Monthly Archive for November, 2012


My favorite time of the year is ending and the beach is too damn cold right now.  So that has suddenly put me in a cuddling mood.  Yes I know that isn’t very kinky compared to my normal mood but now that I am sitting back naked under my favorite cuddly blanket with my magic wand toy that one of my favorite callers bought me. I am in need of a warm body next to me.

We can do away with the blanket and let our body heat warm us up.  Your hot cock and my hot pussy should have the room nice and steamy before long.  Add in some cardio, ass smacking and hair pulling and I think we will be super cozy and warm.

Parking Lot Quickie

My mom forced me to go to this lame conference with her and I thought I was going to die. I have never been so bored. But a big glimmer of hope arrived when this really hot older dude started hitting on me. I could see a very huge bulge growing in his pants and decided to go with it. When the opportunity came for us to slip out of the room, we did just that. I followed him to his car and right there, in the middle of the day, we got our nasty on. He said he always wanted a taboo young pussy but never got the chance, not until now. I didn’t think he was ever gonna stop tongue fucking my tight, teen holes. It made my pussy so wet and all I could think about was how pissed my mom would be if she knew what her naughty teen was doing. Perfect revenge for making me come to this stupid thing in the fist place. Besides, I was like starting to want his big, old cock in my fuck holes bad! Once he put his hard dick in my tight honey it wasn’t long before we were both squirting tons of thick, gooey,cum.

Let’s Masturbate Together

So many toys to choose from…mmmmm. I have a dildos, vibrators or just my fingers. I want to rub my nice, pink, pearly clit, as you start to slowly grip n’ pump your cock. Get your cock nice and hard for me. My pussy is soaking wet thinking about you stroking your rock, hard cock. My pussy is throbbing for something to be stuffed in it. My 8” dildo is my novelty for this mutual masturbation session. I start to slowly slide the dildo into my tight snatch, while you start at the head of your cock and slowly stroke it down to the base. I tell you exactly what I am doing so your rhythm is the same. I am imagining your big cock penetrating my juicy pussy. Meanwhile you are envisioning my pussy clamping down on your cock. You can feel it so tight and slippery around your cock. Who is gonna get there first? Maybe the one who does gets a prize.

Finger Lickin’ Awesome

White trash sluts know how to fuck and if you don’t believe it try my hot, southern pussy. I warn you though I like it nasty, maybe even too nasty for some. When you go down on my cunt your tongue makes my tight twat gush like crazy. That’s a good thing because you love the way I taste and you lick every last drop of my hot juice. When you are feeling taboo and twisted we visit the farm and have our share of fun there too. Doesn’t matter what cock has been inside me you still wanna lick on my wet cunt it’s that good. Besides we both know how much you like to face fuck me while I’m taking huge, hard, beefy dick. It’s awesome to be so fucking dirty isn’t it?


Must have: Excellent Oral Skills

A requirement I easily meet in more ways than one! This terrific opportunity came up for me at a downtown firm I have been swooning over for some time now. Perfect location, trendy office and the hottest, richest eligible cock around. I so totally wanted this job that I was very willing to do ANYTHING to land it.

The morning of my interview came quickly and I was so nervous but in a good way. My resume was good but not outstanding and I knew that it had to be to get this position. I was one of many who made the final list to be interviewed and certainly there were more qualified applicants. The problem is that I had a little too much fun in college and didn’t quiet complete all my coursework. Slipping into my sexy, black tight fitting skirt I knew it would take much more than general office chit chat to get this job. Fastening my garter belt to my sheer thigh high stockings I decided to leave panties off, I mean it couldn’t hurt, I was going to need all the help I could get.

