Monthly Archive for January, 2012

Let Me Wake You Up!

I love morning sex!  How about you?

Do you love to sleep naked with me after fucking me? I love it when you spoon me with your cock nestled against my butt and your hand on my breast.

Well, I want to make you hard for me the next morning,

I am a morning person.  I just wake up, full of energy and ready to start my day.  When I wake up with your cum inside of me, I am so horny that it is too hard to let you sleep.  I want you to wake up and be as horny as me.

I know that I am a horny bratty, but I can’t help it!  I want you awake!  The best way to wake you up is to sneak down between your legs and give you a very slow blow job.

Can you think of a more fun way to wake up?  My mouth pleasuring your cock!  Making you hard for me!  How about the first thing you feel, even before you open your eyes, is my mouth and the first thing you see is eyes looking up at you?

I can still taste me on your cock from a night of you fucking my pussy. I just slowly suck your cock until you are rock hard for me.  Then I hop up on top and go for my morning ride until I cum all over your cock!

Good Morning, Baby


Mastering My Husbands Cock

I am the master of my household. I can cook a mean pot roast, keep up with loads and loads of laundry and the list goes on and on. When Mommy isn’t happy, the whole house is miserable. SEX makes Mommy happy and lots of it. When I’m not getting my holes stuffed from the hubby, I take it out on the kids and of course, my husband. I’m a horny housewife that needs to be fucked daily. I’ll take more than that, if I can get it. My husband thinks having sex 2-3 times a week is satisfying. Now, I should let you know that I get my daily fill from the neighbor guys, UPS guy or any other random stranger but the hubby doesn’t know all that. I’m married to his cock and I should at least have it when I want it.
It makes me unhappy when I go into the bedroom with a really sexy nighty on and there’s my husband, past out before 10:00pm. When this happens, I stay in my nighty and knock on my neighbors door and ask him for a hot quickie.
Question is, I am the master of my household but why can’t I master my husbands cock?

Road Side Assistance

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Even if that means I have to stand on the side of the road and offer up my goodies to the cars that zoom by. I’m really strapped for cash this month and instead of pawning my jewelry or getting a part-time job, I decided to put my pussy up for sale. You wouldn’t believe all the horny men that stopped and want some action. Yesterday, I had 4 guys on the side of the road, waiting for their turn to fuck me. I guess they couldn’t resist my big, juicy tits, my pouty mouth that belongs around your shaft and my pussy that will squeeze every last drop out of you. I will do anything for some extra cash, I mean anything!

You can’t blame me for going out and fund-raising via fucking! Are you ready for your road side assistance?


I want to give you a sexy little striptease before bedtime. I’m wearing nothing but a silky robe and panties. I slowly touch my body and squeeze my breast, I work my hands down and slowly untie my robe as it falls gracefully to the floor. I show off my sexy cream panties, and then I slowly slip out of them. My gorgeous blonde hair looks so sexy on my back as I slowly show you my bare pussy. I rub my clit, making my pussy wet. I start to rub my clit faster as I climax all over my fingers.
Mmmm it feels so good masturbating right in front of you as you’re watching my every move. I get so turned on when I give you a striptease that I can’t help but to pleasure myself. I noticed you got a little excited yourself, now it’s my turn to pleasure you.

Suck Me from Behind!

You have touched, tasted, licked every part of my body!

Next time, let’s try something a little different!

I am going to get up on my hands and knees and I want you to lick my ass (as you have done so beautifully so many times), but I want you to suck on my cock from behind next time.

I think you find it a very thrilling experience.  After you have sucked my pretty girl cock and licked my sexy girl ass, I know that you are going to make me so horny that I am just going to have to take that ass of ours and slide my cock inside of you.  My balls are already getting full at just the thought of you!  Craving the feel of your ass.  You have such a sexy ass and I love being inside of you.

Hurry back, lover!   I miss kissing you, sweetness!


In the Mood for Some Hot Loving Tonight?

You come home from work a little early and find in my old little tank top and boy shorts, but you still think I look super cute and sexy. You hurried home because it was a long work day and you had enough of your boss, emails and reports for the day. You want to see my smiling face and you miss kissing me.

I am happy to see you home early and I give you a big kiss. You rub my breasts and whisper in my ear to tell me that you want to see those big nipples thru my shirt, and you ask me why am I wearing a bra.  I giggle and reach under the tank top, unhook the bra and pull it under the shirt. You are staring right at those hard big nipples.  You rub and you like how the girls respond to your fingers.

