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My Hero’s Have Always Been Cowboys

Just a few more days and vacation is over. Florida is such an awesome change from the wicked cold back home. Today was colder than normal though so I skipped the beach and went with some friends to go four wheeling. We were having a great time but there was an lot of mud splattering us and our bikes. We were laughing hard seeing each other getting covered in mud. A little bit up the road there was a few people mudding in their trucks. The place was a mess with mud everywhere but I was in no hurry to go to hotel and shower off.

One of the men pulled an awesome looking ATV out of his truck and asked if I wanted to play with the big boys. Hey, I grew up in the country with 3 brothers so I was ready for anything he had planned. He put my bike in the back of his truck and I took off with him. The paths were getting worse and he was flinging mud everywhere. Drinking beer and flinging mud made this country girl feel right at home. He was every bit the gentleman and invited me to go boot scooting with him that night. He had no idea that I would of fucked his brains out right here in the mud.

We went back to his truck and he took me over to his house. I showered and again he was still the gentleman. He gave me a pair of his sister’s worn jeans, a tight crop top and even a pair of boots while my clothes were drying. He made some steaks and we drank more beer listening to Patsy Cline. He excused himself and got dressed for our night of dancing and drinking. I already could see he was hot but tight worn Levis, Justin Ropers and a cowboy hat. This girl was in lust. I suggested one slow dance to Walking After Midnight before we took off. He held me close and looked into my eyes as we danced.

I could feel his hard muscled chest against me as his hand moved painfully slow down my back cupping my ass. I couldn’t take it any longer as I kissed him passionately. He tasted so fucking good. We kissed pressing our bodies tight then he picked me up took me inside and tossed me down on his bed. He pulled off my boots and starting sucking on my toes. Then he kissed up my thighs nibbling them and kissing them. Finally his face was so close to my pussy I could feel his hot breath. He parted my dripping hot lips and started to lick and suck on my clit. I tossed his cowboy hat, pulled  his hair and held his face right where I wanted it. I came so hard I wondered if my firm thighs crushed his face. He quickly ripped of his shirt and jeans showing me a perfect hard body. He laid on top of me kissing me as I tasted my juices. Clearly he had been holding back as well because without another word or letting me suck that big, thick hard cock I had been craving he slammed his cock into my throbbing hungry pussy. He fucked me so deep and fast I could hardly breath. He pulled out and shot a huge load of cum over my tits. I rubbed his cock in his cum licking and sucking every drop. I started to get up thinking we needed to get ready for the night but he told me we were just getting started.

Sweet as Candy

Have you ever seen such a sweet pussy? Does it make your mouth water? I really need my pussy licked. Get on your knees for me. I spread my legs wide, giving you plenty of room to play. I can’t wait to feel your hot tongue teasing my clit. I love the way you look into my eyes while your tongue is dipping into my tight little hole. I reach down and spread my lips for you, helping you go deeper. I love to be tongue fucked. I grab the back of your head, shoving your face even deeper You lap up all my sweet juices. I drape my legs over your shoulders, locking you in. I grind against your face, using you. You beg me to cum in your face. You start rubbing you face back and forth, losing control and making me crazy. In no time, I am flooding your face with my cum. You lick my quivering flesh clean. You rise above me. Now it’s your turn. I can’t wait to return the favor.

Your Deep Throating Slut

I’m sitting on the bed, reading when you come home. I can tell it’s been a rough day. Your shoulders are tense, your face emotionless. Your eyes, however, tell me exactly what you need. You look into my eyes as you walk to the bed, unbuckling your belt and unzipping your pants on the way. My book gets tossed to the side as you grab a handful of my hair. Your hard cock is in my face, begging to be sucked. My lips stretch wide, my tongue goes out. You simply lay your throbbing cock on it. I look up at you as I start working my mouth up and down your hard shaft. You have no patience for me tonight, as both hands move to my head. You command me to keep my eyes open and on yours as you begin to shove your cock deeper and deeper. The back of my throat isn’t enough for you. You want to hear me gag, see my pretty eyes water, my makeup running down my cheeks. You’re a little rough with me tonight, but that’s ok baby. I want to take all your troubles away. You pull your cock away, telling me to open my mouth wide. My mouth falls open to take your hot cum. With my mouth full, I swallow. You caress my face, telling me what a good girl I am. I love pleasing you.

