Monthly Archive for November, 2013

Shopping with Mommy Morgan

Mommy took me shopping today. I was getting tired and bored, and my arms were getting sore carrying all the packages and bags for Mommy.

Then I saw Mommy’s eyes light up and she pointed to Victoria Secrets. It was so crowded and so intoxicating with all the pretty things and pretty ladies there. I helped my Mommy pick out some new bras and panties.

She didn’t want me looking at the other pretty ladies. Mommy gets jealous! She took me into the dressing room with her and I got to watch her try on new lingerie. It was so exciting!

I picked up the dirty panties that she had been wearing all day. Mommy let me play with them while I watched her play!

Hunting For A Lover

I have a naughty confession. This is one of the sexiest times of the year for me and it has nothing to do with the Holidays. I have this fetish that comes out this time of year. It has to do with deer season. I find a man dressed to go hunting very sexy. I am not really sure what it is exactly, but he looks so strong and virile.

Every time I turn around here in town, I see a guy dressed in camouflage coveralls. The sight of him makes my little pussy tingle and ache for some attention.

My husband came home with one of his hunting buddies. They had a very successful day! The two of them walked in wearing all their hunting clothes, with bright pink cheeks, stocking caps, and big smiles on their faces. They celebrated their successful day by sitting at my kitchen table with a couple of beers. They were sharing details with me from their day of deer hunting. My husband could tell that I was getting hot. He knows that look in my eyes.

He encouraged me to come over and sit on his lap. His friend didn’t think that I would sit on his lap since my husband was all sweaty and smelly.  I love his manly smell. I crawled right in his lap and I couldn’t help myself. I started kissing my husband’s neck. I know this little spot that makes him hard. He started peeling off my top to show his friend my naked tits.

The three of us headed to the living room. I peeled off all of their hunting clothes. I started kissing my husband’s friend. His skin was warm and his kisses were hot. His hands were cold, but they masterfully fondled my hot naked breasts. My body ached for sex.

All of their many layers of hunting clothes ended up in a pile.  My husband watched and stroked himself while my legs wrapped around his friend. I pulled him right down on my body. We ended up in a pile of their hunting clothes. He slipped me out of my yoga pants. He was breathing so hard. He was excited and hard for me. I grabbed his thick cock and put him inside of me. He fucked me. He made me cum.

My husband told me that it was his turn. I crawled over to my husband. I sucked my husband while his friend watched and stroked his throbbing hard cock. I pleasured my husband until he came in my mouth.

Then I finished off his friend the exact same way. I sucked his cock so sexy. I gave him a very slow blowjob. He pulled out of my mouth at the last second. He squirted a beautiful amount of cum all over my breasts.


“Thank You”

“If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you.

Mountains crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me.

Kind woman, I give you my all.

Kind woman, nothing more.

Little drops of rain. Whisper of the pain. Tears of loves lost in the days gone by.

Our love is strong with you there is no wrong. Together we shall go until we die. My, my, my

Inspiration’s what you are to me.
Inspiration, look and see.

And so today, my world it smiles. Your hand in mine, we walk the miles. Thanks to you it will be done. For you to me are the only one.

Happiness, no more be sad.
Happiness…. I’m glad!

If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you.

When mountains crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me.”

Turn me on

I feel you shift your weight as you settle between my legs. I can only focus on how you are going to please me. How I’m going to use you for my pleasure. Your finger tracing my pussy on my wet thong. I breath out catching the scent of the candles you lit for a romantic evening. I tilt my head back roll my eyes, don’t you know I am here for one thing only. Your fingers now rub a little harder over my soaked panties. I begin grinding my hips into your fingers and want more. I’m so hot right now. I feel like I can cum quick, lick me now I say to you. Watching you on your knees spreading my pussy lips. The sight of you worshiping and licking my pussy is almost enough pleasure.


Cherry Flavored Lip Gloss

I am a house guest with your family for Thanksgiving Weekend.

I am one tempting sexy teen. You try to be good, but your cock becomes hard the instant that I walk into the room. I am a flirt, a tease, a jezebel.

I share risqué stories from school. I walk around in high heels and not much else. The only clothing that I am wearing is tight and revealing. At night I walk around your house in a white t-shirt without a bra.

This morning you found my dirty panties on your bathroom floor after my shower. You picked them up and licked them.

I wear a sweet floral perfume that makes you think of ravaging me in a bed of wildflowers.

I wear this intoxicating cherry flavored lip gloss. You can’t help yourself. When you see my little pink mouth, you immediately fantasize about your cock being in my mouth. You watch me put on my lip gloss and just stare at me. I walk up to you and kiss your mouth.

One kiss from my cherry flavored lips and I wholeheartedly seduce you. You are powerless to resist me. You are completely defenseless. I have my way with you and your hard cock.


