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Fashion Show For My Good Boy

I love to shop for pretty lingerie and sexy sundresses. I am always so excited coming home with pretty colored shiny bags from my favorite boutiques.  It makes it even more special when my sweet boy is visiting.   I can see the flush in his cheeks knowing mommy will be giving him a fashion show.

I run up the stairs in my stiletto’s with him following close behind. He is always hoping to catch a glimpse of my round, firm ass before the show.  He sits on my big  bed as I carefully take out my purchases putting them up to me and dancing around the room. I take his hand and sing to him as we slow dance around the room. “Are you ready to see how mommy looks in her new pretty things”, I ask.

I slowly strip off my long pencil skirt and tight silk blouse. His eyes widen as I stand there in my bra and panties. His hand is moving on the outside of his pants. He tries to hide it by covering his crotch with a big bed pillow. He can’t hide his little boner from me, we have been playing this sexy little game for years.

I take off my bra and panties and try on a sexy lace black thong and bra. I adjust my big tits and ask him how I look. I can tell that little hand is very busy under the pillow. I lean forward giving him a great view of my cleavage. I can tell he loves my firm big fake boobs. I strip down trying on outfit after outfit. I know my baby is about to explode.

Be a good boy and cum for mommy Debi.

The Perfect Date

I had a blind date last night and it was amazing. Even though we hadn’t met yet in person I felt like I knew him from all the time we spent on Skype and on the phone. We met at my fave pub  because a woman still has to be careful. He was waiting for me outside like the perfect gentleman when the taxi dropped me off.  He was dressed in black perfectly fitted jeans, a crisp white shirt and a pair of awesome cowboy boots. He smiled and gave me a tight hug and I could smell the faint scent of Fendi.  Perfection.

We chatted away like old friends about to become lovers. He looked in my eyes and held my hand as we enjoyed a few martini’s. I adore thick gray hair, just something about the thought of pulling his face right where I want it. I suggested dancing next but he had something else in mind. He said if I didn’t mind going on a bit of a drive he had the perfect spot with a bar on the beach. Perfect plan for a perfect night.  We talked more about life, books and movies enjoying the scenery.

A few hours later we drove up to a beautiful hotel on the beach. When he came around to my side to open the door I fell into his arms for our first kiss. With my breasts pressed against his chest and his hand up my short dress cupped my ass we kissed deeply and passionately.  I whispered in his ear something I don’t suppose he expected, or maybe knowing me for all these months he wasn’t surprised. “Let’s get a room and fuck before we do anything else”, I purred into his ear.  He smelled so fucking good.

We got a lovely room with a perfect view of the beach and the waves crashing in. It was dusk and the beach was deserted except for a few surfers.  He went to close the curtains, but I told him to leave them open. Then I completely took over as my pussy was getting way to wet and creamy to take our time with our first fuck. I took of my dress and panties as he sat on the bed watching. I told him to get completely undressed for me.  As he undressed we both just looked into each other’s eyes with pure animal lust. As he sat up on the bed I ran my hand over his impressive rock hard cock. There was plenty of time for foreplay later. I wanted to fuck him NOW.

I straddled him and he took my hard nipples in his mouth sucking them both. Mmmm, I held his head to my big tits as he licked, sucked and bit them. I rubbed his big, swollen dick head against my dripping pussy till he started to slowly slip in. He grabbed my hips and I took him little by little inside of me. We started kissing, his tongue fucking mine as I started grinding my hips moving up and down slowly and erotically.  I started moving up and down faster, tossing my head back and fucking him like his dick belonged to me. He lifted me up, and tossed me down on my back with his cock still buried inside my hot pussy.  I wrapped my legs around his back as he kissed my ears and neck.  We both came so hard I think they heard us way down in the lobby.

Next was room service, a long hot shower, and more fucking on the beach. With little persuasion he booked the room for 2 more nights. There was still a scene from an old move From here To Eternity I planned to re-enact.  Like I said…..perfectly hot, sexy, hot and passionate.

Jizz Addiction

If you know me at all, I have a total Jizz Addiction. If you have this addiction as well, you would know you would do anything to get a big load! I’m not a prissy princess or a size queen- I take it all! If you have a set of balls, I have a hungry mouth that will savor every cum drop.

When I was younger, my brother would take my dirty panties from my hamper and put a big load in them and put them back in my dresser drawer. He didn’t think I knew but I always got instantly wet when my pussy lips touched his dried cum.

