Monthly Archive for December, 2013

Kiss Me at Midnight

Would you be my midnight kiss? I’m all alone tonight and I’m hoping that you’ll keep me company. I can’t think of a better way to begin the new year than with your lips on mine. My mouth would open and suck your tongue deep into my throat. Mmmmm. You taste so good baby. I know it wouldn’t end there. You can’t keep your hands off my juicy ass. You would reach behind me and grab a handful, lifting my pussy to grind against your hard cock. Lift me up off the floor and just slide your dick in where we stand. Can you feel how hot and wet my pussy is? It’s so tight that it’s sucking your cock deeper and deeper. I want you to fuck me like you mean it. Pound that dripping cunt as hard as you can. Don’t you love the sounds I make when you ram me like that? Moaning and screaming, begging you to fuck me harder. When you’re ready to cum, put me down. I want every drop to hit the back of my throat. So yummy.
Call me tonight baby. Be my kiss at midnight. I’ll give you 5 free minutes with a paid call. Let’s ring in the new year together.


Calling All My Dirty Boys

I love dirty boys. The dirtier the better. Filthy boys with dirty mouths. Oh yes, I’ve heard all those naughty things you said you want to do to me. Do you have the balls to do them? Prove it. Give me a call tonight, tell me your dirtiest, nastiest fantasy. I’m a no taboos kind of girl and I love hearing about all those filthy thoughts of yours. You never know, I might share some of my fantasies as well. Mention my blog tonight and I’ll give you 5 free minutes with a paid call, just to hear about your nasty fantasies. Let’s start 2014 with a bang.. together!

Cucky Gets His Dose

You dirty little fucking whore how did it feel tasting eight different loads of cum from my tight gorgeous pussy? Did it make you feel like the little cucky bitch that you are? See your wife knows all woman are superior to all jack offs like you. How does it feel knowing she left the 20 year old neighbor in charge while shes out of town to use and abuse you like my little bitch. Are your holes still sore cucky? Is the cum still dripping down your throat? You dirty little cock sucker…

Knock on my door for your second dose bitch.

~ Lusty Lindsay ~

Spoil Me.


Tonight I just want to be spoiled. I want someone who will treat me like a lady. Allow me to dress up for him. Wear my favorite little black dress, black high heels. Ring the bell and wait for me. Open the car door for me. I’d like to go to a nice place for dinner. Somewhere we can sit quietly and talk about whatever is on our minds. Take me dancing. Spoil me a little bit… and once you’re done spoiling me, I promise, I will return the favor and spoil you… under my favorite black dress? The brand new Victoria Secret bra and panties we picked out together last week. Before I slipped on these heels? Black silky thigh highs and garter belt holding them up. Spoil me and I will slip this little black dress off my shoulders and slip to my knees. I will undo that belt of yours and show you how grateful I am. I will wrap my pretty little mouth and soft lips around that hard cock of yours. I will look up at you with my beautiful eyes and beg you for more. I will lick until you can’t handle it anymore, until you wrap your hands in my long beautiful hair and make me swallow that hard cock of yours. I will suck you dry and enjoy every drop of cum that rolls down my throat. I will make you call out my name. I will make you forget your every day life. Spoil me and I promise, I will spoil you.


Waking up with Mommy

I have a very special man in my life. My sweet boy, who is so good to his mommy. I think it’s time to reward you for your good behavior. I enter your room, creeping over to the bed. Your eyes open and I smile down at you. My lips brush over yours, my tongue licking at yours. My eyes travel down the bed and I can see that you’re already getting hard for me. My hand moves under the blankets, stroking your cock. You moan against my mouth, asking if this is a dream. I ease the blanket out of the way. My hands pull your cock out. My mouth hungrily begins sucking your dick. I feel your hands in my hair, pushing my head down, poking at my throat. Your moans get louder as mommy starts to gag. I move to straddle your lap. My hands lead your head to my tits. Suck mommy’s hard nipples. Your eyes get so big as you see my naked breasts for the first time. As you suck, my hand moves between us, leading your cock inside my wet pussy. You’re such a big boy. I try to go slow, but you can’t wait. You grab my hips and start thrusting up inside. We both go wild, moving against each other. When you’re ready to cum, just cum inside mommy. I pull you against me, holding you as we drift off to sleep. You really are my special boy.

Ginger’s Revenge

You kept me waiting a long time, baby. Tied naked to the bed, I started planning my revenge. You come home from work, loosening your tie, sitting your brief case on the table. You don’t see me hiding in the shadows. As you walk into your office, I’m waiting for you. My hands move over your mouth, a knife at your throat. My voice instructs you to move to your desk, to sit in the chair. I handcuff your wrists to the arms of your chair. You look up at me, looking puzzled. I give you a smirk as I start running the knife down your chin, your neck before slicing your shirt open. As the buttons pop off, I see you breathe a sigh of relief. I lean forward and whisper, “the night isn’t over yet”. You gulp as I take my 10 inch dildo out of my bag of goodies. I have big plans for you tonight. Tonight, you’re going to be the one fucked and used like a little whore. I take your face in my hand, force your mouth open. I shove my cock deep inside, making you gag on it, forcing it in as deep as possible. I want you to choke on it. My hand reaches in for your cock. I stroke it hard, getting you to the point of cumming… then I stop. You’re not going to get to cum until I tell you. I have another surprise for you baby. Want to know what it is? It’s going to be your ass that’s fucked tonight. I’m going to bend you over this desk and pound your ass until you’re begging me to stop and let you cum. Should I let you baby? Call me…. I want to hear you beg to cum for me.

