I asked with a smirk on my face. He was speechless when I pulled my white panties to the side and began rubbing my ass against his face. “Lick my hot little¬†butt hole¬†and get it all wet”, I demanded. ¬†Then I sat back on his lap guiding his cock into my ass. I rode him till he quickly shot his load.

Then I shoved a piece of¬†paper¬†from my¬†knapsack¬†in his face and told him to sign it releasing me or I will let everyone see the pictures on my phone. ¬†School’s out forever!

Perfect Tits Phone Sex

Hey, tit man! It’s not too common these days to find a girl with all natural, perfect tits. I love showing them off and teasing your cock with my beautiful tits every chance I can get.

Imagine your hot cum load dripping off from them! I love when a guy comes all over my perfectly, teen tits. I rub the cum all over my nipples and pitch them hard, I even scoop some onto my finger and slip my finger in my mouth and savor the yumminess.

Right now, you are sitting there with a throbbing cock just visualizing those perfect tits in front of your face. Your tongue wants to reach out and lick my hard nipples.

Imagine how they would look bouncing up and down as I am fucking you? The more you keep looking at my teen tits and body the more your cock is eagerly wanting to slide in-between them.

Don’t fight the urge any longer and come play with my perfect and all natural titties!

Cheating Wife

A woman like me should be pampered and worshiped every single day. My husband is gone way to much and just leaves me alone. A hot, sexy woman like me should never be sleeping alone at night. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Yes, I’m a cheating housewife and the spot next to me in bed is always nice and warm from one of my lovers. It’s his fault for leaving me alone when I’m still in my sexual prime. I’m sure you would never leave a woman like me home alone. I know your man enough to take care of all of my sexual needs before you go anywhere.

Are you ready to crawl into bed with me and take his spot?


Happy Friday

The long week is over and I know you could use some serious stress¬†relief. Has the wife gone out with friends leaving you on your own? Well darling, that could be a good thing as we both know she won’t do the things I will.

It has been a long week for me as well and I would love nothing more than getting my pussy taken care of by a hot, sexy deep voice whispering in my ear. My specialties are

Hot cougar, mommy/son, dirty teacher, auntie/nephew and of course the MILF all the boys want to fuck.

Now just because those are my specialties it doesn’t mean I am not up for every and anything you have planned for us. Give me a call I am hot, wet and super horny.

Ask me about our new caller special or if you are already one of our many happy callers vote for me and get 5 free minutes with a 10 minute or more paid call.  Talk to you soon!