Ginger’s New Toy

There is nothing I love more than a hard cock, but sometimes a girl’s got to do for herself. I bought myself a new toy today, and I just couldn’t wait to get it home and play with it. I take my time, getting it nice and wet in my mouth. I take it down my throat just like I take your cock, nice and deep. My eyes close as I feel the tip hit the back of my throat. It feels so good to have my mouth filled with cock. I take it out of my mouth, using it to tap my clit. It feels so good, I start to squirm. My pussy is getting so wet, but I continue to tease myself. I dip the head in and out nice and slow. My pussy starts to clench around it. I start to go deeper and I can’t contain my moans of joy. It feels so fucking good. My hand moves quicker, shoving my toy in and out quickly. I’m so close already. I arch my back as I pound my dripping cunt. My moans turn to screams as one last deep push has me cumming all over my toy. I take it out of my pussy and suck it into my mouth. My body is still shaking as I lick every drop of my sweet juice off of my cock. It has satisfied me for now, but I’m ready for the real thing. I’m ready for YOUR cock.

Your Dirty Little Secret

I love being your dirty little secret. That addiction that you can’t seem to shake, no matter how hard you try. You love to use my body over and over again. Any frustration you may have, I want it shoved into me. I fulfill any dark desire you may have, and even a few that you never even thought of. That’s what I do. I open your mind to new and exciting things. I let you do all those filthy, dirty little things you’ve always wanted to try, but have been to afraid to do with any of the other girls you’ve been with. I can’t get enough of your fantasies.
Call me tonight. Live out your fantasies with me.

Bath Time

As you can imagine, growing up in a small house with 7 horny older brothers did not give me much privacy. They were always watching me change, stealing my panties and grabbing at me. Their favorite thing to do was watch me shower. As soon as the water went on and I was beneath the warm spray, I would have an audience. Instead of being freaked out, it only turned me on more to know they were watching. I would take my time, running the soapy sponge all over my tits, turning and bending over to give them a view of my sexy wet ass. I could hear their zippers opening, and new they were reaching in for their hard cocks. I made sure that they could see as I cleaned my pussy that was dripping wet but not from the shower. Their eyes all over my body was making me so fucking hot. I snuck a peek out of the shower curtain and saw them all lined up, dicks in hand, watching baby sister get squeaky clean. When I would turn the water off and open the curtain, they would be gone but they left a surprise puddled on the floor.

Hot and Sexy Accents

There is something that makes my hot teen pussy creamy the minute I answer my phone and that is an accent. OMFG, I love accents. My favorite is Spanish! Is there anything more sexy than that? I find myself rubbing my dripping hot pussy even while I am getting the call information. Sometimes I wonder if it is the actual accent or that I am about to cum with a gentlemen I have never met who is far away.

First thing I want to do when I call you back is get undressed and kiss you hard and deep. I love how it feels twirling my tongue with yours knowing how much I am exciting you. You tell me to lay on my back as you kiss down my hot body. Your lips, tongue and teeth feel amazing on my nipples. I hold your head there as I slip my hand in between your legs. Your cock is so hard for me I moan at the feel of it in my hand. You kiss down more till you face is buried in my tight slit. I am already cuming and you still haven’t felt my lips wrapped around or cock or my tight pussy.

Phone fucking you is so exciting. Imagine me riding you as I slip my big thick dildo into my wet fuck hole. I turn over on my smooth, tight tummy twisting my nipples and riding your cock. You grab my hips and pull me down hard. I rub your hard cum filled balls feeling them tighten as we both moan and cum together.  Call me soon, I am ready to cum hard with you!

The Big Dance

My step-son is so excited getting ready for his school dance. He is taking the most popular girl at school and I must confess I am a little jealous. I took him out shopping last week. He looks amazing! He is in black slacks and a black and white pin stripped shirt. I talked him out of Axe and he bought him some Prada Infusion. I am having a glass of white wine and getting ready for my date when he comes to me very upset. His date is grounded and had to cancel. Like a good mom I called her parents and assured them he would have her home extra early but they said no. I suggested he go alone, I mean looking so handsome he will find girls to dance with but he is too upset.

I offer to cancel my date and stay home. My step-son has a better idea. I am flattered, surprised and well a little excited when he asks me to be his date. I am almost ready for my date and he says what I am wearing is perfect and everyone will be so jealous. Very few of his friends have met me so we just might be able to pull this off. I put on an auburn wig, and taller heels than normal. I am in a very tight short black dress showing off my curves. My son is beaming.

On the drive there he asks a favor of me. He suggests I really act like his date so no one will know it is his mom. Well he is only 15 so I can’t imagine anything he would want to do that would be inappropriate. He opens my door and we walk hand and hand. All his friends are looking in disbelief. He pulls me close now with his arm around my waist. He immediately pulls me out on the dance floor. I am enjoying dancing with him and I am thinking what a wonderful fun night we will have. I feel him pulling me closer, a bit too close. He whispers in my ear, “Mom please you promised everyone would think you were my date”. Feeling a little uncomfortable I let me pull me close. My big tits are pressed against his chest and my pussy is right against his very hard cock. I have to admit I am getting very wet.  He moves his hand down and cups my ass, I try to protest but he again reminds me of my promise. I notice some of the couples are leaving.

