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Deep Throating Wendy

As you know, I am an Incest Whore but did you also know that I love deep throating? When it cums to deep throating, I am the best of the best at it! I love to ram cocks deep down my soothing throat until I gag all over it. My favorite is when Daddy grabs a fist full of my long brown hair and and rams my head down on his big cock. It makes me gag all over his dick! I absolutely love when I can’t breathe because of too much cock in my airways.

Are you ready to give me your throbbing cock? Shove it real deep and watch my eyes tear up while I suck you till you give me that huge, sticky load.

Tonsil fuck me now!

Incest Princess Wendy

“I want a big load of brother cum!”

My big brother and I just had a fabulously nasty fuck session.

He was walking by my bedroom door and seen me laying in my bed playing with my hot little wet teen cunnie.  He of course couldn’t resist interrupting me and it wasn’t long before I was bouncing up and down on my brothers dick.  He didn’t know how much of a whore his little sister was until he heard me begging him to shoot his big load of brother cum in my little pussy and then pull his dick out and rub it all over my face and let me lick it clean.

Great call babe!  Smooches right on the head of that fat brother cock until next time!

My first foot job

It was my first time and I was so nervous. I wanted to do it right, to make him really rock hard for me and of course, make him shoot a huge load. He told me on the very first date that he loved my sexy feet and I kept watching him like totally drool over them. As the night went on, he kept hinting about a foot job and how hot it would be to feel the arches of my silky feet wrapped around his dick and my tiny, sexy toes tickling his balls. I finally got the nerve up when we were watching a movie on the sofa together. First, I just put slid off my high heels and put my feet in his lap. Instantly I felt his cock get hard and start to throb a little.  I almost giggled to much but I kept it under control long enough to really make him want it. I used my toes to unzip his jeans and the look on his face was so hot mmmm I loved watching him get so horny.  Then I started to play with his hot shaft running my tiny toes up and down it teasing, tickling his cock. But, when I wrapped my feet around his cock tight he started to ooooze a little hot jizz for me and my teen pussy started to tingle. I wanted to make him cum so badly to watch him shoot his thick sex lotion all over my toes and feet. I started to rub his cock fast creating this hot, sticky friction that he couldn’t resist. OMG he came so hard all over the top of my sexy feet mmm the way he exploded was so fucking hot. Feeling his creamy, hot , fuck jizz drip down my feet was like so hot that it made my barely legal pussy squirt everywhere!  I can’t wait to give my next one!

Barely legal kisses,


Oral Ecstasy

I have to tell you that the way you feast upon my hot sex holes drives me absolutely wild. So dedicated to the task, so eager to please, you are just the kind of man I want to give it all to. You give me sheer ecstasy when you take your time licking, nibbling around my hot, juicy twat and probing my tight asshole with such expertise. It only makes me want to pleasure you more.

Tonight…let’s explore slowly, sensually and let your hot slut take care of you too.  I want to feel your hard cock in my mouth while you tongue fuck me and bring each other right to the edge.

Yours all night, every night whenever you want me,


yournaughtysky:  AIM

Popping Out

I have a little bit of a funny/embarrassing story. So I went to my friend’s house for a little party. I decided to wear a really sexy halter dress. It was the first time I wore it and it was a little tight but it looked really good. So I was at the little dinner party, mingling when all of the sudden, my halter strap broke and fell, my tits popping out and were exposed for the whole party to see. It felt like minutes passed although I am sure it was only a few seconds before I was able to recover my tits and ask the hostess for a safety pin. I felt so embarrassed and really just wanted to go home and crawl under a rock! But I stayed and tried to make light of it. I am pretty sure there were quite a few guys at the party who seemed to have enjoyed the little peep show!

Daddy’s Good Little Whore

I have always wanted to please you daddy and right now I am thinking of so many ways I could.  You have always had a fetish for my flaming red hair, perky titties and extra petite body. I think that you are obsessed with my young, tight pussy because you go wild for it sometimes. Most of the time actually.  I remember the first time you played with my baby cunnie and feeling your huge daddy dick in my baby mouth.  You trained me well to be your “good little whore.” Now you tell me that I must always stay with you and never leave.  That you wouldn’t be able to survive without my hot little cunt and wet, pouty mouth to use as you wish. I will never leave you daddy because I am addicted to your big daddy cock too.  I need it now buried in my tight holes and daddy I will beg for it you know I will.

Kisses from your sexy little girl,


Horny Housewife Phonesex

I am so excited to have the house to myself tonight. Hubby is still out of town and the kids are all at sleepovers. I am planning a nice warm bath, a little pasta dinner and wine with a side of phone sex fun tonight. I have my little toy bag beside me with my favorite dildos and butt plug and I am ready for some hot and nasty phone fucking tonight.

I love when I can just relax and do calls without worry or time restraints. I am going to be a phone fuck whore all night long. I am looking for some fetish and kinky play. I want to be used and get off just as hard as you guys do! Call me I am waiting!!


Golden Showers

Oh yes, the warm liquid sunshine that flows from between the legs. Is there anything better?  I think not.  A hot steamy stream flowing down your tits, trickling down your stomach to end up in a full cascade of yummy river dripping off a wet pussy.  See  how good that sounds.  And the taste!  Nothing like it, and if you think this is nasty or gross, you have never tried it.  Piss is sterile so it can’t hurt you, it’s just warm dick lemonade, and everyone likes Lemonade.  Then there are the toilet boys, those who love to lay down and suck the piss right from my tiny little tasty piss hole, yeah, you know who you are.  Don’t be embarrassed, give me a call!

Love ya,


Make Love To Me

I just want to feel like the perfect princess. All dolled up just for you. My pretty black spaghetti strap dress with sparkles that shimmer every time I move with my long slender legs. My skin is so soft and my hair is perfect and smells so sweet. I have on my black strappy open-toed heels on just for you.

Underneath? My blue thong panties. I can’t wait for you to unwrap me like a present. I want to feel your hands all over my body. I want to feel you slip in between my thighs and slide that big swollen cock right into my tight smooth pussy.
I’ve waited for you all day, I’m just so wet and I need you to pump deep inside me. I need to cum all over your cock while your face is buried in my tits.

I need you to cum deep inside me. So deep inside me. Fill me up. I want every last drop as deep inside me as you can get it. Get me pregnant and make me all yours.

Make love to me right now. We both know you’ll enjoy it just as much as you need the release.

Naughty Andrea 866-557-0112

Loving Care

Every so often I will get a call from a person who is a bit of a romantic at heart.  They do not want me to be dirty, be a Mommy, or be Dominant or anything else other then someone who cares for them and will make love to them.  They come home from a very hard day at work, and I greet them, we have some wine, a bit of conversation, a wonderful gourmet meal.  I might massage their shoulders, or we will sit on the sofa, talk and kiss.  Eventually we end up in our bed, enjoying one another’s bodies, touching, caressing, kissing, whispering loving words in breathless, hushed tones.  Some refer to this type of phone play as GFE, but in this case it is completely different, because the dynamic is different.  Call it what you will, but all in all some times there is nothing better then to snuggle up, make love, then fall asleep still enraptured in that sweet after-glow.