Monthly Archive for September, 2012

Longing for your pleasure again

I long for the pleasure we share with each other. My chest pressed up against your rock hard body. Your mouth is only a whisper away, your hand caressing my hips as you cross my stomach. Your finger tips find my wet aching pussy as you circle your fingers teasing me. Sliding your fingers into my wetness feeling my tightness. I can feel you driving deeper into me. My head tilts back begging you not to stop. Your fingers really working into a rhythm now I can’t control the wetness building up for you. Leaning in to kiss me our tongues dancing with each other. I can feel my thighs clench together, but it magnifies the ache and the thought of how much I need you inside me again. Your hot fingers run through my swollen folds, swirling around not once but twice. A gasp leaves my mouth while I spread my legs wider for you.
I’m all yours, take me again.


Submissive Ass Whore

It’s something I never, ever get tired of and it’s true that I’m a total slut for anal. I guess I’ve always liked my sex on the kinky side and extremely open minded men that love submissive sluts really make my hot twat drip. I get down on my knees so I can look up at you while I work your dick over real fucking good with my wet little mouth. Sucking, licking, nibbling, worshiping your cock so I get it hard and wet for my tight, tiny asshole. You love to look down at me and pull my hair guiding my slutty mouth down your throbbing shaft. “That’s it Hanna suck that cock baby so I can fuck your asshole good and hard.” I love when you talk dirty to me and make me your submissive little ass whore. I willingly get your cock hard and big for my hot pink hole and after you pump me for awhile I take it ass to mouth. Licking your dirty cock, sucking my ass juice off so that you can slide your fuck rod in my wet cunt. You know this slut likes it and fuck I want it now.

Call my bedroom when you’re ready to FUCK a hot, submissive slut!

Nasty Mommy Stacey

“FAMILY FUN” with my daughter is my favorite thing to do, besides breathing.  Sex is so much better when she is there partaking and participating in my nasty fun.

Sucking a big fat cock with her is better than anything else on earth.  Her young pretty lips slobbing on your knob while my hands gently or some times not so gently pushing her head down, it’s a Kodak moment.

Then guiding your horny cock right to her tight hole.  Licking her cunny as you start slamming your dick deep inside her slit, her pussy tastes way better while it’s impaled on your dick!

The Perfect Body

When asked what my best attributes are I honestly do not know how to answer.  Call me conceited but I think I have some pretty perfect body parts.

My pussy is tight and my lips are pretty, unlike so many women who basically have “hanging” parts down there.  My feet are perfect.  My ass is divine.  My tits are beautiful.

It would probably be easier to answer the question as to what my worst attributes would be.  I would say the worst thing about my body is that each of my body parts do not come with their own self contained pleasure tools.  My pussy would be more perfect if it already had your cock in it ALL the time as a permanent part of my body.  My feet would be more perfect if they were ALWAYS being pampered by your tongue.  My ass would be more perfect if you were ALWAYS admiring it in all the dirty little ways you do.

Addicted To Your Sex

Why is it when it’s a girls night out I end up thinking of you? The more I get hit on by other guys, my pussy starts to get wet because you’re always in the back of my head. I could care less about them drunken losers and I start thinking about what I will tell my girlfriends to end the night early to come see you. I would much rather have your cock buried inside me than out at a bar or club. This is not like me, you got me addicted to your sex and for me to ditch my girlfriends is unheard of because I love girls night out.

Your cock fits inside me like a glove and I can’t stop thinking about cumming all over you and have your cum all over me as well.

Please wait up for me, I will be there soon and give you the most intense orgasm ever. I need you now.

Plan for our next call

You know I am your mistress and you have to do what I say. I made you lick my pussy just the way I like it. Licking my nice pinky clit and fucking my tight pussy with your tongue. Since you did such a good job, I thought I would suck your throbbing dick. I bet you liked your cock touching the back of my throat and especially when I gagged all over you. You wanted to cum so bad but that’s when I stopped. You had to beg for me to allow you to cum. Your cum filled balls wanted to explode in my mouth, but I made you wait. You are my slut and you cum when I tell you too. You better be ready, my little panty boy. I am going to dress you up really pretty in one of my slutty lingerie outfits next time you call me.

The Best of Friends

I have been fucking my best friend for years now and it only gets better. I think back to when we were hot cheerleaders in high school and how we would make out on the bus after games. We didn’t care who watched or if we got in trouble and I have no doubt the pervy old bus driver got off to it more than once. I still love her hot pussy and over the years it’s only got better. Now we are sex hungry women and we not only know how to fuck we know exactly what we want from each other. Her soft, slender fingers banging my cunt,my face buried between her silky thighs, ravishing her delicious wet sex. Her swollen nipples in my mouth growing harder with each suck. Mmmmm….And I love to tongue her sweet pussy until she cums for me so I can fuck her nice and hard. She does go crazy for my strappy and says I fuck her better than her hubbie.

We definitely indulge in some very hot ass play as well and get pretty kinky. I am so ready to do share with you, call my bedroom now.

Cheating Wife Cindy

Anything for Love

I like to keep things fresh, kinky and creative when it comes to the bedroom. And it’s no secret that lately I have been very into dominating my boyfriend. It is something that I look forward to and I know he does as well. I always have a sexy surprise waiting for him when he gets off work and he never fails to be my “good boy.”

Last night I teased him for hours allowing him to eat my pussy while I relaxed on the sofa and talked to my girlfriend. He loves nothing more than the sweet taste of my sex honey on his lips and it always makes him throb. I wanted him to throb and ache for me before I finally asked him what it was he really wanted. Just hearing him beg for me to take his man cunt makes me crazy hot. I gave it to him hard and fast making him moan for it until he finally released his creamy load for me. I think he’s starting to get addicted to it and I kind of like it.

Love Always,


Fuck Me

We walk thru the woods hand in hand.  I don’t know what exactly is on your mind but I know what I am thinking about.  I am looking for that perfect spot.  I look at you and instantly can feel the warmth between my legs getting hotter.  My panties are already moist and the fabric is up between my pussy lips rubbing against my clit.  What has me turned on the most is the fact that you have no idea what I am thinking.  I know you think we are just taking a walk.

When I find that perfect spot, I grab both of your hands and pull you to it.  Turning towards you and putting both of your hands right up on my tits.  The look of realization on your face is priceless and makes my nipples harden even more.  I look down and literally can see your cock growing in your jeans and I feel obliged to help it escape out of its imprisonment.  Snatching open your jeans and pulling your cock out makes me get even juicier.  I am trying to contain myself but I just want your cock inside of me so bad.

So, I snatch my skirt up over my waste and pull my panties down and just bend over using the tree for support.  Grabbing your cock with my other hand, I urgently guide it to my wet slit and can’t stand to wait not one minute more.  Within seconds, I am begging you to fuck me harder like a dirty little slut.

Tiny Pink Treasures

My phone sex daddy loves to lick my hot, pink, tiny holes. He tells me what a good girl I am for letting him do whatever he wants to my “tiny pink treasures”. His cock gets massively hard and huge when he taste my dirty asshole. He likes it when his baby girl has been naughty and my little fuck holes are sexed up for him. Sometimes he even likes to watch me get ass fucked by his friends. They like to take turns on all my slutty holes and it makes my teen pussy squirt so fucking hard. Do you wanna use me up just like they do? I hope you will come fuck me hard really super soon.


Lil Lou