“Come on in you must be Chloe.” An incredibly sexy voice called me into a plush office with the very finest furnishings overlooking the city. Nervously, I chose a seat across from his desk, crossing and uncrossing my legs, biting my lip. “Your resume is good Chloe but I’m sure you know I have a stack of them in front of me with much higher qualifications.” I realize that sir but you must know I want this job more than anything in the world and I am ready to prove it. He slowly raked his hungry eyes over my body and answered my challenge. “Sorry to be blunt but I really must get to the point. Would you be willing to milk my cock dry anytime I asked this of you?” Because that is what it’s gonna take if you want this position. Anyone can see your assets go beyond what’s on paper and I’m willing to work with that. I walked over to his desk, slipped down between his legs and showed him my oral skills. I heard excellent oral skills are required of this job, perhaps this will suffice, I teased. Taking my time working his dick with my tongue, milking it with my lips. He was so massively hard I thought he would explode but then I felt him pull out of my wet mouth. “Show me what you can do with that pussy Chloe.” I want you to milk my cock good earn your position here. I pushed my sexy black skirt up around my tummy, straddled his lap and then started to ride his cock. My pussy was hot, swollen, tight and eager to work his dick hard. I milked his cock so good he gave me all his creamy cum and the job was mine! Guess my excellent oral skills are worth more than I ever realized.

Creamy Chloe

Pull Down Your Rubber Pants!

I love dressing them up in those soft white cloth diapers and having them soil them and get them all stinky and messy just for me. I love hearing those squeaky baby voices beg mommy for my attention crying for that baby bottle and being all spoiled and cranky because they want the baby binky. Such big babies they are rolling around playing with ruffles around their rubber pants. They get all excited when Mommy let’s them roll around in the play pen with all the other babies. Mommy loves hearing all the baby talk and when they all wet those clean diapers at the same time. Mommy makes sure to change them all and once again get them all nice and dry and then it is feeding time and they seem so hungry for my milk. Come play with us!

Longing For His Touch

All my thoughts are of you and how much my mature pussy aches for your warm lips. I love the way you suckle at my big nipples completely covering them with your mouth. I close my eyes and feel only your touch. The way your hands explore my body making me tremble with pleasure as your hands trace the outside of my soft thighs causing them to slowly part. I welcome you deep inside my wet treasure, I long to be your complete and devoted mistress come to me complete me tonight.

Busty Bianca

Mommy’s Shoes Is What He Craves

What a strange and sexy encounter that was having a long session with Mr. Shoe lover he walked me down that twisted path of being totally into his sweet loving mothers closet full of shoes. I find myself wanting to know more about his naughty love for shoes so we go down the path of him being caught by his mom in her closet with a pair of her shoes pushed down over his cock having a good time masturbating the inside of her shoes moaning and calling out his mommy’s name not knowing that she has entered the room and is standing there watching the whole scene. Once he hears his mom laughing he is so shocked but for some strange reason he continues to fuck her shoes the thrill of having her there watching and laughing makes him extremely horny so he continues to pound the inside of her shoe until he squirts a big load deep into her shoe as if it was her tight cunt… Making it all worth the fact that he was caught by his mom. He confess to me that it makes his cock so rock hard just thinking about being caught inside his moms shoe closet and that it is the only way he can have those explosive orgasms and after this conversation i am so looking forward until the next walk down fetish alley with him.

Devoted to you

I remember when I became your devoted cum slut. It feels just like yesterday that I was on my knees for the very first time. I knew it wouldn’t be my last. My mouth was wide opened with my tongue sticking out waiting for you to slide your throbbing cock in my tiny mouth. Now, all I can think about is when I’m going to see you again. I get so excited when there is a knock at my door. I know it’s you, you’re always making surprise visits to make sure I’m keeping my sweet little pussy nice and moist for you. Every time I see you it feels like the very first time. All I want to do is show you my appreciation. Taking you by the hand leading you into my bedroom. Slowly taking off your pants exposing your ragging cock. Lowering my face so my tongue slides across your thick swollen head. All I want to do is please you. My little mouth stretches open and devours your cock, you grab the back of my head pulling my hair slightly calling me your sweet little slut. Your cock works deeper and deeper down my throat, making me sequel in delight. I love when you give me the privilege to suck your cock. I’ll always worship your cock now and forever.

Something so Sensual

That is what I desire above all right at this moment. My sensual lover coming to my bedroom for some very erotic play. I like a man with a slow and I mean very slow hand. Tease me, toy with me,seduce me like never before. Share your wildest fantasy with me and let go of all your inhibition. Sensually lick my hot clit and gently guide me to orgasm the way you always do. Let me return the favor and give myself so completely to you. Do as you wish with me I’m yours in this moment of erotic passion and we can explode together many times my lover. Candles are lit,soft music is playing,my bed never felt better than it does right now and my body aches to be with you. Join me and let go of all your cares for those long special moments.

Soft Kisses,