Monthly Archive for September, 2013

Poison Ivy Phone Sex

I became a phone sex bitch because I love sex in every and any form. The only thing I don’t like is boring, normal and vanilla.  Imagine making money while you cum and talk about your kinkiest, twisted and most depraved thoughts. If you have any doubts, trust me, my thoughts are twisted.

I crave pain giving and receiving it.  I am an evil Goddess who will make you do things you never thought you could. Never say never when you call me. Speak to me of your most evil, unspeakable thoughts, and I am the voice that will whisper in your ear to do it, urge you on till all hope is lost. You tell me it is just so wrong to rape your little one in her sleep…Do it.  You say You can’t choke the last breath out of her while you fuck the little runaway.  Do it for me. You say you can’t cut her on her tender thigh till blood spurts out, Give her to me. I will be your worst nightmare, your dream chick, your submissive whore, your accomplice or the Mistress who pounds your ass till you  find yourself begging for more even though the pain. It is our games to play, cum on I am ready.

Ye who enter, abandon all hope.  Dante Alighieri

Pink Panties for My Shy Pantyboy

Dear Little Pantyboy,

So you have not had a date in quite a while? You are awfully shy. You don’t quite measure up to a “real man.”  You are small and submissive. You are easily intimidated by beautiful ladies.

You are in awe of pretty ladies and their gorgeous lingerie under their dresses.

You get coffee and buy lunch for the ladies that the office. You know that the ladies in your office would never think of you in a romantic or sexual way. You are their little errand boy and the beautiful ladies take advantage of your weakness.

In the past, you might even have gone so far as to be a “clean up” boy for your lady love after she has been sexually satisfied by her “real man.”

You love and adore pink panties.  I just happen to have the perfect pair for you. Here, put them on for me. My pink panties are perfect for you. They are so soft and silky.  My pink panties will make you very happy and make you feel so good.  You look so cute, I just have to have my beautiful girlfriends over so I can show you off. When the lovely ladies see you wiggle your little butt in my pink panties and watch you prance around the room, the ladies will giggle and squeal in delight.

You know pink panties are good for you, so here be a good boy. Set up a call and slip into my pink panties. You know my pink panties will put a big smile on that little face of yours.



The Sorority Girls and the Repair Man

You do the repairs at our sorority house. You really want to keep this job. My suite mates and I lure you to our suite. We flirt and tell you that we really need your help right away.  You stop by after we get home from class.  We tell you that our rooms are too hot.  We are wearing almost nothing.

You check out the thermostat and you bend over to check out the floor vents. We surround you and start rubbing our hands all over your cock and the rest of your body.  We start undressing you.  You try to stop us, but your cock is so hard that we have complete control over you. You are told that if you cum before you make all the four of us cum, we will make sure that you get fired and they hire us a real man.

The four of us take turns with you.  Katie rides your thick hard cock first.  She is a beautiful red head with big full breasts and a tiny little red fury patch on her mound.  Katie screams so loud when she cums all over you.  Adrienne rides you second, but only after she licks and sucks Katie’s sweet juices off of your cock and balls. Adrienne rides you hard, calling you our hot boy toy, our sexy slut and our personal whore.  She bounces up and down faster and faster until she has a fantastic orgasm.  Debra is hot! She is next with her long blonde hair and incredibly long legs. Debra makes you lick her pussy until she cums in your mouth.

Finally, I have my way with you. It is my turn! I have a wild sexy look in my eyes.  You know you are going to get it so good from me.  I softly whisper in your ear that you I want your cum, but first you have to worship me.  I sit on your face. I make you tongue-fuck my ass.  Instead of riding you, I get on my hands and knees.  I tell you to fuck my pussy and make me cum. You fuck me hard and deep, over and over until I yell out, “Oh Fuck” when I cum.  You cock slips out of me, but you know that you are not done.  I spread apart my cheeks and the girls help work your cock into my tight little ass.

