Monthly Archive for May, 2014

My Neighbors Cock

Summer is officially here! It’s that time of year again where I see my hot neighbor in his tight swim trunks by his pool. I watch him floating on his raft with a beer in one hand and his cock in the other. He doesn’t know I spy on him and watch him stroke his enormous dick. I get so turned on that I start rubbing my slick, wet pussy. I just want to go over there and sit on top of his cock and ride him hard but he’s married. Sometimes late at night I can hear my hot neighbor guy and his wife fucking in the pool. Her moans and screams are so loud, it wakes me out of a dead sleep. I get really turned on that I start fucking my pussy, wishing he was fucking me instead of her. I’m sure she screams so much because his dick is so gigantic.

I would just love to feel him inside of me, stretching my pussy to meet his demands. His dick is like a black man’s cock but on a white guy. I’ve never seen many big cocks before but nothing like this.

The next time I see his wife leaving the house I am going over there. This is one cock I have to have and I won’t take no for an answer. Let’s see if I can get his married dick to cheat. His wife is hot but look at me; I’m sure he won’t let this golden opportunity pass him by!

I’m Good At Being Bad

I’m all about being bad! Being your dirty little cum whore makes my pussy fucking wet. You get so excited when you get to ram your cock in the back of my throat until I’m gagging like a whore. I know your in the mood for a slut like me to get you off. I want my body drenched in your cum. My sexy voice and perverted mind will drive you to the edge leaving you with one fucking amazing orgasm. I’m just the twisted slut who likes to fuck hard. I’ll have you hooked and you’ll cum back for more. Anything goes! No Taboos! Cum take a wild ride with me and lets get off to some kinky fucked up fantasies.

Princess Krystal


Keeping it in the family

I love to tease my step brother. I can see it in his eyes when I prance around the house in little sleeps shorts and a tank that barely covers my tiny teen boobs. I went out shopping for some new bikinis for the Summer and when I got home it was just us.  I was really excited and asked him if I could model them for him. He kind of rolled his eyes because he had a date but I am so cute *GIGGLES* how could he say “no”. He sat on my bed and I went into the the rest room to try them on.

The first one was  white and you could kind of see through it. I was nipping out and he was checking me out and telling me walk back and forth. “AJ, I can see your ass cheeks”. he said.  I wanted to tell him that I could see his boner but I didn’t.  Next was the red one that I didn’t bother to try on because it was my size. He noticed right away that the bottoms were too short. He tried to adjust it but when he pulled it down to cover my cute ass cheeks you could see where my mound started. He was starting to breath hard and had that look in his eyes.  I know that look, it is the I want to fuck you look.

I tried on the last one which was kind of a loose knit string bikini, The top was just 2 little bits of material that barely covered anything at all. There was ties on the bottom part and even more of my round ass showed. Step brother told me to walk over to him and let him get a better look. He ran his hand up the back of my leg and quickly untied the strings. My bottom fell right off. He grabbed me and tossed me down on the bed as he plunged his tongue into my already dripping young pussy. His tongue felt so good I just pushed my pussy against his face till I came all over it. He told me to sit on his face so he could taste all the sweet pussy juice, I leaned forward and took his big, hard cock in my mouth. I licked it and sucked it like a Popsicle.  He tasted so good I slide him way back till it hit my throat. He nibbled at my hard, slippery clit as I sucked him harder and faster till he exploded in my hungry mouth.

Hey Little Guy

Hey there little guy. You’re so tiny, only 6 inches tall. No need to be scared, I’m not going to hurt you. I see the way you’ve been looking at my pretty feet and thought you might like a closer look. I’m going to scoop you up and put you on the coffee table. I kick off my sandals and place my feet on the table too. You can touch them if you want. I watch as you rub your tiny face across my toes, your lips pressing kisses all over them. You really DO love my feet, don’t you little guy? I watch you strip out of your clothes and rub your body against my left foot. I can feel a tiny poke from your cock. You lay down on the table, pulling my foot over you, making out with the sole of it. Your little prick starts thrusting against a wrinkle on the bottom of my foot. I press against you body a little…not wanting to crush your tiny body, just wanting to apply a little pressure. I feel your moan vibrate against my foot. That tickles! Giggles. You keep rubbing against my foot and I keep giving you a little more of my weight. I feel a little wet spurt as you cum. Did you enjoy that little guy?
Thanks for the AWESOME call Mr. J. 😉

Good Entertainment

I just had lunch with a bunch of my close girlfriends today and it’s so much fun when we all get together. I have the kind of friends that make me laugh so hard, my side hurts. Of course, we always talk about sex, toys and well-endowed men.

