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Word Of The Day: Baby Batter

It’s no secret that I love a hot load from your balls. I got thinking today of how many other names there is for CUM: sperm, junk, man juice, jizz, gism, penis pudding, spooge, wad, semen, spew, baby gravy, seed and my all time favorite is baby batter, haha! These were just off the top of my head, I am sure I missed some good ones.

So, back to baby batter (LOL) If any guy said to me, I want to put my baby batter deep inside of you, I think I would totally lose it on him; in a laughing way of course. In my opinion, that wouldn’t get me hot but it would make me laugh which I love to do but not when It comes to getting my Memphis holes fucked.

Now, I can’t stop thinking about baby batter! I am going to use that word all day long. I am suppose to “hook up” with an old friend later, and I am going to tell him with the straightest face I possibly can, that I want him to put his baby batter deep inside my love hole! I can’t wait to see his expression on his face. Priceless!!!

Gimmie some baby batter!

The Only and Only,


Tease me with your cock

I know you take great pleasure in teasing me. You love making my pussy ache. Making me all hot and horny I can feel the wetness in my panties. Turning your back on me so you can listen to me beg for your throbbing cock. I love being your little slut. The words flow out of my mouth, how bad I want you. Moaning how I will do anything for your cock. Finally standing face to face with each other, you undress me slowly admiring every one of my curves. Grabbing my hands wrapping them with silk scarfs. My eyes focused on you the whole time. I kneel in front of you watching you unzip your pants and dangle your cock in front of my mouth almost letting me get a taste.
I beg you once again, please give me your cock. Take me now!

Brandy Lynn


I was dating this older guy for a long time and apparently I was very spoiled by his cock size. Now, I am dating again and every guy seems so small and gross. I need my pussy filled and I am sorry but anything less than 8 inches won’t satisfy my spoiled pussy. I thought every guy by just looking at me would know or you would think to know I wouldn’t be with a pencil dick. What are they thinking? Total time wasters.

I got smart because now if a guy wants to take me out, the first thing I ask is how big is his cock. If I have any doubt, I pull out my pink tape measure from my purse and I tell them to drop their pants. They think that I am joking but I take my pussy fulfillment pretty seriously.


“Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
Let me know!
Girl I’m gonna show you how to do it
And we start real slow
You just put your lips together
And you come real close
Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby?”

Skylar that’s it girl.  “Your lips spin back around.
Slow it down baby, take a little longer.”

Skylar, you suck my cock ‘til I blow!

Yeah Baby, I will Blow your Mind

as I Blow Your Whistle, Baby.

“And I’m betting you love freak mode”
And I’m betting you like freaky girls like me
that stroke and deep throat your big cock.

Let me show you what I got

Let me Blow Your Whistle Baby.

Here we go!

Back to School Shopping Spree

I love seeing my pay piggies line up! It makes me wet thinking about all the money my financial slaves will be shelling out. Just to make sure I look like the cream of the crop. Sexy stiletto heels, thigh high stockings and of course a stock pile of those itty bitty skirts that the boys love! As I pile my bags and packages on top of the already heaping mound of goodies, I look at you and laugh. “I love financially dominating you and your wallet” It gives me so much satisfaction to see you working two jobs, just to supply me with my wants! Yes, I am that spoiled bitch. I want to take your credit card and ruin you! Don’t forget about that new laptop pink of course! I am a spoiled brat and will get what I want. I deserve it. Feel honored that I allow you pathetic insignificant money slaves to buy me things. So, jack ass, get your wallet ready, and watch as I single handily ruin every financial aspect of your insignificant inferior life!

Sniff Sniff

Panty SnifferThe thrill of sifting through my dirty laundry, feeling those silky panties brush up against your hands. But I know your looking for something way more specific. Those pink thong panties you happened to get a look at when I was wearing that blue jean mini skirt. I know you went to bed last night dreaming of how close the fabric was to my sweet, young, barely legal pussy! As you continue your search you come across a pair of black laced boy short panties that have been worn in to really well! As you move them in between your hands your cock gets nice and stiff, you put them to your nose, and breath in through your nose. *Sniff Sniff* The sweet smell of my tight little cunny drives you to jerk your cock! As you sniff some more, you here my door start to creek. You look over and see me standing there, with my arms folded across my sweet tits. BUSTED!!! But you can’t bring yourself to stop! Your cock starts throbbing uncontrollably as your wrap my panties around it. The cum starts flowing to the tip of your dick. And within seconds it starts to squirt out. A panty sniffing orgasm brought to you courtesy of your sexy young play thing Missy!

I need you again…

Spending the night with you is still amazing. I love waking up to you stoking your cock to my naked body. Turning my head towards you I give you smile. Watching your hands stoke your cock up and down your thickness is such a turn on. I slide my hands up and grab my breasts. Rubbing my nipples and lightly twisting them. It sends chills up my spine and throughout my body. I can’t take it anymore and I put my hand on my clit. I begin to rub slow clockwise circles. The more I rub the wetter I become. Watching you stroke your cock faster as you bring yourself to a climax the same time as me.
My pussy is aching for more of you. Fuck me til I’m sore.

~ Lusty Lindsay ~

Mommy’s Dirty Panties

I need to change my clothes and get ready for bed.  I find you standing next to Mommy’s laundry basket with my purple silky panties wrapped around your young cock.  I know that you have been cumming quite often.  After all Mommy washes your dirty cum stained sheets from your wet dreams, but I didn’t know that you liked Mommy’s panties.   You are very embarrassed by getting caught masturbating with my dirty panties.  Lucky for you that you have a sexy Mommy who is sweet and understanding of her boy’s needs.

Mommy slips off the black sexy lacy panties that she has worn all day.  She hands them to you.  Put these on, Baby.  You stand frozen.  Mommy pulls your hand away from your cock.  Mommy helps you into her black panties and pulls them up super tight.  These panties are still warm and wet from Mommy.  You start to leak.  Mommy helps you play.  Mommy is encouraging and instructs you how to stroke our cock inside of her panties.   Mommy offers you a sweet kiss right in the center of the front of those panties to coax out that load of cum.

You know you feel so much better after a phone sex session with Mommy Morgan.

Love you!

After Work Pick-Me-Up

At dusk most summer nights, I like to scope out a little bitch at the park.  The heat of the day has passed, and I leave my apartment to find some dick. I wear something black and very tight, so I can show off the bulge in my booty shorts.  When I spot my next bitch, I pull out my cock and let him suck me off right there in the park. I look for a very naughty married man from the burbs craving a sexy girl’s dick.  I love to see a professional man in a suit and tie, down on his knees with my dick in his mouth.  I give his mouth a good hot fuck.  I hold the back of his head don’t let go until I blow a big load of cum right in his mouth. I make him swallow my cum. I give him a kiss on those lips that are soon going to be kissing his little wife back home in the suburbs.


Humilate You In Front Of My Friends

Time to show you off!  I am going to dress you up and take you to a summer garden party with all my friends. You will strip!  Under your clothes, you will be wearing a pink pair of my panties.  Under my panties, you will have a red bow tied so cute around your little dick.  You are the most obedient little panty boy. I show my friends what a well-trained little slut you are.  You will serve my girlfriends.  You will lick all of them until you make them cum on your face. As the party progresses, the guys start to show up.  Everyone is laughing at you running around in just a little red bow around your little dick.  You are fucking hilarious.  You drop to your knees and you beg for cum from the guys.  You suck their dicks and get covered in cum. You are one hot cum slut.  By the end of the party, you are one hot mess covered in everyone’s cum.

Mistress Koko