Monthly Archive for April, 2013

My Teacher Can’t Resist

Only a few more weeks of college classes and I am in a horny mood. I wanna tell you what’s been on my mind lately. Well, role-playing, a specific role-play that I just can’t stop thinking about. That’s what I want to talk to you about. The role-play that has been stuck in my head is Teacher/Student. Since I’m kinda submissive, I love when my teacher takes control over me. I have been a bad student lately and need to stay after for extra help. My teacher could get my little skirt pushed up over my hips and my panties pulled down for a nice spanking over his desk. Each spank sends a vibration straight to my tight teen pussy. When I bend over and spread my pussy lips, he wont be able to resist. I will do anything to get an A this semester, and I mean anything! Are you the one that can help this horny, slutty college student cum?


Hey mister, looks like you need to sit down and take a load off.  Why don’t you remove your suit jacket and tie.  Now, stand in front of me in the center of your office.  Now, let me unbutton your shirt and unzip your pants and let them fall down to your ankles.  Hehehe, notice, I am not wearing any panties under my skirt for you.  I know you have fantasized about me wearing skirts with no panties so I thought I would give you a little of what you have wanted.  The first part of your surprise is to know that my naked pussy is right here under this skirt.  I see your cock is hardening.  Now as I am running my hands over my hips and thighs, I will slowly turn around and flip  my skirt up so you can see my beautifully naked ass.  Please, do not move and stay exactly where you are.  Let me take the edge off for you and lick the tip of your cock, I see your throbbing has intense for me.  Just so you know, as my mouth is watering for your cock, this little surprise didn’t take that much planning since it already turned me on and is my fantasy.  See my pussy getting wet as I touch myself…….well get ready for the final surprise!  When I tell you to move, you will be free to enjoy me in your totally selfish way and I am expecting you to fuck me as you please.

My date with Daddy

So last night my father and I decided we would go out and get a few drinks.  He took me to this little strip joint that he always stops in on his way home.  He seemed to be quite the ladies man in there.  As I was sitting at the bar alone and watching my father greet every stripper, I noticed this one particular girl working who I thought was incredible.  She had long brown hair, and an exquisite body wrapped in a tight red leather dress.  I watched her as she gave another woman a very slow, erotic lap dance.  It was one of the hottest things I had ever witnessed.  My father came back and was trying to get my attention and saw that where my eyes were locked.  He decided to go whisper in her ear for me and walk her over.  I didn’t realize it at first, but my dad bought me a lap dance from her.  I was a little embarrassed because my dad was with me, but the more drinks he kept buying me, the more comfortable I felt.  Her red leather dress dipped down to her waist and her intimate curves were pushed in my face.  She slipped off her dress and all she was standing in were heels and a thong.  As my dad unbuttoned my shirt and unhooked my bra, my breasts were suddenly in her mouth.  She ran her tongue around my nipples and started grinding on my lap.  My dad was behind her smacking her ass to the beat of the song playing in the background.  As soon as the song was over, she whispered in my ear and gave me her number.  She walked away and all I can think about now is whether to pick up the phone and give her a call. Thanks, daddy for a memorable evening.

You need me

I love being your phone sex girlfriend. My top priority is always to satisfy your cock. I’m always ready and waiting for you to call. The anticipation runs up and down my spine when the phone rings, thinking it might be you. Once we get to know each other, you will realize how loving and devoted I can be. I’ll pamper and spoil you with sex and affection. I’ll be the only girlfriend you will ever want. You’ll be calling me and emailing just to get a little loving during the day.

Remember, I’m yours tonight and every night.

Sweet kisses and licks,



Mommy Morgan’s Lessons for Shy Boys

So you tell me that you don’t have much luck with the ladies? You have not had a date in years! In the past girls have laughed or looked at you with disappointment in their eyes when you take off your pants.  You are alone and are starting to find porn boring.  You want to be with a lady, but you need to be trained to be her little bitch boy.

I have many things to teach you. You are affectionate and sweet, but you are a little shy with the girls. You are easily intimated by big breasts and teased. Ladies manipulate you and you are in awe of their beauty and seductive ways.  I will bring out that subbie boy in you. Teach you how to be the best little bitch, even though you have such a small penis. You just need some training.

