Monthly Archive for February, 2011

Family Fun with Jasmine

 I was outside last night doing a phone sex call, looking at the stars, and it reminded me of the little trips that daddy and I used to take out in the country. Daddy was the one who always took me out for stargazing, and there, in the middle of nowhere, we would lie down on the hood of his car, while, he showed me the constellations. I remember one night, when our family fun became a lot more interesting. While lying on the hood of the car, daddy had his arm wrapped around my slender frame. I could feel his thumb, rubbing my arm, as he always did, on these trips. Suddenly I became aware, that daddy’s thumb was rubbing the outer line of my breast. At first I wasn’t sure if daddy realized what he was doing, but soon his thumb moved up toward my nipple, which became very hard, as he fondled it. He leaned over and whispered in my ear “Do you like it when daddy does that?” I didn’t know what to say, and he knew that, so he whispered in my ear “it is ok, you can tell daddy.” I confessed that I liked the way it felt for him to touch me. Soon daddy had me seeing stars, and I am not talking about the constellations. I received quite a lesson that night, if you are ready for your lesson in family fun and age play, then call me for the rest of the story.


Fun with Daisy Marie

 I am a beautiful woman meant to be adored. I love to be pursued, desired and pampered. I am a fabulous conversationalist and an incredible insatiable lover. I am a lady in public, and a real slut in bed. I am well versed in the art of sensuality and erotica. I enjoy men who are creative and love to role-play many different adventures. Whether you enjoy being the boss, and having a sexretary, or you are a doctor with a naughty nurse, or perhaps you are a professor and I am a student who needs to take an oral exam to make an “A”, I am the girl for you. Perhaps you enjoy something a little more taboo, or have a secret fantasy or desire you are afraid to share with anyone. I am a woman of no limits so you can share your deepest, darkest desires with me. Let me be your fantasy lover, your girlfriend, even your sex goddess. Call me today and let’s play.


Kinky Southern Slut~

Hey sexy! Ashton here your hot, southern slut ready to get it on baby~  Yeah boy! I have lot’s of dirty farm animal play stories that will get your pervy dick off real good. If that’s your thing but you should know I’m always up for any kind of fetish or fantasy.  The more dirty the better of course.  Like the one I played out earlier where I got gang banged by a group of ten big studs with huge, hard cocks. They fucked me in all my naughty sex holes and I did nothing but beg for more.  I just love the taste of hot, creamy jizz and getting it from more than one cock is this slut’s dream come true for sure! Mmmm there I was bent over like a good whore taking it anal while I bounced on another and sucked two more cum dripping cocks.  I can never get to much cock for me there is just no such thing.  And, I can admit to being a cum-guzzling slut you bet ya! So, no matter how dirty your fetish or fantasy you never have to worry about it with me I will match it.  I am one nasty slut on and off the phone so cum play.

Sexy licks up & down your shaft,


Food Fun Phone Sex

Last night I was watching a boring movie and eating twizzlers when a guy called me. I was kind of relieved because the movie was making me pretty sleepy. I asked him what he was in the mood for and he didn’t have anything in particular he wanted to talk about. I told him I was wearing a purple thong with cute little red hearts on it and a tiny tank top with no bra.  So, being a incredibly horny no taboo slut that I am, I told him I had twizzlers and I want to put them in my tiny twat and then eat them. He got so turned on that I would actually do that. I was turned on too because it will make my candy taste even sweeter!

I put the phone down to my juicy little pussy and he could actually hear the wad of twizzlers  going in and out. We both came pretty hard and then I had a nice snack afterwards. Too bad you couldn’t had a taste too!

You just never know what I will do. Call me for some food fun phone sex!

Dizzy with Desire…GFE Phone Sex

Somehow, someway you are always on my mind lover.  The things we do together and the places we go always make me so “dizzy with desire.” You have a way with me like no other man and for this, I love you ever so much.  You know the woman I am, the desires I have and you do your best to make them happen.  I always return this to you by paying extra attention to your needs.  I want nothing more than to make you feel amazing and fulfill all your wants.  It’s true, I am that lady in the street but in bed our love knows no limits.  None whatsoever, which is why I am sitting here now dreaming of our next rendezvous.

Yours always,


Perfect Pussy to Worship

It’s like a gorgeous, sunny perfectly blue sky day today and what a better day to worship your Princess? I don’t care if it’s snowing, raining or whatever the fuck where you are. It’s awesome here and I want your slutty tongue where it belongs, got it bitch?  Sick of you pansy ass whores making me wait for proper pussy worship, get your shit together!  Do you see how perfect my Princess Pussy is?  I know your mouth is watering and your tongue is aching to probe.  BEG and beg like never before and perhaps you will be granted permission.  Just a warning though, you better know what the fuck you are doing. I am more than spent when it comes to you losers with no skills. Call and serve the one and only Princess Krystal if you dare~

No limits.

No taboos.

I will own your ass make no mistake!

Princess Krystal

Calling All Ass Sluts!