My girlfriends are always up for a good laugh so I had to tell them about my caller the other day. He sent me an email of his penis and I knew I couldn’t keep this picture all to myself. When I passed around my cell to show them the pic he sent me, all my girlfriends busted out laughing. We almost got kicked out of the restaurant, we hardly couldn’t contain ourselves.

All my girlfriends and I agree he is nothing but a pathetic loser. The only thing he is good for is a good laugh with my friends.

It’s so entertaining when I get pathetic small dick losers to call me. When it comes to your tiny penis, there might not be much to talk about but there’s so much to laugh about!

Creamy Chloe @ 866.949.4106

Don’t Fight The Urge

I  see you watching me as I do yard work. You aren’t trying to be coy about it, you just stare. You can’t help but get excited as I mow the lawn in tiny cut offs and just a bikini top. You can see the sweat glistening off my chest and stomach. You wonder if the crack of my perfect firm ass is getting sweaty as well. I laugh because I know you are only about 16 and your mother had admonished you for watching me. She has even asked me not to parade with so little on in front of you.

I think we should get back at her for being such a bitch. Don’t you think it is time I took your virginity and made you a man? I walk over to where you are standing and tell you my door will be unlocked to come up in 10 minutes. Your eyes get wide and you just shake your head up and down. Silly but adorable virgin boy.

I am in my bedroom waiting for you on all fours. My smooth tan body is just glistening with sweat. You are an ass man, aren’t you? You lick the sweat off my cheeks and then spread them apart. Your young tongue is savoring it’s first taste of sweaty, aromatic ass crack. You can’t hold back as you slide your tongue into my tight rosebud fuck hole. You lick and stroke your hard, thick cock at the same time. You can hear me moan and I tell you to fuck my beautiful tight ass. You hold your cock against me and I push into you. I start to finger my creamy hot cunt and you pump me hard, balls slapping against me. Don’t worry love, you can cum quick the first time because you are mine for the rest of the day.

Xoxo Dirty Daphne

I Control Your Orgasms

Oh yes, it is me who gets to decide if you’re going to explode that day or not. I love teasing cocks and I don’t like to brag but I am just so damn good at it. I have a habit of teasing you over and over until you’re just about ready to burst and I pull back, way back!

Your Madame will let you know if you can have an orgasm but more than likely you will be denied till the next call. I am the one in charge over you so it’s up to me to tell you how fast or slow I want you to stroke your cock.

Even though you don’t get to cum, your call with me will be every bit enjoyable. My voice and my erotic, controlling ways will send you over the edge. I’m sure you don’t like being denied of anything but when the Madame is in charge, you have to surrender.

If you think you can handle Tease and Denial Phone Sex with the Head Bitch in Charge then call me and let’s find out.

Madame Joanne

Anything Goes Phone Sex Girlfriend!

I’m your Anything Goes Phone Sex Girlfriend! I am eager to please every time. You might hear the word “no” at home a lot but with me, you will always hear me say YES, I want more!

I’m like this in my personal life as well, I am the girlfriend everyone wants to be with. I try everything and there’s not much I don’t like. I am not dating anyone at the moment, so I would love to spend time with you and indulge into some kinky fetishes and extreme role-plays!

I like things real so when things get hot, my hand tends to wander to my pussy. I also love letting you hear how wet my pussy is for you. It depends on how naughty we get but if we get extreme, my pussy will be drenched. I have a super young and cute voice so I get a lot of Family Fun fantasies and I love that!

I love being your Anything Goes Phone Sex Girlfriend, you can count on me to get you off and give you exactly what you want and need.

Join Me For A Quickie

There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thinking of new and creative ways to get off. My dirty little mind can get me in some trouble. My fantasies never stop. I might look cute and innocent but nothing could be further from the truth. I’m always playing with my pussy. I almost always wake up horny because I’ve been having some sexy erotic dream. I can’t get out of bed until I have a toe curling, body shaking, hair standing on the back of my neck orgasm to start the day.
Come join me, rather on deciding on where you should go for lunch. Come play with me and we’ll have a quickie. I’m ready to get off! Are you?


Just a Little Taste…..

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Want a little taste?

Meet Rainna:

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