My jizz addiction really started when my step-dad would cum on my toothbrush when I was at school.  Every morning I would taste his hot load all over my mouth.  He also thought I didn’t know. When you’re a true cum junkie at heart, you always know.

My step-daddy is a big, tall black man and I always got so turned on to watch him cum. He shoots huge, massive amounts of cum and it comes out in ropes.  I can go on for days about my dad’s cum but that’s a whole other blog.

If you would like to hear my jizz addiction stories or if you have any of your own, I would love to hear about them. We can swap stories before we swap cum!

Jizz Junkie Mandee

Senior Year

It was my senior year in high school, and I was academically fucked. Between my extra-curricular activities and my social life, I’d neglected my studies and my GPA was down.

My school Principal, Mr. Olson, was an older man with a reputation for being a tough disciplinarian. I was nervous to approach him, but my options were limited so I scheduled an appointment.
I decided my best angle was to seduce him. I wore a tiny little denim skirt, a pink g-string and a pink tank top. At the last minute, I popped into the bathroom, took my bra off and stuffed it into my bag.
I walked into his office and he told me to take a seat. “You’d like to discuss your grades?” he asked.
“Yes, I’ve let them slide. I need to bring them up so I can get into college,” I explained.
He looked over my transcript and shook his head, “You should have thought about this sooner. I’m afraid you’ll have to accept the consequences of your negligence.”
“Please, Mr. Olson… I’ve just been so busy. I had no idea my grades were so bad. Surely there’s something I can do?” I lifted the hem of my skirt, flashing my panties at him.

He scowled at me. “What are you doing, girl? Being a slut won’t get you anywhere. Cover yourself up!”
I got up and walked around to his side of the desk. I slid my hand over his trousers, and felt his hardness. “Oh really? You sure about that?” I dropped to my knees and pulled his belt open.
“Mimi, stop this now, or I will have no choice but to suspend you.”
I slid his zipper down and pulled his cock out. There was already precum… yummy. I licked his cock and sucked him into my mouth.
Mr. Olson seemed to have a change of heart as he moaned and got even harder. I bobbed my head up and down on his dick.
He pulled me off by my hair and I thought he was going to follow through on his threat. But instead, he roughly spun me around, bent me over his desk, pulled my skirt up and my panties to the side, and he fucked my brains out.

I graduated with a 3.7 🙂

Anal Afternoon Delight!

I want to fuck your ass,” he declared, his lips against my ear. He was balls deep in my pussy, my hair wrapped around his right hand. I felt him press his thumb against my rosebud, working little circles around and around. Then he pushed, and was inside me. He continued to pump his cock in and out of my pussy, and rhythmically started working his thumb in and out of my tight little ass. I whimpered and he slipped another finger in, pumping me hard. I felt the muscles in my cunt getting tight, and then I started cumming all over his cock.
He pulled his big dick out of my pussy and slid the head up and down the crack of my ass, “Are you ready?”
I craved the sensation of being filled and stretched by him. “I want your gorgeous cock inside me now,” I panted.
He slid his fingers out and guided his cock to my tight hole. He slid it in slowly, allowing me to stretch for his thick cock. He pushed in until his ass was flush with mine. He pulled back out and pushed back in. He rocked back and forth against my ass, his balls smacking against my clit. He picked up speed and he could feel his orgasm building. Mine was building at the same time and our breathing deepened together.
“Paul… Paul… ugh…give it to me!” I screamed. We began to shudder together as he unloaded his semen in my ass.

“I Like It Daddy”

 I can’t help but wish my phone sex daddy would plant his seed in me. That would be the ultimate gift I could give my Daddy. I wish Daddy wouldn’t always pull out of my lil cunny. He fucks me at night in my bedroom. Sometimes I hold my legs together for hours after hoping maybe I still have some of his cum in me. Once Daddy gets me pregnant I will just let Mommy think that I am a slut. Little would she know that I am a slut, but Daddy’s little whore. I would get Daddy’s baby juice just like mommy. It would be so amazing just to have Daddy ram his cock deep inside my little pink pussy. Pumping his load in me while telling me how I am much tighter then Mommy. Daddy loves that I drip my pussy juice all over his big cock. Sometimes he says he is sorry for doing this to me, but I just give him a little kiss and tell him, “I like it.”