My tight, round booty always gets a ton of attention. I have turned more than a few heads on more than a few occasions needless to say. The thing is though, I actually adore hot ass play and especially with you men who like it too.  I have a new guy who calls me and we get really hot together I totally dig playing with him.  Mostly we just masturbate and talk dirty together. We really do not role play not that I don’t like role play but it’s hot because we just talk about what we like and do it!  Though the other day, I did put on my strappy and bend him over my bed mmmm.  The two of us like really “click” in the naughty ways of phone sex and my pussy squirts hard for him.  Sometimes we get so kinky I make him cum twice in one call I like that a lot, yummy! The more the better, right?  We like to get totally naked and get on the bed where we can just get as wild & kinky as we wanna.  I am trying to talk him into getting a toy right now. He just uses his fingers in that hot, naughty hole of his but that doesn’t stop him from shooting that thick load for me over and over. OMG he rocks!  So, I am inviting all you ass play lovers to give me a call and see how good I can make your cock feel too.

Peace & Hot sex always,


Sweet little tease

I love teasing men. It’s on of my favorite things to do. I always got my way, even as a teen. I love to get a man all hard til he cant help but want to fuck me so bad. I don’t care if he is at work or driving. I’ll tease you at work with my sweet words til you have to lock the office door and play with your cock. When I want that load of cum. I want it! I want to hear those words. “Please let me cum” I will walk around in tight jeans and skirts, brush my fingertips against my hard nipples through my shirt. Pull my panties against my clit. Not only teasing you but teasing this sweet pussy making it drip. While you watch me the whole time as your cock just keeps getting harder.
Giving you pure torture.
Brandy Lynn

Your Anything Goes Coed

 I’m feeling so naughty tonight and can’t wait to have some roleplay phone sex with you! I know I look sweet, young and innocent but I can be such a bad girl. Wanna spank my cute bubble butt? *giggles* I know you do! It’s just too spankable to resist. I can be a bratty princess if I don’t get my way but that’s only for those phone sex losers out there that can’t help but obey this spoiled coed. I only submit to real men with big dicks and tonight I’m feeling really taboo! So if you’ve got a big hard cock for me to play with, call me so I can make it cum all over my pretty face!

xoxoxo, Starr

Vampire Seduction With Bambi

Hello gentleman, this is Bambi. It was a busy night and a friend and I decided to go out dancing. From across the room a stranger held my gaze for what seemed to be hours. I tried to look away but it was as though I was mesmerized. I felt as though I had known this stranger all my life. I began swaying to the music as I did I felt him beckoning, calling me almost as though he was toughing my mind’s eye. I began to slowly sway on the dance floor holding his glaze, and his mine. As I began to seductively move my body I held helplessly still as the stranger seemed to cross the floor in an instant and reach out and touch me. I gladly gave him my hand and sacheted across the dance floor with him. Our bodies moved seductively as though we had known one another all our lives. In a way I felt somehow I was connected to this stranger. He had a familiar touch and an intoxicating scent, and a hypnotizing gaze. I was helpless to resist anything the stranger might want of me.

We danced a waltz for what seemed to go on for an eternity. As the music quickened his hold on me tightened, and he began to swirl me around the middle of the dance floor, slowly seductively. I tried to speak but no words came. He looked at me and smiled, and then began to kiss my mouth deeply exploringly. It was as though everyone else in the room had disappeared. I felt his breath on my neck, and his sensual words spoken in my ear. “There is nothing to be afraid of we are destined to be together forever.” I was helpless to resist his touch, his seductive voice. The room seemed to grow quiet and all that way there was he and I. We moved swiftly across the dance floor, as his hands moved up and down the curves of my silken body. I tilted my head back with anticipation; I wanted this stranger to kiss my neck, the curve of my breasts, to touch me oh so softly. I was enthralled by him; I became aware of little around except the touch of his hand on my bare breasts. MY head arched back and I yearned for the touch of his lips to replace his hand on my breast. The stranger slowly unbuttoned the top three buttons on my blouse and began to make love to my mouth and feel the curve of my nice supple breast. I arched my back in anticipation, and he kissed me more demandingly. Our tongues seemed to meet in ecstasy. I didn’t notice but as his head moved down my neck and to the curve of my breast his canine teeth became more pronounced. Before I Knew it he was sucking on my nipple and nibbling on my fleshy breast. Before I knew it his teeth entered inside me and it was as though I felt the highest point of ecstasy that I could imagine. The stranger held this position, as my body rocked limp in his grip. I was powerless to resist, although I did not want too. Finally the stranger lifted his head and I saw fangs on his mouth, was I seeing what I thought I was seeing? Had I just been seduced by a vampire? He held my gaze for a while and as though speaking to my mind he said you are mine and you will obey me. I was helpless to resist and fell to my knees and started to suck his big cock. He held my head and helped to guide where he wanted me to go. I suckled his cock until he was ready to explode. HE stopped me at that point, and said you are a “good girl” but not today. I met his eyes again and as quickly as he was there on the dance floor he was gone, I got up and gathered my senses as my girlfriend returned from next door and asked me “Are you ok?”
I said, “Yes, but I am feeling a little light headed.” She noticed my disheveled appearance and my blouse unbuttoned. There were two small marks on my left breasts, she looked stunned. I said, “I think I have just been seduced by a vampire.