Monthly Archive for February, 2014

“The Sex Is Good”

We meet at a bar. You are in LA on an extended business trip.  There is instant chemistry. Something about you intrigues me. After a couple of beers, we confess our deepest secrets. I admit that I talk dirty to men on the phone and you admit that you hate sleeping alone.

I leave you sitting at the bar alone. I leave you with my number in your phone. You send me a text the next day inviting me to your hotel. “Cum and tell me what my kiss tastes like.”

I arrive at your hotel door wearing something sexy. There is not much conversation. We get naked and end up in your hotel bed, but this is what I came for.  The sex is dirty, hot, passionate, intense, maybe even a little rough…just the way I like it. I walk out of the hotel feeling good the next morning.

I am walking to class later that day. You send this text, “I’m not in love, but the sex is good. You know my weakness. You touch me in all the right places. I hate sleeping alone.”

You invite me back to your hotel tonight for more good sex. “So you know what my kiss and cum taste like. You can’t mistake it.  The sex is good. Tonight, I am going to lay you down”

We may not have much in common.  We are from different worlds, different interests, but the sex is good. What else really matters, when the sex is THIS Fucking Good!


Warm Me Up

I see you are home from work early. It will be at least an hour before your wife gets home. I have been thinking about you all day in classes and how I love our time together. I bet I can sneak in and out for a hot quickie before anyone notices. I will just toss a coat on over my tiny skirt and text you I am on the way.

You look around and pull me in before anyone notices the hot little blonde coed at your door.    I wrap my arms around you and kisse you with our tongues in each other’s warm mouths. I take off my coat and you see my little skirt and barely there top. I quickly take everything off and then undress you. Your chest feels so good against my perfect perky boobs. You lick, pinch and suck my nipples. I am getting so wet I can’t wait to fuck you.

You lay on the couch and I straddle your hard cock. It is dripping with pre-cum and glides right in my hot creamy pussy.     I want to fuck you so bad. You hands grab my firm ass and I start to bounce up and down on your cock.  I lean forward pushing my tongue back in your mouth as I fuck you faster, with your hips thrusting up pushing your cock in deeper.  You hold me down on your hard as you pump gobs and gobs of thick creamy hot cum in me.  I quickly jump up, grab my coat and am out the door before anyone finds out.  Just one thing, I hope no one notices the huge wet spot on the couch!

Kisses, Naughty Delaney

I Control Your Manhood

All I can do is laugh at you. Of course you can cum if you really wanted to but we both know that’s not what you want. Get a grip and maintain your control and show me how devoted you are to me. I’ll tease and taunt you because that’s what I do best. I’ll guide you through a hot guided masturbation call. I’ll listen to you whimper and beg me to cum. Be a good boy for me and follow instructions and let’s see how long you can hold out. What kind of challenge are you up for?

Minutes, days maybe weeks? Let’s find out.

Treat Me Like a Cock Hungry Slut

It looks like the people across the way are getting some work done on their roof. From what I can see from here the workers look fine as hell.  I have gone on several dates lately and well quite frankly men my age are just not what I am looking for in bed. I mean sure I want to be treated like a lady in public but once we are alone I want to be treated like the dirty, cock craving whore I am.

My classic 66 Mustang needs a washing and today is just beautiful.  I will get in my smallest pair of Daisy Dukes and a tiny cut off tee shirt.  Heads turned just at the sound of my engine when I pulled out of the garage. Imagine when they see me wet, full of suds and my tits poking out of my soaked tee shirt.

It looks to me like no more work is getting done. All the men are staring and I bet have huge bulges that my hungry cougar mouth can take good care of.  I go back to washing as one of the men comes over. We talk for a few minutes and he suggests I invite him in. Close but not exactly what my dripping fuck hole needs today. I whisper in his ear that he can have me alone for one wet sloppy blow job and then I want 3 of his men to join us.

He smiles and pushes me on my knees right there with my long blonde hair in his hand.  He whistles for his men to come over. They all stand around with their yummy hard young cocks in their hands as I take their foreman’s hot load of cum in my mouth. I look up at them and smile with cum dripping down my chin. I think it is time to head for my bedroom.