Black Dress and Stilettos

I have been invited to help someone very special host a party. His wife would normally host it but she is out of town for the holidays. He told me in a very stern voice what he wanted me to wear. It was a sexy black party dress and black stilettos. He was very stern and demanding about what I wear and crossing him is something I know not to do. My ass still stings when I think of the day I wore pink shorts to class. I was going through my big walk in closet trying to decide what he would like when there was a knock on my door. I ran down and there was a pretty black box tied with a black bow. I ran upstairs to my room excited and tearing in to the gift wrap. In it there was a sexy little party dress and heels. There was a note attached.

Dear Delaney, Even though you have been a little brat this year I can see that you are trying to do what makes me happy. I know little party dresses are not what you want to wear to class. However, it is what I want you to wear. You know what happens when you don’t please me. Make sure you wear stockings and not pantyhose, no bra and a little black lace thong.  A limo will come to pick you up and do not be late. Now remember Delaney, no touching yourself as that is your reward if you do what you are told.  Master.

My nipples felt the pull of his fingers and my pussy was dripping as I read the note. I could get off quick in the shower while I got ready but then I know my face with show I didn’t do as told. Although I am starting to love his hard spankings this was not time to cum. I took a shower, dressed and put on make up exactly like he wanted. I was ready and waiting when the limo pulled up. The door opened and he was in the back looking so hot and handsome in his black suit. He actually smiled when he saw how I looked. That didn’t last very long when he noticed I had on the wrong shade of lipstick. He grabbed me by my long blonde hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. He pumped my mouth as I took all of him in. I gagged as spit ran down my face smearing my make up.  He exploded in thick creamy cum bursts all over my face. “Delaney, Now you will have to fix your make up and you will do it as you were told, or I will fuck your mouth over and over till it is right”, he said.  I looked up at him and hardly believing the words I said, “yes sir”.

When we arrived I noticed there were 10 other girls in little black party dresses. I would learn about how to please a master tonight.   I never was very submissive, in fact quite the opposite.  Well there are first times for everything and the rewards of making Master happy are amazing. Would you like me to serve you?

A little me time

Just taking a little me time tonight. Room is toasty, candles are glowing leaving the room smelling of jasmine.  I am wearing some thing soft, white and silky. My choice of  mood music tonight  is Jeff Buckley. There is just one thing missing. I think you know what that is.  My nipple clamps hurt in such a good way. I am looking at some girl on girl porn to help with my me time night.

Want to know a little secret? I would love for you to join me.  Knowing you are on the phone stroking your hard cock for me would just push me over the edge. Why don’t you rub some lube on it or spread your yummy pre-cum all over your cock.  Now let me hear how hard it is for me. Maybe your girlfriend or wife is with you tonight? Even better as I would adore a three-some and the soft tender lips of a woman. Tonight why don’t you call and take care of my needs. I want to cum for you over and over again. Soon lover.

xoxo Daphne

Horny Holidays!

What is it about the holidays?

I always get so horny and my appetite for kinky sex escalates.  There is so much hustle and bustle, so many errands, family popping in and out of the house, decorating, cooking, cleaning and shopping. The list is endless. No wonder I don’t have the time to see my lover for an all-night fuck fest.

Thank goodness for Phone Sex!

I can’t sneak my lover in my bed with my grown boys here for this long holiday weekend, but I can always find a reason to sneak away to take your hot steamy sexy call.

Let’s play! Let’s see how naughty and kinky that we can get and make each other cum!


From Innocent to Slutty Sis

I am in BIG Trouble at school. You are much older step brother. I need you to help me out this.  I told a big lie at school. Now I have to do something to get me out of this mess. I was being teased and bullied at school because I wouldn’t suck this football player’s cock. All the other girls were doing it. They each were sucking a player’s cock. They saved the biggest cock for me.

I have never done it and didn’t want them to know that I don’t know how to suck a cock. I said that I couldn’t suck his cock because I have an older boyfriend from out of town.

Now I am getting all these questions and inquires about my out of town boyfriend. I need some kind of proof that I am a little slut just like the girls at school.

Since you are my sexy older brother, I thought that maybe you could help me. Here is my plan. You take some very sexy, naughty naked pics of me. Maybe a pic of me holding your cock! You pretend to be my boyfriend and post my erotic pics from your account so that my friends will be impressed and stop bullying me. Make some comments about how great I am at sucking cock and how tight my pussy feels or something like that. I want the girls at school to think I am a real good slut!

Will you help me? Please…I will do Absolutely Anything if you help me!

Also, don’t you think it is about time that I learned how to suck cock? Maybe you have some ideas where I can get some practice! I bet you could help me change my reputation overnight!


Role Can Be Reversed

I am a hibernating vixen and have a damn good time. Let’s be honest, you like a women to push your boundaries and break the rules. I like to be the boss in bed tonight. Lie down on the bed, I will use either handcuffs, scarves or necktie to tether your hands together so you can’t touch me. I will torture and tease you with my flawless body. Slowly kiss my way down your torso, and just as I get to your twitching cock, move back up to your ears and neck. You start to strain to touch me, tell me why you want me so bad. I won’t let you free until I am fully convinced. Once you plead your case, I will release your hands and roll onto my back and let you take complete charge.

What will you do to me?