Monthly Archive for May, 2011

My weekend at my sister’s house

 This weekend I stayed over at my younger sisters house. It was really fun spending time with her and her new husband. He’s very tall and handsome and very black. That’s right, my sister married a black man. My family being from the south and all did not approve. Personally, with all the shit I do how could I say anything?
We had so much fun drinking, dancing and just catching up. At one point, they where dancing to a slow grind song and my sister motioned me over. I joined them and our arms entwined and our bodies swaying and grinding together. I know I was really buzzed but I am pretty darn sure I feel each of them put their hand on my ass. Then it happened, my sister kissed me then she told me to kiss her husband.
It didn’t take long till we were all in their bedroom peeling of our clothes and kissing and touching. I was a little freaked out at the kinky scene. I was fixing to make it with my sister and her new husband in their own bed. Thats wild even for me.
Really a lot of it was a bit of a blur but the really juicy parts are burnt into my brain. I would love to relive them with you. Theres plenty of wild kink like girl on girl, lesbian sex, incest between sisters, three way sex and big black cock loving whores. Sound like a fun time?? Call me.

Back from the beach..

I had such a good week in Florida. I took a working week doing a photo shoot for a swimsuit ad and a little steamy sexy fun in the warm summer sun. I met some really hot guys and girls while I was there. I was doing some wild and kinky things. There was a great bi-sexual encounter with a hot chick and her super sexy boyfriend after a night of drinking and dancing.

I also hooked up with two guys. They where both straight till I made them fuck and suck each other. It’s such a turn on the make two guys do a forced bi-sexual encounter before they can get with me. I love sitting in the corner playing with my pussy while I ordered them to suck each others cocks till they blow their hot loads in one another mouth. Then I made them sit before me on their knees and stroke each others cocks back to hard and kiss then I watched as they took turns fucking each other. After that, I let them both fuck me. It was so freaking hot.

Do I Look Innocent?

 I have that look about me don’t I? The way my eyes turn up, the look upon my face.  If you were to see me on the street you would think I was the most innocent thing on the planet.

I have news for you.  I am far from innocent.  You have to be careful with women like me, you know, the goodie goodie type. Because underneath all that good, there lies a lot of dirtiness.

I am the perfect combo of the type of woman you can take home to Mom without any worry of her disapproval, but then when her back is turned I will tease your Dad with my words, actions and body until he cums right there at the kitchen table while drinking his morning coffee.


Let’s get kinky baby~

I was talking to my sexy girl Jess aka cross dressing, tranny loving slut lol (she knows I love her) anyways, we were chatting today and both decided we might stay in this weekend to save a little cash and get naughty. I like to paint the town, get my dance and drink on but this weekend I am devoting all my energy to masturbating with you sexy. Mmmm fuck yes baby and you know we do it good too. I got my toys, lubes, clamps, plugs, downloaded some nasty porn to watch and now I just need you. Why don’t you join me for a hot fuck session baby?  I’m all yours, anyway you want it all night long.

Bring that horny cock to me and I will take care of it Jade style~

Kisses and licks,


Submissive Sex Goddess

Did you nasty boys miss me? Yeah, I bet you did. Well your wait is over! This naughty kinky girl is back and you know how wet and ready my kitty kat is right now! I really had an awesome time while I was away playing with some really young well endowed play things and it was quite pleasurable indeed. They made sure my days and nights were completely filled with all kinds of nasty sucking and fucking fun! But you know me, I simply could not get enough! So, here I am back on the prowl and waiting for your calls to give me more thirsty hard young cocks to swallow and let’s not forget all that creamy cum juice! Cum on give me what I crave!


What Lies Beneath

The first time you saw me you were walking through the University Library doors.  Usually people never notice me, but you did.  You stopped dead in your tracks, ran outside, and came back in with some weak assed flowers that you picked from one of the planters outside the doors, handed them to me, then went and sat down within my line of sight.

I thought it was cute at best.  But then you started to come around every day.  Not really working on anything, just pretending to read a book while sneaking glances at me over the top of your books.

At first I pretended not to notice you.  Just went about my day, stacking books, putting them on the shelves, checking them out, checking them in.  Such is the life of a Librarian.  Then came the day that you spoke to me.  I will never forget it.  You walked right up to me, said, “Excuse me.” When I looked up you smiled then mouthed the words, “I want to fuck you.”  I couldn’t believe it.  Never in my life had a student come onto me before.  I was both appalled and excited.  You laughed a little bit then walked out.