The four of us have been edging your dick for hours and now you are finally allowed to cum, and oh, do you cum! You have the most intense orgasm of your life when you are finally allowed to cum in my sweet little ass.


I Know You Are Watching Me

I saw you were following me as I walked home from the mall. You were in the parking lot jerking your cock as I walked by. Were you stroking it thinking about me? I walked slow and you tried not to be obvious, but I KNOW you were there. I wasn’t scared, kind of excited really. Do you know it made my tight, hot little pussy wet thinking and wondering who you were. I got out of my clothes and was about to take a shower but decided to see if you were still there. I looked out my window and there you were. Can you see this far away? I wonder if you have special equipment to watch me.  If you do you would see my nipples are hard and my teen pussy perfectly smooth and ready to be taken hard.

I wave to you now, because I know you see me, every bit of me. I mouth the words,”the door is unlocked” You finally come up my mysterious stalker.  You are older than me, kind of my dads age. That is a good thing, I love older men. Remember though, I am a princess and you must do whatever I tell you to do or I will scream and the police officer that lives across street will come.  Get on your knees now! I want you to worship my sweet little ass.  Stick your tongue in and lick my little rosebud and fuck it with your tongue. You are a loser aren’t you? Following teen girls around and doing whatever they demand.  Now, lick my slit till I squirt all over your face pin dick.  Yes, I know how little and useless it is as I saw you in the parking lot stroking it. Tomorrow my boyfriend is coming over and I think he would love to know about the pathetic pin dick loser that followed me home. Give me your credit cards, all of them.  I will return them if you show up tomorrow. Want your wife, work and all to know? Then you better do as I say NOW!  You really didn’t think I wanted your tiny dick, did you?

Let’s Cum Together

Let’s Phone Fuck

Talk dirty to me.  Listen to me put on a nasty masturbation show for you.  I am one little hottie who cannot seem to keep my fingers out of my pussy. It is always more fun to masturbate when someone is there.

Want you to experience my slippery pink little fuck hole being fucked by fingers. I get so fucking wet knowing that you are here with me. Sharing this fuck with me.  Lying on my back, teasing my clit.  Closing my eyes and imagining you watch me.  Thinking of you stroking your cock for me. Sticking my fingers deep inside those wet walls.  Feeling my pussy tighten up around my fingers as I get so close to cumming with you.

Lube up your cock.  I want to hear it.  I want to hear you fucking your hand.  I want your cock wet as if I had just given you a sloppy wet blowjob.  Oh, I want you so hard. Stroke your dick for me. I love to hear you moan. I tell you stoke it faster and faster.  I will bring you to the edge of orgasm a couple of times. I want you to have such a big load of cum squirt from your cock as I cum all over my fingers and sheets.


Mommy Is My Biggest Fan!

My Mommy doesn’t seem to care much for football unless I am playing.  She never misses any of my games. She always looks so pretty sitting in the stand with the other Mommies.

She doesn’t look like any of the other Mommies. She is so much prettier. All the other Mommies wear ugly old jeans and sweatshirts.

My Mommy wears a short little red skirt and pretty top. Mommy kind of looks like a cheerleader, but she is way prettier than any of the cheerleaders.  She yells louder than any of the cheerleaders. I want to play really hard and make my Mommy smile when we win. I want to catch the ball and run really, really fast.

After the game, Mommy really spoils me. She waits for me outside the locker room for me to change and shower. All the other boys wish that they were going home with my Mommy. When Mommy gets me home, she has me soak in a hot tub to ease away some of those aches and pains.  After the bath, she is waiting for me. She makes me get into her bed and then she starts rubbing me all over, every inch of me, massaging away all the tension and all the little knots in my muscles.  If I have a bruise, she kisses it.  I point to my stiff cock and I tell her that I am bruised here and ask her to kiss it.

