Monthly Archive for June, 2013

Clamped and Ready!

It turns me on soo much thinking about nipple clamps! How would you use them on me? I close my eyes, and imagine you and I being very intimate, sweet kisses your fingers caressing my skin, gripping on to my nice sweet ass with one hand while you tweak my hard pink nipples. Pull me on top of you as we share a long deep passionate kiss. I feel you reach into the drawer on the table beside the bed. As we break apart I see the shiny silver pair of nipple clamps in your hand. As you hold my breasts in your hand and clamp the sliver and black clips onto my nips, I moan out loud. While you go down on me pull on my nipple clamps.  As you stroke my cit with your tongue pulling on my nips harder I get louder and wetter. As you work your way back up my body you grab the chain on my nipple clamps and throw it behind my head. As you walk behind me slide your throbbing hard cock inside and watch me pull on my nipples harder. The more I move the harder you pull. Your strong boner deep inside my cunt, while the chains on the nipple clamps rock back and forth. Gently tug on the chain and feel my pussy flood over your cock!

I May Let You Cum…

You stand their with your nice rock hard cock, craving for me to give it a little touch. Now lay down on the bed. I am going to straddle your pathetic dick. You can feel the warmth coming from my hovering pussy. You want it so bad. I look at you and giggle…”never going to happen.” I even let your dick feel my juice a little bit. I rub my wet, smooth cunt right over the tip of that mushroom head. It drives you wild. I like teasing and denying you. Next time I’m going to use my big strap on, bend you over and watch my thick rubber cock spread your asshole wide. You will love it. It’s so sexy to see your tight little asshole spread to take the big strap on. It will make you cum, but only if I let you of course.

Massage Parlor Surprise

You are extremely stressed with everyone tugging at you in a different direction.  Everyone needing something from you. You feel tired and drained.  Your doctor suggests that you start working out, but all you can think about while you are on the treadmill is all the things that need to be done.  You end up even more stressed and end up with tight, sore muscles.  You see this sign “MASSAGE” every day on your way to and from work.  Tonight, you get stuck in horrible traffic and you pull off at that exit. You decide to check out the massage parlor and wait for the traffic jam to clear.

You poke your head inside.  The place appears professional and clean.  A sweet girl invites you to come in and asks a series of questions.  She sees that you are in need of something special.  She says that you need a session with Koko tonight.  The front desk girl assures Koko is exactly what you need.

You pay for the session and wait for just a couple of minutes.  I come out and greet you.  Your impression is sexy but professional.  I have a short dress, but a white lab coat over it.  I take you back to the massage room.  We chat for a few minutes and then I tell you to undress, nude is most effective.  Hop up on the table, face down under the sheet and I will be return in a five minutes.

The room is small but relaxing. There are very low lights, soft music playing.  You feel yourself already starting to relax as lie naked under a sheet on my table. You hear the door open and I move silently to you.   I pull down the sheet and expose your naked body.  I drizzle warm sweet smelling oil to your back and start rubbing. I really dig into your tight muscles to release the tension and help heal those sore muscles.   I say it is good that you booked a full hour.  You are going to need it!  I move down your back and massage your glutes, super tight muscles in your butt from your trips to the gym.

I pour some oil along the crack of your butt and rub my fingers up and down between your sweet cheeks.   You are feeling a little nervous about this but you remain speechless. Your cock starts to throb as I play with your butt.  I notice and encourage you to pleasure yourself while I work on your back side.  I move my hands up and down your each of your legs, but every so often, my fingers drift back to run along the crack of your ass. You start grinding your hips.  Your breathing becomes faster.  I slip my well-oiled finger right into your ass and you have a massive explosive cum all over my exam table.

I finish the massage and allow you to get dressed.  I tell you that I know that I will hear from you again very soon.


Mommy Morgan Loves You, But Hates Tan Lines!

I hate the tan lines that I have acquired from gardening and my daily run.  My goal for this weekend is to even out my tan.  Fortunately, our backyard is very private, so I can work on my summer tan in the nude.  I am hoping that you, my Loverboy, will keep me company and hang out with me in the backyard.  You can get naked with me, Sweetie.  Let’s pour some tanning oil and massage it into each other’s bodies.

Love you,

Mommy Morgan

Give It To Me Again!

He teases my aching clit, rubbing the length of his shaft against me slowly, my pussy lips spreading against his cock. I bite my lip and pull myself up to look him in his gorgeous eyes. I take a deep breath and begin rocking on his cock again, slowly, with less pressure than before. His hands slide down my back. “Mmmmm that’s it,” he encourages me, squeezing my ass before giving one cheek a good firm spank. “Use me… Make yourself cum. I want to be your toy.” My hips rock harder. He plays with my tits, massaging and tugging on my hard nipples. I moan and guide his hands over them with my own, urging him to squeeze hard. The extra stimulation sends me close to the edge and I have to lean forward, using his shoulder for support. Just before my climax, I slip a little farther up than intended, and upon pushing my hips back, his cock slips up and into my soaked little hole. I gasp as I am suddenly filled and his groan as he enters turns me on even more. I grind my clit against him hard while he’s balls deep and I cum. He won’t let me relax. He thrusts up into me a few times before guiding me onto my back in front of him and following to rest on top of me. He wastes no time in driving deep into my soaked pussy, pushing in over and over again, hitting against my g spot repeatedly. My nails dig into his strong shoulders and I wrap my legs around his waist. I can feel him grow even harder as he approaches his orgasm. My body moves in rhythm with his while he fucks me. I feel his climax building up and he fucks me even harder, pushing deeper. Another climax hits me like a freight train. I moan out, my back arches and I grip the sheets as I gush around his cock. My pussy grips and clamps on his ever-hardening cock over and over again until his orgasm follows, driving deep as he lets out a moan and empties his load inside my quivering pussy. We fall back into the soft bed, motionless. “We should do that again,” I say.

