Monthly Archive for March, 2012

I love boy cock!

Cum put your boy cock right here between my lips.  I love sucking on your smooth under age dick.  Those tight smooth balls are such a joy to rub on.  I love how you hump my mouth as my tongue works wonders on your hard smooth cock.  I am going to suck until you give me that yummy treat of your boy milk, feed me!

Spring Breakin It

I love the heat and the sun, they are two of my favorite things. So I decided to head south for Spring Break this year. I have been working so hard and I deserved this little vacation. Now that I am back, my pussy needs a break. I didn’t think I would end up breaking my pussy on spring break. I got fucked, every way you can name. I fucked my pussy so raw! But I would do it all over again in a heart beat. There is just something about a little sex on the beach with a whole hell of a lot of tequila. Do you have some HOT spring break stories you’d like to share with me? You share yours and I will tell you mine. Lucky for you I didn’t go to Vegas so I can tell you everything about my naughty little sexcapades.


Family Fun with Harley!

Hello there brother, brother.  Can I have some of your cock tonight?  Sister, Sister.  Can I lick ya lick ya?

There is just something dirty and taboo about “keepin it in the family”.  Even mediocre sex becomes awesome when you are related.  🙂  Tonight YOU and me are going to have the same genes!  Lets fuck!

I Need My Doctors Touch

Sitting here in my doctors office for my routine female exam and looking forward to it I might say. The last time I was here my imagination went into overdrive once my clothes were off and my legs were parted and placed in the table stirrups. I simply closed my eyes and waited for my doctors rather large hands. He touched me gently at first and then my body responded in a way that made me lift my ass of the table and closer to his touch, wanting to feel his fingers deeper inside my now throbbing pussy. All the time, my eyes are closed waiting for his next touch. He now cups my breast in his hands using those huge fingers to examine every inch of my breast and once his fingers get close to my nipples a soft moan can be heard and its not coming from me! I open my eyes for the first time to see him licking his lips and rubbing my now hard nipples with his finger. Our eyes meet and we both know what is going to happen next. It’s bigger than the both of us and at that sexually intense moment I am no longer imagining anything, it’s all real and I fucking love it.

Exhibitionism with Kinky Jade

Exhibitionism is the name of the game.  I know he is watching me through that huge gaping hole in my privacy fence.  It is not as if he doesn’t make it obvious.  Just so happened to need to work in your yard always right when you hear me out at the pool, huh?  I can see him trying to discreetly peek.  Of course, I play the cat & mouse game with him and pretend I don’t realize he is watching.  I just conveniently always pick facing that hole in the fence whenever I am sunbathing nude.  I just so happen to spread my legs facing that way as I masturbate.

What gets me off really is not just in knowing he is watching me but in knowing he is going to have to go inside and yank that hard cock thinking about me.  Knowing he is going to blow a huge load with the visual of me plunging my little vibe in my wet pussy, gets me horny all over again just thinking about it.

Your Dorm Room

I enjoyed our affair while you were home for college during your Spring Break.  Sweetheart, summer is too long to wait to see you again.  I know you have your studies, but I am going to come visit you at school this weekend.

Just think how hot it will be to show me off in front of all your friends.  I know there are girls at school that want you, but my boobs are bigger and I have more experience at the art of seduction.

I am a cougar! Just think how we much fun it would be to hang out in your dorm room for a while.  Such a rush for your neighbors to hear us fuck, maybe your roommate would walk in on us and catch us. Everyone would be talking about us!

After, I have marked you as my territory, to all the college little sluts on campus that you are mine (at least for the weekend), i will take you to my hotel room and we will fuck all weekend!

So, study hard, lover boy!  Your nose is going to be between my legs this weekend instead of your books!

You know that I cannot get enough of your hot, young cock, Baby!

Cant wait to feel you inside of me again.  My thoughts keep going back to you fucking me on my husband’s side of the bed during your spring  break.  Well, now it is my turn for a break away from the family and I have to satisfy this longing for you.

See you soon!


