Monthly Archive for February, 2013

Tease & Deny

How about a private lap dance tonight?

You can look but you can’t touch any part of me or yourself for that matter. I can touch you anywhere and any way that I want.  A session in the VIP room is almost a form of chastity or sexual torture.  A private lap dance at the strip club is the ultimate experience of tease and orgasm denial.  I tease the fuck out of you by dressing so provocatively and I whisper sexy, dirty words in your ear.  As I grind my pussy into your lap, you can feel the heat between my legs; your mouth starts to salivate.  You can almost taste me.

I have the hot sexy lap dance girl moves that will rock your world, make your cock so hard that you will feel like you are on the brink of insanity because of my dancing and teasing.  Maybe if I am in a naughty mood, I will let you pull that cock for me and give you a hand job and let you cum for me, but maybe I am the supreme cock tease.  I get you to that point where you are just about to explode in your pants with my private dance, but  then I tease and deny.  Complete denial of your orgasm!  I bring you to the brink of orgasm, hop off your lap, lean down and whisper, “Time is up.”  I giggle as I walk out of the room.  I look back over my shoulder and see you sitting there stunned and horny.

His Addiction Is My Breast

He tells me over and over how my breasts brings him such joy and excitement and he could suck them and play with them for hours. I love the way he traces his hot tongue around my nipples and bites them so softly only to take full control after several bites. He begins to get rough and forces his hands around my breast and squeezes as fucking hard as he can. He wants my big ample breasts to belong only to him. He craves my nipples and when he pushes that enormous cock in between these warm breasts, it makes him tremble with uncontrollable desire! He looks into my eyes as he shoves that cock back and forth deep inside my breasts until his load is filling my breasts as if he is deep inside my warm wet cunt. Once his balls have been drained, he still insist on sleeping with his hands wrapped tightly around my now cum filled breasts. Do you want more? Call Me!


I am listening to Nickelback tonight.  Their song, “SEX”, always makes me so wet and horny.  Makes me want to dance, be a dirty girl, drink, and just fuck!  Here are the lyrics that I wish they used:

Wild Hot Sex!

Pound, Thrust, Fuck, Drill

I have the pussy you want to fill.

Wild Kinky Sex!

Tie me up, add a friend

Make me scream at the end.

Wild Naughty Sex!

Hard cock, I’d love to set you free

Cum all over me.

Wild Loud Sex!

Sex to the Excess.

Make me scream “Yes, Yes, YES!”

Hoping that I just made you as Horny as I am right now.

Love ya’


I Am Your Boss Now!

You keep checking my out at the office, and believe me when I say that I have noticed that cock growing in your pants everyday. I know you jack off four or five times a day. You love the instant gratification you get when you explode from jacking off. You know you are addicted and cannot stop by yourself, especially once you see me walking around the office. I just love teasing you. I wear sexy business outfits that turn you on so much. Your cock is so hard and throbbing. You want to explode so badly, I will not let you. From now on you ask me permission before you decide to yank on that cock. Did you not realize I knew how weak and pathetic you really are? You will obey every command I give you and never orgasm again or I will go right to HR and tell them you have been sexual harassing me. I have all the control over your orgasms now. You will do what ever I ask. Let’s start by taking down that cute picture you have on your desk of your wife. You will replace it with mine. You are mine..hope you are ready!

Take a ride with me

We took a long drive out in the middle of no where. It was so refreshing the breeze blowing through my hair. I could feel his eyes glancing over at me, his hand caressing my bare leg feeling my warm skin. I shifted in my seat to accommodate his hand. I was moist wanting him so bad. His hand started moving up my thigh making his way to my panties pulling them aside. My wetness finally coating his fingers.  I reached over to feel the bulge growing in his pants. It only took him a second to unbuckle his pants. Pulling out his thick cock, my eyes grew wide and my mouth was watering. He pulled off on the side of a dirt road. Leaning over he kissed me running his hands through the back of my hair as I leaned my head down and started circling my lips around his beautiful thick cock.
Give me a call and I’ll let you know how the rest of the trip went.



Want to Play Together Tonight?

I just got home from the mall.  I bought some super sweet and sexy lingerie. I just love Victoria Secrets panties and bras.  I am going to wear  my new lingerie for your call tonight.

Let my sweet voice guide you as you stroke yourself for me.  I want to make you hot and horny.  Want to tease you and bring you to the edge of orgasm over and over until I finally allow you to cum for me. Want you to carefully give me a full detailed description of how you are going to make me cum.