Hungry cougar Debi

Silk Stockings

Don’t you love the way my legs look in my silk stockings? Why don’t you come a little closer and touch them? Let your fingers brush over that sexy material. Mmmmm.. feels so good. Your hot hand on my stocking clad flesh gives me goosebumps. Slip between my thighs, let my wrap my legs around your waist. I can tell you love the way my stockings feel against your skin. Your cock is so hard, rubbing against the front of my panties. Your hand grabs my thigh, running up and down my leg. You lift one leg as you rub your face all over, your nose inhaling my scent. Would you like to wear them? Feel how good and feminine it feels to have them encasing your legs. I pull them off, tossing them to you. Go ahead, put them on. You know you want to.

One Hot Mommy

I love being the hot MILF on the block that everyone wants to fuck. Every time I walk down the street in my short little skirts and skimpy tops, I can feel eyes all over me. I just smile and search for my fuck for the day. Sometimes they’re daddy’s, sometimes sons but when this mommy needs cock, she starts the man hunt. I’m very selective when choosing, making sure to study the bulge in their pants. Once my mind is made up, I only have to wiggle a finger and he comes running. The neighborhood men all know that I’m the hottest fuck on the block and can’t wait to take their turn between my thighs.
Want to be my next conquest? Pick up your phone and give me a call. It will be the nicest thing you’ve done for your cock all week 😉

Double Your Pleasure

What’s better than a call with me? A call with me AND another sexy Klassy Kat! I love 2 girl calls, and nothing makes my young pussy wetter than a hot group fuck. Can you imagine 2 hot mouths worshiping your cock? Having your pick of hot holes to fuck? Or maybe you would like to be tag teamed by 2 hot girls, ready to make your every fantasy cum true. Why don’t you treat yourself tonight to some steamy 2 girl action? We know just what to do to make you explode.


My black lover makes my pussy dripping wet. My boyfriend loves that I open my pussy to all black cock. I always find myself wanting a different black cock every week. My boyfriend sits and strokes his dick while he watches my new lovers dark hands cup my perfect tits. He kisses down my neck when he gets ready bury his cock in my white snatch. I love the way my pussy stretches open and floods his massive cock with my juices. I grab onto the sheets while he pounds on me harder. Begging him to cum inside me so we can humiliate my boyfriend and turn him into our cum slut. Making him slide between my legs so he can clean up my black lovers sloppy leftovers. Licking every last drop of my yummy cream pie.

Lusty Lindsay


Hump Day

Today is Hump day and I am super horny.    My date had to cancel  because his wife came back home a day early. That so sucks!  I mean she is so old, boring and won’t do the things his baby girl will.  I have a plan though.

My little sister is selling Girl Scout cookies and I can just squeeze my tight teen body in her uniform.  I am going to knock on his door and pretend I am selling them. Can you just imagine the look on his face? Then I am going to text him standing there and tell him if he doesn’t meet me at the mall I will tell her everything. I have the photos to prove it with me sucking his cock and him fucking me in his own bed.

I looks like I will get very spoiled tonight from him. Why don’t you call me later and I will put on the sexy nightie I bought with his charge card. I promise I will drain every drop of cum from your balls with my pretty cock sucking lips. Want to throat fuck me? I won’t say no to anything.   Call me phone sex daddy!

In a mood

I was in a weird mood yesterday. My boyfriend has been begging me for a couple of days to have sex but I’ve been on my period and just wasn’t feeling it. Normally, having sex on my period doesn’t bother me at all but like I said, I was in a funk yesterday.

I was on the couch with him while he was playing video games. The doorbell rang so I opened the door and it was the mail lady. We had to sign for a package. I didn’t have anything to write on so I invited her in. After I handed her the form, something came over me and I quickly locked the door behind her and told her to stand by the couch. I could tell she was scared because the tone in my voice completely changed. The look on my boyfriends face was priceless, he didn’t know what I was doing or where this was going.

I demanded her to get completely naked. She was a semi-attractive women in her late 40’s, it didn’t matter really, I knew what I wanted to see happen and it didn’t matter how old or what she looked like.

I forced her on her knees and told my boyfriend to take down his pants. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and shoved her head down on his cock. My boyfriend was loving it because we do crazy things all the time but this was defiantly a surprise.

I could tell she was getting into it and I felt her pussy just to confirm that she was liking it. She continued sucking his cock for 10 more minutes and he suddenly thrusts his pelvis up and jabs his cock down her mouth. I know when my baby is about to explode when he does that move. It was a turn on to hear her gagging on his cock and take a massive load of his cum down her throat. He came so much that it filled up her mouth and the rest dripped onto her chest.

I told her to get dressed and I sent her on her way. I found my way back to the couch and I’m hoping that satisfied my boyfriend for the day. I will have to come up with something else clever tomorrow if I am still in this mood.