My Fucking Brother-in-Law

I’m so hot for my brother-in-law. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to suck and fuck him. I found out last night, and it was incredible. My sister was sleeping when he came into my room. He slipped into the bed behind me. I could feel his hard dick pressed against my ass. I wiggled my tight ass against him to let him know I wanted him. My pussy immediately started to get so creamy. I was already naked for him and all he had to do is slide his cock into my pussy. He whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you.” He slid his cock into my pussy from behind. He started thrusting harder telling me how I have been teasing him all day in my little bikini by the pool. Of course I was teasing him I wanted him to fuck me. I always get what I want! We fucked for all night, just what I wanted.

Waking Up With Mommy

I woke up before you this morning. I thought I would surprise my special boy with the perfect breakfast. While I was on my way back to my bedroom, I heard you call out my name. You looked so sleepy but so adorable. I sat at the edge of the bed running my hands through your hair kissing your forehead. All you could do was focus on my face and my chest. I could tell what you wanted first thing this morning and it wasn’t breakfast. I  pulled down my top showing you Mommy’s beautiful tits. I knew you couldn’t resist your temptations. This morning I will let you do anything your heart desires.

It’s all about you, tell Mommy exactly what you want.

Mommy Toni


Skinny Dipping

Sometimes my phone sex daddies ask me to tell them stories and adventures from my early teens. You know like first times and such. I love telling them knowing it is getting them as excited as it gets me. I always ask, ” Are you stroking it for me daddy?”  Of course, the answer is always YES!

My best friends daddy lived on the lake and he told me I was always allowed to swim in there but the one rule was he had to be home.  I went over but I forget my bikini and to top it off no one was home. It was so hot out and the lake looked so inviting. I took off my shorts, tank top and panties and left them on a lawn chair.

I swam for a while and when I was getting out noticed the back door was open and my clothes were gone. I stood on the lawn not sure what to do when Lara’s daddy came out. He had my clothes in his hand. He admonished me for swimming without him home. I asked him for my clothes very sweetly because I would be in trouble if I didn’t get home soon.

It was hard to say anything more because I was staring at the bulge in his shorts and was getting very wet.  “Please, daddy can I have my clothes” I asked him.  Yes, I called him daddy since I knew him since I was a little girl.  He sternly told me to come over to him. He told me I was a little tease and planned out the whole thing to seduce him.  He told me I had to take care of the big bulge with my pretty teen mouth. I pretended to be scared and upset, even cried some fake tears.  Before long I was on my knees sucking the big, swollen head of his dick. He pushed my head down till it puffed up my cheeks and I started to gag.  I loved being his little teen cock sucker.  He made me lick his balls and slide a finger into his butt.  He came so hard it over flowed my mouth and got on my little boobies.  He made me scoop it all up and lick every drop.  He gave me my clothes and made me go home with a very wet, creamy pussy in need of attention.

Step Brother is My Bitch

My brother is home from college for the Summer. That usually means parents will spoil him. It would be cool if his friends were  over but he seems to always want to hang with me. So no hot older boys, just my annoying, spoiled older brother.

I am still in school.  This is my last year finally. I came home from school really horny. I didn’t think anyone was home so I was going to fuck my hot teen pussy with my fave suction cup dildo. I couldn’t find it so I started looking under bed and stuff. I started to hear this moaning and banging sound coming from my brother’s room.

His door was open and he was moving back and forth fucking his ass hard with my dildo. What a little bitch, and with MY dildo. When he finally saw me watching he was all ” oh no, I didn’t think you were home. This is not what it looks like”, he said.  I started to laugh, I mean how could I not.  Now I have lots of blackmail material to make him do whatever I want. I made him get on his back and I straddled his face. Cum was dripping out of my creamy little pussy and I made him lick it up. He protested when he felt the cum dripping but I threatened him with what I saw and made him lick me clean.

“Put your legs up as far as you can and show me that stretched out asshole, you little bitch” I said. I went to my room and got the huge black strap-on I use with my girlfriend. I put it on and made him suck it till he began to beg for it. “Beg you bitch, that isn’t begging”, I screamed at him.  I grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs up so far his mouth was a perfect target for his cum. I fucked him so hard he screamed and moaned so loud I had to shove my panties in his mouth. His balls began to tighten and he was pushing against my huge strap-on. I pulled the panties out of his mouth as he shot his load in his own mouth and all over his face. He wanted more but I smiled and told him it would be my way, whenever and wherever.