I take you to our bed.  I pull down the covers and take off all of your clothes. I have you lie on the bed and offer you a massage. Your are sore from the gym and tired from your work day.  (you are also tired because I made you fuck me all weekend, but you don’t really mind that kind of tired too much)

I light a couple of candles, put on some soft music, grab the massage oil and slip out of the rest of my clothes.  I whisper in your ear that a naked massage is the best kind of massage. I straddle my naked body over yours and drizzle some massage oil on your back.  I give you a very sexy massage. First I rub my hands on your back and then my naked breasts.  I rub my big tits all over the back of your neck, down your spine and then I rub my oiled up tits over your butt cheeks.  You let out a very soft moan.

You grab me pull me into your arms and we kiss passionately.  While continuing to make out like this, I drizzle some more oil into my hands and then rub that oiled hand all over your cock and and balls.  You love it!  You are so hard for me.  You tell me that you want to fuck me, cum in me.

I tell you that your massage is not over yet!  After giving you the most erotic handjob, I rub my tits all over your cock until you explode all over them.  Then you watch as I lick your cum off my nipples.  I place my mouth over your cock to make you hard again.

Love you,


College Party Orgy

Wow, things got really out of control at a house party last weekend. I can’t believe what I did, but it was pretty fun, and I would do it again.  It started out just like any other night, but we got a little crazy with one of my roommates and we started kissing. Her mouth was really sweet and fun it kiss.

It drove the guys really crazy.  I can’t believe what I saw next.  A group of hot college guys pulled out and stroked their cocks. I guess they got super hot watching my roommate and I kiss and rub each other breasts through our sweaters.

Well the sight of those hard cocks, made her wild.  She took off her top and dropped to her knees and started sucking a cock.  The crowd at the party, encouraged me to join her.  I am not one to back down from a dare, so I threw off my skirt and my top (wasn’t wearing a bra) and joined her on the floor, sucking another naked hard cock.

A couple of the guys were trying to get my attention and to suck their cocks instead of the one that I had in my mouth.  It all started out as silly college fun, but turned into the most incredible sexy night.  I ended up pulling off my panties and fucking a couple of the guys.  It was really amazing to have everyone watching and cheering.

Next thing, I knew there was a guy rubbing his cock against my ass while I was sucking one cock and a guy was fucking my pussy with his cock.  I have no idea what got into me. I looked over my shouler and told the guy to go for it.  He was so excited and pushed his cock into my ass while I was still being fucked by the other guy.

OH MY!  I was so dirty, naughty, nasty, fucking sexy to take both cocks.  The cock that I was sucking got so excited that he sprayed cum all over my face.  I didn’t care. I barely noticed.  My pussy and ass were both so full and I let both guys cum inside of me!

I think it is going to be a great semester.


Listen Up Sissy Sluts!

Why hello my little sissy sluts. You’ve been in my panty drawer again, haven’t you? You didn’t think I wouldn’t notice but I notice everything. I can tell your little sissy hands were pawing through all my Frederick’s Of Hollywood and Victoria Secret panties.
You adore how your Mistress Charlotte looks and smells and you would do anything to please me. I must say, you look like a true sissy slut when you dress up in my naughty lingerie. I still need to punish you for your naughty snooping habits into my bedroom. Bend over and let me spank your sissy bottom. Ouch! Mistress Charlotte was a little rough, wasn’t she? Next time, I’m inviting all my girlfriends over and we will totally humiliate your sorry sissy ass.

Babysitting Fantasy

I’m in the mood for a naughty babysitter role-play. I babysit all the time in my neighborhood and I have so many real stories to share with you.

I would love to do a role-play where I am the seducing teen that can’t wait to get my hands on you when you drive me home. You tell me no, you can’t and that you’re happily married- blah, blah! That doesn’t stop me and I put my barley legal moves on you. My pussy is getting so wet just thinking about all the naughty fun I’m going to have with you. I’m totally attracted to older men and I’m excited to show you my petite, young body.

Call me and let’s have a totally taboo & extreme babysitting fantasy phone sex call.

I’m A Daddy’s Girl

My daddy’s love my pussy and he should since I am his little princess I really could do nothing wrong in his eyes. Daddy knows that I love to go out and party, I know I get my naughty streak from him. He knows all my secrets and I know he wouldn’t tell a soul. I went to an awesome party last night and didn’t get home til early this morning. I was standing in the kitchen in a daze thinking about last night, when daddy came up behind me telling me how sexy I looked he slipped his hands under my shirt feeling my warm body. I turned around and slowly moved my hands down his pants *mmm* I love feeling so close to him! I could feel he was getting really hard for me. I yanked his pants off as he kissed my neck, leaving a trace of saliva on my skin. He removed all my clothes while he gently kissed my entire body lifting me up on the kitchen counter, my legs opened instantly knowing what was to come. Showing my pink smooth dripping pussy to daddy.
I love being my daddy’s willing little toy!  After all, he always takes care of me <3