Monthly Archive for April, 2012

The neighborhood slut

With the weather getting warmer my clothes start to peel off. The parents around the neighborhood aren’t that thrilled. Give me a break though it’s almost summer time. They all try to get a glimpse of me when I’m outside. Wouldn’t you? Wearing a little sun dress with my tits pushed up, my cleavage practically screaming your name. I know you would love to feel my rock hard nipples in your mouth. I love younger guys just like you, it makes my pussy moisten right up. It will be our little secret we’ll cool each other off all summer long. I’ll have you stop by before and after school to help me with a few things. As soon as you walk in my front door you’ll be excited with a nice big bulge in your pants. You won’t be able to stay away from this MILF. Once I get your cock in my mouth you’re going to be wanting more and finding excuses to come over. Some call me the slutty housewife and others on the block say I just have my own unique style. I’m extra nice to your parents, a friendly hello and a warm smile always telling them how helpful you are and what a fine young man you’re turning into.

Booty Call?

It’s been a long time. I hadn’t really expected to hear from you again. Imagine my surprise when the phone rang at 11pm and I saw your name come up, I thought my heart would stop. The memories of the last time we were together came flooding back and I recalled how it felt to look down between my thighs and see you there, working your magic. You have a certain power over me. No one has ever been able to please me the way you do. Just the thought of having you licking and sucking on my clit. Your hands under my ass, lifting my mound up to your mouth and pressing me fully into your face made my knees go weak. I had to let it go to voice mail, just for now. What If I had answered? Well, we both know you would still be between my legs right now and I had things to get accomplished today. But tonight? Well now that’s a different story altogether isn’t it? Tonight and well into tomorrow we will be revisiting each others bodies, hands, tongues lips and fingertips wandering and exploring feverishly. Everything else about us may be wrong, but when you’re fucking me it brings about a welcomed amnesia, and I dot mind it at all. So, until tonight lover…dream of me.

Forever Yours,


You Satisfy Me

Dear Lover,

You have no idea just how much I enjoy playing with you.  How my pleasure is so important to you.  The fact that you love getting down on your knees on that pillow you use and eat me out for long periods of time.  Being loving and attentive to my pussy and my needs.

I love revving up my vibrator just for you and cumming for you.  I know my pleasure makes you cum so hard and that knowledge alone makes my day.  Until we play again my lover I send to you sensual kisses.

Slutty dress up with Jade!

I want you just as pretty as can be.  Those leopard print panties up against your package.  Those sexy slutty thigh highs pulled up slowly so you can thoroughly enjoy your transformation in to a slut for me.  That cute black bra with the padding.  Look at how pretty you are.  Let’s not forget the boots.  So you can “click clack” around and prance like a hooker for me.

Don’t forget to buy your lipgloss by our next call my new pet, every slut needs lipgloss!  Especially a slutty lil pantyboy like you!  Smooches to my new pet “Jasmine”!

Pleasing the boss

I’m such a little office slut. My boss keeps getting on my ass about being late. We came up with an agreement so I wouldn’t lose my job. Every morning I knew what I had to do. I actually started being late on purpose. I would walk into his office and lock the door. Kneeling between his legs, taking his hard cock in my mouth. After a month of being his little cock sucking whore, I found myself craving him. I needed more. Yes, more than just my mouth being filled up. I wanted him in all my holes. I arrived at work early looking extra sexy. I didn’t waste a second, bending over his desk lifting up my skirt giving him the perfect view of my round ass. He pulled me towards him. I needed to feel his thickness filling up my tight sex holes. Kissing up my neck he pulled my panties aside, sliding his throbbing head in my wet hole that was aching for him. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t please my boss. I just know a promotion is cumming up if I keep up the good work.

Kinky Kristen

Your Submissive Fantasy

Tonight I will be waiting on your call and until then this is what your nasty neighbor will be doing. Let’s see, first my fingers will find that opening between my thighs and play with my creamy pussy. My big nipples are so ready to be sucked and licked and I want so badly to feel your teeth biting them gently! All my thoughts are of you and how my body is under your spell, it is you and only you that controls me. Please hurry, I need to be your submissive little whore next door. I am the neighborhood slut and all I need and want is to be used by you!

Fill Me Up

As my tongue brushes across your ear and I feel your cock throb in my hand, I can’t help but wonder how much self control you have today?  As badly as I want your cock inside of me right now, I know the longer I tease you the better you will fuck me.

Straddling you and rubbing your dripping cock head up and down my slit it takes every bit of self control I have not to slide down your hard dick.  My pussy hole is BEGGING me to fill it up, but my eyes are on the prize, the best fucking you have ever gave me.

My nipples are so hard they feel like they are going to pop.  I lean down and swing them in your face hoping you will suck on them and you surely do not disappoint me.  Hoping that would give me some sort of relief was a delusional dream on my part, your lips just make them ache even more.  I almost cream all over your cock when your teeth nip at them lightly.  I can’t take it not one single more, I have to be filled up by you…FUCK ME!

Need Some Sugar?

Got a sweet tooth? There is nothing sweeter than the taste of me. I am so lickable and yummy!  I have a delicious juicy little cunny for you!

I can turn you on like no other!

In the mood from something sweet yet naughty?  How about a little Daddy/Daughter or little girl next door roleplay?  I drive you crazy wearing  pretty little cotton panties under my short little skirts.  I really am a little a sweet little cock tease who makes you so hard when I sit in your lap.  I wiggle my little panties against you until there is a big tent in your pants.

You can’t resist me after that.  You touch my little legs and then my wet little panties.  You remind me that little girls should not be wearing wet panties and help me take them off.  You see that beatuiful pink little kitty between my legs and you can’t control yourself.  That first heavenly lick of yours inside my little pink folds is the most delicous, sweetest thing you ever tasted.

Wanna play with me?


I am one VIOLENT bitch when pissed!

That bitch you are married too apparently doesn’t know who she is fucking with.  I am glad she finally found out about me and it’s no surprise at all.  You have become more and more addicted to what I have to offer.  Fuck your cock doesn’t even get hard for her any more, does it?  She doesn’t understand your addiction to sweet underage fuckholes like I do.

So now that she has called me and told me to leave her man alone, I think I am going to have to pay the bitch a little visit tonight.  You will be there with me and you are going to tell her who you belong to right there in front of me.  In fact, before I kill the bitch you are going to confess to her about your addiction and tell her why your cock doesn’t get hard for her anymore.  After you tell her what a worthless cuntwhore she is, I am going to slit her fucking throat and let her suffocate in her own blood.

Horny Housewife Loves Fucking! Just Not The Hubby!

My husband asked me last night what had I been doing all day while he was at work. My day went as usual and of course, all I could think of was that huge cock that was my afternoon snack. His voice made me snap back to reality!  I told my husband that my day was so boring all I did was clean the house and waited for him to come home. Does he really believe that a sex crazed horny bitch like myself would be at home with no cock to fuck?  Since it makes his tiny little cock hard to think that his wife still craves his pathetic five minute fuck, I simply pretend to be a loyal loving wife! All the guys in the neighborhood and the young teen boys know that my house is the place where fucking is a constant ritual five days a week and even some weekends when my stupid weak ass hubby is at home. That is right, even when he is home some days I still find ways to be fucked even with him in the next room. How do I manage that you wonder? Call me and maybe I will tell more of my nasty afternoon tryst.