Hard to get

You stare at me all the time. I know you’ve been wanting a piece of this ass for some time now. I love teasing you and making you want me even more. It amuses me when you ask me to take off my shirt so you can see my small tits. I can’t help but to giggle at you. At the same time it turns me on hearing you beg. If your a good boy maybe I’ll spread my legs so you can look at my tight teen pussy. I’ll listen to you whimper like a pathetic loser. You offer to spoil me just so I don’t kick you to the curb. It’s such a rush knowing that I have so much control over you. I love being able to hold that against you so I can get what I want. Maybe one day I’ll give in and let you taste my juicy little pussy.


Personal Assistant

I know you have had a very stressful week, that’s why I want to take care of you and make sure we get rid of all the stress that has built up inside of you.  I am sure you are just about to explode by now.  Don’t worry baby, just lay down on your couch, step away from that computer and I will give you all the attention that you have worked so hard for.  I wore your favorite outfit today just for this special moment that I was able to steal for us from the day.  Relax sweetheart and let me massage that huge bulge in your pants, in fact, let me undress you and strip off those work clothes and get you really comfortable.  I love sitting backwards and letting you play with my ass as I worship your cock.  Slowly licking it like a lollipop and rubbing my honey on your tummy as you gently kiss my ass all over.  I notice the more I deep throat you, you move your tongue closer to my holes and deeper inside them, even sucking out my pussy juices.  But the moment that you are more relaxed, is when I glide my fingers into your hole and fucking you with them.  You begin to spread your legs even further and start lifting your ass and slamming it on my fingers.  As I see you finally relaxing and enjoying, I suck that cock of yours even faster watching your toes curl just as I begin to wrap my breasts around your dick, you begin to cum right into my mouth.  Your personal, secret, fuck assistant is always here to please you!  

Come Over To Cum

Picture me as the cute girl next door.  I have been teasing you for the entire month of June. You have beenwatching me playing out in the backyard in my tiny little bikini, riding my bike in my little denim daisy duke shorts, and wearing those little cute summer dresses to neighborhood parties.  You like my little boobies and my cute round booty. You see that I am home alone. Don’t you want to play with me today? Come on over to my house and have a hot sexy cum with me.


Sexy Camping Trip

Only you could make a camping trip sexy! As a kid, I have done lots of camping.  I must admit when you proposed a camping trip, I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of camping, but I was thrilled about spending a couple of nights with you.  When I asked what I should bring, you said that you would take care of everything, but you asked me to bring me my sexiest bikini.

We spent the first day boating with friends and hitting the hottest party spots at the Lake.  It was a great day of playing.  We went swimming in the lake to cool off and have some fun.   Your eyes about popped out of your head when you saw me in my new bikini.  After swimming your friends wanted to hit the new bar in the area, but you grabbed me from behind and told them you promised me a campfire and smores.  Your friends could see the lustful looks for each other so they moved on to continue their partying.

I took a quick shower at the beach to wash off the lake and wrapped up in a big old shirt as a cover up over my wet bikini.  You quickly warmed me by starting a fire and kissing me.  It was the most incredible night of passionate, sexy sex under the stars faded away into the dawn.  You were marvelous!

Remember how you rubbed that soft melted chocolate over my belly and then licked it off before you made me cum with your taltented tongue in my pussy?  Remember how long I sucked your cock?  You said it was the best blow job that you ever head.  Remember how you made me scream when you fucked me on the picnic table?

It was a magical, sexy night!



“Sweet Home Chicago”

I just got back home from watching the Blackhawks/Bruins game.  Congrats to Chicago!!!  Such an intense and remarkable competitive series. The two teams were so evenly matched!  Not many hockey fans out here in California, or at least I have not met many.  Although, the little sports bar around the corner from my apartment was packed to watch the Finals tonight.

The intensity of the hockey reminds me of the intensity of Great Sex:  Driving hard, Pounding, Power Play, Smooth Moves, Strong Hands, Sweaty, 2-1, Body Checking, Rough Contact, Long Shafts, Big Stick, Stick Handling, Speed, Precision, Stamina, and Score!

Watching tonight’s game has left me so crazy horny! Give me a call tonight hockey fans! I know you are as horny as I am after watching tonight’s game. I know your cock is as hard as my pussy is wet!