Monthly Archive for January, 2013

It’s all for you

I knew you would not be home for some time so I thought I would have a little fun.  Leaving the front door unlocked just in case you come home from work early for lunch. I know you understand that I need to fulfill my needs when you are not around. I took him right to our bedroom, tugging on his pants while my mouth watered knowing exactly what I was going to get. His pants hit the floor and I wrapped my hands around his thick black cock and fell to my knees stroking it right into my mouth. Looking up at him with my eyes screaming fuck me hard and deep. I heard the front door shut but I didn’t care I had to have this cock in me and I wanted you to watch me get fucked. I didn’t even have to glance towards the doorway, I knew you where there watching me. Taking out your cock as you got hard watching me handle his monster cock. Stroking your cock so fast to keep up with me while he climaxed in my mouth. Hearing you grunt and groan you couldn’t hold out any longer. The thought of watching me with another man turns you on and I know it… You love my little mid day rendezvous and I love sending you back to work with a smile on your face.



Take Advantage Of Me

I can be your own personal naughty teen. I am here to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Some of my favorite role plays are babysitter, school girl, hot little teenage neighbor, and of course daddy’s girl. I love all things hot and wild. I am a dirty little teen slut and have always loved older cock. I am here to service you in any way that you would like! Bring me your rock hard cock and I will be eager to suck it and fuck it. You have never fucked such a tight, silky, moist teen pussy like mine before. Come on all you naughty men, take advantage of me.

Naughty Mommy Phone sex

Come here baby, let Mommy kiss it and make it better. Just climb right up here on my lap. What’s that? It’s your ankle that needs rubbing? Well now, Mommy has something that will take your mind off of that nasty sprain! Rest your head here in the crook of my arm. Your eyes widen as I pull my breast from my sweater and tease your lips with my nipple. You know it’s so wrong, but you cant seem to help yourself, can you? You wrap your lips around it and draw it into your mouth with a deep sigh as mommy slides her hand down the front of your pants.

I know your wanted your ankle rubbed. Darling, but doesnt this feel so much better?

Call Mommy Annette if what you are craving is some intimate one-on-one time with a true Mommy Phone Sex Vixen!



Bitch-Boy Phone Sex

You are such a good little bitch boy. I brought home something special. I do want you to know hes twice as big as you are. Since you have been such a good little bitch for me lately, I’ll let you watch. You stand there like a lost puppy while I lead him into the bedroom and start to have my way with him. Now, I want you to be a good sissy bitch for me and go put on those pretty pink panties that I bought you. I think you earned this *winks* Now, help us get undressed and get him ready to fuck my cunt. You do make the perfect fluffer. Just think how much I’m going to enjoy his huge cock fucking me. You will be on your knees at the edge of the bed watching, waiting for my command. You might be tasting my sweet cream pie or I might let you worship his cock and balls.

Virgin Phone Sex

Are you a newbie to the phone sex world? I would love to be the first one to break your phone sex cherry. I want to hear your fantasy or any fetishes you may have locked up in the back of your mind. Now is the time to blow off the dust so to speak and delve deeper into your fantasy world. Something must really turn you on, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now and of course, getting turned on by my picture. I also, have deep dark fantasies that I only share when the time is right and if you open up to me, I would love to share some of mine with you.

I love first time calls because you only get one first impression, and trust me when I say this to you, I will leave you with more than a great impression. You will get to explore your fantasies with no holds barred, your balls will be drained and satisfied and of course, the realization that you are now hooked for life!

This is your new number to put on speed dial- 866-553-2665

What’s your ass intentions?

You have been checking out my ass for weeks now. I’m sure you’ve noticed my shorts have been getting skimpier over time. I know my voluptuous ass has been driving you crazy but I’ve been having so much fun teasing your cock.

If I do give in and let you have your way with my gorgeous butt, what will you do with it? Will you take your cock out of your pants as fast as you can and bend me over and ram my little hole good and hard? Or, will you take your time, worshiping every curvature my ass has to offer?

Are you the type of guy that will give my ass a little foreplay and do some heavy exploring with your tongue? Will you expect the same in return? You do me and I do you, type of thing?

I would really like to know what your intentions are if I let go and give you what you’ve been longing for. I can totally appreciate an ass man but only if he knows how to treat it.

Talk To You Soon Ass Lover,


Cock Curious Phone Sex

I know you’ve been cock curious for awhile now so it’s time we do something about it. There’s an adult book store that I go to and they have a room in the back that will be perfect for a curious cock slut like yourself. Don’t be shy, I’ll be right there helping you. Tonight is a popular night at the store and I’m sure there will be all kinds of cocks to suck. If you want, I can take the first strange cock that peeps through and then you can help me the rest of the way. I really want your first one to be a thick, long black cock. You might as well dive right in and master a BBC! I can’t wait to see your slutty little mouth filled with glory hole jizz!

Extended Tease

I can be a horrible, naughty little cock tease, but you love me any way. I love guided masturbation calls.  I force your balls to get so full that your cock hurts. You whimper, moan and beg for permission to cum.  I just giggle and tease you some more. I want that cum just to build up a little more and your agony/ecstasy feeling to continue and even grow beyond anything you have ever experienced.

My panties get so wet, when I bring you to that edge of orgasm and then pull you back.  The anticipation is incredible. You beg for mercy.  You bed for permission.  I just tease and deny.  I know you want to cu, but I am not ready yet.  Want to prolong this.  Oh my, your cock is so wet with pre cum oozing out your big swollen purple head.  You are so cute when you beg. You should really hear yourself.

My Mom is a Slut!

My mom and I went to my brothers high school basketball game on Friday night. Of course, my mom dresses like a complete slut, wearing a tight shirt with no bra and a short black mini skirt with black heels. We walk in and she grabs everyone’s attention, especially when she’s trying to walk up the bleachers with heels and her tits bouncing everywhere. All the dads and high school boys were practically drooling over her. Even my brothers coach couldn’t concentrate on the game because he was fixated on my mom.

It was the end of the game and I couldn’t find my mom anywhere. I went to the car to see if she was there, it got to the point where I was asking strangers if they had seen her.  I walked around the school and went back to the gym again. All of a sudden, I hear a woman moaning from the boys locker room. I walk in and see my mom sprawled eagle on a bench with dicks surrounding her and the coach fucking her while she was getting jizzed on by the basketball team.

When she was done, she could barley walk from getting fucked by so many dicks. I helped her to the car and I drove us home. She was covered in cum from head to toe. I just laughed because my mom is such a slut and sometimes I guess I act just like her.

I’m Ready to Milk Your Big Sugar Daddy Cock

Hey there Sugar Daddy, hehe! It’s that time to cum again and who better to help you out than your favorite barely legal girl Jess! I know you can’t stay away from my tight, teen holes for too long. As soon as my tight pussy lips suck you in, I know I can milk your cock and your wallet for all it’s worth. Daddy, we have such a good relationship because I give you everything you need and you give me what I want.

I look forward to sitting on your big sugar daddy cock and riding it like a good little girl, knowing you’re going to give me a reward at the end. It must make you feel so good to see your little girl’s face light up.

Can’t wait to cream all over you,

Naughty lil Jess