Cock Craving Slut

Mmm ~ That’s right spray this cute lil face down. Some call me a cum junkie and some call me the perfect lil cock sucker. I always aim to please when I have a nice big fat cock in my possession, I’ll even take more than one for you. More Jizz the better! Let’s see how much cum it takes to cover my whole face. I’ll be blowing your mind while your blowing your load. I’m always horny and I’m ready to take any cock that cums my way. I’m so addicted I can’t wait for you to cum all over me. I need to have my fix. I’m craving a warm milky load so bad!

Sticky Kisses,


Open wide

I know you wonder what it’s like to have your mouth filled up by another man. I’m gonna turn you into my cock sucking whore. Making you get down on your knees like a bitch. Starring up at that thick throbbing cock. Wrapping your hands around it, fondling it like it’s your new toy. I can see the excitement in your eyes. That’s right pussy boy, start sucking it nice and slow for me while I hold the back of your head so he can ease that 9 inch cock in your mouth stretching it wide open. Cradling his enormous cum filled balls. I’ll make sure he pulls out of your mouth before he cums so he can drench your pathetic face with his sticky fuck juice. I stand there with such pleasure observing  your cock sucking skills. I think you might be ready for your next cock.

Daring Dani

I love to seduce men.  I hate to sound like I am bragging, but I am so good at it!  It has been really nice here in the city.  I have been riding my bike in the park wearing my bikini to find guys wanting to suck my cock for me. It is so easy.

I bet if I found you walking through the park on your lunch hour, I could seduce you and get your mouth wrapped around my cock.  What do you think?  I see you admiring my girly curves at first and then as I approach you, your eyes move to my bikini bottom.  You are staring, or should I say, salivating as you stare at that bulge in my bottoms.

I know this spot behind these big rocks where you could drop to your knees and pull out my cock.  I would love to see you lick it like a big lollipop.  Just run your tongue over the head very, very slowly.  Seeing the apprehension in your eyes turn to carnal desire is so utterly amazing.

Watching and feeling my cock significantly grow in your mouth is so exhilarating. You seem to suck harder when I lightly grab you by the back of your head and start thrusting into your mouth.  You have a hunger in your heart that only a hot chick with pretty dick like me can satisfy.

When I can’t hold back any longer, I want to give you such a fucking big load of cum, I explode right into your mouth.  Oh Wow, I can over-fill your mouth and watch my cum drip out down to your chin. I pull you up to me and kiss my cum off your lips.

You are a hottie, Baby!



Springtime Erotic Fun

Take me on a picnic.  You bring the blanket and I will bring the picnic basket full of goodies for us to enjoy. You find the perfect secluded spot for us to spread out the blanket and just lie back and look up at those fluffy white clouds in the beautiful blue sky.

I rest my head on your chest and touch you. I  start to draw little circles with my fingers over your chest and stomach.  You affectionately kiss the top of my head and run your fingers through my long blonde hair.

I start  to feel very aroused with you so close to me.  I run my hand under your shirt and touch your nipples. I ask you take off your shirt.  You tease me, saying that you will only take off your shirt if I take off mine. I remind you that this is a public park as we both kiss and giggle a little.

I offer you a compromise.  I kneel in front of you.  I reach under my shirt and unhook my bra.  I slide it off through the arms of my shirt (a trick every girl learns at 7th grade slumber parties), and you see those big nipples of mine pressing into the fabric of my tight little shirt.

You grab me into your arms to kiss me.  Oh, how I love your kisses!  Such passion, such intensity! Your hand slips under my shirt and you make me quiver and wet as you play with those nipples.  I slide down the zipper of her pants and slip my hand inside your boxers. I find you so hard and leaking already.  I stroke you cock inside of your pants as we continue to make out on that blanket.

Somehow in the heat of the moment, you pull my shirt down and my breast becomes exposed to you and to the world. You mouth finds its way to my nipple.  You suck on that breast until I moan and demand that you fuck me.  You slide up my skirt and pull down my panties, crawl on top of me and enter into me and pump me full of your hot sexy cum!

I love picnics!  Don’t you?