For weeks I went without seeing you.  I began to look for you every day, I began to change the way I dressed, the way I spoke, even going so far as to practice my “sexy voice” at home.  Then it happened.  Being finals week the Library was open extra hours to accommodate the onslaught of panicked students working frantically to get papers finished.  I had thought for sure I would see you, I wore new panties, bra, stockings, heels, and wore my hair down.

The way I was attired along with the way I wore make-up and had my hair drew a lot of attention.  So much so that I was starting to rethink how I had been acting, feeling very silly with the way I had let a simple few words mouth to me over the desk make me change everything about myself.  I was disappointed that you didn’t show, but also relieved that I could go back to the way things were before.  I was more comfortable that way.

I had just put my fingertips on the switch in the back office to turn off the lights when I heard your voice.  It startled me to the point that I actually jumped.  I turned around and there you stood, naked, clothes on a pile beneath your feet.  My breath caught, my hand fluttered to my neck, I tried to turn away but you closed the distance between us quickly.  You placed your hand on my face, turning it toward you, every inch of my body was on fire, not to mention the effect was having on my on fire pussy.  It was convulsing in spastic quick motions.

You leaned in, brushing your lips against mine, I thought that I was going to pass out from want of you.  You looked into my eyes, smiling a wicked smile.  By this point I was dripping wet, having to switch my weight from foot to foot just to give my aching cunt some relief.  You placed your hand on my tit, gently, coaxing the nipple to rapid hardness.  Everything was moving so fast, I wanted to stop, yet I couldn’t.  You took a step back and said, “I am going to fuck you.” As you spoke you guided my hand to your hardening cock. “Then I’m going to fuck you again.  I am only 17 but I will plunge my cock in every hole you have.  You are dressed like a slut, who knew that you were hiding a whore beneath those clothes.”


Passion Beach

A secluded beach. There you were from a distance. When our eyes met it was like nothing I ever felt before. Your hands running up and down my sweet curves. Giving you an inviting kiss. You look at me with such lust and desire. You hold me and cherish me like your toy. Feeling the warm sun beat down on our bodies as we feed off each others body heat. Our lips brushing up against each others. Our tongues dancing together. You make me feel like the only woman in the world.
Feeling my heart beat faster every time you touch me. Laying me down on the beach towel. You can see my breasts swelling as your remove my bikini top. Taking my nipple in your mouth ever so gently. Slowly tracing every inch of my breasts. Your lips traveling down my body kissing every inch. My eyes meet with yours again as your remove my tiny bottoms. Making my body feel alive with desire. Wanting to satisfy you in every way.

Dirty minds think alike…

I know what you like dirty boy so don’t even try to pretend differently. But, you know I will match your dirty minded thoughts and fantasy’s with mine so you call me to get off hardcore. My sexy young voice talking taboo nasty in your ear makes you so hard you moan for me. We get into a dirty ass role play and you have me fucking and sucking like a good whore should. Cum dripping down my face with my strappy on ready to bend your ass over and show you who is really in control! Yeah, that would be me slut. Mmmm it makes my hot pussy wet pressing my nipples against your back while I thrust in and out of your tight hole, reaching around jerking your hard cock.  I feel hot, thick cum ooozing out the tip and I rub my finger over it then slide it in your mouth. Naughty slut you get even more hard when I force feed you cum. Finally, I find your sweet spot and pound you until your blow your load everywhere.

Wet, hot kisses,


Taking the plunge

I immediately knew you wanted to fuck this ass. The way you bend me over and grab me from behind. Reaching around squeezing my nipples. Holding me tightly with one arm around my waist. While your other hand slides down and your fingers start to fuck my juicy pussy. Making me extremely wet. Holding me down on the bed with my hands above my head. Spreading my ass wide open. Pumping every inch of your cock in me. I want to feel it deep in me. Take all of me.
I want you to fuck this ass like no one has before.
Slutty Kisses,

Time to play with Sky

It’s about time for you to call your phone sex hottie for some pussy isn’t it? I want to make you throbbing hard, dripping pre-cum for me and believe me I have my ways. You love my big, natural titties are so sexy and hot they feel so good in your mouth. I like it when you suck my sexy, hard nipps too while I wrap my soft fingers around your hot shaft and slowly stroke you. Drops of warm sex juice make your cock wet and kind of sticky so I have to lick it all up for you. You know I love licking every single inch of it too. And, I will make you shoot your creamy load hard…. so cum let me drain you.