Monthly Archive for May, 2012

I Just CANT stop!!!

Okaaaaayyy, So My boyfriend left for a business trip to Dubai last week, and he is going to be gone for almost a month ūüôĀ I dont know what I was thinkling, posting a profile on one of those internet social sites, looking for friend to hang out with to chase the blues away and keep myself occupied, but boy did I open pandoras box!!!

Of course I got some nice messages from some girls, but there were a couple of REALLY hot guys, and i told myself I wasnt going to repond but….

I woke up in the middle of the night , unable to fall back asleep and checked my mail.

Big mistake.

Now normally, all I go for is the dark meat, but this one guy was so painfully fine I couldnt help myself. Before I even realized what I had done, we were on the phone making plan to meet up in a park about 45 minutes away.

OMG,WTF am I doing????

He was Arabian, dark skin, sooo handsome, big thick long cock..I was in HEAVEN!!!


After we walked in the park, made out heavily and I ended up fucking him in the back seat of his Lincoln…which of course I PROMISED myself I wasnt going to do…Ugh!

Jesus..I REALLY need a fucking hobby…got any suggestions?!?!


I need to be pounded baby!

I am stuck at home in the damn rain tonight so rather than go out to the bar I am just going to have a few drinks here.¬† The kids are gone and it’s just me all by myself and this Vodka is going straight to my clit.¬† I feel the burrnnnnnnn right down my throat and straight to my pussy.

What in the world do they put in liquor that makes me some horny?¬† It’s like I have a direct IV straight down to my wet slit. Now all I need to feel is your cock sliding right here between my juicy pussy lips and fucking me till I am drunk in a whole other way…. Drunk on pussy pounding!

Naughty Sis

I blackmail you, my older step-brother, when I catch you in my bedroom.  You are on my bed. You are naked with the panties that I wore yesterday in your hand.

I tell you that you have to do what I say or I will tell Mom and she will punish you. Punish you Bad!

I black mail you, my older step-brother, when I catch you in my bedroom.  You are on my bed. You are naked with the panties that I wore yesterday in your hand.

I tell you that you have to do what I say or I will tell Mom and she will punish you. Punish you Bad!

You promise that you will do anything if I don’t tell Mom.  I make you take me to the mall to buy me some new sexy panties: thongs, cheekies, and string bikinis.  It took you a month of mowing lawns to pay for all of these panties.

I start to feel bad about you spending all of your money on me.  In the car on the way home, I  tell you that when we get home I will let you watch me while I model all my new panties for you. After I get a pair of new panties all wet, I will watch while you get naked again and cum in my new panties. That makes you smile and your cock ache.

Make me squirt, again!

I have this caller who always seems to make me squirt. There’s something about the tone of his masculine voice that really gets my juices flowing. When we get hot and heavy into our phone sex fantasy, my pussy defiantly responds. I couldn’t imagine what the intensity level would be like if we were together in person because on the phone it’s totally crazy.

When my pussy is insanely wet, I put the phone down and let him hear all my creamy juices. I get so worked up that he’s stroking his massive hard-on¬†while listening to my extreme wetness that I squirt all over the phone. He loves listening to me squirt in his ear and hearing my heavy moans in the background.

I’m defiantly getting horny now and I need you to make me squirt again!

Fantasy Phone Sex with Dirty girl Harley

We sure did teach my cousin Jessie a lesson. Little dicktease deserved it, yes indeed.  Simply amazing how roofies slipped in to shots of tequilla make a dickteases legs open wide.  She was like jello in our hands.

My pussy was gushing juices watching you pop her little cherry.¬† I wasn’t one bit surprised when she started squirming all over your cock and begging for more.¬† I knew the little dicktease was actually an undercover whore.

Thank you for the nasty call “S”, next fantasy maybe you can be that Ranger in those tight shorts breaking in to my house and ravaging all of my wet holes.¬† *smiles*

Mutual Pleasure

My husband is away. ¬†Let’s play together here. ¬†Look at my naked body as I lie back on my sofa. ¬†I want to watch you unzip your pants.

Hand me my vibrating dildo and watch me fuck my pussy.  Stroke your cock for me, nice and slow at first.  Yeah, just like that.