The Perfect Quickie Before Bed

I love when you call me right before I am ready to leave for night. You, your sexy voice and my vibe are the perfect combination.  I tell you a dirty story about my first time with my son’s best friend and how good his cock felt as I rode him. The look on my son’s face as he watched at the door puts us both over the edge. I am so wet and I pinch my nipples as my vibe pulses in and out of my hot, wet cougar pussy.  I imagine it is your lips on my nipples and your cock in my pussy.  I can tell by your breathing you are about to explode for me.  I say cum for me J, as I tense, tighten and explode with you. I take the vibe out of my content pussy and suck it tasting my juices. I kiss you goodnight and tell you I can’t wait till next time we get off together.

“I Gotta A Feeling”

“I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good, good night”

It is our third date. I want this to be the night! I am sitting on my sofa in my apartment waiting for you to pick me up.  I have on the cutest pair of new VS cheeky red panties under my jeans. I wonder if you know tonight’s the night.

We have plans to go listen to a new local band in Hollywood. I have got some sexy dance moves to seduce and make your cock rock hard. Dancing is foreplay! I have my favorite sheets on my bed. I have coffee and eggs for the morning.  I got a bikini wax and my toes painted red.

“Tonight’s the night. Let’s Live it up!”

I have butterflies in my stomach in anticipation, but I am so excited.  Tonight is going Rock!

Tonight’s the night!  Tonight is the first night that you are going to see my naked. Tonight’s the night that I take your cock into my mouth for the first time.  Tonight’s the night when I will let you cum inside of me. And then we are gonna do all again and again and again.

We are going to have a good, good night!

Naughty Vacation Fun

Recently, I got back from another trip from Florida. This time it was so amazing. After I met this hot hunk at the beach, I realized I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist. I invited him back to my room after a long day at the beach. We started kissing hot and heavy on my balcony. His cock was hard and ready, so I told him I wanted to go out to the loungers on the beach. At first he refused, but after a little coaxing with my tongue, he was putty in my hands.  We made our way to the beach. The retirees were lounging on each side of us. He laid back on the lounger and I sat down on top of him. After a few minutes of kissing we had everyone’s attention. My hot hunk pushed aside my bottoms and entered my pussy with his hard cock. I forgot we had an audience, but you can bet the snowbirds won’t forget that fall day at the beach.

Seduction Of My New Personal Trainer

There is a new trainer in a gym all the way across town. He is the hottest, sexiest trainer. Every Cougar wants him and is willing to do just about anything to get him into her bed. Here is how I seduced him and made him mine.

Thought it was time to change gyms. I called and made an appointment with the front desk manager. Let her know that I was possibly interested in joining and I would also be interested in his personal training services. She told me that he was in high demand. I could meet with him during my tour and he would see if he could fit me into his schedule.

He is accustomed to beautiful women wearing next to nothing, in skimpy little expensive workout outfits. It takes something extra special to turn his head and to make his cock throb. Instead of wearing a work out outfit, I was dressed in my sexiest heels and very tight sexy dress. I was right on time for the appointment. I took a tour around the gym. At the end of the tour, she introduced me the trainer. He is so sexy!  He commented that he didn’t think he could fit me into his schedule.  He didn’t have time for spoiled little housewives that weren’t serious about their workouts.

I didn’t argue. I smiled a wicked seductive teasing smile. I walked over to a couple of the different weight machines and his mouth dropped when he could see how much weight I could lift even in my heels. On the chest press, I made sure that the hem of the dress was high enough to show off the top of my laced topped stockings. He was impressed and aroused. He said he liked strong women.

As he was walking me out, he handed me his card. I told him to double check his calendar. Maybe he couldn’t fit me into his schedule here at the gym, but I am sure that he could find some time for some private personal training at my home.  I wrote my phone number on the back of his card and handed it back to him.

He assured me that he could work something out with me. I walked out of the gym without looking back.  I didn’t need to look back. I knew he was staring at my ass and legs as I walked away with confidence knowing that this Cougar had captured the interest of the hottest boy toy in town.