We will start by covering up that little dickie with my panties. They feel really soft and will help mold your character.  You will learn how to please a lady with just your tongue and will be there to clean her up after she has been with her real man.

Let’s set up a session for your training so we can get started!


Mommy Morgan

Give Me Yourself

OOOOH sweetie, its okay to have those naughty thoughts about me, that is why I am here for you! Come whisper in my ear and tell me your deepest, darkest, yet most secretive fantasy yet! I know you may think it is taboo to have these thoughts, but trust me, I don’t think there is anything wrong with them. I know you have a wife and maybe a girlfriend, but that just turns me on and maybe I can convince you to let her join in and have fun. Come hither, I will make you feel comfortable and relaxed! Now sit quietly next to me like a good boy. Allow me to take off your shirt and feel your chest pressed against my luscious breasts. As you are getting familiar with them, I will slowly unzip your pants and unbutton them. Don’t get too excited, I want to control when you cum. Now, as I begin to take control of your bulge, grab my breasts and begin licking my nipples.

Oh my sweetheart, don’t get shy, nobody is around, it is just the two of us, for now. Surrender your cock to me and let me worship and do things to you that you, only you have been dreaming about. Let me make your fantasy come true and trust me, our little secret is safe with me unless you want “her” to join us! Just remember, let yourself go and completely give yourself to me!

Hurt So Good!

Today, it is your turn to get your ass fucked! I am going to make it “hurt so good.” I have my strap-on ready for you.  My big black, thick, toy cock is all lubed up and ready to fuck you good and hard.  I am going to fuck you just the way that I liked to be fucked. Hard, Intense, Deep, Rough Thrusts!  It will hurt but in a super good way.


Whenever, I hear of the very old John Mellancamp song, “Hurt So Good,” I think of anal sex.  I want to hear you beg for it, just like in the song.  “Come on, Baby, Make it Hurt so Good.”


Today, it is your turn to get your ass fucked! You look so naughty on your hands and knees with a sexy gaping hole in your tender little ass.


Your Naughty Girl,



Feed your Appetite

You say you have a sexual appetite and quite hungry for my succulent breasts, my tight ass even a quarter bounces off of it, my tight pussy is nice and wet and honey just pours out of it. I want to feed you your fantasy. If it is okay with you, I prefer to be naked, clothes just get in the way. Come sit with me at the dining room table, I will lay on top of it. Have a seat at the head of the table and tell me what you want to taste first. Think of my body as the only course, appetizer, main course and dessert of course. And I will only feed you as much as you want and request, master. I want to satisfy your hunger for me. I see your throbbing cock looks like it is swelling and needs my attention, if it is okay with you, let me release what is inside, that is with your permission as you are still pondering over the course you want first. My body has all the right ingredients to fulfill that appetite of yours. I promise you, you will be full for days. Give me a call hungry one and eat me.

Give it to Me

Slut, whore, cunt – call me what you want but this wild blonde has a sizzling snatch eagerly waiting for your cock. I don’t want to waste anytime chit chatting about your day, I just want you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue so I can sit on your face. Lick my pussy and my ass as I give you an amazing blow job. I love the cock and salivate over it, whether it is in my face, in my hands, mouth or even if it is in your pants. I want us both to have a violent orgasm. There are no limits and you can have anything you want and you can bet that I will do it all. I just love it when you stick that big brute in me no matter the hole, just can’t get enough of it!

Girl Time

You don’t have to hide it from me anymore. You can let it all out when we go shopping. We can share all of our dark secrets *winks* I take you shopping with me for a reason, ya know. I know you can’t help yourself but to stare at all the fabulous clothes when we walk around the mall. I love when I drop my bags in a crowd of people and make you get on your hands and knees and pick everything up. While we all watch how your pink panties are sticking out of your pants. I glance around at the crowd and give them a wicked smile. I want everyone to know that you are a full blown sissy boy. The next store that we’ll be going into you will be asking the woman to open up the ladies fitting room for you. This is just the start of our journey. With my impeccable taste with fashion and your sissy ass. You’ll be the woman that you’ve always dreamed of.

Just think about all the girl time we get to spend with each other.

Kiss Kiss,