Wow, you get hard fast for me.  Work that hand up and down that shaft for me. Oh, I do love that sound.  Bring it closer to my face, Baby.

Let me lick the head of your cock while you watch me really fuck myself hard until I cum all over my sofa, again and again.

Stroke it hard and faster.  Oooooh Baby, I want it.

You are so ready to burst and squirt.  Squirt your cum all over my face and chest.

Now let’s go up to my bedroom where I will suck that cock until get your ready for round two.

Mrs. Robinson

Family Gathering

Mommy can never out fuck my tight little pussy. She likes to use me like her little whore when her worn out pussy can’t fuck anymore. Her new husband put a pounding on her last night. Mommy came into my room and woke me so she could use me as her play toy. She knows my tight bald pussy is going to make him very happy. When I seen his enormous cock I couldn’t wait to touch it. I slid my hands under the covers wrapping both my hands around his shaft. Lowering my mouth around his swollen head. I was ready to show him what a little slut I really was. Mommy laid on the bed watching us, playing with her pussy. She sat me up on her face so she could get a taste of my sweet nectar. Getting me ready to fuck. He took me right off Mommy’s face when he heard me moan, bending me over spreading my legs slipping his thick cock in my tight little hole. He pounded on my pussy filling me up as Mommy laid under him licking up our juices. She will never be able to fuck him like I do.

Lick Me

I can tell by the look in your eye that you want me.

You want to fuck me, but you are going to have to earn it by serving me.  I love to manipulate and dominate you into taking whatever I choose to give you from my pussy. You become mesmerized when I pull those panties down my legs and expose those smooth pussy lips.

I love to train you just how to lick my pussy, just the way I like it.  Start with the clit and flick your tongue back and forth and feel my hips gliding and grinding against your face.

Put on a show for me. Kneel before me and stroke your cock while you slip your tongue into my pussy.  Taste the very essence of me, but wait, I was fucked last night and have a naughty, dirty surprise for that tongue of yours.  Taste and lick his cum from last night that has been fermenting with my pussy juices all day. Don’t worry. I have something to wash it down. I have a wet little golden shower for you to drink.

I know you love it.  Your cock becomes so hard when you submit and serve me.

Now be a good boy and give me a fantastic fuck with that hard cock of yours!


My Husband The Cleaner

I love the way my sissy weak husband begs for me to let him lick me clean after fucking other men all day. The way he eats my dripping cunt, making sure to get every drop of that strange cum he loves being my clean up boy and he knows that I am in complete control of his little pathetic cock!¬† Sometimes I even let him suck those big cocks for me just to get them ready for my pleasure only and it drives him crazy. He is such a fucking whore for other men cocks! He looks over at me wanting me to see how much he enjoys having that cock deep down his throat.¬†¬†When he has that cock nice and hard for me then¬†it’s my turn to fuck that cock until it explodes inside my wet creamy, cunt and my greedy pig of a husband waits to eat that yummy cream pie.

My Auntie

My Auntie Ava is staying at our house. ¬†She is my Mommy’s sister, but she doesn’t dress or behave like my Mommy.

She has really long pretty hair. ¬†She wears clothes that are really different from Mommy. ¬†Auntie Ava’s clothes are really bright and bold. Her dresses and skirts are so short and her tops are so low cut that I can see a lot of her boobies.

Mommy asked me to do the laundry and it was. OMG, so obvious what lingerie was Aunt Ava’s. ¬†She has these really big bras, really sexy, even sexier than the ones that I see online at Victoria Secrets. Aunt Ava’s panties were all thongs. ¬†I don’t think my Mommy has any thongs.

I took of a pair of her dirty panties and pulled my cock out.  I was really hard.  I smelled her dirty panties and then rubbed until I squirted into them.  I wanted to keep them but was afraid she would realize they were missing. I put those cum soaked panties into the washer.

The next day, I went snooping through Aunt Ava’s things. I found a pair of her pantyhose and I was really curious about them. I put them on.  Her pantyhose felt really good on my body, and they create a tingly feeling all over me. I got a really big hard on. I played with my cock and came in her pantyhose.  I took them off and put them back where I found them.

What do you think she will do to me when sees my cum in her pantyhose?