My step-son explains how they are going outside to mess around. He takes my hand and leads me outside. Surely he doesn’t think we can pull off pretend sex. We are standing by a tree and I am feeling things I can’t even explain. He is my son, but he looks so good and I want to treat him just like I would a hot man I would be on a date with. I feel him reaching his hand in my dress and cupping my big tits. Oh god, that feels so good. His hand is lifting my dress and slipping inside my panties. I am dripping. I try to pull away but he reminds me again of my promise. I look around and see most of the girls on their knees giving blow jobs. I smile at him, lick my full lips and unzip his slacks. His cock is so hard and big, I had no idea. I am about to get on my knees and slide his yummy cock into my mouth but he seems to have another idea in his head. He spins me around and pushes me against the tree. My dress is above my hips and he is pulling my soaking panties down. I feel the head of his big cock against my ass and try to tell him no. He tells me quickly that all the girls do it as they want to keep their cherry. I can’t believe this is happening. I feel him rubbing the tip which is dripping with pre-cum against my tight pucker. He pushes in hard and fast with a grunt. His hands grab my tits as he fucks my ass hard, fast and deep till he cums. I helplessly look at him and tell him this must never happen again. He laughs and says “You know you wanted it as much as I did”. He kisses me deeply, like a lover not a son as we straighten our clothes and go back to the dance.

Daddy’s Girl

Most people don’t know, but I am such a daddy’s girl, and daddy loves to spoil his little princess. I love to go visit him and wear those short shorts and skimpy tops that I always used to wear for him. In no time, he is patting his leg and pulling me onto his lap. When I’m on daddy’s lap, I get anything I want. All I have to do is grind my ass against him and he’s pulling out his wallet, ready to spoil his pretty little girl. His hands run up and down my legs, making me giggle. He loves to touch my soft skin. Sometimes his fingers go a little further up my leg, moving under my shorts. I’ll let him touch, but he knows it’s going to cost him. Daddy knows that I will keep him happy as long as he keeps me happy. The more he spends, the more I take off and let him touch. He loves running his hands all over my curvy body. When I give daddy those sweet kisses, I always get everything I want.

My secret and special date

I really hate when my older brother has a date. I mean really hate it to a point I am mad and jealous. We spend a lot of time together and I think of him as mine. We cuddle watching movies, play X-box, and he even is teaching me to box. He is so awesome. I know he has needs and all but not with HER!

I decided to do something really bratty. While he was getting ready I called her to tell her  he was sick and couldn’t make it.  She seemed really nice but his is MY older brother and not for her. I overheard him on the phone earlier so I knew there were going to meet at the park. Everyone goes there to fuck so I knew he just wanted to get off with her and not like a real date. It wasn’t like the fun he has with me.

I told him I was meeting some friends and would be home way before him and to have fun. He never saw what I was wearing because he was talking to me with his door closed. I put on my littlest jean mini skirt and a little top that said slut. It barely covered my perky teen tits. I put on lots of shiny vanilla lip gloss. I was ready to go meet my date. I went to the park and sat at the picnic table where they were to meet. He pulled up in his Camero and I held my breath and waited. He looked at me confused and his eyes were all over me and what I was wearing. First he wanted to know what I was doing here and second why I looked like such a hot little slut because we had talked about me dressing like this.

I pretended to cry as I told him how jealous I was and that I told his date he was sick. He wasn’t mad at me but still I could tell he was upset. I explained to him that I knew what they were going to do and that I could do all those things for him. He laughed but I could tell he was really turned on by me. He tried to tell me that it wasn’t right and that little sister’s could not suck their brother’s cock or tell them to pop their cherry. I gave him no choice. I wrapped my arms around him and pushed my tongue deep in his mouth. He hesitated at first but then he kissed me back. I Kissed his neck and down his muscled body till my young mouth was pressed against his very hard cock. I unzipped his pants and started to suck his cock. He couldn’t hold back any more and started to fuck my pretty teen mouth with his balls bouncing against my chin.

I pulled my mouth away and removed my top and skirt. He was so surprised and excited to see I had no panties on. “Pop my cherry now”, I said as I bent over the picnic table. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and he grabbed my tits and started to squeeze my nipples. His cock was so hard and I was so wet. He pushed the big head in me and it hurt a little but I wanted him to fuck me so bad. He started fucking me faster telling me I was now his little slut and no one else could have me. He came in big spurts filling my tender, wet and creamy pussy. When we were finished he helped me dress and said it was time to go home and finish what we started because I said I would do every thing he wanted.