The Truth About Me

Have you ever wondered what I am doing while we are chatting online and on the phone? Well, I’m about to tell you. I hope you can handle the truth…

I am usually lying in bed. I have a King sized bed with 4 pillows and a big white down blanket. It’s the most comfortable spot in my house. What I’m wearing may differ slightly, but I’m usually in a pretty set of panties (I prefer tiny little thongs) and bra – or no bra at all. I don’t like to wear heavy clothes while I’m chatting with you, I want easy access to all of my softest parts, I want my fingers to be able roam freely over all of my skin, clothing just gets in the way.

Now this is a very important part, pay attention… when I ask you what you like to do to women, or what you would like to do to me if I were with you, or even what you would like me to do to you, I really am truly interested in what you have to say. Your stories, your ideas, your thoughts, they get me turned on too – but I deny myself the pleasure of really touching myself until you actually call me… do you want to know why? Because you earned my orgasm, a real, true, deep, throbbing orgasm. You’ve talked to me. You’ve told me what you like, what you don’t like. You told me what you’d love for me to do to you. So when you call me, you deserve to hear me rubbing my wet pussy right along with you. You deserve to hear my moans as I reach that climax with you. You deserve to hear my voice catch as I go over the edge with you. That orgasm is YOURS. You made that happen to me. You made me the happiest girl on the planet, right in that one moment.

So please, when you tell me what you want to do to me, when you paint that picture for me, please, please call me – that orgasm belongs to you, and I after all of our conversation, I NEED that release just as much as you do. I need to lay back in my big bed and start touching my body, I need to pretend my hands are yours. I NEED to be fucked by you. I NEED to fuck you. Don’t leave me frustrated.

So there you go. Now you know the truth. Can you handle it?

Bus Ride


I’m frustrated. It’s early morning and I’m on the bus to work and I’m late. In fact, it appears the whole city is on this same damn bus, it’s packed. There’s no place to move, barely enough room to breathe in here. 6 more stops to go. The bus stops and more people cram on board, this is ridiculous. I feel myself getting more frustrated. The bus starts to move and I feel a warm body press against my ass and back. Big hands grab my small waste. I go to swat them off but I can’t move. I feel the hands start to slide lower and start slowly caressing my firm ass. I try to wiggle away, try to tell the stranger to fuck off, but it’s so loud and packed my voice isn’t heard. His hands start to pull up my short skirt, slide up my smooth thighs and find my thong. I start to panic but feel my pussy getting wet. “This is not happening!!!” He pushes my thong aside and his fingers slip through my soft, freshly shaven, pussy folds and find how wet I am. He leans against my ear and I hear him whisper how amazing I feel… I try to close my legs but they’re refusing to move, my body hasn’t felt pleasure in such a long time… I moan as I feel his fingers start to fuck my soaking wet pussy. 3 more stops until I get off. I feel him unzip his pants. Feel his big hard cock slap against my ass as he pulls it out. I quickly look around – nobody is looking, nobody notices, nobody cares that I’m about to be fucked and I don’t even know who it is! I feel the tip of his cock push against my pussy. My ass arches back against my will, inviting him to take all of me, to make me cum. 2 more stops until I get off. He slams himself into me, repeatedly. He whispers what a good little slut I am. That he’s been watching me on this bus for months, not noticing him and that he couldn’t handle it anymore. He needed my pussy. It was his now. Nobody else’s. I agreed as I let him slam into me, over and over again. Fucking my pussy into sweet submission. “Omg yeah baby, your pussy feels so fucking good, omg baby, I’m going to cum, you’re going to make me cum, I’m going to cum in you tomorrow as well, and the next day…. Your pussy is mine now, do you understand?!!!” He spills his thick white load into me with a “Sweet Jesus”. I cum all over his big thick dick. We stand there for a moment. The bus stops to let people off. All of the sudden he’s gone. My skirt falls down and I’m left soaking wet with cum running down my legs. I don’t even try to dry it off. I let it run down. I want to smell it and feel him on me all day. I’m already looking forward to tomorrows bus ride.


Mommy Doing Laundry

Santa was extra good to you this year. A new video game is your favorite present.

This morning, you have been immersed in your game while I focus on the household chores that I have been neglecting. I have been sweeping the floors, dusting, vacuuming, and doing laundry. I am still in my flannel pajamas while I do these household tasks.

Finishing up my chores, I throw in an armful of dirty towels into the washer.  I am ready to take a shower. Not realizing that you in the doorway, I unbutton each button of my pajama top and add that to the washer. Then as I am sliding down my pajama bottoms, I turn around and see you watching me.

Oh my, you caught Mommy with her pants down!


Mommy Morgan

Your Little Dancer

You are alone tonight. All of your family has returned home and your kids are with your ex-wife for the weekend. You have a chance to catch your breath.  Your full, aching balls are a reminder that it has been quite a while since they have been taken care of by a pretty lady.

Porn is not going to do for you tonight. You need and deserve something special. You find my number and book a private session with me tonight.

You worship my body. I dance for you.  My graceful and seductive moves are enchanting.  A passionate affair is what those balls are craving tonight. My lips were made to bring pleasure to your body.  You desire the heat of my body touching yours. You need my voice whispering naughty words in your ear and to hear me cum for you.