Let’s masturbate together!  I need to very hot and sexy cum, and I bet you do as well.



Secrets Behind Bedroom Doors

My husband and I have joined a local Swingers Group.  I needed to some variety to spice up our sex life.  My husband is a hottie, but he needs a little inspiration sometimes.  You are also a member of the Swingers Group.

No matter what else happens during one of Group Sex Nights, no matter how many people we all fuck,  you and I always end up together, fucking each other at the end of the night.  You always save that last cum for my pussy.

There is an amazing sexual chemistry between us.  You can pound me from behind with an intensity that I have never quite experienced.  You understand that I like it rough. It is not just your size, which of course is wonderful to feel in my pussy.  You have this fire inside of you. You relish sex as much as I do, with the same level of intensity.  It is really hard to describe.

I admit that my husband can get a little lazy and uses the same sexy moves over and over.  Sex can get a little dull at times with him.   That is why we joined the group, but he sees how much I love fucking you. He gets a little envious of our passionate fucking.   You and I have been getting together in my bedroom alone when he is at work or out of town. but now I want my little cuckold husband to watch, maybe have a naughty threesome.  I really have a strong desire to make my husband jealous because he knows that I prefer your cock to his.


Love Sneeking Guys In!

I stayed at my parents this past weekend and had to sneak a guy I picked up at the bar into the guest bedroom. I told him to pull off his pants after rubbing him through them. I took off my pants and thong, pulled my shirt off and had him stand at the edge of the bed. I laid on the bed and started sucking his big, thick, cock deeper and deeper until his cock hit the back of my throat. I started licking all the way up and down him and licked his balls. Then I laid down with my legs spread for him. He put his cock head at the opening and shoved straight to the back of my pussy, I gripped him so tight from the shock that it hurt, but felt soooooo good. He kept drawing his dick almost all the way out before shoving back in to the back of my pussy. I told him I was gonna scream and it would wake my parents so he put his two fingers in my mouth and said “suck that dick good baby, make it cum!” I kept sucking his fingers trying to be quiet and swirl my tongue around them like he would want done to his dick. Next he put my legs over his shoulders so I knew he was gonna make me cum. I tell him I’m gonna scream because he is fucking me so hard and I’m having a long orgasm and says he is about to cum and to talk dirty to him. I tell him that his thick cock really stretches my pussy out. He grabbed my legs tight and started to throb inside me, I could feel his hot cum pumping inside me, so I pulled him as deep ad I could. Just as he stopped pumping I pushed him down to my pussy. I could feel his thick cum dripping out of me and I wanted him to taste and lick all of his thick warm cum from inside me. He started slowly and got faster and faster, I could see his cock getting hard again so I pulled him up for a kiss and tasted his salty cum in his mouth, god that turns me on soooooo much!

I Need A Cock To Play With!

I take great pleasure in training my slave men. I enjoy my Boy Toys serving me their dicks. Bring that cock over to your mistress and expect to serve and obey me. Be the proper bitch boy who does exactly what he is told. You will do all that you can to please me! You can have a metal chastity device ready for me to unlock and then when your session is done close the key again. Before I take it off I like to tease that cock in its cage. I will close my mouth over the top of that cage as if I am sucking that dick. The sensation and vision is killing you. If you get hard that chastity will hurt like a bitch. I like to use lots of different cock torture. You can have clothes pins, ice cock ring, rope, duct tape, etc. Do you think you can handle it? You will be used and abused by me as I tell you what I want your cock to go through. I like to hear you moan in pain and delight with each order that I tell you. I am a serious mistress ready to play hardcore games and cater to all tastes. I will let you make requests as long as you are respectful when asking. Let’s unleash those fantasies you have been having of me being in total control.

Both of her virginal holes!

Her skin was so perfect.  Soft and pale.  Her puckered tiny little asshole was also perfect.  Absolutely no dis-colorization  and not so much as a stretch mark.  The evidence was quite plentiful that her little ass was a virgin.  My pussy begins to drip knowing your cock is about to violate a virgin.  All of her little holes are virginal.  It’s like fuck hole roulette right now, which one shall you choose?

I grab your cock and slide the head right between her slit.  Moving it up and down those tiny lips.  From one hole to the other.  The anticipation is killing me on which one you will choose to stretch out first.  Guess it doesn’t matter being I am sure you will want both before its all over.